Best AI Copywriting Tools

There are a lot of self-acclaimed best AI copywriting tools and software on the market.

But not all of them are worth your time.

Want to jump straight into the summary? The copywriting AI platform is Jasper.AI (grab 10k Jasper copy credits for FREE for limited time here)

We will discuss the 7 Best AI Copywriting tools that are available on the market today!

With their demos.

And of course, help you decide on the best one for you depending on your needs.

The best AI copywriting tool is a powerful tool that can help you create engaging copy for your website or blog in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually.

Professionals know how important it is for their message to come through loud, engaging, and clear.

That’s why they often resort to the best AI copywriting tools and software in order to get the job done.

Overview of the 7 Best AI Copywriting Tools

Let’s get started!

1. Jasper AI – The #1 AI copywriting Software

Jasper Ai

Jasper.AI is a conversion-optimized content generation AI software for digital agencies, entrepreneurs, bloggers, SEOs, and business owners who need help crafting content that converts.

The AI writing assistant optimizes your content to increase conversion rates.

Jasper AI writing assistant, can generate articles, ad headline, and copies that converts.

It’s made to increase conversion rates by creating and optimizing existing content with many custom templates and features to help you generate your best content.

Their “content improver” template can optimize your existing content for readability.

With content “content expander” you can even expand existing content.

There are about 50 different copy templates to utilize for different purposes.

Jarvis ai template

The sky is the limit to what Jasper can write.

Jasper ai can generate more than three variations on a given topic with just one click – that’s more efficient than your average human writer!

Their Boss mode feature made writing more accessible. It writes on autopilot by following your command.

Tell him to “Write about the future of content writing” and see the magic.

With Jasper ai, you can write an entire blog post using a simple command in just a few clicks.

Their integration with Surfer SEO made it the best!

Now you don’t spend time writing search engine and user optimized content that ranks on Google.

You can do it within your dashboard.

Also, Jasper AI supports many languages. That’s a big plus.

Over 30,000 users trust Jasper ai, including big brands like Google, Airbnb, Shopify, IBM, and a lot more.

Jasper AI Core Features

  • Jasper Command

This feature allows you to write a blog post or any content using simple instructions. You can continually write an article by clicking the “compose button” several times.

Below is a sample of the boss mode command:

Write a content brief on how to make money online

Write ten facts about Jasper

  • Jasper Recipes

When instructed using Jasper commands – Jasper can write anything you request from him.

This is one of the best features Jasper has ever made for its users. It’s an advanced Jasper command feature.

Below is an example of Jasper recipes:

  • write a brief for {TOPIC}
  • write blog title ideas
  • write an introduction
  • write a blog outline
  • write about {OUTLINE_ITEM}
  • write a blog conclusion on {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}, OUTLINE_ITEM_2}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}

The recipe feature uses Jasper commands to write an article without having to write it yourself.

  • Long-form content Editor

Jasper has an inbuilt editor that allows you to write a blog post in a short period.

The long-form editor lets you write unlimited words of blog posts without limit

  • Personalized cold Email outreach

Never send emails that people ignore. Jasper can write a cold personalized email campaign that converts.

Jasper wrote the email outreach campaign below using the personalized email template.


I saw you needed help with writing posts. I can see you need a little assistant.

It can be hard to find the time and aspiration for original content when your company wants 5x more articles each day than what’s possible.

That’s where Jasper comes in. 

Jasper is an artificial intelligence that auto-writes individual blog posts from scratch–No copying and pasting allowed!

He writes them every week on my blog, “The Venerable Entrepreneur.”

Let me know if you are interested.


Jasper writer.

You don’t even have to be a professional copywriter to create a killer copy with Jasper. 

Just hit select your template and click “generate.” That’s all.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper has three pricing plans.

jasper pricing
  • Starter Plan $29/mo

You can only generate 20,000 words with this plan and it comes with 50+ short-form copywriting assistant templates.

It’s backed with a 7-day Money Back Guarantee like other packages.

You can also have unlimited users or team members and are limited to 5 projects.

25+ popular languages are supported.

  • Boss Mode Plan $59/mo

Just like the PRO plan, you can generate unlimited words. But way faster and better.

Boss Mode lets you use Jasper Command to direct the AI to write what you need.

Instead of the 600-character lookback on PRO, you now have a 2,000-3,000 character lookback here.

