Best Kartra Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Kartra Alternatives in the market?

Here’s a detailed guide for you.

Want to get right to the point? My top picks for the best Kartra alternative are definitely ClickFunnels (advanced alternative) and GrooveFunnels (best free alternative).

Kartra (review link) as you do know is one of the best marketing tools to date. It wears many hats.

While some refer to Kartra as the best sales funnel builders, some see it as an online course platform.

It also serves as a shopping cart software. It offers email automation, membership sites, and a lot more in its bag.

In short, it is an all-in-one marketing solution aiming to be your one-stop tool.

For a better grasp, here’s a breakdown of its strength (Pros):

  • All-in-one marketing tool for online businesses
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Pre-designed page templates to speed up your design
  • Built-in email marketing automation tool
  • Allows you to build and manage membership sites
  • Offers a sales funnel builder with automation series
  • Advanced integration with popular apps
  • Advanced analytics tool

With these features and strengths, you must be wondering,  why an alternative then?

Great question. First of all, an all-in-one tool doesn’t mean perfect. Besides, the best tools are specific and focus on a particular problem.

That said, here are some genuine reasons to find an alternative for Kartra (Cons):

  • Kartra is very expensive starting at $99 per month (Possibly, it might not fit your budget)
  • Kartra only supports digital products, if your products are physical, you need an alternative
  • Individual businesses (solo entrepreneurs) with large mailing lists will find Kartra very expensive (premium plans).
  • There’s a limit on the number of emails a user can send on Kartra

Does it seem like you need an alternative? Kartra, not a fit for your budget? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I reviewed the best Kartra alternatives and competitors you can rely on to run your online businesses.

Definitely, there’s no tool without its glitch or cons, I reviewed each alongside their pricing plans and cons.

Let’s dive in.

Best Kartra Alternatives & Competitors

1. ClickFunnels (#1 Best Kartra Competitor)

My Best Pick

ClickFunnels is the world-best, leading and advanced sales funnel building platform for both small and large business owners. It houses over 10 solutions that make it easy to sell and market your products and services online.

If you have been in the online marketing space for a while now, you must have heard of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is known as one of the best sales funnel builders in the market. Its co-founder, Russel Brunson is well-known for his contribution to the world of sales funnels.

Speaking of ClickFunnels, it’s a good replacement for Kartra. While it isn’t lacking glitches, it fixes a major drawback on Kartra, which is selling physical products.

Read my Kartra vs ClickFunnels comparison here.

As a specialized sales funnel builder, all its features are designed to build a highly-converting funnel for different businesses.

Core Features of ClickFunnels

  • Suitable for Physical and Digital Products 

A good place to start, ClickFunnels supports both physical and digital products.

To be specific, it supports informational products, affiliate, blogging products, coaching services, online courses, e-commerce, services, non-profit, and a lot more.

  • Drag and Drop Builder

Similar to Kartra, ClickFunnels offers a drag and drop builder. Either you are building from scratch or not, the drag and drop builder makes it easier.

It allows you to customize your sales funnel or webpage to fit your business properly.

In addition, there are pre-designed sales funnel templates to choose from if you don’t want to build from scratch (and you shouldn’t either)

  • Share-Funnel 

Interestingly, ClickFunnels has a share-funnel feature that allows you to share funnels with others.

With this feature, you can get funnel templates from your friends or network using ClickFunnels.

The share-funnel feature alongside the Facebook community makes a good match.

ClickFunnels’ Facebook community provides a perfect opportunity to engage with sales funnel veterans. You get to obtain advice from them and also share funnels.

  • Membership Sites

For course creators or tutors, there’s a built-in membership site to provide a seamless learning environment for your students.

Buying your product unlocks the membership site and gives them access to it.

  • Affiliate Center 

With the affiliate center, you can recruit and manage your own team of affiliates.

  • A/B Split testing

ClickFunnels allows you to split test your funnels to boost their conversion rate. The A/B split test allows you to split test the headline, pages, videos, buttons, images, and a lot more.

  • Integration

Integration is a big part of marketing tools. ClickFunnels integrates well with other popular apps.

