ClickFunnels vs Kajabi Integration

Trying to choose between ClickFunnels vs Kajabi?

What is better ClickFunnels or Kajabi?

See, finding the most effective sales funnel builder is all about assessing numerous solutions and identifying the top platform for your specific business needs.

It requires a thorough user experience and research to discover which you should use in running your online business.

Especially when it comes ClickFunnels and Kajabi.

As these are two of the most popular marketing platforms in history for selling online. Personally, I don’t think you’re necessarily going to go wrong either way.

However, there are definitely some key features and pricing differences between Kajabi vs ClickFunnels that might push you to go one way or the other.

That’s what I’m going to try and help you discover in this comparison post. I’ll start by digging into the features that are largely the same or similar in function between Kajabi vs ClickFunnels.

Then, I’ll highlight the opposite and look at what’s different.

Or probably you’d love to integrate both into your marketing and content delivery? I shall also covered how to do that in a few steps.

To finish things out, I’ll compare ClickFunnels vs Kajabi’s performance and pricing, two other important considerations beyond the feature list.

Ready to begin? Let’s start comparing.

But first a quick overview of both…

A Quick Overview of ClickFunnels vs Kajabi.

We shall be starting with ClickFunnels.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels founded in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his partner Todd Dickerson has grown to become a very popular SaaS company with over 140k monthly active users.

And counting…

ClickFunnels is a marketing tool used for building a sales funnel. It is aimed at helping businesses advertise, sell, and deliver products and services to their consumers via online funnels.

ClickFunnels offers a plethora of interactive tools that help users automate sales, easily gain leads, and create their complete marketing funnels without mastering any single line of code.

There is so much cool stuff this tool lets you do, from selling physical products, high and low-ticket coaching programs, digital courses, training, etc.

One of the reasons why ClickFunnels remains a top choice for most successful business owners is that it is easy to implement due to its drag-and-drop editor.

And also tons of marketing courses and training are available to both members and non-members of the platform.

ClickFunnels is a popular all-in-one marketing system that helps in lead generation, nurturing, and conversion, which aims at selling your physical and digital products.

What is Kajabi?


Kajabi is one of the most popular platforms for building and running online courses in the digital marketing world today.

It was founded in 2010 by Kenny Rueter, Travis Rosser. Founded 4years earlier before ClickFunnels was birthed.

Currently being used by over 30k creators. Including influencers like Amy Porterfield and Brendan Burchard.

This is somewhat different from what ClickFunnels does. It is a featured-rich membership site platform allowing users to create, market, and sell their digital products.

There are lots of features that are attributed to Kajabi which makes it stand out among many of its major competitors like Teachable and Thinkific.

One of the primary jobs of an online course platform is to help course create creators build a great learning experience and deliver content with ease without any sort of limitation.

One of the brightest sides of Kajabi is that it allows creators to host their online programs and deliver them to your students in a professional manner.

Kajabi is another notable software specifically aimed at helping you sell your digital products. It is widely known as a digital product delivery system for ‘infopreneurs’.

ClickFunnels vs Kajabi: Key Features?

Lets take a look into the key features of both platforms and what they help you accomplish in business, so you’d know where to channel your money towards.

Key Features of ClickFunnels

#1. Powerful page editor

You can quickly build out your sales funnel pages inside ClickFunnels using the easy and powerful drag and drop editor. Called the Etison Editor. It makes it insanely easy to add page elements and customize your funnels and pages the way you want.

You can basically look at any page or site online, and model the layout and structure of it inside ClickFunnels in minutes.

#2. Hundreds of funnels and page templates

ClickFunnels templates

Inside of ClickFunnels, there is an unlimited amazing number of templates that are scientifically proven to convert that you can use for free inside of your account.

For various industries and goal types.

  • Course/Membership templates
  • Optin page templates
  • Sales page templates
  • Order form templates
  • Survey templates
  • Upsell and downsell templates
  • Webinar sales funnel templates

And a ton more…

This means you really don’t have to start afresh when building your courses or selling your products. More than half the job is done already.

#3. An inbuilt smart automation system

The Follow-up funnels made this possible.

This the mechanism built into ClickFunnels that lets you carry out every email marketing automation and SMS marketing task you can think of. There is more.

It’s more like a CRM that makes it so, so easy for you to follow up on your prospects based on who they are, the action they take, behaviors, and moves within your sales funnel.

#4. Membership/course building system

I believe this is the T-junction where ClickFunnels and Kajabi crossed paths. Obviously.

