Best Affiliate marketing Facebook groups

As affiliate marketers, we all encounter similar challenges in our online business on a daily basis.

Maybe you’re working on launching your next campaign which could result in your next BIGGEST milestone in affiliate commissions…

It could be crafting your email copies, building an affiliate marketing funnel, writing a blog post, carrying out an SEO campaign, shooting a YouTube video, running a Facebook ad campaign, Google ads, Solo ads, and cooking up of few affiliate hooks for (profile and group) updates.

You’ll definitely run into something where you begin to wonder like “am I really doing this right”

I know how it feels – after all YOUR efforts of going through courses, coaching sessions, reading books and blogs, watching long video tutorials just to stay on top of your affiliate game.

And all you hear is crick crick crick. Damn!

Tactics, Strategies, and traffic sources are constantly changing and it takes a lot to keep up with all these.

How on earth could one person keep up with so many things?

I have to say that having great success in affiliate marketing wouldn’t be that possible if you do not:

  • Connect
  • Interact
  • Serve ‘n’
  • Add value to the lives of others

In any way possible!

Even the best of us sometimes run into challenges that we just don’t have the needed knowledge or experience to solve on our own.

Can you remember the saying that goes: “two heads are better than one?”

The solution is joining an online marketing community. I mean affiliate marketing groups on Facebook.

Why Need Facebook Groups For Affiliate Marketing?

Whether you outsource most of your affiliate tasks to team members or are flying solo on your journey, it can be comforting to know you’re not alone.

However, you can try doing it all on your own – but Facebook groups offer a supportive and helpful community so you really do not have to.

Affiliate marketing groups on Facebook are places where you can get answers to those burning questions from a trusted group of affiliate marketing experts and individuals who’ve been through IT before.

Not only that – you can also build friendships with other people facing the same struggles as you, give or seek recommendations for products and tools, and even spend some time mutually promoting each other’s work.

Not forgetting you can also leverage affiliate marketing Facebook groups in building and growing your personal brand and reputation as an affiliate marketer.

Nothing like the feeling of belonging to a community of like-minded folks, right?

Plus, when you do try something risky and it doesn’t go as planned… who can you turn to?

Your Dad?

Your Mom?

Your Partner?

Maybe your kids…?

Sorry to say but, NO!

Your community is there for you – and I guarantee the members always have similar stories to share.

Affiliate marketing Facebook groups provide an excellent source of knowledge and practical advice for affiliates. But how many times have you joined an affiliate marketing‐related group, only to have your news feed spammed with a post like this:

Spammy group post

That’s why the groups you belong to on social media are somehow critical to your affiliate marketing success.

Choosing The Best Affiliate Marketing Groups On Facebook

A lot of Facebook groups for affiliate marketers seem to be nothing more than billboards for low‐quality service offers and have no real activity from members.

The truth be told…

The only challenge is that there are a ton of affiliate marketing Facebook groups out there. With so many to choose from (there are literally more than 600 million Facebook groups).

Number of Facebook groups

How can you decide which ones to join?

That’s where I’m going to help you in deciding.

When not filtered by topic, there are over 200 million groups on Facebook right now. Even when you narrow it down to marketing, there are tons to consider.

How can you choose which ones are worth joining?

Granted, joining a Facebook group isn’t exactly a big commitment. If you’re not happy in the group or aren’t getting value out of it – you can always leave.

In fact, group admins will not even be notified if you leave the group (the last time I checked!).

However, you can save yourself some time and energy by vetting groups before you join.

So, I only included affiliate marketing‐related groups that have:

  • Strict rules, mission, and expectations
  • A significant number of members
  • High level of community engagement
  • No‐spam policy
  • No sort of hidden agenda (pitchy) but to serve.

So, for this post, I vetted over 43 Facebook affiliate marketing groups and hand‐picked the most engaging and helpful ones for affiliate marketers to join. Which I’m also a part of.

I’ve checked out almost every related group on Facebook and have narrowed them down to the top 6 best ones I think are worth looking into.

However, there might still be room for more in the future.