Another cool feature is the unlimited runs – lets you keep clicking the compose button until your post is done.

You are not required to write a few lines of text before clicking the compose button again – like the PRO editor.

Here is also one user per account, but you can add extra users for $50 per additional user.

Get started with Jasper on a free trial today

2. Shortly AI – Copywriting Software Acquired by Jasper

AI copywriting tools are increasingly popular in the industry, and Jasper has acquired “shortly AI” to accelerate its copywriting process.

shortly ai

Shortly is an AI copywriting tool that lets you outsource the writing process to AI. 

It’s one of the best ai copywriting software.

As you’re working on other aspects of your business, simply provide your text, and it’ll take care of the rest.

Shortly ai uses natural language to generate quality content at a steady pace and frequency unlike any human writer could produce.

Shortly AI helps content writers and marketers generate content for a specific topic or niche.

The AI Copywriting tool is more sophisticated as it has become better at understanding the nuances of human language and context, enabling it to generate unique copy than before.

Shortly AI works this way:

  1. Describe what you want it to write.
  2. Click the ‘Write for me’ blue button. 
  3. The ai writer reads the context of what you have written in your document (title and body texts) to write the next paragraph or sentence for you.

With Shortly slash commands, you can easily shorten, expand, or rewrite any sentence in your document!

Shortly ai is highly recommended for anyone who plans to write a story, an article, or a blog post.

Unlike other GTP-3 copywriting software with many templates, Shortly AI has only two templates for writing an engaging story, an article, and a blog post.

However, the tool is still very intuitive to use, and you can instruct the AI tool to write a specific type of content using the command feature.

E.g – /instruct [write a blog post outline for the keyword “How to make money without a website”]

You can also use the:

  • /Shorten
  • /expand
  • and /rewrite

All of the above commands ease your content writing workflow.

Once a user has chosen their preferred template, they can start typing the context of the content, and shortly AI will take care of the sentence structure, words, paragraphs, and more.

Let’s generate some sentences using the Shortly.AI command: 

“Please write a blog post about the best ai copywriting assistant mentioning their features, pricing, pros, and cons.”


AI writers are changing the world of copywriting. These writing assistants can understand the structure of language and create original, creative content in no time.

AI writing assistant is expected to be growing in the coming years.

There has been an enormous demand for automatically written content, with brands willing to invest in them due to their efficiency. 

A recent report by Forbes reveals that more than half of B2B companies are interested in implementing artificial intelligence during writing tasks such as case studies and whitepapers. That’s not all; 47% of those surveyed said that AI writers should replace traditional copywriting teams, and even 36% believe it will completely replace them.

Like human writers, AI writers can produce text in different formats such as blog posts, social media content, articles, and more. 

They can also help create Facebook ads that are likely to be more effective due to their ability to write copy that resonates with a broad audience. 

The global AI writer market saw tremendous growth in 2017 and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years. 

This article will take a look at five of the best AI copywriters out there, explaining what they are capable of as well as the pros and cons.


The blog intro above is generated with shortly ai.

You can write more by using the command feature efficiently.

Shortly AI Core Features

Shortly doesn’t have many features, but with the little it has can write anything you want.

Shortly AI /command feature eases writer’s block.

The /Shorten, /expand and, /rewrite commands supercharge your content writing workflow.

Shortly ai has a workflow document editor that makes writing a lengthy post faster and easier.

You can continue to write more by instructing the tool on what to write.

Shortly AI Pricing

Shortlyai pricing

Shortly ai has only one pricing plan, which you can purchase any between the yearly or monthly plan.

Monthly plan = $79/mo and yearly = 65/mo.

Get started with Shortly.AI here

3. Writesonic – Copywriting and Marketing AI Software


WriteSonic is one of the best ai copywriting tools that provide customers with high-quality content through an AI writer who understands marketing.

With Writesonic’s AI-powered writing tool, you can generate high-performing Ads, Product Descriptions, Landing Pages, Blog posts, and lots more.

WriteSonic uses GPT-3 artificial intelligence to craft engaging marketing content for websites and social media.

The AI copywriting tool writes for all niches and industries.

Writesonic supports content in:

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Bulgarian, Danish, Czech, Greek, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, and Estonian.

This is a whole lot of languages!

Writesonic was founded in January 2021 as a means to solve the challenge of outsourcing high-quality content for websites and social media posts tailored to his client’s needs.