It integrates with webinar platforms (like GotoWebinar and Zoom), shopping cart software,  email autoresponders, and a lot more.

For physical products, you need to link your funnel to a fulfillment company( ShipStation, for instance).

  • Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

Finally, after launching your product, ClickFunnels provides an advanced analytics dashboard to track the conversion rate of your funnel.

Plus, you also get to see the performance of your A/B split test.

The analytics provides enough data to understand what to tweak to make it better.

  • Funnel Flix

As a Kartra alternative, ClickFunnels crushes Kartra when it comes to marketing education.

Funnel Flix is simply the NetFlix of digital marketing. As a user of ClickFunnels, you get FREE access to a ton of marketing courses and personal development training to help you sell and market better.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels Pricing table

Although ClickFunnels fixes a glitch (physical products), its pricing is indifferent to Kartra’s pricing.

Offering three pricing plans, ClickFunnels starts from $97 per month. The middle plan (Platinum) costs $297 per month. Finally, the last plan costs $2,497 per month.

Cons of ClickFunnels

  • Quite expensive
  • The user interface is overwhelming

2. GrooveFunnels (best free alternative)

GrooveFunnels - best kartra competitor

GrooveFunnels is one of the fastest-growing sales funnel builders in the industry; an all-in-one tool that allows you to sell products online.

As one of the fastest-growing funnel builders, GrooveFunnels is actively adding more tools to their suite.

Some features to be released soon include GrooveWebinars, GrooveDesk, and a lot of other tools.

Looking closely, GrooveFunnels is taking after Kartra to build an all-in-one tool.

The best thing about GrooveFunnels is its pricing. Compared to ClickFunnels and Kartra, GrooveFunnels is affordable.

Without further ado, let’s dive into its core features.

Core Features of GrooveFunnels

  • GroovePages

The GroovePages is the foundation of the features offered by GrooveFunnels.

It has a simple and intuitive interface for anyone to use. It offers a drag-and-drop page builder.

There is a library of landing page templates to use. Besides, you can make use of building blocks to build a customized landing page.

Interestingly, there’s a functional feature to see the appearance of your page on different screen sizes.

Right in the GroovePage dashboard, you can set up your funnels, add upsells and downsells, add your order page, and a lot more.

  • GrooveSells

GrooveSell is the sales analytics tool offered by GrooveFunnels. It tracks every sale and order.

Right from GrooveSell’s dashboard, you can manage your affiliates (and details).

You also get data about your customers, leads, and their contact information.

  • GrooveAffiliate

GrooveAffiliate is your dashboard to track, recruit, and manage affiliates.

It allows you to set up your affiliate program and also monitor how the program is performing.

Similar to ClickFunnels and Kartra, GrooveFunnels offers an affiliate program that allows you (creator) to earn by referring the tool to others.

  • GrooveMember

This is the dashboard to set up a membership site that houses your digital product.

Best for online course creators and other knowledge-based businesses.

Setting your membership is quite easy because it’s also a drag and drop feature.

  • GrooveVideo

GrooveVideo is a tool created to host videos.

It’s where you get to host and manage videos on your pages.

It does have some automation and allows the sharing of videos to other social platforms.

  • GrooveQuiz

It’s a quiz system that allows you to create and add quizzes to your landing pages or funnels.

GrooveQuiz is a perfect opportunity to collect information from your audience to understand their needs and expectations of your product.

A common application is adding a quiz to your thank you page.

  • GrooveMail

GrooveMail is GrooveFunnels’ email automation tool.

With GrooveMail, you can automate email sequence and send automated emails to your mailing list.

Right from the dashboard, you can see the leads’ contact and also track the performance of your emails.

The analytics include open rate, CTR, and many others.

And Many Others

While there are a lot of tools and features offered by GrooveFunnels, the majority of the tools are still under test.

And that’s worth mentioning. On their homepage, there’s a flagship of over 16 tools, but some of them are yet to be released.

Groovefunnels features

Speaking of tools to be released soon are GrooveWebinar, GrooveStreaming, etc.