Lets dive in:

List Of Best Affiliate Marketing Groups On Facebook

Here is a list of the top 6 groups to interact and learn affiliate marketing on Facebook:


Join Automation Nation Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group

Total Members: 10,000+

Owner: Spencer Mecham

Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate and Funnels, Copywriting, Automations, Google Ads and Emails

Automation Nation Facebook group

The group helps affiliate marketers, marketing newbies, and those with affiliate marketing interest to connect and share their knowledge and experience. It’s actively moderated, so there is no room for spam of any kind.

One thing about Automation nation is that there’s freedom to ask any kind of marketing-related questions without being looked down on or ignored.

The owner Spencer Mecham (you’ll get to know him more soon) takes his time to respond to every question asked. Most of the members who have had success in the affiliate marketing space also try their best to help without holding any information back.

When you get to the resources section of Automation Nation – there are various links to training which includes:

  • Copywriting training
  • Email Marketing training
  • Affiliate Marketing training
  • Sales funnel training
  • Free chrome extension

You can also get access to the above freebies from his Buildaprenuer website. This is one of the best affiliate marketing groups on Facebook I’ve been a part of over the years.

About the Owner

Spencer Mecham

Wondering who this Spencer guy is?

For those of you that don’t know Spencer Mecham – he is famously known as ClickFunnels no.1 affiliate marketer (earned close to $2million promoting ClickFunnels).

Spencer is the founder of Buildapreneur and a 7figure affiliate marketer, a YouTuber, coach, course creator, multiple winners of the coveted ClickFunnels dream car award, and also a 2comma club member.

His course (Affiliate Secrets 2.0) happens to be one of the amazing courses I’ve ever seen. One thing common with his students is the rate of success they’ve all had taken the course.

Spencer Mecham has been in this space long enough and is worth learning from. You can watch his affiliate marketing masterclass where he will teach you how to quit your 9-5 and become a great affiliate like himself.




Join ClickFunnels Avengers Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group

Total Members: 69,000+

Owner: ClickFunnels (Russell Brunson)

Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate and Funnels, Offers, Traffic generation tips

ClickFunnels avengers affiliate Facebook group

This is the official ClickFunnels affiliate marketing group on Facebook where marketers who promote this software share ideas and help one another become successful.

I’m even supposed to include this group on this list?

Because it seems that the group is focused only on helping drive traffic to a single product and other offers around its ecosystem, right?


I had to because I’ve actually learned a lot in this group since I joined a few months back. Literally – I attribute some of the successes I’ve had promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate to the great support I got being a member of this group.

Not just tactics on how to make money promoting this tool – but you’ll also learn how 5, 6, and 7 figure affiliate marketers are killing it in this space.

The interesting part is that (being a beginner), you’ll get the opportunity to connect with hundreds of newbies seeking to make a side income.

Should in case you’re new into the world of ClickFunnels – here are two resources that have helped me and I also think you gonna find them helpful in your affiliate marketing voyage.

About the owner

Russell Brunson

I guess you might have heard about this marketing wizard called Russell Brunson, right? Okay

He’s one of the few marketers I follow and learn from. Russell has built following of over one million entrepreneurs (and counting) and established multiple 8 figure businesses.

Being the founder of ClickFunnels and also authored of few marketing books – which one them called Dotcom Secrets has really changed my perspective about online marketing.

There are more to learn about this Russell dude (not forgetting the fact that he closed $3million plus on stage within in less than an hour) you can check out his free secret masterclass webinar here.


Join Affiliate Marketing Ninjas Facebook Group

Total members: 34,000+

Owner: Warren Wheeler

Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate SEO, Niche site-building, Blogging, Affiliate Tips and Tricks

amninjas FB group

I’ve been a part of this group for close to a year now – but I’ve never really interacted much or paid attention to the discussions.

Not until recently…

I started paying attention to the group and found out that there were lots of GOLDS in there. I began applying a few of the affiliate marketing strategies I got from the group into some of my recent projects.

If you’re just starting out in this space and desire to go the affiliate SEO path – joining this affiliate marketing group will give you insights on how to go about building your affiliate site. Lots of affiliate pros in here to assist.