Writesonic is magical in creating engaging content.

Writesonic Core Features

Provides digital ads template for:

  • Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads

There’s also a grammar fixer and readability checker for content optimization.

Here are other Writesonic templates:

  • Amazon Product Features and descriptions
  • Sales Email outreach
  • Press Releases
  • Startup Ideas
  • Growth Ideas

Let’s generate some texts using Writesonic copywriting software:

Template used: Short Press Release template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best AI copywriting tools.

Result below:

Title: Introducing Writesonic: The AI Writer That Makes Writing Easy

Intro: Writesonic is a writer’s assistant that eases writing and copywriting. With the assistance of writesonic AI, writers can easily create articles, blog posts, emails, and more. Writesonic also helps with editing by providing suggestions to improve a piece of writing. Writers no longer have to worry about writer’s block as they can create content without any stress or worries.

Here’s another generated copy by Writesonic:

Template used: Facebook ads template

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers

Keyword: Best AI copywriting tools.

Results below:

Sponsored · Public

Writers, take care of your inspiration with Writesonic AI. Solve writer’s block with our ai writing software that is always there for you. We help you find your inspiration by suggesting words, phrases, and ideas that stimulate your creativity.

Another remarkable feature that made Writesonic the best is writing an entire blog post for you using the AI Article Writer.

The ai article writer is outstanding because it allows you to create a blog post without wasting any time on research or formatting.

You need to provide your topic and write a short intro, and Writesonic will generate an outline and a fully formatted blog post in a few minutes.

Writesonic generated the short article below in two minutes:

Writesonic, the best ai copywriting software

It’s hard to resist writer’s block when it comes, especially if you are a newbie in the content writing industry. The Writesonic copywriting assistant will help you write quality content in a single click.

Introduce the product

Written in a fun, easy-to-read, and attractive way, You can introduce the product or brand in a few seconds with the help of this tool. The tools can assist you with analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the piece of content, and make a plan to revamp and improve the copy. You can select a few keywords for promoting your content on Twitter and Facebook.

The tool will also help you find keywords that work best with your brand and your content. Create a customized template to create your personalized content that your visitors will love to see.

It is tough to find the right way to get great ideas or the right person to help you write the next quality article in the content writing business. 

One of our beloved readers and admins, Chang Xu, wrote this article to solve this problem. 

Here are a few features of Writer’s Sonic:

Automated content writing at an affordable price – Compared with others, Writer’s Sonic is the cheapest and most affordable. It comes with an economical price of only $19/mo, and it delivers perfect quality writing by using a high-quality content writing service provider.

How does it work?

The assistant will automatically check the customer’s input requirements and match your needs then write relevant and quality content for you.

Every word of the article is made according to the customer’s inputs. You will be a prolific writer with this tool. You should be ready to write an article every week.

It also supports a comprehensive vocabulary for better comprehension. It is one of the fastest and most efficient AI writers on the planet.

It can write articles in a record time of 30 minutes all day. It doesn’t take long to finish and that’s why is this tool useful.

Where to find the product

Writersonic, being an online writing service, can fill up the gap and help you start your professional writing career in no time.

You can find the product here

Suggested Article: 11 features that help you improve your writing skills can be developed by practicing them or having a mentor.

Using this tool, you can become a successful writer in no time.

Writesonic is amazing.

You will get a better result only if you can be specific by feeding the AI writing tool with the best description of what you want it to write.

WriteSonic Pricing

Writesonic price

Writesonic doesn’t limit you to template usage.

Instead, they limit your usage with credits. To generate some texts or phrases, you need one or more credits, depending on the template you are using.

The free trial plan and the starter plan have all the features below except the priority chat feature.

Free Trial $0/month.

  • It includes all the features except priority support.
  • Limited to 10 Credits.

Starter $13.05/month

  • The Basic and Advanced Features (Limited to 75 credits per month).
  • Priority support: No.

Professional $44.55/month.

  • The basic features are not limited.
  • Advanced Features is limited to 150 credits per month.
  • Priority support: Yes.

Business $224.55/month

  • Basic features: Unlimited credits.
  • Advanced Features (Limited to 1200 credits per month)
  • Priority support: Yes

Get started with WriteSonic today.

4. Copy AI – Best AI Copywriting Software

copy ai

Copy AI is one of the oldest automatic content-generation software.

