Matt Diggity Net Worth & Everything To Know About World’s #1 SEO

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Matt Diggity, a renowned name in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry, has built a significant net worth over the years.

Known as the world’s #1 SEO expert, he has assisted numerous businesses in boosting their online visibility and driving organic traffic to their websites.

His journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the digital marketing landscape is truly inspirational. Matt Diggity’s story serves as a testament to the importance of determination, hard work, and innovative thinking in the pursuit of success in the digital age.

But first, who exactly is…

Who Is Matt Diggity?

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Matt Diggity is an internationally renowned SEO specialist and entrepreneur, known for his expertise in the realm of Search Engine Optimization.

His passion and dedication to SEO have allowed him to achieve remarkable professional success, paving the way for him to become a digital nomad.

Born and raised in the United States, Matt holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. His engineering career eventually took him to a Silicon Valley startup, where he worked on software for creating microchips.

However, Matt’s love for travel and desire for a more balanced work-life led him to discover SEO as a potential escape from the corporate world.

After making a significant career shift and pursuing his passion for SEO, Matt relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand, a city famous among digital nomads for its laid-back lifestyle and vibrant entrepreneurial community.

He has also spent time living in Costa Rica, Japan, and Bali, embracing the cultural experiences that Asia offers.

Aside from his professional achievements, Matt is an avid dancer, focusing on street dance styles like popping for over 17 years. He is also a dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation, ensuring a daily practice of 1-2 hours every morning.

Matt’s journey in SEO began with affiliate marketing projects, focusing primarily on Amazon Affiliates and ClickBank products.

Over time, he saw substantial financial success in this area, eventually partnering up to launch Diggity Links, an SEO rental service.

Diggity Links aimed to revolutionize the quality and customer service of the link-building industry, setting new standards for excellence. In 2018, the company was acquired by Rank Club, which maintains the same high-level standards for quality and customer service that Matt envisioned.

As Matt’s career in SEO continued to evolve, he partnered with two friends to create LeadSpring LLC, an affiliate SEO company. Here, he took on the role of Director of SEO Operations, focusing on using test methodology to crack search engine algorithms and improve efficiency in ranking websites.

Throughout his journey, Matt has emphasized the importance of efficiency and the balance between work and personal life.

His constant experimentation with new SEO techniques and sharing of his knowledge solidifies Matt’s reputation as a top player in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Today, he continues to inspire and educate others in the world of SEO while maintaining his digital nomad lifestyle.

Net Worth And Income Sources

Matt Diggity’s net worth is difficult to pin down as it is not publicly disclosed. Although Starter Story reported that Matt’s net worth is around $3 million USD.

But from my personal view, I think it is safe to say that he has built significant wealth through his diverse range of income sources in the world of SEO.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key income streams that have contributed to Matt’s financial success.

Diggity Marketing (his main blog) is one of Matt’s secondary income sources.

As the founder and CEO, he has built a successful SEO agency that helps businesses improve their search engine rankings. The agency offers a variety of services, including content marketing, link building, and technical SEO services. Clients typically pay for these services in the form of monthly retainers and project fees.

Matt is also a highly after SEO coach/consultant.

With a proven track record of success and extensive experience in the world of search engine optimization, he is able to command significant fees for his expert advice. This may include one-off strategy sessions, ongoing consulting engagements, or even equity partnerships with select clients.

Besides consulting, Matt generates revenue from his popular SEO courses.

By teaching others his tried-and-tested methods, he has been able to create a lucrative source of passive income.

Let’s not forget the SEO conference that Matt co-founded: Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

This annual event brings together both beginners and seasoned professionals from around the world to learn the latest techniques and network with other industry experts. Ticket sales and sponsorship deals contribute to Matt’s earnings from the conference.

To sum it up, Matt Diggity’s net worth can be attributed to his diverse range of income sources within the world of SEO.

From running a successful marketing agency and offering consulting services to creating top-notch courses and hosting an annual conference, Matt has tapped into multiple revenue streams, continuously growing his wealth and solidifying his reputation as the world’s #1 SEO expert.

Matt Diggity Companies, Businesses and Partnerships

Matt Diggity Companies and businesses
Matt Diggity Companies

In this section, we will explore the various companies, businesses, and partnerships Matt Diggity has established throughout his career in the world of digital marketing and SEO.

The Search Initiative | SEO Agency

The Search Initiative is a premier digital marketing agency specializing in SEO.

The company works with clients to increase their online traffic and improve their overall website performance. As a partner in this agency, Matt Diggity contributes his expertise to help the team deliver exceptional results to their clients.

LeadSpring | Affiliate SEO Agency

Matt is also a co-founder of LeadSpring, an affiliate SEO agency focusing on generating organic search traffic. This company helps businesses boost their online presence and gain more leads by optimizing their websites for search engines.

Authority Builders | SEO & Link Building Services

Authority Builders is another venture co-founded by Matt Diggity.

This SEO company specializes in link-building services, designed to help websites achieve higher search engine rankings. By leveraging his deep knowledge of SEO, Matt helps clients enhance their online authority and build a solid foundation for search engine success.

