The Wholesale Formula Review

Are you considering enrolling in The Wholesale Formula course but aren’t quite sure if it’s worth it? You’re not alone.

Maybe you’re frustrated with the challenges of your e-commerce venture like I once was?

Ready to unlock the strategies of wholesale success and elevate your business? Discover The Wholesale Formula—a thorough course designed to guide you through the intricacies of wholesale selling.

Join me as I thoroughly explore this program, highlighting how it can assist in realizing your e-commerce ambitions.

In this detailed review, I’ll take a deep dive into the program and show you how it can help you achieve your e-commerce goals.

The Wholesale Formula – Key Facts

📣 AboutThe Wholesale Formula is an online training program that teaches you how to sell wholesale products on Amazon. It covers product sourcing, supplier negotiation, and scaling a business using Amazon’s FBA service, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced sellers.
🎬 CreatorsDan Meadors & Dylan Frost
👩‍🎓 Who’s it forThis course is designed for anyone interested in starting or growing their Amazon wholesale business, from beginners to those looking to expand their current operations. Download the free PDF here.
💰 Price$2,997 Pay-In-Full (or 4 payments of $847). View the latest price
🔥 DiscountTWF does not discount its training program. Once you join, however, you will get over $11,500 of exclusive bonuses.
💲Refund PolicyThe Wholesale Formula offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for subscribers who don’t wish to continue with the course.
📚 Additional ResourcesSales rank charts, email templates for supplier communication, and other tools
😍 ProsThe course includes comprehensive modules, real-life success stories, and additional resources like sales rank charts and supplier communication templates.
😞 ConsVery expensive
📞 SupportCommunity support, including mentorship or Q&A sessions
🏆 VerdictMy verdict is that The Wholesale Formula offers valuable content for those serious about building a wholesale business on Amazon, but due diligence is recommended before investing.
🌍 Website

The Wholesale Formula 2024 Launch Date

I’m excited to share that the much-anticipated 2024 launch of The Wholesale Formula Course is upon us, with registration kicking off on Wednesday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day!

The wait has been long, but the pieces are falling into place for an extraordinary opportunity to launch and grow your online business. This is the moment to chase your entrepreneurial dreams and push the boundaries of what you thought possible.

Mark your calendars for the first webinar on Tuesday, February 20th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time—that’s when the enrollment for The Wholesale Formula 2024 officially opens.

The second webinar is scheduled for Monday, February 26th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Remember, the window for this opportunity is limited; enrollment and cart close promptly on Thursday, February 29th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your aspirations into reality with The Wholesale Formula.

What Is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula
Source: The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula is a unique sales strategy that has proven to be effective since its inception. This formula is simply designed to guide newbies on how to sell physical products on Amazon. It was invented by two gentlemen Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors. 

By applying this formula, they have succeeded in scaling their business to over $30,000,000 in sales on Amazon.

The Wholesale Formula is an online training course designed to equip individuals with the right skills to boost sales on Amazon significantly. 

For the records, The Wholesale Formula has taught over 5,000 students from various parts of the globe how to sell wholesale on Amazon with the Reverse Sourcing Wholesale method.

What’s Inside The Wholesale Formula Course?

By registering for this course, you are in for a jolly ride. The course content is filled with robust materials that will help you make significant sales.

The training course is loaded with 7 modules, which include over 90 in-depth videos. 

Inside the Wholesale Formula

Module 1: Getting Started

In the first module, you receive the basic orientation required to start your business and set up your Amazon FBA account. Additionally, you are exposed to the basics of the ‘Reverse Sourcing Wholesale model. 

Module 2: Product Analysis

In this section, you learn not to make the common rookie mistake which is selecting random products to work with. 

You acquire the required skill to meticulously analyze products on Amazon and discover which ones are likely to scale easily and in turn, bring in more profit. You also get to learn vital facts about the ‘Buy Box’, sales rank, competition analyses, and more.

Module 3: Scouting

At this point, you are going deeper. Black Box Scouting, Amazon Filtering, and Super Targeting are the major focus areas in this module. These methods are designed to help you optimize your search for the best wholesale product opportunities.

Module 4: Value Propositions

The image you portray is important and a major determinant of your success. You will learn how to put yourself out there and be attractive to potential brands to boost your account approvals.

You can start by building your website, using PPC, and optimizing listings.

Module 5 – Sourcing

You get to learn first-hand the exact strategy and systems Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors use to execute sourcing-related activities. Some of these activities include contacting relevant brand owners, negotiating lower prices, and opening wholesale accounts.

