Kartra vs Kajabi 2020: Which Is Best? (Ultimate Comparison Guide)

Kartra vs Kajabi 2020: Which Is Best? (Ultimate Comparison Guide)

In this comparison review, I’m going to put Kajabi vs Kartra up against each other – and help you figure out which is best for hosting and selling your online course.


Not just for courses.

But I’m going to compare how these two powerful platforms compare in terms of:

  • Membership site features
  • Email marketing (automation, tagging, and follow-up)
  • Sales funnel capability
  • Page editor
  • Pre-built templates
  • Affiliate management

And lots more… And how well Kajabi and Kartra integrate with each other.

You know, Kartra and Kajabi look pretty much alike in functionality.

I know, I know.

Especially when it comes to building your membership sites. But you’ll agree with me that one could be weaker than the other in one or two areas.


We are going to find out in less than two minutes now.

After writing ClickFunnels vs Kartra comparison post some time ago, I never really wanted to do another comparison of Kartra and other tools.

Because it was clear in that post that Kartra has a lot to offer than ClickFunnels. And even much better than other guys in the field.

Not quite long, I saw folks on various marketing groups liking Kartra to Kajabi and vice versa.

Kajabi vs Kartra questions

And another:

Kartra vs Kajabi - ask

That picked my interest.

I embarked on thorough research to find out the TRUTH. So, I will share with you everything I found, with their differences.

However, the summary of it all was that:

The main differences between both software are that Kartra happens to be an all-in-one with lots of marketing features and shines at the front end while Kajabi is also an all in one with lesser features and shines more at fulfillment. For courses.

Our Pick

With Kartra you have all the tools you need ready-to-go at your fingertips, which makes it ridiculously easy to build and scale your online business fast… with tons of extra features at a more affordable price.

Now, what I shall be covering:

Part #1: Kartra vs Kajabi Overview

First of all, let’s take a brief look at both software backgrounds and what they help you to achieve before going into the similarities:

Who Is Kartra?

Kartra tool

Kartra is known is a sales funnel building software used by online business owners to build out pages, market their business, and carry out several online marketing activities from one end.

With ease.

The guys behind Kartra are the same guys behind WebinarJam and EverWebinar. All under Genesis Digital.

You can read more about this in my Kartra review.

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool that was launched around the first quarters of 2018 and has so far won the hearts of many: Course creators, coaches, consultants, and eCommerce owners.

The range of features Kartra brought into the industry has made most marketers switch completely to the Kartra platform.

With a tool like Kartra, it has become very easy to build out any type of funnel, pages, forms, members area, affiliate program portal, helpdesk, and several other cool stuff.

Which I shall talk more on later.

Now one of the major problems regarding most Kartra inbuilt features is that they’re not the best in class.

Especially the course hosting and membership site builder. Compared to special tools like Kajabi, Teachable, and Thinkific.

While this could be true in some way, the full-story doesn’t end there.

Keep reading as we dig in deeper…

Who is Kajabi?


Kajabi on the other hand is not a new name in the online space. An online platform that provides its user with a simplified tech-system that has everything you need to build and market your courses.

Kajabi also poses as an all in one platform that makes it super-easy to create, host, and launch online courses.

It was founded as far back as 2010.

About 10 years and counting. Which means they’re pretty solid and more experienced in the game compared to “new” Kartra, right?

Ever since it has become so famous and liked by experts who monetize their skills by sharing and teaching what they are good at. Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard, and lots of influencers use Kajabi.

At some point, being the most preferred Learning Management System (LMS), benching its closest competitors like Thinkific, Teachable, and the rest of them.

The marketing features inside Kajabi are enough to help do all the building and selling of your online course. That’s why it is always compared with most funnel building tools out there.

That said…

Kajabi still comes with quite a few negative sides when it comes to fully manage the marketing sides of your online business. When compared to Kartra mostly.

We shall find out soon…

Part #2: Kartra vs Kajabi – Similarities

Kartra and Kajabi comparison

Here is where we take a look at the closeness of the features within both systems. And each of their distinctive functionalities:

#1: Creating and Hosting Membership Sites

You’ll agree this is an obvious feature.