Copy AI is an AI writing assistant that can generate content for different formats and purposes.

You can have a text input in another language and have the output in another language. This particular feature made Copy AI one of the best copywriting software available on the market.

It is designed to analyze, recognize and generate relevant copywriting text in any niche.

Copy AI takes a sentence or paragraph as input, analyzes it, and then recognizes the subject of the sentence or paragraph. The system then generates relevant, contextualized text on that subject.

Copy AI has a wide variety of templates available, making it one of the best AI copywriting assistants.

It has over 80 different templates, making it one of the best copywriting assistant tools.

Copy AI’s templates are designed to save time and energy by making different templates for a specific need.

These templates are created for product descriptions, blog posts, advertising, startup brands, website copy, Email, Sales copy, articles, & more.

Copy AI writing software provides additional fields to target a specific type of audience during seasonal occasions.

Copy AI registration is quite different from others but very similar. They utilize a one-time link as a password when registering or logging in to your existing account. 

You will have to click on a link sent to you and return to the sign-up or log-in page to access your dashboard.

Let’s generate some texts using the copy AI copywriting software:

Template used: AIDA template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best copywriting AI tools.


Attention: This new AI copywriting tool has an accuracy of 94.36% and is the first simulated neural network capable of learning human language

Interest: It can automatically generate thousands of new articles, social media posts, contest contents, opt-in pages, emails, tweets in less than a day

Desire: It will help you profit via affiliate marketing, blog monetization, or sales conversion rates with its powerful writing styles.

Action: Sign up for free without a credit card!

Pretty interesting, right?

Here’s another copy generated using the Copy AI machine:

Template used: PAS template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best AI copywriting tools.


Pain: Do you know how to write an SEO-optimized pitch? You’re not alone. Most new bloggers have no clue.

Agitate: What’s the solution? Google alone is home to millions of SEO blogs. Writing a pitch that will rank in Google is tricky enough without worrying about what other people are writing about your niche. That’s where we come in!

Solution: Our AI copywriting tool was designed exclusively for bloggers and digital marketers who want relevant, high-quality content on their blog – without breaking the bank

Copy AI is amazing. It’s good at every aspect of short content generation.

Copy AI core Features

  • Translate from and to over 25 supported languages.
  • Access to over 80 different templates that are made for specific purposes

Copy AI Pricing

Copy AI has three pricing plans:

copy ai pricing
  • Free Trial $0

This gives you access to the 7-day free trial of Copy.AI and you’re given 100 copy runs per day.

No credit card is required on this plan.

  • Solo $49/month

In this plan, you get 2 free user seats, unlimited runs, access to all templates, and many more.

  • Custom

The custom plan is billed yearly with unlimited seats and comes with some advanced features being provided by Copy AI.

Try Copy AI for free here


Rytr AI software

Rytr promises to make copywriting easier by using artificial intelligence to generate contents that resonate with your ideal audience.

The ai software automatically creates headlines, blog content, blog post ideas, product descriptions, google ads copy, Facebook ads copy, song lyrics, and lots more.

It also has an inbuilt tool to check for plagiarism.

Rytr is one of the best ai copywriting tools on this list that eases writer’s block.

One of the most challenging tasks for a writer is to write copy when they are stuck. Rytr is here to help with that.

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that can expand, append, shorten, or write a new paragraph under a given sentence in seconds.

You can even format your content and insert links to your article.

It supports over thirty different popular languages.

Rytr has over twenty-five different templates for:

  • Blog contents
  • Blog post idea creation
  • Business idea pitch
  • Ad copy
  • Copywriting AIDA,
  • Copywriting PAS,
  • Magic command,
  • BIO
  • SEO meta description, and lots more

You can use rytr to write Song lyrics, and it’s one of a few AI software that has this particular feature.

Songwriting has always been a complex process. Sometimes, it takes days to write welcoming song lyrics.

With this software, rytr, you can create stunning lyrics in seconds. With Rytr’s AI-powered technology, you can input your idea for a song, and then the software will create three or more possible verses, hooks, and bridges that you can utilize.

Rytr also has an in-built plagiarism checker which allows you to check if the generated content is unique.

Rytr is one of the best copywriting ai software we recommend. It supports over thirteen different tones of writing. You can use the tone feature to write any copy.

Rytr’s Artificial Intelligence is powered by deep learning with an adaptive optimization algorithm. It simply means that it learns regularly and improves over time.

