Pejman Ghadimi: Who Is He? Net Worth, Courses, Books, Bio

Who is Pejman Ghadimi


In this article, we’re going to look into a guy named Pejman Ghadimi. Plus, everything there’s to know about him.

As wide and wild the internet marketing space is – there are a bunch of charlatans claiming what they are capable of and what they aren’t capable of.

You’ll agree with me that it always a bit difficult (most of the time) differentiating the real from the chaff.

Pejman Ghadimi isn’t really a noisy guy compared to most online entrepreneurs out there. I found him not long ago while making some research on things involved in Exotic cars.

That’s the only stuff I used to know him for.

After digging into his profile for a while, I found out he’s actually more than just an exotic car hacking expert. Frankly.

Who Is Pejman Ghadimi?


Pejman Ghadimi, whose companies in 2018 net in over $87,000,000.00 in combined revenue, is a self-made entrepreneur, an author, and widely known for his best-selling book, “Third Circle Theory and Radius.”

With mentorships to over 36,000 students worldwide.  Pejman has in the past 20 years of his entrepreneur journey, built a series of businesses (online and offline), some of which include:

VIP Motoring, Secret Entourage, Exotic Cars Hacks, etc.

He is referred to as the pioneer of how resourcefulness and self – Education are the two most important keys to success.

Life History & Bio

Pejman Ghadimi was born in Paris, France, where he spent most of his childhood and did not move to the United States until 1997 at the age of 12 with his mother.

He was raised and Supported by a single mother which gifted his entrepreneur journey with massive supports. As a growing up teenager, he would beg McDonald’s just to clean the toilets.

And to make ends meet, he was also telemarketing at 14.

Without any degree, and with just only high school education, he became a bank manager at 18. From there, his career took another height when he was appointed an executive president in a Fortune 500 company at 23.

Two years later, however, he was fired at age 25.

This twist of Faith didn’t deter his determination for success however, as he went on to establish the world’s first investment fund in exotic cars known as VIP motoring.

What this investment company does is that It allowed people to transform their liabilities into investment assets, such as exotic cars and exotic watches, etc.

Having established Secret Entourage, Watch Conspiracy, and Exotic Cars Hacks, he soon became a name in the internet marketing space.

Pejman Ghadimi currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida Area in the United States.


Pejman Ghadimi was born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran. And as the time of writing this post, he is 38 years of age.

Net worth

Pejman Ghadimi currently peaked at $50 million Net worth. Taking a look at the multitude of lives touched and ventures established he might be worth more than that, really.



Failure is part of the learning process that is a must for every single person on earth. You have to fail in order to know what didn’t work so that you can eventually tweak it enough to find a way that works… If you can get rid of fear, you can be successful and I think as long as you can learn that, that’s much more important than learning a skill that’s going to make you some money – Pejman Ghadimi


In other words, I used the opportunity to maximize my learning by using nothing more than my existing free resources. Knowledge is the most important aspect of business, as it never leaves you but rather grows with experience – Pejman Ghadimi


The key to my success was not being afriad. If you can get rid of fear, you can be successful and I think as long as you can learn that, that’s much more important than learning a skill that’s going to make you some money – Pejman Ghadimi

Pejman Ghadimi Companies, Investment, and Ventures

Pejman Ghadimi Exotic car hacks

#1: Secret Entourage

If you’re on a quest to work anywhere in the world, get paid passively while sleeping following your passion, and launching a successful business, then, Secret Entourage is the best place for you.

Founded in 2008, Secret Entourage is the ideal place for a new entrepreneur to connect with accredited and proven serial entrepreneurs for education and mentoring purposes.

With a Net worth of over $10B, Secret Entourage has over 400 mentors, with 35,000 members and still counting.

It is one of the best places to get ideas for starting and launching businesses, meeting with greet minds, and lots more.

More so, it is on record that companies such as MVMT watches, ENTRPRNR clothing, etc. shot off after the founders engaged with this great entrepreneur community.

Secret Entourage is one of Pejman Ghadimi’s works that has been featured virtually everywhere, Forbes, CNN just to name a few.

It has helped thousands of young entrepreneurs starting off their companies, making it an ideal community for any inspiring entrepreneur.

With a little life-time membership fee of $199 (when this was written), you’re set to get business ideas, equipped with the right knowledge about the business mechanisms, with a thorough understanding of the universal formula to scale any form of business.

The community gives you more than what you can think of for your money.

Other of his investments include:

  • Third Circle Theory
  • Watch Trading Academy
  • VIP Motoring
  • Secret Consulting
  • Exotic Car Hacks

Pejman Ghadimi Courses

#1: Exotic Car Hack

During my quest to find out how car hacking works, was when I found out about the Exotic Car Hacks course.

Exotic car hacks

The only course on Exotic Car Hacks.

Exotic Car Hacks is a mind shift course developed by Pejman Ghadimi to help you buy your dream Exotic Cars without going bankrupt, or robbing to own one.

Sounds impossible or crazy right? I thought so too until I checked it out myself lol.

The Crazy part, however, is that you can actually sell this car off in months, a year or two years later without losing money.

Pejman Ghadimi claims you can own Exotic car with as little as $300 per month. And he breaks the whole process down within the course.

You can read my complete Exotic Car Hacks review here.

#2: Watch Trading Academy

Watch Trading Academy is the world’s largest watch trading school.

Founded in 2016, Watch trading Academy boast of 4,000+ Students, and 20% of which are creating a cash flow of over $5,000 in a matter on 90 days of completing the Course.

Part of the things you will learn from this course are:

  • Learn the wealth transfer strategies that jewelers use to eliminate the risk of trading watches.
  • How anyone who accesses the Internet, telephone and post office can get started.
  • The exact strategies used, to buy luxury watches with more than 90% off.

Pejman Ghadimi Books

#1: Third Cycle Theory

The Third Circle Theory is a book voted around self-awareness and understanding the impact of our observations in our everyday lives.

Whether your goal is to acquire practical entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities or to understand how and why you make certain decisions; The third circle theory and its teachings can help you reach the next level of success on your journey.

Going through it all makes you understand why this book is widely referred to as the modern-day copy of “Rich” Dad, “Poor” Dad.

#2: Radius

Reading through Radius will ultimately help you to break or tweak every of your business aspects which might be silent, but the big drawback to your achieving your desired results for your business.

From the idea stage to the creation of a product or service, to the understanding of a company’s revenue model, to the beginning of a brand or venture – RADIUS helps readers understand the 5 main pillars of entrepreneurship, which are the foundation of every business in every industry worldwide.

Radius aims at ultimately positioning you on the part of understanding how much work and preparedness is needed on your part to scale out the next step of your business ventures.

Pejman Ghadimi Social Media handles

#1: Facebook

Prior to making this post, Pejman Ghadimi has a very tiny Facebook following. However, he has over 8,000 followers on his personal Facebook account.

#2: Instagram

Currently, Pejman Ghadimi has over 104,000 followers on his personal Instagram handle and close to 500k followers on Secret Entourages’. Quite impressive!

#3: YouTube

Pejman Ghadimi’s YouTube channel is where he shares his insights on Exotic Car hacking. It has 21,700+ subs on YouTube when this was written.

#4: LinkedIn

You can also check out his LinkedIn profile of over 500 connections

Final Thought

The overall goal of this post is not only to let you know who Pejman Ghadimi is, his business ventures, courses, and the rest. No, not really.

But most importantly to help you decided whether this dude is the real deal and NOT a scam artist.

You decide 😊

If you have ever thought of paying for his courses, this article should give you a little hint on the right one for you.