Well, ClickFunnels has an inbuilt membership site feature where you host your course contents, design the membership area, and give configure access to it.

From my experience so far, the ClickFunnels membership is one of the easiest to use and configure. Highly recommended for beginners. Although it comes with some little drawbacks (more on this later).

#5. Affiliate management system

It is called Backpack.

Every experienced marketer and online business owner knows how important affiliate marketing is when it comes to growing a brand and generating sales without spending a dime on adverts.

Creating an affiliate program for your courses and programs offers a flexible and cost-effective method to drive new leads and awareness.

ClickFunnels Backpack is an inbuilt affiliate center used for managing your affiliates.

#6. Inbuilt shopping cart system

Be it a membership site funnel, physical or digital product funnel – ClickFunnels has a full-fledged shopping cart that collects and processes payments in your business.

This means you don’t need to piece together any 3rd party tools whatsoever to sell your products or services online.

Not to mention over a dozen ClickFunnels payment gateways for you to choose from.

#7. 1-click upsell, downsell, and order bumps

If I may ask: what use is a funnel building software or an all-in-one marketing tool-suite without these sales-boosting features.

With a single click of a button, you can sell online other of your products (usually complimentary) to a customer who has indicated an interest in any of your offers.

#8. Huge ClickFunnels integrations

While ClickFunnels offers marketing tools on the platform itself, you can also integrate it with other popular solutions.

ClickFunnels lets you add all sorts of third-party integration you can ever think of. Email marketing automation and autoresponder services, webinar software, payment gateways, automation tools, SMTP, membership builders (yes!), and many more.

Key Features of Kajabi

And on other hand is Kajabi. Lets look into the main features.

#1. Professional membership/course hosting system

As we may have it, membership site hosting is where Kajabi shines the greatest against ClickFunnels. But that’s not all (more on this later).

The main idea behind Kajabi is to let course creators build and run their entire online business from a single platform. It enables you to create an engaging online course with videos, pdfs, quizzes, etc.

Plus, you deliver your course content professionally through the Kajabi native course player and content delivery system.

#2. Create quizzes and surveys

Creating quizzes for online courses helps students identify what they know and what they don’t know. And build some sort of confidence.

Creating quizzes on Kajabi is possible with the tool called Assessments.

Assessments can be used to create nice quizzes and surveys for your online course. This is a super-interactive membership site feature that lets you as the teacher keep students engaged and committed.

Also, creating surveys on the other hand lets you gather feedback.

#3. Build a community (discussion feature)

The Community feature built into Kajabi lets you build a student discussion forum for you to interact with your students and for students to interact with one another.

Just like Facebook groups.

You students or members can access the community from their own membership dashboard to keep on with an existing discussion or initiate a new one. Plus, they also get a notification when there’s a new discussion.

#4. Affiliate management center

You can also create and manage and manage your affiliate program with Kajabi which allows you to scale faster in sales.

#5. Email marketing and automation

Yes! This course hosting platform comes with its own email marketing and smart automation system.

Automations in Kajabi is an extremely powerful tool that uses when, then, if logic to help you streamline Kajabi processes and ultimately automate basic actions in the admin and follow up on customers based on in-funnel actions, Just like that of ClickFunnels’.

You can also schedule marketing emails, broadcasts, and assign tags, etc.

#6. Course creation themes

You are actually able to choose from a large set of professionally pre-designed, customizable themes from the theme library. A theme is responsible for handling the overall look and style of your website.

So, you don’t need to become a design Jedi before you come up with a nice looking design. Tho the templates aren’t much. But enough to help you get a membership site up, fast.

And yes, of course, there’s also a Kajabi drag and drop editor and builder.

After selecting your desired theme, you can further customize it the way you desire using the page editor.

#7. Ability to blog on Kajabi

You can start-up a blog on your Kajabi which can serve as a means to market your product via content marketing but bear in mind that it wouldn’t be as functional and powerful as a dedicated CMS platform like WordPress.

With Kajabi’s blog post feature, you can define a few SEO settings for your blog posts, and group them in categories.

#8. Video hosting

While ClickFunnels lets you host/embed your video course contents on video hosting and sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia, Kajabi offers you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited video hosting via Wistia, and 0% transaction fees.

This is a big plus when using a platform like Kajabi to host your online courses.

#9. Sales Pipeline builder

Kajabi has a powerful Pipeline Builder that allows you to create all types of sales funnels and landing pages for marketing your digital and informational productsf.

But it’s not as robust as that of ClickFunnels. No.