Let’s generate some texts using the Rytr AI copywriting assistant.

Template used: AIDA template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best AI copywriting tools.


Attention: Never worry about creating engaging content again!

Interest: Create original, engaging social media posts, ads, blog posts, emails, and more in minutes with Rytr’s AI copywriting assistant.

Desire: Rytr is designed to help you create 10x better content in just a few seconds instantly. Save time and money on hiring a content writer or find yourself writing blog posts endlessly.

Action: Start using Rytr now to create high-quality, engaging content without any hassle!

As you can see from the above, Rytr’s outputs are exceptional.

Let’s try the same input with another template:

Template used: PAS template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best copywriting AI tools.


Problem: Creating high-quality content can be a time-consuming and expensive process for newbie bloggers.

Agitate: No one wants to spend hours agonizing over every sentence, wondering if it’s good enough. We all want to publish high-quality content without the need for professional writers or extra funds.

Solve: We’ve made content writing quick and easy with Rytr. It offers a lot of features such as automatically generating original, engaging content in just a few seconds; providing you with an infinite amount of content to choose from; creating high converting copy for you with the click of a button; and also saving you effort & time with no involvement of hiring professional writers.

Rytr is undoubtedly to be one of the best ai writing assistants.

One more example is below:

Template used: Song lyrics template.

Target audience: North Americans.

Keyword: A romantic North American deep solo song (i miss you, love).


I miss you

I miss your smile

I miss the way you make me feel

A million miles away

I miss you

I bet you miss me, too

I miss the way I felt before we knew

A million miles away

How I wish I were with you now

Sharing laughter, feeling love, and warmth

A million miles away

I take a look at the sky

And I know that you’re up there too

In my heart, in my soul

I feel your presence. I hear your voice

A million miles away

There’s nothing here for me to love or call my own

But I’ll be waiting for you to come back home again.

I miss you, love,

I’m thinking about you, morning and night.

I know that this can’t be right

Cause I’m living in a world without your light.

I miss you, love,

I’m thinking about you, morning and night.

Without you, I am lost and cold.

And it’s like I am living in a world without your light.

The lyrics above were generated using the Rytr” song lyrics” template.

Without a doubt, rytr is one of the best ai writing assistants. Core Features

  • Rytr Command that writes what you instruct
  • Song lyrics generator
  • Toolbars that make writing easier: Append to complete an incomplete sentence, shorten or expand any phrase, command a highlighted text to write new lines of sentences, or use the paragraph feature to write another set of sentences under a highlighted text
  • Chrome extension allows you to edit or create a new copy with Facebook, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, medium, WordPress, or any platform with text fields or document editor

Rytr ai pricing

Rytr pricing

Rytr has a single pricing plan which is billed as $29/month with all features included.

However, you can get started with Rytr for free without a credit card!

Get started with Rytr here.

6. Snazzy AI – Copywriting AI Tool Acquired by Unbounce

Snazzy ai

Snazzy AI is now Smart Copy by Unbounce.

Smart Copy is one of the underrated copywriting tools – this AI writing assistant can produce content visually and emotionally.

Smart Copy is an automated copywriting software that can write high-quality human-like texts and create landing pages for you in a single click.

It analyzes the inputs you provide for the headline text field, brand keywords, audience data, and the content description to craft a landing page, a blog post, and ad copy in seconds.

Smart Copy user interface is similar to that of Jasper ai. 

One significant difference between Jasper AI and Smart Copy is that Jasper AI has more templates and features.

Smart Copy uses a deep machine learning algorithm to generate content automatically.

The software is based on the GTP-3 machine learning algorithm, likewise, some other AI writing tools mentioned in this article.

Below are some of the templates you will see on the snazzy AI dashboard:

  • LinkedIn ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Amazon listing
  • Meta description
  • Mission statement
  • New product
  • Catchy hook
  • Broad statement
  • Fb primary text, etc.

But one of the main things that make Smart Copy so remarkable is that it allows you to create compelling ad copy quickly.

Other AI content generators will only allow you to create an ad headline and its description separately.

Smart Copy will do both for you in a single click.

Smart Copy has tools for Content Expander and Remixing. They also have a Chrome Extension you can use.

Let’s generate a personalized email campaign using the snazzy AI copywriting assistant:

Template used: Sales outreach template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best AI copywriting tools.