Additionally, you acquire the skill required to accurately forecast sales to place initial orders and reorders so you don’t find yourself missing import sales.

Module 6 & 7: Operating and Optimizing

These Modules are brand-new additions to the formula designed to soak you deeper into the system and how to take advantage of it. Additionally, you are going to be exposed to new things about the formula that have not been revealed.

Resource Valut & Webinar Recordings

The resource vault is where you find all the juicy materials required to scale your business to scale to the 8-figure level. 

The vault is loaded with various support materials that may be relevant to your journey while running your business. You can describe the vault as a one-stop shop for action-oriented lessons and webinar recordings on how Amazon works.

How Does The Wholesale Formula Work?

The Wholesale Formula goes behind the middleman and gets your product directly from brand owners. The stress of sourcing your product from China is canceled. Instead, you can strike a deal with a popular brand owner on Amazon and resell their products.

This method is simply called “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale.” To make this formula work, you will have to offer the brand owner irresistible benefits attached to working with you. 

With the Quad-Win method, you are sure to get the deal approved. The Quad-Win method portrays a situation where Amazon, the brand owner, you, and your customers are all beneficiaries of the deal.

Dan Dylan TWF Workshop

What Is The Wholesale Formula Cost?

The Wholesale formula comes with two payment options designed for the convenience of interested candidates.

The Wholesale Formula Price

Option 1: Pay-In-Full

Interested individuals are required to pay for the course in full. They pay a single up-front payment of $2,997 before getting access to the course materials. This payment option allows you to save as much as $499 when compared to the alternative.

Option 2: Installment Payment Plan

The installment payment plan offers interested candidates the option of paying for the course in the space of four months. 

You are to pay $874 every month which sums up to $3496. The first payment is not refundable so if you want a refund the first payment will be deducted. Keep in mind that you have a 30-money-back guarantee. 

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

Your purchase of The Wholesale Formula Program will qualify you for some amazing bonuses that are up for grabs.

  • Access to Facebook Community: You get full membership status of The Wholesale Formula Alumni Facebook group. Within this group, you are exposed to people’s testimonials and answers to questions you may have.
  •  Access to VA Launchpad ($250 Value): The VA Launchpad is a training course that exposes vital strategies on how to hire and train your virtual assistants. With this knowledge, you would effectively outsource a significant amount of your work and quickly scale your Amazon wholesale business.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Software like Jungle Scout and Tactical Arbitrage attract a mouth-watering discount of $3,000.
  • Relevant Files and Templates: You get access to well-structured email templates designed to help you communicate properly with brand owners and wholesalers. Other communication templates are in this package.
  • TWF Webinar Recordings: With these bonuses, you can easily keep abreast with the important facts of the Wholesale Formula. These recordings are loaded with over 10 hours of in-depth webinar replays where you learn more about sourcing, growth, product analysis, and other vital aspects of the formula.

Pros & Cons Of The Wholesale Formula

Here are the major drawbacks and benefits of the Wholesale Formula:

TWF Pros

  • Lifetime free course updates.
  • Students have sold over $500 million worth of products on Amazon!
  • Amazing bonuses such as access to VA Launchpad.  
  • A minimal amount of risk is involved to scale.
  • Strong Facebook community support
  • You get lifetime access to a wholesale formula list of suppliers
  • No shady marketing tactics.

TWF Cons

  • Too expensive
  • The admission window for people to register is only open once a year.
  • No refunds for monthly payments.
  • Finding great products is not as easy as it seems. 

What is Reverse Sourcing Wholesale?

Reverse Sourcing Wholesale describes a process where you don’t carry out your sales activities in a conventional way but instead, you do it in reverse.  

As against traditional means, you first buy products on Amazon, make the purchase at wholesale prices, and sell them on Amazon for a tidy profit. 

Here are the three basic ideas surrounding this method: 


The first order of business is to find the right, profitable, and replenishable wholesale product opportunities. Your pointers to finding the right product are to analyze its profitability rate. The more profitable a product is the better. 


The second step is sourcing. After you have identified a profitable product, the next most important move is to begin sourcing for the perfect brand owner to strike a deal with.

Most brand owners are usually selective, but with the skills acquired in the training course, you will know what makes them tick and use it to your benefit. 


The final step is selling your products on Amazon. This step is possible after truly mastering and applying the first two ideas (Scouting and Scouring). In this phase, a lot depends on how big your vision is and how massive you want to grow your operation.

You can decide to add more products to your portfolio since you have mastered the process and can seamlessly repeat it.

Wholesale vs. Retail Arbitrage vs. Private Labeling

In the wholesale model, a seller purchases bulk quantities of products directly from manufacturers or distributors at discounted prices.