You already know that Kajabi is great for hosting and monetizing your course. In fact, it comes with the best membership experience you can get anywhere.

What about Kartra membership? How good is their members’ area?

Well, I’d have to say that, even though both tools offer you an option to build your course – Kajabi has a more sophisticated and refined capability than Kartra. No doubt.

Both offer you a progress tracking bar that shows how far your students have made it.

But overall – Kajabi makes it easier to host courses plus having a more customizable option. Another members’ area feature I found inside Kajabi is the comment section on the lesson’s pages where your community of members can drop their questions about a particular lesson.

Kartra membership lacks these.

#2: Drag and Drop Website/Page Builder

Kajabi and Kartra page builder allows you to create, customize, and edit beautifully designed pages using their drag and drop capability.

With the drag and drop editor in Kajabi vs Kartra, you can easily create or modify page sections within your page. For Kajabi all you need to do is click on an element to modify your page. Edit texts, headlines, buttons, colors, videos, etc.

As for Kartra, the same applies.

Lastly, while editing or customizing your sales pages on both editors, you’ll be able to see the changes being applied in real time.

#3: Templates

Taking a look at the page templates – you don’t really need to create your marketing pages from scratch. Both Kartra vs Kajabi got on this just as an advanced page building platform would.

Going into both:

Kajabi builder provides ONLY 20 pre-designed templates. Which includes sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages, upsell pages, and download pages.

Kartra’s page templates range from squeeze pages, coming soon pages, product launch pages, webinar pages, upsell pages, and lots more. While I didn’t count carefully – the templates should be over 200. Which is awesome!

Kartra squeeze page templates

#4: Funnel Building

Kartra is well known as a funnel building tool, and it does it very well when it comes to that. And also has a campaign function that has everything laid out for you. To literally plug and play.

Kajabi also features a feature called Pipelines which allows you to easily build a marketing funnel workflow.

They both give users access to building a marketing campaign from scratch to top.

Kartra has an upper hand than Kajabi when it comes to funnels (what it was built for), because of the way you can organize everything.

And the prebuilt funnel and campaigns and steps are something to die for.

Not forgetting the one-click upsell features too. Kajabi vs Kartra supports a dominant marketing funnel feature: 1-click upsells, order bumps which make up a good checkout system.

Lastly, Kajabi offers only Stripe and Paypal as the supported gateways at the moment.

For its rival – Kartra – supports 4 payment gateways – Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net and Braintree. It’s left for you to weigh your options when deciding.

#5: Inbuilt Automations

If there is one awesome feature I always look out for when going for a marketing platform – it is the automation capability and flexibility. You shouldn’t joke with this.

Kartra and Kajabi have an inbuilt automation capability that is pretty much capable of performing all sorts of in-funnel task follow-ups, automation, tracking, and analytics.

Enabling you to manage your online business on autopilot.

You can set various kinds of activities to fire off based on your customer’s actions in your sales funnels (mails, signups, members area, cancelation, and lots more). And you might be wondering:

Which between Kartra vs Kajabi has more automation?

Starting with Kajabi:

You can automate your email marketing by building powerful follow-up sequences. Set specific triggers based on actions your leads or customers perform some actions.

Then for Kartra:

I’d have to say that their automation power is superior and you can do some crazy automation within your entire funnel.

First Kartra uses IF-THEN statements to help you tailor your messages neatly.

For example, if your lead clicks an email link, then Kartra will tag them as “VIP” AND put them into a new follow-up sequence you already set. This awesome!

To cap it all, Kartra supports sending SMS to your leads and customers via a third-party SMS app like. Twilio.

#6: Affiliate Marketing Platform

There’s a built-in affiliate management system in Kajabi and Kartra.

While Kartra affiliate marketing center is available on all of its plans. Starting from the basic to the advanced…

For Kajabi you have to be a user in the PRO or Premium plan to be able to utilize this, unlike Kartra where you get all features from the starting plan.

Furthermore. Kajabi affiliate center lacks some advanced affiliate management system features: tracking, payment, and tier commission.

This is a huge flop in my opinion.