Hi {!first_name},

How is your availability to catch up for 15 min this week?

I noticed you’d been a part of {!company} for a long time, and I believe your business is very impressive. As a management consultant and digital marketer, I’d like to provide additional value to your company regarding content marketing and copywriting.

I am writing to share a free tool with you, which will make your life much easier. It’s called Snazzy AI.

The content created by Snazzy AI is:

1. Visually appealing – The design will make the reader want to read on.

2. Emotionally appealing – The narrative will be captivating on an emotional level.

3. Informative – The content will be well researched and informative for the target audience.

The software will write your content for you and design a visual story based on your keywords – making your readers hooked from the first paragraph onwards.

Best regards,

John Doe

Here’s another copy generated using Smart Copy:

Template used: Pain benefit solution template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best AI copywriting tools.


1: Creating great copywriting can be a time-consuming task. With Smart Copy, it’s faster.Smart Copy will help you write your copywriting in seconds.

2: Digital marketers and bloggers are tired of spending time creating content. Smart Copy will provide you with quality content automatically.

Smart Copy is one of the best AI copywriting assistants out there that will help you create engaging content.

The ‘Smart Copy’ writer will make your readers curious about what you write.

The AI tool will formulate an engaging hook at the beginning of your content to make your readers interested in reading the rest of your copy.

Smart Copy is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create a killer copy.

It can produce original content or help generate ideas for content without the additional work of researching topics.

Smart Copy Core Features

  • Create visual landing pages using Snazzy AI
  • Content Expander allows you to expand a single phrase or bullet point into a long, meaningful paragraph
  • With the remixing tool, you can create unlimited variations of a given sentence
  • Brand and mission Statement generator
  • Viral Growth Ideas
  • Catchy hook that increases click-through rate

SSmart Copy Pricing

SnSmart Copy has two simple pricing plans:

snazzy ai pricing
  • The Starter Plan is $0/month.

As a free AI copywriting software, you’re limited to 5 generations per day.

  • Growth is $49/month

The paid plan gives you unlimited content, profile switching, customize templates, and 24/7 support.

Get started with Smart Copy for free!

7. Copysmith AI Copywriting software

Copysmith ai

Copysmith is an AI copywriting software that generates high-quality content, and it is currently one of the best AI tools in the market. 

Copysmith AI will get you rid of writer’s block and is not difficult to use.

With Copysmith AI, you can have your copywriter. It’s so easy to use; even a child could figure it out.

One feature that makes Copysmith AI one of the best AI writing assistants is exporting your copy in a CSV file format.

You can even collaborate with team members by sharing your content with them to get up/downvote feedback.

Copysmith AI is one of the best AI writing assistants because it can give you an edge over your competitors.

Copysmith AI can provide you with accurate, original content that will make your readers happy. Copysmith is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to keep up with demand and save time and energy.

Copysmith made it easy to share or download any content you generate. You can also check the plagiarism score of your copy on the go.

Let’s generate some marketing copy using Copysmith’s AI copywriting assistant:

Template used: AIDA template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best copywriting AI software.


Attention: Use the world’s best AI copywriting tool to double your sales.

Interest: Write better content, faster, with human-sounding results.

Desire: Use Copysmith to become a better writer.

Action: Sign-up for free today at

Here’s another Copysmith.AI generated content:

Template used: Blog Intro template.

Target audience: Digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword: Best copywriting AI tools.


The Best AI Copywriting Tool in the World

Blog Intro: There are few tools more important than a good content generator for writers and bloggers. Whether you’re looking to turn out a daily word count or create an entire book, your writing speed is a significant factor in your success as an author. So when we heard about Artificial Intelligence’s new AI tool for copywriting, we had to give it a try. This is why we think it’s the best AI copywriter tool in the world!

All of this software is amazing!

That’s not all.

Copysmith AI can write a short blog post in a single click using the “blog post template.”.

Copysmith AI writes the below post in a minute – yes, under a minute.

I fed the AI writing assistant some data to write the article in different variations:

Title: The best copywriting AI tool For Newbie bloggers and copywriters.

Copysmith AI will get you rid of writer’s block and is not difficult to use. With Copysmith AI, you can have your copywriter. It’s so easy to use; even a child could figure it out!

Copysmith is an AI copywriting software that generates high-quality content, and it is currently one of the best AI tools in the market. 

