ThriveCart Pricing 2024: How Much Does It Really Cost? Standard vs PRO

ThriveCart Price

ThriveCart is has gained so much hype over the last few months, especially among its closest competitor.

The pricing they offer looks unbelievable for the features you get.

Currently, Thrivecart doesn’t offer a free trial, unfortunately, but they’re offering a special lifetime $2,305 OFF discount.

This means you got to pay only $495 or $690 once and if you don’t like it they’ll be happy to offer you a refund when you make a request within 30 days of your purchase.

Here’s the pricing table comparing the PRO and Standard plan:

ThriveCart Shopping Cart Pricing 2023 (Standard vs PRO Table)

FeaturesThriveCart Standard
ThriveCart PRO
Powerful Affiliate Center YES
Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning) YES
Automatic Sales Tax Calculation YES
Intelligent Business Projections YES
JV Contracts YES
Advanced User Management YES
Client Usage Rights YES
Custom domain name functionality YES
Coupons & DiscountsYES YES
Two-step Cart YES YES
Subscription Management YES YES
A/B Testing YES YES
Funnel/Cart Templates YES YES
Embeddable Cart YES YES
Integrations and GDPR YES YES
Mobile Payments YES YES
Subscription Management YES YES
Detailed Funnel Stats YES YES
Physical Products YES YES

I shall talk more about the features later in this post.

Apart from the fact that the pricing alone is a no-brainer compared to most of the tools out there that boast the level of features ThriveCart provides.

I grabbed my lifetime access some months ago, then covered the complete features and tutorial in my ThriveCart review post.

ThriveCart - Special offer! ThriveCart - Special offer!

Thrivecart is the best checkout and cart solution that lets you create high converting checkout pages, upsells, sales funnels, and collect payments for your digital and physical products with ease. The lifetime deal is a no-brainer.

ThriveCart Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

At this moment Thrivecart has only a one-time pricing option which costs $495 with full lifetime access to all the features.

ThriveCart lifetime price
click image preview

As you can see above – there is also an option to select the ThriveCart PRO which also comes with more sophisticated functionality which I will differentiate soon…

ThriveCart Cost – Is ThriveCart expensive?

I know for many; this lifetime offer is pretty a huge amount of money despite what a shopping cart platform can help you accomplish in your business.

But when you look at it from every angle, like:

  • The features and functionalities
  • The price compared to its competitors and
  • Great customer support

Since I already talked about the complete features right in my tutorial post, so I will only highlight the major functionalities below. Before we differentiate the two prices.

ThriveCart Price Differences – Standard vs PRO

To get the standard ThriveCart which comes with most of the features costs a one-time fee of $495…

You can also choose the ThriveCart PRO option (for an extra $195 with the Standard plan of $495) during checkout to add more features like the Intelligent Saver Functionality, JV contracts, Advanced User Management, etc. 

For clarity sake – here are the complete features that come with the ThriveCart PRO plan:

  • Powerful Affiliate Centre

Lets you easily harness the power of affiliates and have your audience promote your products/services in return for a commission. Easily growing your overall business revenue.

  • Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning)

Have subscriptions? Let ThriveCart automatically follow up with your customers when their payments fail or if their card’s expiring, helping you reduce the number of delinquent customers.

  • Automatic Sales Tax Calculation

ThriveCart’s integrates sales tax system helps ensure  you’re charging the relevant taxes, without the need of 3rd-party platforms like Taxamo (saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year)

  • Intelligent Business Projections

This powerful and smart AI system continuously analyses your account performance to give accurate estimations of future projected income and more.

  • JV Contracts

Want to split all sales of a product with someone you’re partnering with? You can easily create a contract setting the terms of this agreement and payout amounts and have ThriveCart track and split the revenue generated, including automatic payments to your partner.

  • Advanced User Management

Have assistants who need to manage things like editing products, or handling customer support (like refunds or subscriptions), you can use the user management feature to create up to 5 users in your account. For assistant or client purposes

  • Client Usage Rights

Permission to use your account for client use.

So if you’re providing a service to a client such as managing/creating their website and they have a product/service they sell, you can offer them a high-converting sales funnel checkout as part of your service to them. You can give them limited access (through the above user system) so that they can check on their stats, manage their customers, or tweak their products. Also used by vendors who sell using different brands/businesses as you can have more control over the business information in receipts.

  • Custom domain name functionality

This allows you to replace the xxx.thrive part of your checkout page URLs with

As you can see it kinda makes a bit of sense to take on the PRO upsell whenever you decide to take this limited lifetime deal of ThriveCart. So you get these PRO features.

Although you can upgrade anytime – but let it be during the pilot program as when this ends you definitely have to pay monthly for an extra PRO function.