The seller then resells these products on Amazon at a markup. Wholesale requires a larger upfront investment because you’re buying in bulk, but it also offers the potential for higher profit margins and a more stable supply of inventory.

On the other hand, Retail arbitrage involves purchasing products from retail stores (either brick-and-mortar or online) at discounted prices and reselling them on Amazon at a higher price.

This method is often appealing to new sellers because it requires less capital upfront and there’s no need to buy in bulk. Retail arbitrage can be a quick way to get started with selling on Amazon, but it can also be unpredictable due to fluctuating retail prices and availability of discounted items.

Private labeling means sourcing generic products and selling them under your brand name. This involves finding a manufacturer to produce products to your specifications, which you then brand and market as your own.

Private labeling allows for higher profit margins and greater control over product differentiation, marketing, and pricing.

However, it also requires a significant investment in branding, packaging design, and marketing to establish the product in the marketplace.

The Wholesale Formula Customer Reviews & Success Stories

Here are some real-life testimonials of people who have applied the principles they learned from the Wholesale Formula course.

“But ever since taking the course, it changed the way I thought. It changed the way I viewed business… Since then I have been able to hire several employees. We’re actually moving into a 5,000-square-foot warehouse here in the next month or two. And we’re doing over 7 figures on Amazon.”

– Lacey Sanders

“Why I like it so much is because, in Wholesale, there’s a lot of details. This is a very logistics and detail-heavy business… So take the plunge. I am exceedingly happy with the results of the first month.  We grew our wholesale revenue from $0 to $30,000 a month. And we’re landing new products each and every week.”

– Trent Dyrsmid

“My business has grown by 100 – 200 percent every single year. I mean it’s been astounding. Two years ago we were at about $45,000 a month. Now we’re at $90,000 a month.”

– Ian Bowen

“So, 14 months ago, never having sold anything on Amazon. 14 months later, I’m doing roughly $25,000 in sales per month, and with a lot of accounts still in the wings, about to start with the potential of an extra $10,000 a month profit.”

– Amy Sherlock

“My first year I did like $40,000 in sales. In the second year, I did $400,000 in sales. Last year I did $1.2 or $1.12 Million. This year I did $1.5 or $1.6 million. I never imagined I would be talking about these types of numbers in my life. “

– Cheryl Breitman
Phillip final testimonial
the Wholesale formula testimonial 2
the Wholesale formula testimonial


Is The Wholesale Formula Worth It?

Yes, the Wholesale formula is worth every minute, effort, and penny you invest in it. The knowledge you acquire from this course can help you scale significantly in your business and make you a big-time earner. 

Are There Any Wholesale Formula Complaints?

Yes, there are some complaints about the Wholesale formula such as the difficulty in finding an uncommon product to market or the small window you get when you want a refund. 

Can I Get The Wholesale Formula PDF?

Yes, the wholesale Formula pdf is available but this will come without other relevant materials and information that you get when you pay for the full course. 

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This service is fully run by Amazon and its primary goal is to enable regular individuals without a warehouse or staff to sell various products on their platform. 

How Long Do You Have Access to The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula offers a lifetime deal, which means you can always access the formula and other free updates and bonuses when you pay once. The wholesale formula login details will be sent directly to your email immediately after payment.

Is There A Refund for The Wholesale Formula?

Yes, the program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for subscribers who don’t wish to continue with the course. If you don’t opt out of the 30-day window, you will not get a refund.

The Wholesale Formula Course Review: Worth it?

The Wholesale Formula is a SOLID choice for anyone who wants to start selling on Amazon or improve their current sales. It teaches you lots of useful tips and ways to make your business work better.

If you’re already selling on Amazon but not making as much as you’d like, maybe from buying and reselling items or creating your brand, The Wholesale Formula might be just what you need.

It’s known for being a really thorough course that helps both beginners and those who already know a bit about selling on Amazon. If you’re thinking about investing in your future with an online business, The Wholesale Formula could give you the help you need to do tremendously well.

Yes, the course might cost a bit, but it could really be worth it if you’re serious about making money online.

In addition, what sets The Wholesale Formula apart from others are the bonuses provided by this program; offering 30 weeks of Amazon coaching from top experts and optimized PPC campaigns as well. Plus, perhaps less enticing but still essential features it also carries include full assistance for filing UPCs, setting up your Pantry accounts, and explaining incredibly important fundamentals such as how MAP pricing works.

And if for any reason you are unhappy with the course after completing it? The customer service team at The Wholesale Formula will offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee at any time so there truly isn’t much risk in giving it a shot.

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