If you’ve never done a webinar before, it can be tough knowing where to begin.

This where the Perfect Webinar Scripts come in as your savior.

In this Perfect Webinar Secrets review we’re going to cover:

  • Everything you need to know about the Perfect Webinar Secrets
  • The webinar scripts and templates
  • The Perfect webinar training and how it works
  • How much it is worth
  • The annoying backend upsells

And many more.

Here is my table of contents:

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Why Webinars & Scripts?

With webinars, you can bring in leads and convert customers on autopilot while spending time on the beach with your loved ones.

You may not know this yet but 60% of marketers are using webinars as part of their content marketing strategy.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

Crafting the perfect webinar scripts that attract these loyal fans, and converting them can be frustrating. Especially when you’re new to it.

Or isn’t it?

Ask any sales funnel expert or successful marketers who sell through webinars to share their initial struggles, you’d find out that it took them a lot of failures to master this craft.

Well, it turns out that launching a converting webinar may not be as tough as you’d have thought.

All you have to do is create a presentation that doesn’t suck.

To achieve this, you need a killer script.

Followed by a great marketing strategy, because not creating a boring presentation is just the genesis to webinar success.

Well, today is your lucky day.

Russell Brunson has perfected and built a webinar script (and strategy) to eliminate your excuses for not creating a successful webinar.

What is Perfect Webinar Scripts

Perfect Webinar Secrets or Scripts is a framework in form of a template created by Russell Brunson on how to create a webinar that sells on autopilot.

Perfect webinar scripts mockup

The script shows you exactly how to structure, create, educate, pitch, close, and convert your audience successfully, to make money online selling your products or services to your webinar attendees.

It took Russell Brunson over 15 years developing, trying, and testing diverse webinar presentation tactics to finally develop this script.

This was after trying to sell from the stage multiple times without success.

Despite seeing a lot of speakers and experts make 5, 6, and even 7 figures during stage presentations – he decided to embark on a journey to go figure out the pieces on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling from the stage.

For over four years he had kept trying several selling techniques over and over again.

This was when he came out with the first framework of the Perfect Webinar Scripts.

Perfect webinar secrets - first draft

Each time he would get on stage, he would pull out this framework, plug-in his product, and then stop on stage and sell it flawlessly.

This even made him become the #1 highest-paid speaker in the world when he sold over $3million from the stage in Grant Cardone’s 10X event.

He took the exact stage selling tactics and applied them to webinars.

This was after a ton of tweaks and changes.

This same Perfect webinar Secrets framework is what he used in growing his company – ClickFunnels – to $100,000,000 and over 55,000 customers within a short three years.

Which made ClickFunnels the world’s fastest-growing non-venture-backed software company.

As of today, ClickFunnels boasts over 100,000 active users.

CF user count

And Russell himself has sold hundreds of millions of his courses, programs, and books using the Perfect Webinar Scripts.

The interesting part?

He has helped hundreds of thousands of business owners in the weirdest niche scale their businesses using the Perfect webinar Secrets.

Who is the Perfect Webinar Scripts for?

One critical question any clever business owner should ask would be:

“Will the Perfect Webinar Scripts work for me?

My answer?

It depends.

Because the Perfect Webinar Secrets is definitely NOT for everyone.

First of all, you must be willing to take action (little at least) and implement the perfect webinar template into your new or existing online business for it to work for you.

And most importantly, you must have the interest to sell online via webinars or stage presentations.

Else you’d be wasting your time.

That’s why it is paramount to make sure that you plan on using webinars to grow your business or you’re already set to get started creating webinars and building webinar funnels before jumping in.

The thing is – anyone with products or services that costs up to $300 needs the perfect webinar secrets.

“Why $300 or more…” you ask?

These are high ticket offers and require more education, detailed information to help convince your prospects to buy.

Using webinars also provides an easy way to handle pre-sales objections face-to-face. Rather than using a long-winded sales web page.

People get to see your face and communicate with you during the webinar. That is if you’re running a live webinar.

To summarize it all, the Perfect Webinar Scripts works in the:

  • Weight loss niche
  • Gambling niche
  • Coupons
  • Software or SaaS
  • eCommerce
  • Supplements
  • Real estates
  • Digital agency
  • Digital products and courses
  • Coaching and consultations
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Non-profits
  • Skincare
  • Sports and fitness
  • Gym
  • Insurance
  • B2B
  • Brick and mortar

You name it.

You know, selling with webinars as a newbie will bring its own confrontations, and you’ll hit roadblocks as nothing good settles easily.

But having access to the Perfect Webinar Scripts at your fingertips – the challenges become less intimidating.

It is NOT for anyone looking for quick results. And not a magic gun that shoots money into your bank account.