That said, the release of the tool wouldn’t cause a rise in the price of the tool.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

GrooveFunnels offers a complex pricing model. Basically, it features a free plan and a lifetime deal.

The lifetime deal costs a one-time $1397. This is a good deal compared to Kartra and ClickFunnels.

GrooveFunnels Cons

  • Some of its features are not yet functional (working or test mode)
  • The user interface is overwhelming

3. Kajabi

Kajabi - best kartra alternative

Kajabi – another Kartra alternative – is a solution for selling digital products. While it’s better known as an online course platform, Kajabi provides a better solution for other digital products.

Less mentioned is the fact that Kajabi offers a sales funnel builder that helps you increase the conversion rate of your products.

A better alternative for businesses into online courses.

Features of Kajabi

  • Mainly for Digital Products

First, Kajabi is created for digital products only.

For businesses looking to sell physical products, then ClickFunnels or other alternatives would be a fit.

Speaking of digital products, you can sell online courses, subscriptions, gated content, and membership sites.

  • Powerful Page Builder

Kajabi offers a library of page templates to choose from.  With Kajabi, you just have to pick from the templates and customize them till you are satisfied.

Besides, you can add a custom domain to your website to brand it.

You get to add your products and also publish content on your website.

  • Built-in Email Automation

Kajabi offers a simple yet powerful email automation tool.

You can either choose to import your list directly to Kajabi or integrate it with your preferred email autoresponder.

Either way, with the email automation tool, you can send automated emails to your contacts.

You can create and send an email sequence to your contact.

Interestingly, you can set up a visually attractive email by adding videos, images, countdown timers, and other elements within your email.

Best of all, you can preview your email to see what it looks like before sending it to your list.

Other marketing automation offered includes tagging and segmentation of your audience.

  • Payment Gateways

Kajabi integrates with two popular platforms, Stripe and PayPal to process the payment on the platform.

Interestingly, they don’t take a cut out of your revenue. You get the same amount you charge your customers.

For creators with an audience that needs other payment gateways, you can do that with Zapier.

With the Zapier integration, you get access to hundreds of other popular apps you are already familiar with.

  • Funnel Builder

As an online course platform, Kajabi still provides a simple funnel builder to increase your sales.

There are building blocks to make it easy to implement a funnel in your sales pipeline.

With a few clicks, your funnel is up and working. The templates include freebies, webinars, coaching campaigns, and many others.

  • Analytics

As expected, Kajabi performs well here. The analytics dashboard provides data on the performance of your product.

It tracks sales, revenue, email open rate, and engagement. In addition, Kajabi offers metrics on improving your product.

For instance, you see the progression of your students and their subscription churn rate to know what part of the product to improve.

Kajabi Pricing Plans

Kajabi pricing

Similar to Kartra, Kajabi comes at a steep price. The Basic plan costs $119 per month. The Growth plan costs $159 per month, while the Pro plan costs $319 per month.

Kajabi Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t have a built-in certification system

Read my Kartra vs Kajabi comparison here.

4. Teachable

Teachable - Best Kartra Competitor

Teachable is one of the best online course platforms in the market. A solid Kartra alternative when it comes to building online courses.

While it isn’t an all-in-one solution, it performs well as an online course platform.

Teachable makes a better alternative for online course creators using Kartra.

Read my Kartra vs Teachable comparison here.

It’s fully built to provide a school-type of experience to both you and your students.

Features of Teachable

  • Flexible Page Editor

To start with, Teachable isn’t a full-fledged website or funnel builder.

However, for the sales pages, you’re offered considerable options to customize.

For the sales page, Teachable offers building blocks and templates to build an attractive sales page.

Here are some building blocks:

  • Testimonials
  • Curriculum
  • Pricing
  • Featured courses
  • Video
  • Bundled courses

The sales page feature offers some automation.

For instance, if you didn’t set up the pricing plan, the course page would automatically display that it’s closed and not yet open for registrations.

  • Flexible Billing Option

A feature worth mentioning is the flexible billing options offered by Teachable.

Teachable offers the following billing options:

  • One-time payment
  • Subscription payment model
  • Free course
  • and a Payment plan

Besides these, Teachable also allows you to pre-sell your courses even before you’re done creating the course.

