kartra vs system.io

With Kartra and Systeme.io, you have two robust options catering to various online marketing needs.

As you evaluate these platforms, you’ll find that while both offer comprehensive features designed to simplify your business operations, their approaches and pricing structures vary significantly.

Kartra is an all-in-one digital marketing solution that integrates advanced sales and marketing tools to minimize the need for third-party applications.

On the other hand, Systeme.io offers a more cost-effective approach. It aims to provide a complete marketing platform that simplifies business management through an integrated experience.

In this article, I closely examine Kartra vs Systeme.io to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Kartra vs Systeme.io

Free trial30-day free (here)14-day free + forever free
PricingStarts at $119Starts at $27
Sales & MarketingExtensive featuresBasic features
Calendars & AppointmentsSophisticated tools availableNo
Sales FunnelsAdvanced and complex funnelsStraight forward funnels
AutomationAdvancedEasy to use
Community* Membership site builder
* Drip content delivery
* Membership sites
1-Click upsellsAvailableAvailable
Analytics & FeedbackSophisticatedLimited
Helpdesk appYesNo
Customer Support* Helpdesks
* Live chat
* Email support
Video MarketingSophisticatedNo
Funnel MapperYesNo
IntegrationsIntegrates with various platformsIntegrates with various platforms
Kartra vs Systeme.io table

Overview of Kartra

Kartra Homepage

Kartra is designed to support you in managing your online business with comprehensive capabilities. It combines all the necessary tools for building, promoting, and growing your business at a single, affordable price.

One key feature of Kartra is its various elements, like website pages, forms, and email marketing tools, are independent and interchangeable. This allows flexibility in building your sales funnels and reusing components across different campaigns.

The platform offers a rich selection of pre-designed templates for various business types. These also extend to campaigns and funnels, streamlining the sales process.

By centralizing various aspects of running an online business, Kartra provides a robust and user-friendly platform for businesses seeking to improve their digital presence.

Kartra Pros

  • All-in-one platform
  • Robust automation tools
  • Built-in tools for affiliate management
  • User-friendly Interface
  • More cost-effective
  • Transparent pricing

Kartra Cons

  • Limited Integrations
  • No free plan
  • Offers only essential SEO tools

Overview of Systeme.io


Systeme.io is a marketing platform designed to improve online business management, particularly for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It combines various digital marketing tools like sales funnel creation, email marketing, and affiliate program management into a single, user-friendly interface.

This all-in-one approach makes it easier to manage your online activities efficiently.

The platform is known for being affordable and easy to use, making it a good choice for beginners in the digital market. It provides the essential tools needed to grow your online business without getting bogged down by complex features.

Systeme Pros

  • Beginner-friendly
  • All-in-one Marketing solution
  • Integrated business tools
  • Affordable with a free plan
  • Course and membership features
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Cost-effective
  • In-built Affiliate Management

Systeme Cons

  • Limited advanced features
  • Basic automation
  • Less scalable for larger businesses
  • Basic analytics and reporting features

Kartra vs Systeme.io: Key Features

Both platforms are packed with powerful features that differentiate them from their competitors.

Email Marketing

Systeme.io Email Builder

Systeme.io makes email marketing easy. It lets you create powerful automated email sequences, which can be customized to target specific customers and nurture leads, ultimately boosting sales.

Sure, Systeme.io’s email marketing is not the most complex, but it’s super easy to use and does exactly what it needs to.

Kartra lets you create custom email campaigns for different groups of people based on their interests. It even tracks how well your emails do and helps you remember who clicked on what. This lets you send more personal emails that are more likely to get results.

Affiliate Management

Systeme.io Affiliate Program Management

Both platforms come equipped with an affiliate management system. Kartra provides detailed affiliate program tracking and management features.

Systeme.io offers a simplified approach to affiliate marketing that caters to users favoring a more straightforward system.

Membership Site Functionality

If you want to create membership sites or offer online courses, Kartra has robust functionality, including multiple membership tiers and features.

Systeme.io also supports membership sites, emphasizing more straightforward setup and management, catering to users who prioritize ease of use.

A/B Testing

Kartra offers A/B testing features that help you identify your funnel’s best-performing pages and elements.

Systeme.io while maintaining a more simplified approach, Systeme.io also incorporates A/B tests to help optimize your marketing efforts.

Both platforms ensure your ability to test and improve landing pages to achieve the best possible conversion rates.


Kartra has more detailed email marketing, extensive tracking and reporting features. Systeme.io is has a straightforward setup and management,

Systeme.io vs. Kartra: User Experience

The platforms’ ease of use, variety, and customizability are important features to note

Ease of Use

Systeme.io is all about simplicity. It’s designed for beginners, so you won’t get lost in a maze of features.

The interface is clean and straightforward, letting you easily build sales funnels, send emails, and manage products. There are no fancy bells and whistles here; it’s just basic usability.

Kartra, on the other hand, goes for a more polished look. It’s like a sleek, modern dashboard packed with features.