Chiang Mai SEO Conference – #1 SEO Conference

Matt Diggity is the founder of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference—a highly regarded event that draws over 900 attendees from around the world. This annual gathering focuses on sharing the latest strategies, techniques, and tips for success in the ever-evolving world of SEO.

Matt Diggity SEO Conference
Chiang Mai SEO Conference

The Affiliate Lab | Matt Diggity SEO Course

Matt also offers a comprehensive SEO course called The Affiliate Lab. This online learning platform equips aspiring digital marketers and experienced professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the world of affiliate marketing and SEO. Read my Affiliate Lab Black Friday article here.

affiliate lab logo

Diggity Marketing Blog

The Diggity Marketing Blog serves as an outlet for Matt to share his insights and expertise on various topics related to affiliate marketing, SEO, and digital marketing growth. By creating valuable and actionable content, Matt continues to support businesses and marketers in their SEO journey.

Matt Diggity SEO blog

Surfer SEO

As a passionate advocate for innovation in digital marketing, Matt Diggity has also become an investor in Surfer SEO—a cutting-edge SEO data analysis tool.

This investment underscores his commitment to fostering growth and progress in the industry.

Throughout his career, Matt has demonstrated his ability to understand the intricacies of digital marketing and form successful partnerships within the industry. From The Search Initiative to his partnerships with numerous SEO tools and marketing platforms, Matt Diggity has consistently contributed to the growth and success of each enterprise.

Why I’ve Been Following Matt Diggity for Over 5 Years

Matt Diggity has been a prominent figure in the world of SEO for many years, and following his work has been nothing short of educational and inspiring.

His expertise in various aspects of SEO, including Google algorithm updates, keyword research, and onsite SEO, has made him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their website’s rankings.

One of the main reasons to follow Matt Diggity is his deep understanding of Google’s ever-changing ranking algorithms.

He stays on top of the latest updates and trends, ensuring that his readers are always informed about the best practices and strategies to capitalize on these changes. By staying tuned to his insights, one can keep their website optimized and ready for whatever new challenges Google might throw their way.

Matt’s expertise in keyword research has also been an invaluable asset for those looking to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

His advice includes tips on finding low-competition, high-traffic keywords, as well as optimizing content to rank for multiple keywords. This approach not only helps in driving traffic but also in ensuring that the website maintains a strong presence in relevant search results.

Over the years, Matt Diggity has also made significant contributions to the understanding of onsite SEO.

Properly implementing onsite SEO helps search engines like Google easily find, index, and understand a website’s content. It further improves the site’s user experience, influencing factors like bounce rate and time on site which can significantly impact SERP rankings.

For those in affiliate marketing, Matt’s proven affiliate SEO strategies offer a wealth of knowledge.

These strategies are based on years of experience and experimentation, and by following his guidance, affiliates can rank their websites and generate profits more efficiently and effectively.

One of the things that sets Matt Diggity apart is his focus on building authority sites.

These are websites that are created with the aim of becoming the go-to resource in their respective niches. By sharing in-depth content and earning the trust of readers, these sites can achieve long-term success and sustainability in a competitive online landscape.

The range of topics that Matt Diggity covers in his work is truly impressive.

From providing comprehensive guides on various SEO techniques to sharing case studies that showcase successful SEO campaigns, his content is always informative and relevant. By following Matt Diggity for over five years, one can stay on top of the latest developments in the SEO industry and learn how to continually adapt their website to maintain high SERP rankings.

Affiliate Marketing Venture

Matt Diggity is an accomplished entrepreneur with a focus on the affiliate marketing industry.

He has revolutionized the world of SEO and affiliate marketing through his successful ventures, including the Affiliate Lab – a popular affiliate marketing course.

Matt’s journey as an affiliate marketer started with creating and managing affiliate websites where he strategically placed affiliate links to drive revenue. By mastering the art of monetizing websites, he quickly gained a reputation as a leading expert in the field.

He then developed niche grading tools to streamline the process of finding profitable niches and markets.

His innovative approach to the identification and assessment of opportunities enabled him to build a vast portfolio of successful affiliate websites. On top of that, Matt is also well-versed in parasite SEO, a technique that utilizes high-authority websites to rank for specific keywords.

Here’s a quick glance at Matt Diggity’s journey in affiliate marketing:

  • Forming and managing affiliate websites
  • Launching the Affiliate Lab course
  • Developing niche grading tools
  • Utilizing parasite SEO techniques

The Affiliate Lab is a flagship affiliate marketing course that has helped countless aspiring marketers understand the ins and outs of the industry.

The comprehensive course covers everything from website creation to keyword research and monetization, making it a go-to resource for any ambitious affiliate marketer.

As the world’s #1 SEO, Matt continues to explore new and innovative strategies in the affiliate marketing industry.

He frequently shares his insights and knowledge through social media channels and guest appearances on leading podcasts, making him not only a successful entrepreneur but also a valuable mentor for others looking to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing.