==> Click to see more details on the PRO plan

ThriveCart Pricing – Benefits &Features

Let me quickly share my experiences on some of the features I found playing around with this tool:

#1: Fits properly into your tech stack

ThriveCart might not have the most exhaustive list of third-party integrations, but the level of implementation and deep connection is nothing to take for granted.

Having the capability to link up with your favorite email marketing service, membership tool, webinar, and a few others – you can also connect Zapier.

#2: Funnel features that boost sale

When it comes to increasing the value of your sale, ThriveCart got some cool stuff that makes that possible.

The upsell which is shown to a customer after the initial purchase has been a great way to maximize profit.

What of the order bump? This is added to the initial order and also serves as an avenue to make more.

I didn’t forget about discounts and coupons feature where you can set up special offers for customers.

#3: Able to recruit, manage and assign armies

Thrive has an entire affiliate management system that has been built directly into it. It has almost all the features you get in a dedicated affiliate software.

With great reporting dashboard, plus other 4 interesting tabs namely:

  • Payouts
  • My affiliates
  • Product options
  • Rules

Which gives you more granular control over your affiliate program and how you manage them.

There are more to the affiliate platform though. Like the next feature…

#4: Fulling affiliates bonuses

As an affiliate marketer, it’s very common to offer bonuses or incentives to customers for purchasing through your affiliate link.

And being a user of ThriveCart, you can set this option to be used by your affiliates to send incentives to people that buy your products from their link.

Using the ThriveCart platform, your affiliates can automatically provide access and details of their bonus to their referred customers after they’ve purchased.

Super awesome!

#5: Make a profitable judgment

ThriveCart does have a healthy A/B testing feature that allows you to test different products or pages against each other to come with the better one.

Allowing you to make a better decision of which would profit you.

The split test will rotate the variations until a set period of time has passed, at which point it’ll display the winner.

Now let take a look at how ThriveCart pricing compares to that of its competitors.

#6: Dunning custom dashboard

This is a feature that was released around the beginning of 2019.

The dunning functionality & rule lets ThriveCart help you increase and retain more of your recurring revenue! No need for other services! For more about this read this article.

ThriveCart Pricing compared to alternatives

Let’s take look at how other shopping cart software is priced in the market, so you have a better understanding of where ThriveCart is positioned.


  • No Freemium plan
  • Offers a 14-day trial period
  • Starts from $99/mo (monthly recurring)
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • No Apple Pay feature

Further reading: Thrivecart vs Samcart comparison


  • No Freemium plan
  • Offers 14-day trial
  • Starts at $29/mo (monthly recurring)
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Limitation on the starting plans

Further reading: Thrivecart vs PayKickStart comparison


  • No Free plan
  • You get a 30-day trial period
  • Starts at $9/mo
  • Not that advanced


  • You get a free plan
  • Offers 14-day trial
  • The low-end cost is $240/mo
  • No refund
  • Very limited

As you already know, ThriveCart does not offer a free plan, no available trial and it costs $495 (Standard plan) for a lifetime deal with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Note: The pricing of all the above shopping platforms reflects the lowest tier monthly plan for each of them, and should not be seen as a direct comparison is that the features and limitations vary a lot from cart to cart.

Absolutely, you should notice that all ThriveCart competitors above all come as a monthly recurring subscription.

This alone made them handicapped where ThriveCart stands.

The Good & Bad Side Of ThriveCart

Definitely, not everything is roses and sunshine when it comes to a great checkout tool like ThriveCart.

See the ugly and beautiful aspects below:

The good side of ThriveCart

I have talked a whole lot about ThriveCart features in this pricing post and even in the main review article…

…let me quickly point out the good part of this tool before we move to the bad part.

  • ThriveCart is easy to use and understand
  • Reporting from one dashboard advanced filters
  • Has a one-click upsells and order bump feature
  • Supports lots of third-party apps plus Zapier support
  • Integrates with all the major payment gateways
  • Inbuilt affiliate management system with rich features
  • Active FB group and social media presence

The bad side of ThriveCart

Despite being a promising platform, below are the few things I think ThriveCart really need to look forward to adjusting:

  • There are limited checkout page templates

When it comes to design templates, ThriveCart gives you 4 options to choose from which are kind of pretty limited.

Not just that, I also noticed that these offered templates serve different purposes.

Like you have one popup template, then another template is for the one-step checkout, then it goes on and on. Being only four.

  • No live chat and phone support

This means that anybody having serious technical issues would have to post submit a ticket and wait for the next 24 hours to be attended to or simply post it in the ThriveCart Facebook group.

This is a kind of a big blow (in my opinion) because if I’m having a pressing problem win between my campaign launching, that means I have put everything on hold, right?

Final Thoughts

ThriveCart is the best shopping cart platform and comes with 1-time pricing of $495. You just have to pay once for lifetime access to have access to all the juicy benefits and community for life. Unlike its rivals where you pay a recurring $99+ monthly.

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