  • Advanced Learning Tools

As expected of an online course platform, Teachable provides a range of tools to make learning more fun.

To begin with, you can host a live session with your students. You also have the option of scheduling your classes with your students.

Besides, you can use the scheduling feature to book and schedule calls with clients. This automation is thanks to integration with Calendly.

Interestingly, Teachable allows you to engage your students with quizzes and also offer certificates to them at the completion of the course.

You can also get feedback from your students using forms and surveys to hear from them.

Besides, these tools make the learning experience more engaging and fun.

  • Affiliate System

Teachable has a built-in affiliate system that allows you to leverage others to promote your business.

  • Security

As with many other online businesses, data is important.

Teachable has measures to prevent frauds and hackers from stealing or tampering with your data and content.

As part of the measures, Teachable partners with PCI level-1 compliant payment providers.

Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable pricing

Teachable offers three pricing plans; Basic, Pro, and Business plan.

The basic plan costs $29 per month. The Pro plan costs $99 per month. And the Business plan costs $249 per month.

Teachable Cons

  • Limited options for course designs
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor email automation

5. Thinkific

Thinkific - Best Kartra Competitor

Thinkific is an online course platform just like Teachable.  It’s a popular tool and is mostly compared alongside Teachable and Kajabi.

Comparing Thinkific to Kartra, Thinkific replaces the online course platform side of Kartra.

But as a sales funnel builder, it’s a no-go area. Thinkific doesn’t offer any funnel building features.

Checkout my Kartra vs Thinkific comparison here.

But it’s well equipped with the necessary tools to run, manage, and sell online courses.

Let’s dive into its features.

Features of Thinkific

  • Flexible Website Builder

Thinkific offers a drag-and-drop editor to customize and brand your website. With the library templates, designing your course site is simple.

For branding purposes, Thinkific allows you to add a custom domain to your course website.

Besides that, there are options to customize your website using HTML and CSS for web developers looking to get more out of Thinkific.

  • Course Builder

Building and setting up your courses is as simple as dragging and dropping content.

The course builder allows you to customize the course to fit your brand. You can upload, drag, and drop content to create your curriculum.

Besides that, Thinkific offers other building blocks to make your content engaging.

Some of the building blocks are:

  • Video
  • Text
  • Quizzes
  • Downloads
  • Typeforms
  • Google Docs
  • Discussions
  • Survey

And for running your courses, there are other functionalities offered by Thinkific.

You can choose to run evergreen courses or expiring courses. You can drip schedule content, allow multiple instructors, offer membership sites, and a lot more.

  • Flexible Pricing 

Thinkific offers a flexible pricing option for online courses. You can offer membership sites and subscriptions.

In addition, Thinkific offers promotional features like coupons to boost sales.

Other pricing models like free trials, payment plans, first-month payment, and upsells are also included.

  • Marketing Tools

Similar to many other alternatives, Thinkific offers an affiliate system that allows others to promote your course while they earn a commission per sale.

It also offers integration with email automation tools. With email service providers, you can plan and run a campaign.

Besides email automation tools, Thinkific offers custom integration with over a thousand marketing apps.

  • Certificate

Thinkific allows you to give certificates to students after completing a course. This is a good way of encouraging students.

  • Advanced Reporting

Lastly, Thinkific has advanced reporting on the performance of your online course. Thinkific reporting dashboard tracks the revenue, enrollments, orders, and engagements.

The student engagement dashboard tracks the number of quiz attempts, a number of course reviews and average rating, views by content type, completion rate, etc.

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific Pricing

To start with, Thinkific offers a free plan. As expected, it comes with a lot of restrictions, but it’s a good place to start.

Besides the free plan, there are three other plans offered by Thinkific (Basic, Pro, and Premier).

The Basic plan costs $39 per month. The Pro plan costs$79 per month. Finally, the Premier plan costs $399 per month.

Thinkific Cons

  • Lacks built-in email marketing tool
  • Doesn’t have a marketplace to promote your course
  • No live chat

6. Thrivecart

ThriveCart tool - Best Kartra Competitor

ThriveCart is a shopping cart software that makes it possible to sell digital products and physical products.