As Kartra allows you to reward for a second-tier commission, collect tax forms, enable instant PayPal payments, and set a minimum threshold before payment.

Our Pick

With Kartra you have all the tools you need ready-to-go at your fingertips, which makes it ridiculously easy to build and scale your online business fast… with tons of extra features at a more affordable price.

There is also a Kartra Marketplace for promoting your products and service and that of other business owners.

As you can see Kajabi looks pretty weak in managing affiliates.

However, still, the bottom line still remains that both Kajabi and Kartra present you with all the all-necessary tools to create and manage an affiliate program for your digital product.

#7: Email Marketing

Aside from the automation part. Kajabi vs Kartra lets you send one-time email broadcasts to your entire list or segmented users.

Everything your dedicated email marketing autoresponder can do – you can find do that within Kartra and Kajabi as well.

  • Broadcasts
  • Email sequence builder
  • Campaigns and all that…

Finally, their customer support:

There’s nothing too serious to talk about in this part. They both have active Facebook groups which I think is all I look out for these days when in terms of customer support and community.

They both have documentation and knowledge-base, email ticket support.

But Kajabi provides 24/7 live chat support for its customers. Which isn’t the case for Kartra.

Part #3: Differences Between Kajabi And Kartra

differences in both

Reading that last part, you might be thinking that’s all. Not yet.

We were scratching the surface all along. Now is where you get a clear idea and decide which to go for. You already know Kajabi is a master for building courses and Kartra for building funnels. That’s not all.

Here are the complete differences between both:

#1: Video Hosting

Kartra has its own inbuilt hosting for videos.

Due to the fact that unlimited hosting of videos is something every course creators dream about. Kartra shatters that dream by placing a limit on the video bandwidth that you can use. On the Starter plan precisely (More details on pricing).

Unless you desire to use a third-party video platform like YouTube (don’t!), Wistia, and Vimeo.

And for Kajabi – no such feature. But guess there is something cooler.

Kajabi offers unlimited Wistia hosting for videos as part of all their plans and you can use them anywhere you want. This is amazing.

I think you might prefer Kartra’s marketing-oriented video hosting basically for your marketing videos (but not courses) because it has a few advanced features (Pre- and post- CTAs) that are tied to your marketing campaigns.

With the Kartra video, you can add a compelling call to actions and opt-in forms while in play. Tag users and follow-up based on video watch time.

Find out more about Kartra Videos: https://home.kartra.com/feature-videos

#2: Help Desk

If you’re familiar with services like Freshdesk and LiveAgent, you’ll know that these awesome platforms are great deals when it comes to running customer service and support.

Help Desk is a feature found in Kartra and NOT available in Kajabi.

While this isn’t much required if you’re starting out or have a small community as a course creator. It could be applicable as your student-base grows.

Kartra’s Helpdesk lets you quickly deploy a customer support HUB to help you satisfy your customers’ needs without headaches of integrating a third-party system.

It includes a Ticketing System, Agent Chat support System, and Knowledge Base Management System so you can help your customers at multiple levels.

Find out more about Kartra Helpdesk: https://home.kartra.com/feature-helpdesk

#3: Community Building Tool

This is an aspect you can’t go wrong settling with Kajabi.

You can create your own community on Kajabi (just like the private Facebook group) where you and your students can interact and share ideas.

A discussion community is something I’ve seen in play among many course creators. Personally, this is a major factor I consider before enrolling in courses.

Yeah, I belong to a few premium Facebook groups where you can only be granted access after purchasing the course for support, future updates, and student interactions.

The Kajabi ‘Community’ feature does a similar thing. Unfortunately, Kartra has no such feature.

#4: Online Course Assessments

Another feature NOT present on Kartra but on Kajabi. The online course assessment.

To improve your member engagement and add more valuable course content, you can utilize Kajabi Assessments.

With this feature inside of Kajabi, you can create and add quizzes to your online course.

Something you can’t do on Kartra…

Quizzes help to test your students’ understanding of the material. The quizzes can include multiple-choice questions, multiple-option questions as well as paragraph style questions, and so forth.

#5: Blog Creation

You can’t really blog with Kartra.