It has been programmed with an extensive library of 30+ templates, which include templates for; 

Blog posts, Social media posts, articles, cold email outreach, content ideas, product descriptions, content rewriter, ad campaigns, article writing assistant, AIDA, FAQ ideas, lists, press release, SEO meta description, content enhancer, and more.

This software is well-known in the ai writing assistant industry.

It’s great for people looking to grow their freelance careers or simply make more money by writing. It provides high-quality results because it relies on AI and strong audience analysis.

Copysmith is the best solution for online writers looking for high-quality content that will attract many subscribers and get a ton of social media engagement.

If you’re looking for different writing tools, this could be up your alley because it provides a wide range of templates for every industry.

Imagine you like writing content on a specific topic such as career, health, small business, recipes, psychology, and you want to write content written with originality.

You will search for reliable writing software that has all of the requirements to craft quality content. This is where you come across Copysmith.

Copysmith.AI software has been tested by many publications and online accounts and is widely used by brands like SmartTarget, Hollister, TigerDirect, VOZ, Lowe’s, Arby’s, MasterCard, Accenture clients, and many others.

Let Lex guide you through some of the best templates for an effective content strategy if you want to learn how impressive AI is.

Copysmith is fun to use software that can generate ideas and generate revenue through content writing and copywriting.

This is one of the best AI writing platforms because it syncs all of its data with the complete Wellness program, so everything is available for you to use.

How does this service work?

It syncs all of your metadata with the complete Wellness program of the AI copywriting software so you can use it to generate content or get paid for your writing. You do not need to do any work.

It just works for you according to your needs.

Once you get started, you can track trends, measure your results, and get ideas to improve your writing. You can do this by creating different content and by using different titles, descriptions, and headlines.

No matter which industry you are in, regardless of niche, this is a powerful tool if you are a writer at any level who wants to make more money online by writing.

You can start working with Copysmith AI right now by downloading the app and get ready to write high-quality content.

You can use the templates and write for as long as you like!

You can generate up to 2,700-word count article in just one series, and it probably doesn’t get boring.

With Copysmith, you can choose from 30+ template packs.

If you didn’t know already, it is quite possible with Copysmith that you never have to create your content.

This website claims that Copysmith trains a machine learning model to create what you write. 

Considering the number of resources and number of people who utilize this tool, the research that provides those statistics and claims may make some mistakes.

It’s simpler to control it this way, and itwill be incredibly beneficial for us marketers.

How does the business use it?

How is the value of it?

Using this tool to create content for some hundred years, it’s a pretty good business decision that has never been more valuable!

One of the easiest ways to get a response from an audience member is by sending them one of the blog ideas you generate for them.

Tutorial: Marketer Sam Dickson did a big viral thing, where he posted an article for one of his customers and gave them a free copy to utilize. Considering how the article went viral, Sam Dickson earned up to $60,000 just from this one article.

Campaign Setup & ROI: Who would’ve thought that you can gain up to $60,000 just by posting some content on someone’s social media accounts?

This tool can power your email outreach campaigns.

It also supports subject lines, which isn’t difficult, but many other tools don’t work with subject lines.

With this free copywriting tool, you can get a lot of headlines.

More on this later.

If your articles are not up to your reader’s standards, sometimes you just need a consistent writer.

Copysmith does just that — it helps you create an editorial voice your readers can recognize and trust. With this tool, you can write articles in a casual, non-intimidating approach that will help you promote your content, connect with readers, and save time.

Follow these five simple steps, and you will love writing articles with this tool.

Step 1. First, you must input a keyword into the tool.

You must input your keyword into the text box to be identified and tracked along its path.

Step 2. Create your writer.

Once you’ve input a keyword, follow the instructions in the automation section. It will suggest several possible outputs to create your excellent article on the topic.

Step 4. Sort content.

Once you have completed the writings you can look at all the content on the topic and sort it. This will allow the most popular posts to be prioritized.

Step 5. Get your results.

Once we have finished the task, we reviewed the most important content and extracted relevant keywords used in the template.

Here’s what we’ve found after only a few seconds of looking at the extracted content:

Content that generates the broadest range of results is more in-depth articles, on-page content, and honest discussions, generating a discussion loop between the reader and the writer. When we find these ideas, please update the article and proceed with the rest of the steps.


On-page keyword optimization works well.

Convert for amplification, brand, and links.