Founded in 2016, ThriveCart has moved up the chain to become the best shopping cart solution.

As for the case of Kartra alternative, ThriveCart fixes two of the major drawbacks of Kartra. It supports the selling of physical products and it offers a lifetime deal (affordable compared to Kartra).

See my Kartra vs Thrivecart comparison here.

Lets take a look at Thrivcart features.

Features of ThriveCart

  • Simple and Easy to Use Platform

ThrivCart isn’t part of those sophisticated platforms. While ThriveCart offers a lot of features, it still keeps to its simplicity.

While their solution doesn’t have a lot of options, it does support the selling of products online.

Instead of a full-fledged website or funnels, ThriveCart offers a simple cart page that converts.

So, if you are looking for something simple and easy but still sells your products, ThriveCart is a good alternative.

  • Simple But Converting Funnels

Funnels are part of the solutions offered by Kartra. ThriveCart offers a simple and easy to customize funnel.

To be specific, it offers one-click upsells and order bumps. With one click, you can add upsells and also purchase additional products.

  • Embed Cart to your Site

As a shopping cart software, ThriveCart allows you to embed your cart to your website.

In that case, your audience can buy your product directly on your site without having to leave your site.

  • Integration

While ThriveCart doesn’t have a built-in email automation tool, it integrates with a lot of the apps you already use.

With ThriveCart’s powerful integration, you can unlock many other features like email automation and many others.

  • Built-in Sales Tax Calculation

An interesting feature of ThriveCart is its sales tax calculator. The calculator automatically calculates the accurate tax based on your location, product type, and other factors.

  • Built-in Affiliate System

Another powerful feature that ThriveCart offers is its powerful affiliate system that allows you to recruit and manage affiliates.

Right from the affiliate system, you get to see the total commissions generated by affiliates, paid commissions, active affiliate marketers, and affiliate sales.

Where it shines is the rules option. With the rules tab, you can create rules to manage your affiliates.

For instance, you can group your affiliate into different categories based on a rule and also bump their commission.

ThriveCart Pricing Plans

ThriveCart lifetime price

ThriveCart offers two deals; standard and Pro.

Thrive    Cart standard plan costs $495 forever. And you get the Pro plan for an extra $195 (also a lifetime deal).

While the pricing might look expensive, over time, it is the best deal you can get.

ThriveCart Cons

  • The upfront lifetime deal could be expensive for beginners
  • Doesn’t offer a website builder
  • No inbuilt membership feature

7. Samcart

Samcart - Best Kartra Alternative

Similar to ThriveCart, SamCart is one of the best shopping cart software in the market.

SamCart allows you to sell digital and physical products using their software. It’s mostly compared alongside ThriveCart.

While it isn’t an all-in-one solution, SamCart offers a simple page solution to convert and close sales.

SamCart offers a one-page but powerful solution to selling products online. Let’s dive into its features better.

Features of SamCart

  • Drag and Drop Editor

SamCart offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to build your shopping cart page.

At the same time, it offers a library of checkout templates to choose from.

With the templates, you don’t have to start from scratch to design your checkout page. By just dragging and dropping the elements, you can build a fully responsive checkout page.

For better branding, SamCart allows you to integrate a custom domain with your shopping cart.

  • Unlimited Products

What’s worth mentioning is that some of these tools have a limit on the number of products you can sell on their platform based on your plan.

However, for SamCart, the case is different. SamCart doesn’t have a limit or cap on the number of products you can sell using their platform.

  • A/B Split Testing

Another major feature offered by SamCart is its A/B split testing.

This is a feature that isn’t common in a low-priced product like SamCart, however, you get this from SamCart.

For instance, with the A/B split testing, SamCart allows you to split test the templates and some other elements in order to increase the conversion rate.

  • Flexible Pricing

To start with, SamCart offers a pay-what-you-want pricing model that allows your customer to pay what they want for a product.

Interestingly, you can add a limit on the amount your audience should pay. SamCart also offers an advanced subscription pricing model.

You can create a free trial, dollar trial, payment plans, monthly subscription, and many other pricing plans.