You must have a REAL online business and be ready to put in the work for it to work.

What do you get Inside the Perfect Webinar Secrets?

The Perfect Webinar Secrets comes with its own membership portal where you get access to your Perfect webinar scripts, frameworks, bonuses, and training.

The Perfect Webinar Secrets members area
click image to access dashboard

Unlike many content creators and marketers out there recommending you buy the Perfect Webinar Scripts without purchasing it themselves – I bought this product myself to get the secrets to help you know what it’s inside.

Before committing.

Let’s get started with the main product before we get into the bonuses, costs, and the annoying Perfect webinar script upsells.

#1: The Perfect Webinar Secrets Framework

You get to download or access this PDF file.  It contains all of the key frameworks (in sections) you need to craft a perfect webinar.

There are 4 of them:

  • How To Teach Frameworks
  • The Perfect Webinar Framework
  • Stack & The Close Framework
  • Perfect Webinar Funnel

Under each of these Perfect Webinar frameworks, you’ll get the precise steps of what to do, say, and how you do them. With the exact ingredients and psychology behind each process.

For example:

Within the Stack & The Close Framework, Russell shows you how to present your offer and bonuses, then followed by closing on the sale. With things to say and how you say them rightly.

#2: The Perfect Webinar Training

This is one of the video training you get along with your Perfect Webinar Scripts.

Inside this training (within your members’ area of course), Russell Brunson shows you how to use the exact webinar scripts he and his ClickFunnels team has used to successfully sell everything from courses to coaching, software, supplements, and more.

This is about 1hour training with interesting slides and relatable storylines.

#3: The Stack and the Close Training

This is a 2hour presentation by Russell on how to present your irresistible offer through a “Stack” and transition into the “Close” stage where your prospects begin to beg you to take their money.

This is a private training Russell did with his high-end clients.

I won’t delve into details about this.

Would highly recommend you pick up the Perfect Webinar Secrets course yourself and see the magic that goes into this whole thing.

#4: The Perfect Webinar Funnel

Here, you have access to both live and evergreen webinar funnel templates to model or customize for your type of business.

Besides the webinar funnel template, there’s a 30minute presentation by Russell on how your perfect webinar funnel should be structured for maximum conversions.

He dives deep into your webinar landing page, webinar presentation page, Thank you page, replay page, the follow-up funnel, and automation.

The Perfect Webinar Secrets Price

Getting access to the Perfect Webinar Scripts costs ONLY $7. Which gives you access to the exact script Russell has used (and still using) in selling dozens of his products, plus, that of clients and students.

Just as you saw in the previous section of this Perfect Webinar Secrets review, you’ll also get access to the video Russell did for his high-end clients…

Walking them through the scripts, and showing them the ins-and-outs of what he actually did, how he implemented the Secrets and the psychology behind the scripts that make it phenomenal.

Perfect webinar Secrets price
click image to access bonuses

Perfect Webinar Secrets Bonuses

Getting access to your copy of “the perfect webinar” course and framework also gives you access to the below bonuses (details already covered above):

Bonus #1: The Perfect Webinar Training

This first presentation will help you to see exactly how to use the Perfect Webinar script.

Bonus #2: The Funnel Frameworks Training

This video will help supplement the perfect webinar and help you to teach your frameworks and tell your stories in a way that gets people to move.

Bonus #3: The Stack and Close Training

How to use the “Stack” in each of your presentations so you can flawlessly close sales at the end of your webinar presentations.

Bonus #4: The Perfect Webinar Funnel

In this last bonus, you’ll get access to Russell Brunson’s training…

Showing you HOW to build “The Perfect Webinar Funnel” as well FREE 7 webinar pre-built funnel template you can start using right away.

Here are a few of my own webinar funnel templates to download right now:

Are There any Perfect Webinar Secrets Order Bumps and Upsells?

If there’s one annoying part about me purchasing the Perfect Webinar Scripts – is the unlimited OTO upsells presented before I could finally access my members’ area and download my script.

Thank you page PWS

Although I never liked it – but it was part of the whole learning process for me…

And studying how a talented marketer like Russell sells a ton of his high-ticket products through a low-ticket $7 funnel.

If you’re someone looking to just buy the $7 Perfect webinar secrets, you may feel tempted to buy any of the upsell. Or feel irritated at some point, like I was.

While the upsell products are awesome – ONLY buy if you think you’d be needing them in your business going forward.

First here is the order Perfect Webinar Bump offer:

Perfect Webinar Secrets Order Bump: Powerpoint And Keynote Files

This Bump offer costs $47.

The PowerPoint and keynote is a swipe file Russell used in creating the Perfect Webinar.