Matt Diggity’s Social Media Presence

Matt Diggity is an approachable and well-respected figure in the SEO community.

His friendly demeanor is evident in his social media presence, where he shares valuable information about SEO, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

  • Facebook:

Matt is active on Facebook, where he shares informative and engaging content. His Facebook page has over 10,000 followers, indicating the high engagement he enjoys. Among his posts, you’ll find tips about SEO trends, digital marketing practices, and insightful case studies.

  • Facebook Group:

On top of his personal page, Matt also manages the Affiliate SEO Mastermind group on Facebook. This private group features a helpful community of over 35k SEO experts who discuss the latest techniques, share resources, and provide advice.

This group is an excellent way for professionals to hone their SEO knowledge and build meaningful connections.

  • YouTube:

Matt Diggity’s YouTube channel is an essential resource for anyone looking to learn about SEO. With over 15,000 subscribers, Matt uploads videos showcasing tutorials, industry news, and interviews. His high-quality content has proven both informative and entertaining to his viewers.

  • Twitter:

On Twitter, Matt has over 25,000 followers, where he shares SEO tips, and news, and engages with his audience. His Twitter presence provides a snapshot of his expertise and exhibits his approachable persona.

  • LinkedIn:

Matt’s LinkedIn profile boasts over 18k followers, where he shares insightful articles and networks with professionals in the SEO and digital marketing industry.

In conclusion, Matt Diggity’s social media presence reflects his dedication to educating and helping others grow in the field of SEO.

With his friendly tone of voice and a rich collection of resources, he has successfully built a thriving online community of SEO enthusiasts and professionals.

Matt Diggity’s Lifestyle And Personal Interests

Matt Diggity is known for his impressive work in the SEO industry, but he also leads an interesting and fulfilling lifestyle that is worth a deeper look.

Originally from California, Matt decided to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, which has a thriving community of digital entrepreneurs and nomads.

Matt is a big fan of testing different SEO methods and strategies.

Through his testing, he has made significant strides in the SEO world and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He often organizes mastermind events and invites fellow SEO experts to brainstorm and exchange ideas.

Travel plays a significant role in Matt’s life, as he believes it provides a source of inspiration and new ideas.

He often explores new places and connects with people from different cultures, fostering a sense of belonging to a global community.

Moreover, Matt adheres to a healthy and balanced lifestyle by incorporating activities such as yoga into his daily routine. As a result, he manages to maintain both his physical and mental well-being while dealing with the pressure and workload of the SEO industry.

Matt’s appreciation for Thailand extends beyond its beautiful landscapes and vibrant digital nomad scene. He is also deeply drawn to the local culture and values community engagement. In his free time, Matt participates in local events and supports local businesses.

He has also sought to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle in harmony with his surroundings.

Conclusion on Matt Diggity’s Net Worth

Matt Diggity stands out as a highly respected figure in the world of SEO.

His skills, business acumen, and inspiring journey contribute to his overall success. However, nailing down an exact figure for Matt Diggity’s net worth is challenging due to the private nature of his many ventures.

It’s also worth noting that Matt’s standing as the world’s #1 SEO isn’t solely based on his financial achievements. Solid outcomes can be seen through his proven track record, the success stories of those who have learned from his techniques, and the growth of his businesses.

In summary, while establishing a concrete number on Matt Diggity’s net worth is no easy task, it’s apparent that he is financially successful in his endeavors.

Beyond that, Matt continues to influence and inspire professionals in the SEO realm with his knowledge, work ethic, and passion for the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matt Diggity’s real name?

Matt Diggity’s real name is Matthew Diggity. He is well-known in the SEO industry and has established himself as a leading expert in the field.

How did Matt Diggity gain topical authority in SEO?

Matt Diggity gained topical authority in SEO through years of study, research, and practical experience. He started by learning the fundamentals of search engine optimization and continuously updated his knowledge with the latest industry trends and strategies. By consistently delivering successful results for his clients and sharing valuable insights through his blog and other platforms, he has earned his place as a top SEO expert.

What is Matt Diggity’s role in Surfer SEO?

Matt Diggity is a co-founder and major investor in Surfer SEO, a data-driven SEO and content optimization tool. He uses his extensive knowledge to help develop and improve the tool, ensuring it provides accurate recommendations for users seeking to optimize their websites and online content.

What is the Affiliate Lab bonus in Matt Diggity’s business courses?

The Affiliate Lab bonus in Matt Diggity’s business courses refers to exclusive perks and features available to his students. Included in these bonuses are access to an online community, detailed case studies, software discounts, and additional training materials, among others. These bonuses are designed to help students apply the knowledge gained in the courses and achieve greater success with their online ventures.

Who is the CEO of Diggity Marketing?

Matt Diggity serves as the CEO of Diggity Marketing, a company that offers a range of SEO services, including audits, link building, and content creation. Under his leadership, the company consistently delivers high-quality results for its clients.

Is Matt Diggity Married? Who is his wife?

It is not publicly disclosed whether Matt Diggity is married or not, as he tends to keep his personal life private. Although from his Facebook socials, it looks like he is married to a Thai woman.