There are links to few resources in the pinned section which I think you will find very helpful (although I haven’t checked them out yet).

Warren Wheeler is someone who has been involved in affiliate marketing for over a decade and had numerous successes building niche sites. You can tap from his knowledge through the group or read his AMNinjas blog.



Join The Super Affiliate Community

Total Members: 2,600+

Owner: Jacob Caris

Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate and Funnels, Blogging, Tips, and Tricks

The Super Affiliate Community

Jacob Caris created this group to provide support and training to budding online business owners and affiliate marketers who desire to quit the 9-5 grind.

I’ve only been a member of his group for just a few weeks and I must say that The Super Affiliate Community happens to be one of the underrated affiliate marketing groups on Facebook.

The community here is extremely open-minded, eager to answer questions and help in solving issues. Jacob tries his best to keep the group engaged through his live training and sharing things related to his personal life.

The group is active, free of spammy, pitchy, and sleazy posts.

About the owner

Jacob Caris

Not until recently, I discovered that Jacob Caris is actually a ClickFunnels dream car winner #53 (recruited over 100+ active ClickFunnels affiliates), and also on a mission to help others achieve that as well.

He is a coach, course creator, and a super affiliate. Not too long ago he was ranked among the top marketers who made it to the leaderboard of top affiliates that brought sales to the Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russel Brunson Mastermind course.

Mastermind leaderboard

Being placed among the world’s most fine marketers – even though he has a very small audience compared to lots of them (including Russell).

It might also interest you to know that Jacob Caris is one of Spencer Mecham’s students and recently released his own affiliate marketing course called Dreamcarprofits…

Geared to help anyone who is trying to win the ClickFunnels Dream award and making nice passive income promoting the tool or any other affiliate offers.


Join Affiliate Niche Builders Group

Total Members: 2,500+

Owner: Ben Adler

Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate SEO, Amazon & Niche site building, SEO tips, and tricks

Affiliate Site Builders

This is an affiliate marketing group on Facebook-owned by another SEO dude named Ben Adler who has been doing some amazing things when it comes to building affiliates niche sites.

This is one of the few ‘little’ affiliate SEO Facebook groups I belong where you can ask questions, share thoughts, ideas and tell your own story on how well and bad your money sites are doing.

Whenever you drop an SEO or affiliate site building related questions – you’ll surely get an answer to what you need clarifications on.

On the announcement section you’ll find only 3 posts by Ben:

The first one is about a quick step-by-step outline on starting a niche site from scratch.

The second post is an affiliate course announcement (Facebook live)

Third, a post is on how he (Ben Adler) shared the exact method that helped him rank #1 on Google for one of his Amazon affiliate websites. Helpful!

Don’t ever forget going through the unit section in Ben’s group. It contains valuable SEO training I’ve personally implemented into my business.

About the owner

Ben Adler

Ben Adler is a self-taught affiliate marketer who began his journey over 4 years ago. When browsing Reddit, he discovered a crappy looking vacuum cleaner review site pulling in $500 month. Ben was floored and thought he could do the same. By the end of the year, he had his first $5000+ month.

Since then he has built and been building affiliate niche sites that do multiple figures in revenue.

Ben’s philosophy when it comes to building niche sites focuses on good content and good user experience. He believes niche sites should be treated as long-term assets that will last years.

He does his best to help everyone inside his group and other affiliate marketing related groups on Facebook

When Ben isn’t working on his sites or helping others – he likes to go on road trips, camp, and hang out in his hammock. You can check out the Affiliate Niche Builders Blog where he constantly shares affiliate and niche ideas.



Join Affiliate Profits Mastermind

Total Members: 2,700+

Owner: Chris Fong

Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate SEO, Content Marketing, Sales Funnels, Solo ads

Affiliate Profit Mastermind by Chris Fong

Chris Fong is one of the few affiliate marketers who inspires me – especially when it comes to Blogging and offers.

I’ve learned quite a few things from him over the past months, like – how to incentivize blog visitors when it comes to promoting various affiliate offers. Directly and indirectly.

Affiliate Profits Mastermind happens to be one of the few fast-rising affiliate marketing groups I belong to on Facebook – yet filled with great value and support.