  • Affiliate Center

SamCart offers a decent affiliate center that allows you to recruit and manage affiliates.

With the coupons & discounts, Samcart allows you to create attractive offers for affiliates to promote.

  • Powerful Integration

SamCart offers custom integration to a lot of marketing apps and tools that you already use.

It integrates well with email marketing tools, fulfillment, and digital memberships.

SamCart Pricing Plans

samcart price

SamCart offers three pricing plans; Launch, Grow and Scale plan. The Launch plan costs $49 per month.

The Grow plan costs $99 per month. Finally, the Scale plan costs $199 per month.

SamCart Cons

  • Only supports Stripe and PayPal payment gateways
  • Lacks a built-in sales tax calculator
  • Doesn’t offer a website builder

Checkout my Kartra vs Samcart comparison here.

 8. Shopify

Shopify - Best Kartra Alternative

Shopify is a full-fledged eCommerce platform that allows you to run and host an e-commerce store. This isn’t really a complete alternative to Kartra.

But worth the mention.

Read my Kartra vs Shopify post here.

It’s fully built to support physical products and digital products.

Speaking of the best e-commerce store builder,  you don’t have to go too far to find Shopify on the list.

Shopify offers a number of store templates to simplify the process of building an e-commerce store.

Features of Shopify

  • Store Builder

Shopify offers a store builder that allows you to set up an e-commerce store on Shopify.

However, you don’t need to start from scratch. Shopify offers a library of e-commerce store themes to choose from.

Right from the store builder, Shopify allows you to link a custom domain name to the store.

You get access to free stock photos to beautify your store.

  • Flexible Selling Options

While Shopify provides you with a customized and branded store, there are many other options for selling your products.

You can choose to embed a buy button on your existing site to turn your audience into customers.

You can also embed your product into your existing site. Besides, you can also drive sales from social media.

  • Powerful Checkout

Unlike other alternatives on the list, Shopify is one of the few with a large team of developers constantly trying to make the tool better.

And checkouts happen to be a strength for Shopify. Shopify checkouts are fast and highly converting.

The checkout also supports multiple payment gateways like AmericanExpress, VISA, MasterCard, GPay, etc.

  • Advanced Marketing Solution

Where Shopify crushes it is its marketing solution. Shopify is built to generate more sales than the average store builders.

Here’s what I mean. Shopify has SEO tools to help you optimize your store for search engines. Besides, Shopify has a blog section.

The blog section allows you to also rank for more keywords while boosting your overall SEO.

Aside from integrations with third-party apps, Shopify has a built-in email marketing automation tool to create, launch, and manage campaigns.

With Google smart shopping, you set a daily budget while Google ads automatically take over your campaign.

Finally, Shopify provides a reporting dashboard to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and the performance of your e-commerce store.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Shopify Pricing

Shopify offers three plans; basic, standard, and advanced plan. On top of the plans; there’s a 14-day free trial to get started.

The Basic Shopify plan costs $29 per month. The standard plan costs $79 per month. And the Advanced plan costs $299 per month.

Shopify Cons

  • Charges a transaction fee per third-party integration
  • Not great for online courses
  • Premium plans are expensive
  • The user interfaces when setting up the store can be a bit overwhelming.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Kartra Alternative?

Great, you stuck to the end. For the best Kartra alternative, it totally depends on your needs and what’s more important to you.

As you do know, Kartra offers different solutions. Depending on what solution you are after, you can find a suitable alternative for your business.

However, (free trial link) still gets the rank for the best Kartra alternative.

For a cheaper option, I give it to An upcoming and promising all-in-one.

But if you’re looking for an affordable tool to sell digital products, is quite affordable and a good alternative with one-time pricing.

For a full-fledged e-commerce store, you can never go wrong with Shopify.

My Best Pick

ClickFunnels is the world-best, leading and advanced sales funnel building platform for both small and large business owners. It houses over 10 solutions that make it easy to sell and market your products and services online.

Finally, the best Kartra alternative still falls back on your business needs and what goals are most important to you.

Which are you going for? Leave a comment below.

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