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Have you tried various known strategies to keep your customer loyal or wanting more with no success? What you require is a well-crafted Kartra membership site to provide rich benefits to your customers. 

With the Kartra platform, you can create unique and engaging membership sites that are sure to keep your visitors glued to their screens.

What is a Kartra Membership Site? 

A Kartra membership site is one of the unique features the platform offers. This feature enables users to properly organize various files and training content within their database. 

With a Kartra membership site, you enjoy features such as a training course, a private community space, and a multi-topic content directory. You get what you require to create a site that ensures user experience remains intuitive and hassle-free.

In my findings, I discovered that the creation process is not as difficult as it sounds. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which is combined with a drag-and-drop gives a hassle-free experience while creating your membership site. 

You don’t require any form of prior coding knowledge or experience to come up with an engaging and professional membership site. 

You can use the available templates to create a site that suits your organization’s needs and specifications. 

Kartra Memberships

Kartra Membership Site Examples 

After conducting a thorough search on the web, I discovered various interesting Kartra membership sites, but I will only review five popular ones.

These sites have various attributes that make them stand out. 

They include login pages to pop-ups, which are all built-in to the Kartra membership site experience. You enjoy Kartra’s major features like email marketing, list building, web hosting, and a shopping cart system. 

Brainspeak – Kartra Membership Example

Brainspeak - Kartra Membership Site Example

Brainspeak is a personal development membership site example. The site uses means such as sound and subliminal messaging, and other effective and harmless neurological tools that help to improve and aid personal development.

If you are in search of a well-detailed and extensive library containing eBooks on various topics related to self-development, Brainspeaks is your go-to guy.

Content ranging from auditing self-talk to secrets to a sharper mind, which is focused on self-improvement via brain optimization, is available for your feasting.

Moving forward, the platform sells its eBooks and audio courses via multiple blogs, pages, and domains. The influence of well-crafted videos cannot be ignored in hooking leads and converting them to loyal customers.

Brainspeak is sure to experience a surge in its sales and other benefits as long as it keeps optimizing Kartra’s features. When it comes to membership management Brainspeaks does not joke around. 

Creating a loyal customer base is a key aspect of the organization because it encourages automating funnels and cross-selling. 

Since many of their books are directly centered around a particular audience base, they can easily influence their audience’s content portal to meet their demand.

Kartra makes it possible for them to set off automation when customers complete a course or ebook. This strategy aids upselling and also guides the user through their offerings.

Nathan Nguyen – Kartra Membership Example

Nathan Nguyen - Kartra Membership Site Example

Nathan Nguyen is a popular entrepreneur and financial advisor. He is known for being one of the few millionaires that reach this status at a young age by earning the sum of $4 million before he was out of college.

His website is primarily focused on money management. Viewers are exposed to various lessons on how to manage money effectively to prevent them from going bankrupt. 

Some of the products he offers on the site range from simulation board games to eBooks to one-on-one counseling. The site is designed and equipped to give you the right orientation regarding money. 

Additionally, Nathan has a traditional shopfront featuring loads of testimonials and sales info. To acquire Nathan Nguyen’s products, you can either go for one-time purchases such as books, and others are membership-centered drip content, like his masterclasses.

This is where Kartra comes in to make the difference. To achieve this kind of mixed offering, Nathan Nguyen takes advantage of Kartra’s easy-to-program recurring payment features.

He was able to seamlessly configure recurring monthly fees and access levels that allow him to upsell and downsell between multiple tiers of content. These features function optimally because of Kartra’s reliability. 

Kelly Canull – Kartra Membership Example

Kelly Canull - Kartra Membership Site Example

Kelly Canull is a popular life coach that specializes in spirituality and all-around energy work.

Her website has a ton of content geared toward teaching visitors the importance of living their best lives and how to go about it. Her coaching occurs either through one-on-one counseling sessions, group video calls, and through her well-written books. 

While I dug deeper, I discovered that Kelly Cannull believes that through self-empowerment and the right amount of professional help, anyone can live their best life. 

Kartra being an amazing platform offers her and her business all the necessary tools required to stay relevant. For example, the email feature helped her to keep in touch with customers and get their products across to them seamlessly. 

Additionally, since Kelly’s business primarily deals with people on an intimate level, an email marketing platform combined with CRM is vital to its smooth running.