But Kajabi has a blog creation feature that lets you publish posts.

Like, you can create an index page for your posts, organize posts into categories, set your blog sidebars, and configure SEO settings. All with the blog creation function on Kajabi.

Although there is no way you would expect Kajabi’s blog to be as good as the WordPress blogging platform.

Update: Kartra recently added blogging page templates and now you can create SEO friendly pages and posts on your Kartra account.

Kartra SEO page update

#6: Scheduling Calendar Application

There is an inbuilt Calendar application within Kartra that lets your customers book any type of appointment with you.

If you’re a consultant, coach, or just want to host live events, you need a simple and intuitive calendar tool where your customers can check, schedule, and self-manage their appointments on their own.

Except, with Kajabi, you’ll need to purchase a separate calendar software in order to do this.

Find out more on Kartra Calendar: https://home.kartra.com/feature-calendars

#7: Done For You Campaigns

Kartra provides plug-and-play marketing campaigns that include all the assets you need to launch your product.

Over 10+ of them. From:

  • Simple List Builder Campaign
  • Quick Launch Campaign
  • Book Funnel
  • 4 Day Cash Machine
  • List Builder Sales Campaign
  • Digital Agency Campaign

And counting…

As Kartra claims:

Each campaign includes all the assets you need — pre-designed and written with world-class copy, including emails, landing pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, checkouts and more.

Find out more about Kartra done for you Campaigns and Funnels: https://home.kartra.com/feature-campaigns

#8: Campaign and Funnel Share

This allows you to be able to publish and share the sales campaigns you’ve created in Kartra directly with other Kartra users. If you’re an agency looking to build offer funnel building services – then this is a sweet feature worth killing for in Kartra.

Part #4: Kartra vs Kajabi Pricing

Here we are going to explicitly discuss all of the pricing plans of both tools and compare.

Kartra Pricing Plans

Like I mentioned somewhere in this guide, Kartra gives you access to all its features from the Starter-Platinum plan. This is so interesting because you’ll hardly find something like this any marketing platform.

There are 4 packages in Kartra:

Kartra pricing plans

  • The Starter plan – $99/mo

Kartra Starter plan offers you access to send 15,000 emails per month, have up to 2,500 contacts, 2 membership sites, 100 pages, 1 team member, 50GB video bandwidth, one custom domain, etc.

  • The Silver plan – $199/mo

Here you are given access to up to 12,500 leads, 3 custom domains, send unlimited emails per month, unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited membership site, unlimited helpdesk, unlimited team members, unlimited products, Kartra agency.

  • The Gold plan – $299/mo

The third Kartra package offers and allows you to send 250,000 emails per month, 5 custom domains, and all features in the Silver plan.

  • Platinum plan – $499/mo

You have access to send 500,000 emails, 10 custom domains, and unlimited number stuff.

You can also get a discount on all the plans when you decide to own access to the software for a whole year (25%).

If you are wondering what’s all about the Kartra Agency: This lets you run and manage client accounts from one MASTER Kartra account.

==> Explore Kartra plans here

Kajabi Pricing and Plans

While you may be thinking that Kartra is expensive – on the other hand, Kajabi looks more expensive, having three plans compared to Kartra’s four.

And Kajabi offers you a free 14-day trial.

Kajabi pricing

During the research of this post, one common thing I noticed was that pricing was the main objection course creators have NOT to use Kajabi.

  • Basic Plan – $149/mo

On this Kajabi plan, you can only create 3 products, 3 pipelines, 10,000 contacts, 1,000 students/members, unlimited landing pages and emails, 1 website, and a single admin.

  • Growth Plan – $199/mo

Here on this plan, you will be able to sell 15 products, 15 pipelines/funnels, 25k contacts, 10,000 members, one website, 10 administrative users, unlimited pages, and emails.

  • PRO Plan – $399/mo

This is the highest Kajabi plan at the moment. It comes with 100 products, 100 pipelines, 20k active members, 3 websites, 100k leads, and admins.

There are also some other limited features on the smaller Basic plan like the inability to remove the Kajabi branding on your pages, lack of automation, and affiliate program management.