Here are the upsells…

Perfect Webinar Secrets Upsell #1: 10X Secrets

The 10X Secrets and masterclass contain over 6 hours of training where Russell shares each and every of the pieces that made him close $3million from the stage in 90 minutes.

It comes in three sessions:

  • Session #1 – Creating an Irresistible Offer
  • Session #2 – The NEW Perfect Webinar
  • Session #3 – How I Made $3 Million In 90 Minutes

Then you get the below as your 10X bonuses:

  • The 10X Secrets Swipe File ($997 Value)
  • ​The Perfect Webinar Hack ($497 Value)
  • ​The Perfect Webinar Funnel ($997 Value)
  • ​Story Selling Secrets ($297 Value)
  • ​Event Choreography ($1,997 Value)

The upsell page says this one-time-offer is valued at $7,782. But you can grab it within the Perfect Webinar Secrets funnel for $297.

From my research, it is true that nobody has ever sold $3million from the stage. If you have an interest in selling to many versus selling to one – it’s well worth it.

As he broke out the steps and procedures slide by slide inside the 10X Secrets.

Perfect Webinar Secrets Upsell #2: 10X Closing Secrets

The 10X Closing Secrets comes with the “Childers’ Chunks” Course (previously sold for $25,000). Along with other bonuses.

Here are the bonuses:

  • The Stack… ($297 value)
  • Trial Closes… ($297 value)
  • The Price Marinade ($297 value)
  • The Re-Pitch ($297 value)
  • Breaking False Beliefs ($297 value)
  • Other Closing Secrets ($297 value)

The main product is the “Childers Chunks” course by one of Russell Mentors named John Childers.

As Russell claimed, this used to be the LARGEST speaker training program for over 20+ years.

And was worth $25,000. So, he bought access to it from his mentor and now selling it as a separate product for a one-time $297 inside the Perfect Webinar Secrets funnel.

Perfect Webinar Secrets Upsell #3: Virtual FHAT Event

The virtual Funnel Hack-A-Thon event is the last upsell in the Perfect Webinar Secrets sales funnel.

You can imagine going through 3 steps/pages before finally getting to thank you page to access what you came for?

The Funnel Hack-A-Thon is a 3-Day Intensive training that entrepreneurs paid $15,000 per ticket for.

Where Russell and the ClickFunnels team took the attendees from business “idea” to a live profitable funnel.

Each entrepreneur who came to the FHAT event paid $15,000 to fly to Boise, Idaho, (ClickFunnels headquarters) and sat in that room to transform their businesses.

Inside the Perfect Webinar sales pipeline, you can add it to your order and have access to all the recordings of these events for $497.

FAQS on The Perfect Webinar Scripts

Is the Perfect Webinar Secrets worth it?

For the cheap price of $7 – It is well worth it in my opinion especially if you are interested in engaging your audience through webinars and closing sales instantly.

The Perfect Webinar Scripts shows you exactly how to craft, build, design your webinar, and finally structure, close, and get prospects excited enough to buy via webinars.

Can I download the perfect webinar script in PDF format?

You can’t download the perfect webinar training from your membership area. But the 4 key frameworks and scripts to craft the perfect webinar are downloadable as a PDF file.

Do I get access to the Perfect Webinar Slides?

The Perfect Webinar training comes in video format where Russell shared slides and stories on how you can build your own perfect webinar.

Final Thoughts

Russell spent over 15 years perfecting his skills on pitching and closing via webinars and stage speaking.

You can’t really go wrong investing $7 into this product.

Although the price tag may seem ridiculously cheap for the value you get.

Well, if you ask me, this is one of those low-ticket products Russell uses in enticing people to buy other of his products and to become a user of ClickFunnels.

So, he’s trying to offer so much value through his free-plus-shipping books, and low-priced offers like The Perfect Webinar Secrets so you become a fan and buy other things.

It’s okay to purchase the ones you need right now.

But let me warn you: be careful NOT to get into the rabbit hole of stacking courses and programs without taking action to implement them.

Having gone through a lot of internet marketing courses and expensive programs – I can’t recommend the Perfect Webinar Scripts enough. It’s worth way more than $7. Obviously!

==> Click here to get your copy of the Perfect Webinar Secrets today

To get started creating your own webinar so you can start selling your products or services painlessly.

Perfect Webinar Secrets Pros

  • Worth way more than $7
  • Easy to understand
  • Comes with training videos
  • Also works for stage presentations
  • You’re learning from someone with decades of experience
  • It comes with enticing bonuses
  • Works for almost any niche out there

Perfect Webinar Secrets Cons

  • The funnel is filled with annoying upsells
  • It takes work and practice for you to be perfect with webinars yourself
  • This is an online marketing product ONLY useful for those with products and services

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