However, the Kajabi pipeline builder makes it really seamless for beginners without much knowledge build funnels, landing pages, squeeze pages, etc from scratch easily.

#10. Integrations

One area where Kajabi really lacks a ton is its direct integrations. But you can connect stuffs via Zapier tho.

Currently, the only direct integrations you can do on Kajabi are email marketing integrations, analytics, Zapier…

…And (guess?). ClickFunnels integration! 🙂

ClickFunnels vs Kajabi: Key Similarities?

Before we take a look at the key differences and pricing of both Kajabi and ClickFunnels. Lets look into their likeness.

  • Membership site

You can build out your online courses on both platforms and give access to paying students. But Kajabi’s is more robust.

Result = Kajabi wins!

  • Funnels

They offer pre-built landing pages and also capable of helping you create sales pages and funnels for the marketing of your products.

Kajabi’s funnel feature is called “Pipelines”, but it’s not as powerful as that of ClickFunnels that lets you create complex funnels with upsells, order bumps, etc.

Result = ClickFunnels wins

  • Affiliate management

Both ClickFunnels and Kajabi feature an inbuilt affiliate software that allows you to create a fully-functional affiliate program.

Both affiliate centers aren’t too great compared to dedicated affiliate management systems.

Result = Tie

  • Inbuilt automation tool

You can set up sophisticated email automation inside both platforms with the help of their inbuilt automation tool. They both allow users to send marketing emails based on customers’ actions.

In my opinion and from my experience ClickFunnels’ own Follow-up funnels has more sophisticated.

Result = ClickFunnels wins

Drag and drop builder plus supports Integrations

Since both tools have the same mission of multiplying your investment, they both support various huge third-party tools needed to help you succeed.

However, Kajabi is limit when it comes to direct integrations with other solutions.

Plus, their drag-and-drop page builder comes handy and easy to use. Bit ClickFunnels’ drag and drop is so, so easy!

Result = ClickFunnels (

Kajabi vs ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Features aside, ClickFunnels is the clear winner when you look solely at pricing.

ClickFunnels’ cheapest plan starts at just $97 per month. On the other hand, Kajabi’s cheapest plan is already $149 per month. Let’s take deeper look.

ClickFunnels pricing?

There is two main pricing option available in ClickFunnels after the free 14-day trial which lets you test everything out before paying.

The first plan costs $97 per month and the second ClickFunnels Platinum plan costs $297 per month with more features.

ClickFunnels Pricing table
click image to enlarge price table

The Start-up plan of ClickFunnels includes 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors/mo, 3 domains, and many other features.

Whereas the Platinum plan gives you unlimited funnels, pages visitors, and domains. This is where you will be able to use the inbuilt autoresponder and affiliate management platform. Plus access to free Funnel Flix.

Since the basic plan doesn’t give you access to the inbuilt Actionetics, you can integrate your favorite email software with ClickFunnels.

Kajabi pricing cost?

Kajabi offers 3 pricing plans (after the free trial period) which I explained below:

Kajabi pricing
  • The basic plan for beginners at $149/mo and $119 at a yearly billing
  • Growth plan at $199/mo and $159 at a yearly billing
  • Pro plan at $399/mo and $319 at a yearly billing

The Basic Plan lets you to create up to 3 Products and 3 Sales Pipelines. Without affiliate center and automation feature.

The Growth Plan lets you to create 15 products and pipelines as well as have more members on your site. With affiliate center and automation

Finally, the Pro Plan that costs $399/month. With greater and much more advanced features.

Differences – ClickFunnels vs Kajabi

While these two platforms share some kind of similarities, it’s essential to be aware that they’re built for very different audiences with clearly distinctive features.

Check them below:

#1. Different users

Kajabi is well known as an all-in-one digital platform for course creation tool and monetization system, it’s a platform that lets you create and deliver engaging online course well with a much healthier membership site capability compared ClickFunnels.

With features like:

  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Student community forums
  • Video hosting capability

While ClickFunnels is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that can be used by any business owner to sell any product online.

Including online courses. Just that it’s pretty a weak option when it comes to creating and hosting courses.

While there have been successful case studies by entrepreneurs who had made millions selling diverse products with the use of ClickFunnels, you can grab the free case studies in the following industries:

Or read my guide on how to use ClickFunnels for hosting courses.

So, as you can see Kajabi is 101% designed for digital entrepreneurs (course sellers) and ClickFunnels fills a wider space in helping everyone.

#2. Price structure

If you quickly go back to the pricing section of both tools, you’ll notice that their pricing options differ a lot. It’s obvious that Kajabi happens to be more expensive than ClickFunnels.