You get all that on both the Growth and PRO plan, while you have access to the Theme Editor and Experts Academy on only the PRO plan.

There is a 20% Kajabi discount available when you get on the annual option.

Part #5: Which is the Best? (users opinion)

Kartra and Kajabi are both powerful all-in-in-one software that you can use to host your online courses by building membership access.

However, they have very different purposes – one being a specialized membership site software and the other a complete marketing suite and funnel building software.

Yes! Kajabi is awesome for courses and Kartra for funnels and all that.

I know you would ask – But Kajabi also has a funnel building and automation platform?

You’re definitely right about that. I took my time to seek the opinion of users who had been on both platforms and one common statement they all made.

Is that:

Kajabi is not a good option for landing pages, funnel steps and order pages with limited page builder capability. But has sophisticated members area features.

Here is a question addressed about both platforms:

Users view

After testing Kartra myself and still do (helping students) – I  can’t agree more with the response above.

Another user of both systems shares a view:

User views2

See a comparison between Kajabi, Kartra, and ClickFunnels:

User views3

There quite a lot of comparisons about Kajabi and Kartra found all over the internet – and everywhere I go, Kartra keeps dominating over Kajabi in an overall head-to-head comparison.

One beauty about Kartra is that it can do pretty much whatever ever you want it to do.


You can get into your Kartra account and use the “products” to sell your physical products, digital products (online courses, eBooks), and even your services.

Another part is that Kartra allows A/B split testing on your landing pages, emails, while Kajabi doesn’t. This alone would be a HUGE deal breaker for marketers and business owners who are crazy about testing testing things.

Lead generation with the help of Kartra forms is something we forgot about.

Lastly, lets talk about a “hidden” benefit not even most Kartra users knows about:

Kartra automation and tracking feature within videos.

Putting tags inside of your videos so you can tag people. Automate processes and communications, based on exactly where they dropped off while watching the videos. As cool as it is – not everyone utilizes this to the fullest.

Can I Integrate both Kajabi and Kartra?

“How easy it is to integrate Kartra and Kajabi to work together for my marketing funnels and membership site”

You can integrate both platforms into each other to work hand in hand – but in my honest opinion, it will be kind of a WASTE of budget on your side because you can carry out everything under Kartra. (My opinion)

I know Kajabi’s membership is the true definition of a robust and sophisticated course hosting system. And you trying to decide the best whether to use Kartra or Kajabi – means you want an amazing course solution.

Well, if you can afford both then that’d be a killer.

  • Kartra for front end (marketing, funnels, pages, automation, etc)
  • Kajabi for fulfillment (for the best membership site experience)

This is where integration “of things” comes in:

Head over to “My Integrations” and sort out by “Membership” from the dropdown and select Kajabi.

Kartra membership integration

Then you head over to your Kajabi account to get your API Key, API Secret, and Offer ID from Kajabi. Before coming back to your Kartra account to finish up your Kartra and Kajabi integration.

Kartra vs Kajabi – My Final thoughts

It’s no doubt that Kartra wins with a lot of features – Helpdesk, Calendars, Video hosting, and a lot of other enticing stuff. But that doesn’t mean Kajabi is bad.


You already have good funnel and landing page builder, Helpdesk, appointment scheduling application, and just need an excellent membership site platform for building an amazing member area experience and community for your students.


You’re looking for an all-in-one tool that you can use for building your funnels, marketing your products, customer service application, building a members area, taking appointments, automating everything under one roof without using a variety of different applications.

Kartra sales funnel builder
click logo for demo

As an-all-one marketing application Kartra includes a huge range of features that just aren’t available in a specialized product like Kajabi.

Our Pick

With Kartra you have all the tools you need ready-to-go at your fingertips, which makes it ridiculously easy to build and scale your online business fast… with tons of extra features at a more affordable price.

Hopefully, this Kartra vs Kajabi in-depth comparison guide helped you decide the best for your online course and business?

Do let me know in the comments which you’ll be going for. As usual, I’m always open to questions to clarify you more.

Khris Steven

My mission is to equip and arm you with the precise marketing tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you make IMPACT, SERVE more and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

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