While well-designed and cohesive, all those complexities make things a bit tricky, especially when setting up complex automation or building super-detailed pages.

Templates and Customization

Kartra Pages

Your website’s design is often your visitor’s first impression of your business, hence the importance of professional-looking templates. Kartra excels in this area with a broad selection of web pages, emails, and funnel templates.

You can choose templates based on your specific industry or marketing goal, which is beneficial for aligning with your brand’s style.

Systeme.io, on the other hand, has fewer templates but a high level of customization. This customization extends to funnel design, allowing you to craft experiences tailored to your audience’s journey.

Both platforms enable you to edit templates with their respective drag-and-drop editors, making the design process more about your creativity and less about technical expertise.


Systeme.io wins for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

Kartra and Systeme.io: Integration and Compatibility

In choosing between Kartra and Systeme.io, you’ll find that the scope of integrations and compatibility with external services are critical facets to consider for simpler operations and user experience.

Third-party Integrations

Systeme.io keeps it simple, offering core features like payments, email tools, and Zapier integration for connecting with popular services. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who use a few go-to apps.

Kartra + WebinarJam Advanced-Integrations

Kartra goes all-in with integrations, offering direct connections to many email platforms, SMS services, membership programs, and more. It assumes businesses use a wider range of digital tools.

Payment System Integration

Kartra allows you to take payments directly through the platform with various popular providers. You won’t need a separate device to accept product and service payments.

They integrate with Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal, and Braintree, giving you flexibility in choosing the payment processor that best suits your needs.

Systeme.io integrates directly with six well-known payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Mercado Pago, Razorpay, Flutterwave, and Mollie.

This variety lets you choose the best option for your target audience and region.

Stripe and PayPal offer broad international acceptance. Mercado Pago is a popular choice for businesses targeting Latin American customers. Razorpay and Flutterwave cater to India and Africa. Mollie is a strong option for businesses operating primarily in Europe.


If you juggle many different apps, Kartra’s deep integrations are worth the extra cost. But if you stick to the basics, Systeme.io is all you need for a more budget-friendly option.

Systeme.io vs. Kartra: Marketing Automation

These systems provide the analytics and workflows to execute seamless email campaigns and lead management strategies.

Email Campaigns Automation

Systeme.io Automated Email Sequences

Create complex email sequences with Kartra triggered by user behavior, ensuring you deliver the right message at the right time.

These sequences include evergreen webinars and upsell within the email workflows, not just one-off emails. Furthermore, Kartra’s analytics give you insights into optimizing your campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates.

Systeme.io focuses on ease of use. You have access to various pre-built workflows customized to fit your needs, simplifying the automation process.

Additionally, it supports email marketing efforts with tools to track open rates, click-through rates, and other relevant metrics.

Lead Nurturing and Generation

Kartra Lead Management

Kartra provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating landing pages, forms, and opt-ins integrated into your automated workflows for seamless lead capture and nurturing.

It also provides a sequence builder for detailed lead nurturing strategies.

Systeme.io also aids in lead generation through its versatile funnel builders and opt-in forms. The platform includes automation capabilities that engage your leads through every sales funnel stage.

The aim is to nurture these leads with targeted content and offers, moving them towards conversion without manual intervention.

Each tool offers different approaches to marketing automation; your choice depends on the complexity of your needs and your preference for ease of use versus customization.


If you’re new to automation or prefer a simpler system, Systeme.io is your jam. Kartra if your automation workflow needs are complex and you’re comfortable with a more intricate platform.

Kartra vs Systeme.io: Sales and Conversion Tools

Both Kartra and Systeme.io offer robust features for setting up effective sales processes and boosting revenue through intelligent conversion strategies.

Creating Sales Funnels

Kartra Funnels and Campaignss

With Kartra, you can access a comprehensive funnel builder that guides you through designing high-converting sales funnels.

They offer a variety of pre-made templates for different goals, such as capturing leads, making sales, hosting webinars, or launching new products. These templates are a great starting point, and Kartra lets you customize everything to fit your business needs.

Here’s the best part: all of Kartra’s tools work well together.

So, you will easily connect your sales funnel with your email marketing and automation features to create a smooth customer experience.

Systeme.io Sales Funnel

Systeme.io empowers you to build high-converting sales funnels with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

This intuitive interface allows you to craft each funnel stage, visually customizing the customer journey from initial awareness to final purchase.

Systeme.io Sales Funnel Builder

Like Kartra, Systeme.io has pre-built templates for different goals. These templates are customizable. You can tailor them to your specific needs using a drag-and-drop editor and easily connect your sales funnel with your email list, payment system, and membership sites.

In short, Systeme.io lets you quickly create conversion-focused funnels and seamlessly connect all the pieces for a powerful marketing strategy.

Upsells and Cross-sells

Kartra facilitates effortless incorporation of upsells and cross-sells into your funnel, allowing you to maximize the customer’s lifetime value.

