This is a list of the top best online paraphrasing software tools in 2023.

As you know, there’s a whole lot that goes into the process of thorough paraphrasing and rewording of texts.

To come out legible, and presentable. And professional.

Want to get right to the point? My top pick for the best paraphrasing software for 2023 is

You know It’s cumbersome trying to rewrite thousands (or even millions) of texts yourself.

And would cost you quite a ton of money to hire a freelancer to take the stress off your shoulder.

This is why you need a paraphrasing tool.

While there are dozens of paraphrasing software out there boasting to be the “best” – not all are capable to help you rewrite texts professionally the way you’d desire.

The majority of the tools out there are nothing but crap.

That’s why I had to come up with this list of the best online paraphrasing tools for this year.

These are tools I’ve tried and tested over the past years in my writing career.

I also picked my most recommended one for you to start with.

Best Online Paraphrasing Tool & Software for 2023

Let’s get started with my #1 most recommended paraphrasing tool:

#1. The Best Spinner 4.0

The Best Spinner Article Content rewriter

The Best Spinner is like the Swiss Army Knife article rewriting and paraphrasing solution.

The Best Spinner enables you to rewrite readable texts in seconds with its instant spin feature. The Best Spinner can absolutely be a huge timesaver when it comes to paraphrasing words in any language possible.

Over 14 languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Swedish

And many more…

The best part is that The Best Spinner makes your newly generated content as unique as possible.

And comes with some refreshing features that make your life easier.

Key Features of The Best Spinner:

  • Built-in huge cloud thesaurus database that is constantly updated
  • Ease of use
  • Built-in grammar checker
  • Translates your content into 14 other languages
  • One-click auto-rewrite function
  • Convert your texts to audio/mp3
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Allows you to compare two articles side-by-side
  • Free access to high-quality reusable images for your project

The Best Spinner is a breakthrough in article writing and paraphrasing,

Personally, I think The Best Spinner is the best online paraphrasing software on the market. It allows you to produce more articles in less time.

Like producing dozens or hundreds of articles in as little as 5 minutes.

The Best Spinner Pricing

This is reasonably priced software.

The Best Spinner online paraphrasing tool comes with three pricing options. It doesn’t come with a free trial, although you can preview the demo before getting on board.

Plus, there’s a refund policy. You can request a refund within 30 days if it doesn’t fulfill your needs.

  • First, it starts with the Basic plan of $67 per year:

This plan is designed for casual users.  Here you get full access to The Best Spinner 4.0. Including 30 monthly credits for text-to-audio conversion. And all the bonuses that come with your purchase.

Compatible with MAC, PC, and Tablet devices.

  • Second is the Standard plan at $127 per year:

The Best Spinner Standard plan is the most popular plan that gives you full access to the software. 60 monthly credits for audio conversion & translation and full access to the seed content database.

Also compatible with all the devices. MAC, PC, and Tablet.

  • Lastly is the PRO plan at $297 per year:

The PRO plan comes with the same features as the Standard plan but with 240 more credits for audio conversion.

Get The Best Spinner Discount Here.

#2. Spin Rewriter


The second-best professional online paraphrasing tool on our list is Spin Rewriter. A powerful one.

SpinRewriter has been an industry-leading article rewriting and paraphrasing tool for over 8 years and has served hundreds of thousands of writers, bloggers, and SEOs.

This paraphrasing software uses ENL semantic spinning technology.

It literally allows you to rewrite your text content (or multiple contents) into a unique readable version.

Spin Rewriter claims to be the only good online spinner and paraphrasing tool that uses the power of convolutional neural networks to extract the meaning of your articles.

As they said:

Using the ENL technology means we pinpoint the meaning of every word in your article.

We know how each word relates to every other word in its context. And lets us create human-quality readable articles at a push of a button.

Well, I found this to be true from my research. 150k+ users of Spin Rewriter can’t be wrong.

One of the amazing things about this online paraphrasing tool is its ease of use. And a heavily discounted deal for new users.