The basic plan with ClickFunnels will cost you $97/mo with 3 domains and unlimited members area access, while that of Kajabi costs $149/mo with access to only one domain and a limit of 1,000 active members.

#3. Blogging

Even though Kajabi’s blogging features aren’t as great as the native WordPress CMS, but it still beats ClickFunnels in this aspect because of its text editor, SEO settings, ability to add categories and sidebars.

ClickFunnels obviously lacks in this aspect.

In truth, both platforms are amazing in their own ways. Deciding which one is ideal for you depends on your needs and purpose you want them to serve.

Kajabi = perfect for courses

ClickFunnels = Also for courses (beginners) and perfect for physical products

Although both can work hand in hand with each other to help course creators to wholly market their courses, generate leads, make sales, automate sales process without interruption.

Which takes us to our next question…

How do you Integrate Kajabi with ClickFunnels?

The best part of this whole comparison is that you can integrate ClickFunnels with Kajabi or Kajabi with ClickFunnels in a number of ways, using ClickFunnels as the funnel and lead generation engine and Kajabi as the content delivery engine.

Integrate ClickFunnels with Kajabi

How does that sound?

There’re are two options:

First Option…

Here you can use ClickFunnels to build out your complete sales funnel and order processes (lead generation page, sales page, automation, payment processing, and collection).

Then you will just deliver the product on Kajabi using the member’s area platform over there. In essence, the access to the membership site would be delivered automatically upon completion of transactions on ClickFunnels.

Second Option…

You could also use ClickFunnels primarily for the front-end of your sales, taking advantage of the powerful sales funnel automation, then exploit Kajabi’s payment processing and content delivery features.

Here ClickFunnels just handles the entire prospects’ journey to the purchase level, then Kajabi does the rest.

FAQs on Kajabi vs ClickFunnels

Which is more expensive, ClickFunnels or Kajabi?

Kajabi is more expensive — its entry-level plan costs $149/month, while you can get ClickFunnels for $97/mo after the free 14days trial.

Do Kajabi vs ClickFunnels have trial periods?

Yes, both have a free 14-day trial period.

Do ClickFunnels and Kajabi have refund policies?

Yes, both ClickFunnels and Kajabi have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a refund by writing to the support or customer service of either platform.

Which is better for building funnels, Kajabi or ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a platform born to build funnels right from time.

Kajabi, on the other hand, seriously falls pretty short in this department. Although, you can build funnels on Kajabi but not as a intricate as ClickFunnels’.

Which has more templates – ClickFunnels or Kajabi?

Obviosuly, ClickFunnels provides hundreds of profesional templates to its users compared to Kajabi with just about a dozen templates to users.

Can either Kajabi and ClickFunnels replace my website?

No they can’t!

If you plan on building a full-fledged website for your online business, I highly recommend setting up a self-hosted WordPress or any CMS seperately from your membership site or funnel building platform.

ClickFunnels is funnel software, while Kajabi is dedicated course platform.

Is Kajabi or ClickFunnels better for nurturing leads?

ClickFunnels was built in a way to help you build squeeze pages, optin pages or lead funnels which has always been a starting point for every funnel to first start an awareness and build a relationship.

Plus, there a bunch of lead funnel swipe to use as an inspiration for collecting leads.

Which platform has a larger base and community of users?

ClickFunnels has a BIGGER army of die-hard fans. Compared to Kajabi.

ClickFunnels vs Kajabi – Who Wins?

Khris, which should I go for?

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all in this scenario.

I know this is a tough one – both are awesome marketing solutions so I don’t think there’s necessarily one clear answer that applies to all situations.

As we’ve discussed, the answer to that question really depends on what you’re looking for… a sophisticated sales funnel builder or a sophisticated membership site solution.

You know Kajabi only allows the selling of digital products (online courses) whereas ClickFunnels allows both digital and physical + powerful funnels, right?

It’s upto you.

Maybe your budget is large enough to subscribe to both software. Use ClickFunnels for marketing + use Kajabi for delivery = Great marketing, happy students!

If you’re getting started I’d recommend ClickFunnels for hosting your courses and using the marketing and funnel features to build a campaign.

But if you ask me, I’d go with ClickFunnels free trial because your business needs a tool that does it best at helping you in gaining prospects and making sales. I

t is also cheaper to start with at $97 per month and unlimited members’ access. To start go to to access the free 14days trial.

You can ask your questions below if you have any regarding ClickFunnels vs Kajabi.

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