Also, Kartra provides a persuasive user interface for presenting these special offers. This ensures customers easily understand the value proposition of each option, encouraging them to take advantage of your post-purchase promotions.

Conversely, Systeme.io provides tools to enhance your sales sequence. Systeme.io simplifies your sales process with seamless upselling and cross-selling functionalities.

Effortless one-click upsells allow customers to add additional products or services to their purchases with a single click, eliminating the need to re-enter payment information.

This convenience fosters a smoother browsing experience and significantly boosts your average order value.


Kartra lets you build super fancy email marketing funnels with tons of features. But most businesses don’t need many complex funnels. Systeme.io has everything you need to get going.

Systeme.io vs Kartra: Pricing and Plans

Both platforms offer different tiers to accommodate the varying needs of businesses.

Comparative Pricing Analysis

Kartra Pricing

Kartra has three pricing plans, starting at $119 per month. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each plan offers:

  • Starter ($119 a month): This plan is ideal for those starting, with limits on contacts (2,500) and bandwidth (50GB). It includes essential features like landing pages, sales funnels, and membership sites.
  • Growth ($229 a month): This plan removes the email limit and increases contact storage (12,500) and bandwidth (125GB). It adds features like helpdesks for customer support and affiliate management for outsourcing sales.
  • Professional ($549 a month): This top-tier plan caters to businesses with a larger audience (25,000 contacts) and higher bandwidth needs (200GB). It includes priority support for faster troubleshooting and custom branding for a more professional image.
Systeme.io funnel software price

Systeme.io also has a tiered pricing model, starting from the highly affordable $0 per month for the Freemium plan. Their paid plans are $97 monthly, providing additional features at every tier.

  • Free Plan ($0/month): Limited contacts, funnels & memberships, but includes basic email marketing. Great for testing the waters.
  • Startup Plan ($27/month): This includes unlimited emails, three membership sites, three sales funnels, and a 0% transaction fee.
  • Webinar Plan ($47/month): Includes features from the Startup plan plus unlimited webinars and attendees.
  • Enterprise Plan ($97/month): This includes features from the Webinar plan plus unlimited membership sites and sales funnels.

Free Plan Availability

Systeme.io distinguishes itself by providing a Freemium plan, which offers access to fundamental features such as email marketing, creating sales funnels, and a membership site at no cost.

Kartra does not have a free plan but provides a 30-day free trial, allowing you to test the platform and its features before committing to a paid plan.

The trial gives you access to all platform features, including website building, marketing automation, and sales funnels, allowing you to see if Kartra fits your needs.

Systeme.io stands out for those looking for a no-cost entry point into online business and digital marketing.


Kartra is pricey, but perfect for already established businesses looking to grow. Systeme.io is great for beginners or those on a tighter budget. Their plans are more affordable and easier to manage.

Kartra vs. Systeme.io: Customer Support

Your ability to resolve issues swiftly and efficiently significantly impacts your business operations.

Systeme.io Customer Support

Need help with Systeme.io? Their support team is available via email and a ticketing system. Submit your questions or problems through their support portal, and they’ll respond to you.

While they don’t offer phone support, users often commend their email support for being quick, responsive, and willing to lend a hand with technical issues.

Kartra customer support

Kartra has a responsive customer support system and is known for delivering helpful solutions quickly.

Knowing their platform has a learning curve, Kartra offers a comprehensive help desk to guide you every step of the way. Get support through live chat, submit tickets, or even call them directly.

Kartra lets you set up separate help desks for different needs and add a self-service knowledge base so that your customers can find answers independently.

The good news is that even their free plan includes access to customer support, ensuring you get the help you need regardless of your pricing tier.


Kartra helps you learn the ropes. They have live chat, tickets, and even phone support to answer your questions, no matter what plan you’re on.

Additional Considerations

When selecting a platform for your online business needs, consider language support and how the platform keeps up with technological advancements. Make sure your choice aligns with your target audience’s language preferences.

Language and Geographical Support

Kartra helps you easily switch the platform interface to one of 15 popular languages. But it gets betterKartra automatically shows your landing pages in the visitor’s language based on their location.

This makes your business more accessible and boosts sales by providing a smoother experience for international customers. Languages supported include English, Spanish, French, German, and more!

Systeme.io started as a Frech-only platform, but it now caters to a global audience and offers its platform in up to 8 different languages.

This makes it easier for people worldwide to build and manage their online businesses using Systeme.io.


Systeme.io has up to 8 different languages. Kartra has up to 15.

Final Verdict

The decision comes down to specific use cases and prices.

Kartra excels for those seeking a robust all-in-one solution with various marketing and sales tools. It particularly shines for businesses heavily reliant on email marketing and advanced automation features.

However, if you’re a small business, freelancer, or just starting, Systeme.io is perfect for you. Its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and focus on ease make it ideal for those who need to get up and running quickly, especially when budget is a major consideration.

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