One of the hooks Kelly uses to attract more customers is using Kartra’s lead funneling feature to offer a five-day email course to anyone who signs up for her newsletter.

The Bay Area Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center

The Bay Area Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center - Kartra Membership Site Example

The Bay Area Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center is located in San Francisco, California. Not everyone can visit its physical location which makes its online platform popular with its audiences. 

While I surfed through their website, I observed a wide variety of programs, coaching, quizzes, and content centered around behavioral therapy.

Significant features such as Kartra’s page builder and domain offering make Bay Area CBT Center one of a kind. 

Through Kartra, the organization segments its wide variety of products and pages on various domains for strategic and licensing reasons. Kartra’s page-building function and multiple-domain integration make this a possibility.

Since using Kartra to integrate client tracking and purchases on its website, the Bay Area CBT Ceter’s sales and customer loyalty have gone up the roof.

How to Build Your Kartra Membership Site 

Creating a Kartra membership site is easier than most users think.  A membership site with content, comments, a helpdesk, and different access levels is a major upgrade for your business. 

Kartra membership reviews

Kartra membership sites are very similar to regular blog sites but they allow you to offer a unique username and password to your customers to access the content.

By following these steps, you will get a smoking-hot membership site in no time. 

Fill in Vital Details 

Firstly, on the Kartra desktop version, go to My Memberships in the side menu and hit the Add Membership button. 

After hitting the button, you will get a form where you will fill in your unique membership name and other relevant information. 

Create a Homepage 

The next step is the need to create a home page which is the first contact your visitors will have once they stop by your membership site. While customizing your home page, select a logo that portrays your brand.

Then, input the ready-made content on the side menu bar and drag and drop it on your page. You can make necessary adjustments to its characters to fit perfectly into what your brand represents.  

Create a New Category for Your Navigation Bar

A category is simply a unique page that holds the posts with your content.

To create a new category, all you need to do is click and drag the “New Category” icon from the top of the side menu bar in the builder. After doing this, you are to also drag and drop a new category on the top of your page.

You can seamlessly drag the content that you want on each page into various categories and subcategories.

By following these steps, you will seamlessly get your membership site up and running in no time. You can proceed to add images, videos, and other relevant content.

Kartra Membership Features 

To fully understand how the Kartra membership functions, it’s vital we take a close look at its various features 

Automated Content Drip

Kartra Membership encourages flexibility regarding the release of its content to subscribers. You can configure your content’s release date or time to meet up with your specification.

This feature makes it possible for your students to go through your content without any sense of pressure. They can decide which content they want to explore and the most appropriate time to do this. 

Course Progress Tracking

Kartra membership helps you monitor the progress of those who enrolled in your course or membership program. Your subscribers can monitor the progression of their activities and see if they are slacking or not. 

Additionally, this feature grants you the required insight into analytical data on how your subscribers digest your premium information.

You can make the required adjustment to the relevant areas with this information and come up with better strategies to get them to participate better. 

Professionally Designed Membership Templates

Kartra has an extensive catalog of well-crafted membership site templates you can use.

Some users with technical expertise may want to design their membership site from scratch, which is honestly not a bad idea. On the other hand, if you don’t have the technical skills to create one from scratch, you can use ready-made templates to get the job done. 

Kartra is loaded with multiple membership site designs, just pick the one that suits your needs. The only effort you need to input is to drag-and-drop all your preferred color and branding elements on the page and you are good to go. 

Robust Membership Analytics and Tracking

Kartra Memberships analytics

You can seamlessly keep abreast with vital statistical and analytical data with Kartra’s membership site analytics features. 

Smoking hot information about your member’s engagement is available. Additionally, you can easily view, monitor, and track every single detail concerning your online program.

You get the most relevant insights into your membership program from these areas:

  • The number of total active members.
  • Subscribed members.
  • Unsubscriptions/unsubscribed rate.
  • Average member retention.
  • Average content progression.
  • Average time to completion.

Members’ Interactive Feature

This feature allows you to get relevant feedback from your students and visitors. With its comment functionality, the learning process is a lot more effective because members can ask questions, drop feedback, comment, and interact with each other.

You are at liberty to determine which specific comments are approved, moderated, held for further review, or dismissed.

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