Chris does all he can to keep the group away from spammers – by manually approving posts with the help of his group moderators. The strict anti-spam policy makes this group a friendly environment for affiliate marketers.

When you go into the announcement section of the group – there are two valuable pinned posts I think you’re going to like:

The first post contains several links to useful resources and training you might need as an affiliate.

The second post is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) post where Chris also shared a bit about himself. Lots of folks picked his brain on SEO and affiliate related matters in the AMA thread.

He dropped bombs in there – where I also took few points away. Do go through it and ask yours when you join.

About the owner

Chris Fong

Chris Fong is a 6 figure affiliate marketer, SEO expert, who runs and has been into the game of affiliate marketing way since 2009 (when I haven’t ever dreamt of being a marketer myself lol), and he has been crushing it ever since.

Hitting 5 and 6 figures in affiliate commissions with over 5 different affiliate offers within the years.

Apart from being an affiliate marketer – he’s also a software developer.

Having built a few amazing chrome extensions useful for marketers, one which I recently got my hands on is called CFTrends. A free chrome extension specially made for ClickFunnels affiliates which shows me all my affiliate info in an easy-to-read, sortable table, view referred affiliates information and more useful insights.

Oh, lest I forget, Chris Fong recently qualified for the ClickFunnels dream car award (having over 100 active ClickFunnels users).

Chris Fong dream car

Frequently Asked Facebook Group Questions

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On Facebook?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook and make good money off the platform. Most great affiliates I know utilize Facebook in several ways to market their affiliate products and make money on autopilot.

Let’s take a look at some ways to do this:

  • Using Facebook Ads

You might be familiar with this already. The ideal method is running paid FB Ads to your landing page (build list and rapport) then directing them to the affiliate offer.

  • Using Facebook Groups

This is in two ways:

#1: Providing value in related Facebook groups that aren’t yours and attracting customers.

#2: Creating your own Facebook group and monetizing it.

Can I Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Facebook?

The best and recommended way to make money as an Amazon affiliate is by creating a niche website and publishing helpful content to help people looking for a solution or recommendation related to your chosen niche.

Ben Adler’s Facebook group is a good place to connect with folks doing this. And luckily for you, he has units teaching you how to start this, for free.

Are Affiliate Links Allowed In Facebook Groups?

You cannot promote or drop your affiliate links in Facebook groups that aren’t yours. That is a self-promotional and spammy act. You are going to be banned and thrown out of the Facebook group.

That is why I didn’t include such unmoderated groups in this list of affiliate groups.

But hey, you are free to promote your affiliate offers in your own group. But it SHOULDN’T be abused as members can easily spot it when you’re desperate.

Just use the hook, story, and offer method when trying to promote your offers.

Can I Create My Own Facebook Group?

Why not? You can create your own private/closed group and monetize it by constantly providing value and promoting your offers in a non-salesy manner. Or just create it to help like-minded folks and increase your authority.

Build rapport, interact, engage, and help your members at all times, and in return, they would be willing glad to buy anything you recommend or even future offers.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth Doing?

I might sound uncool here, but affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone! However, it could be a great means to earn side fulltime income online when you are always in the implementation mode and paying attention to what works.

It has opened so many opportunities for me over the past year alone, so it is totally worth doing!

Although it might sound a little complicated to newbies to grasp the whole concept, it sure gets easy and clearer once you start taking ACTION piece-by-piece and most importantly connecting with those who have had success in this space over the years.

The Ball is in Your Court!

Whichever of the groups you choose to join, what matters the most is the value you get out of it!

This shortlists of affiliate marketing groups were put together with the aim of helping you save time you might have been spending sifting through hundreds of low-quality spammy Facebook groups.

For sure, I know that the above list isn’t an exhaustive one – because there are more groups that may attract your attention and helps you in your affiliate marketing hustle.

Please do share them in the comments and let me know.

I will keep on updating this list once I discover great ones with a high level of engagement, number of users, and other factors – as there are likely some amazing communities that fell off my radar.

Do not hesitate to suggest your favorite Facebook affiliate marketing groups and what you expect from a perfect affiliate group.


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