Any ideas generator like it (WEbinar, Whiteboard Friday)


Requires effort.

What’s wrong with it?

Although it is an excellent piece in terms of on-page optimization, what is missing is in the keyword search results.

While finding suitable keywords, we found that not many cookie-cutter articles match the keywords inputted into the keyword tool.

The AI writing software will read your input and use it to generate a post without any manual oversight from you.

It’s trained to use the natural language generation techniques to craft different pieces of content within two minutes. 

Copysmith Core Features

Copysmith is integrated with the Frase SEO tool, which allows you to find topic Clusters for on-page keyword Seo.

Copysmith allows you to find a list of phrases that will help your content rank higher using the Frase addon. 

Frase is an SEO tool that helps you create SEO-friendly articles. Just as the Surfer SEO integration with Jasper AI.

Another feature it has that nade it one of the best is the ability to write a full blog post in a few clicks within a short time.

Copysmith AI Pricing

Copysmith ai has four pricing plans:

copysmith pricing
  • The Starter Plan $19/month

In this plan, you get 50 credits per month. You can only generate 50 contents, 20 plagiarism checks, access to 35+ Free templates, and supports 60+ Languages.

  • Professional Plan $59/month

Here you have access to unlimited credits, 100 plagiarism checks per month, 100 long-form blog Generations (You can generate a full blog post 100 times in a month, and in-app chat support.

Third-Party Integration is allowed in this plan too.

  • Teams Plan $118/month

Unlimited credits, you can add additional users to your account, 500 plagiarism checks, (Project & File Sharing) Share your project with others, (Team Collaboration) you can collaborate with other team members.

You can also generate 500 long-form blog posts. Other PRO features are also available.

  • Enterprise Plan/Custom

You will have to contact Copysmith ai company to get the actual pricing. This plan undoubtedly gives you premium and unlimited features of Copysmith

Copysmith is free to use on a 3-day trial.

You can use it without committing your credit card details.

Try Copysmith AI for free here

What is an AI Copywriting Software?

AI copywriting software is a tool that creates content, such as blog posts, articles, emails, and ad copy for users.

Using the power of AI – artificial intelligence.

The term “artificial intelligence” is often used to refer to a broad set of technologies that allow computers to mimic cognitive functions, such as learning and problem-solving, associated with human intelligence.

An artificial intelligence copywriting software is a tool that generates human-like content in a matter of seconds.

One of the best ways we have found so far to use AI as a copywriting tool is by using it as a content writer.

There are a lot of ways to use AI copywriting tools. We utilize it for different purposes.

Many of us use it for Email newsletters, ad creation, bio writing, marketing, and SEO, and many are unlisted.

The most prevalent implementations, however, are for article and blog writing.

There are many tools out there that do this task. Some of them are free, and some of them cost very little amount money.

We have listed some of the best Copywriting AI tools available on the market today.

Conclusion On The Best Copywriting AI Tools

As you can see, many AI tools on the market make writing an article or any copy easier. 

I would recommend using a combination of these tools on Trial to determine the best for you because they use a similar approach to generate texts.

None of the writing assistants above is perfect in content generation. 

AI writing assistants can produce original and creative content, and that’s why it’s tough to distinguish between human-generated content and one written by an AI copywriting software.

However, it’s essential to survey every text generated by AI software and proofread it before publishing.

They are sometimes perfect in creating a data-driven copy. Still, you need to research and back up the fact before publishing your article online(sometimes ai writers generate false and crappy copy).

I know it’s overwhelming to choose from the lists above. 

Don’t worry. I will give you some tips for better decision-making.

From my experience, the best AI writing assistant and copywriting tools are:

  • Jasper.AI (formally Jarvis.AI)
  • Shortly AI
  • Copysmith AI
  • Writesonic AI

In terms of affordability, go for:

  • Writesonic AI

For value for money:

  • Rytr AI

If you want a writing assistant with lots of features and templates leverage:

  • Copy AI
  • Jasper AI
  • Writesonic
  • Copysmith AI

If you want an advanced command feature, then go for:

  • Jasper AI

Now it’s time to make a choice. Above all of the tools above – I currently and actively use Jasper.AI as my personal writing and copy assistant. It’s the best in my opinion.

You can grab a free Jasper 10k copy credits here (limited offer)

Let me know in the comments which copywriting software you’d be starting.

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