It only takes 3 steps:

  • Step #1: Paste your article/text into the Spin Rewriter editor
  • Step #2: Use “One-Click Rewrite” to paraphrase your article into something completely unique
  • Step #3: Hit the “Export” option to generate tons of variations


Key Features of Spin Rewriter:

  • Spin Rewriter Uses Emulated Natural Language (ENL) technology
  • Allows side-by-side comparison of your original article and your new spun texts
  • Super-easy to use
  • Supports bulk spinning
  • Mass export of your texts
  • A could-based software and works on all devices
  • Stock photo integration (helps add images where needed)
  • Offers word, sentence and paragraph level paraphrasing

Spin Rewriter paraphrasing tool pricing

Unlike The Best Spinner – you actually do have a grace of 5days to test the Spin Rewriter online paraphrasing tool before having an option to choose between the below 3 pricing options:

  • The monthly plan of $47 per month:

Here you pay monthly to have access to this software. Comes with unlimited article spinning, ENL spinning algorithm, bulk spinning, and Mass export.

  • The yearly plan (and discount) for $77 a year:

A no-brainier offer here. With a special deal of 60% discount. With access to paraphrase unlimited texts, ENL technology, bulk spinning, mass export.

That’s not all!

You also get a bonus video and free seed articles to boot.

  • The Lifetime plan of $497 (single payment)

You get similar features to the yearly plan.

As normal, you’re covered by a 30days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase in any way.

Try Spin Rewriter Paraphrasing tool FREE Here.

#3. WordAI paraphrasing tool

WordAi The Smartest Article Rewriter Ever

WordAI paraphrasing software comes third as our preferred tool.

You know just as every platform claims to be the best in its league – WordAI isn’t left out. They also claim to be the most powerful article paraphrasing tool on the planet.

Although they use artificial intelligence to understand the text and is able to automatically rewrite your article with nice readability – but doesn’t match up to the two solutions above.

First of all, WordAi is not as friendly when compared to The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter.

That doesn’t mean WordAI is bad. No. In fact, it is superior in terms of advanced article spinning. But still, not as many features as Spin Rewriter.

Key Features of WordAI:

  • Supports English and three other languages (Spanish, French, Italian)
  • Rewrites entire sentences and paragraphs
  • Third-party implementations/API

WordAI paraphrasing tool pricing

WordAi comes with two pricing options:

Monthly pricing plan $47 per month, yearly $347 a year plan.

Try WordAi Here.

#4. Spinner Chief Paraphrasing tool


With this paraphrasing tool, you’ll be able to produce highly readable rewritten articles.

However, the articles produced have really lower levels of uniqueness compared to my 2 (two) favorite tools – The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter.

Spinner Chief is a desktop-based paraphrasing app that makes it easy for you to create multiple unique versions of your articles.

Here is how they word it themselves:

SpinnerChief is the only spinner that has both a desktop and a web version! The web version provides most of the functions of the Desktop version, you can both auto and manually spin in SpinnerChief Web just as you can with SpinnerChief Desktop.

With SpinnerChief Web you can now use SpinnerChief anywhere; now you can not only use SpinnerChief on your windows PC, but also you can also use it on your MacBook, Ipad, and Android System, etc.

Impressive in my opinion.

Features of Spinner Chief:

  • Check articles’ uniqueness against each other.
  • Integrates with third-party SEO tools
  • Batch spin feature
  • Auto-grammar fix
  • Ability to spin the sentence, paragraph
  • Ability to and multi-users

Spinner Chief paraphrasing tool pricing

  • Free version

I have to admit that this is the first best online free paraphrasing software. It comes with a free version for you to use – unlike other paid paraphrasing tool on this list.

The free version is best for complete beginners. But beware that it comes limited in functionalities.

  • Elite Version for $175 onetime fee

This version of Spinner Chief has the basic NLP, AI and grammar checker to achieve better texts

  • Ultimate Version for $271 onetime fee or $92 per year

This version comes with a more advanced feature. Obviously better the Elite version

  • Team Version for $547 onetime fee or $244 Per Year

The team version contains all functions in the ultimate version. And it has some special functions for the team using like create/manage/use team thesaurus with team members together.

And multi-users can use the license on different computer with themselves member accounts.

Managers can manage team members easily. It is the best spinner for those working in a team.

Try Spinner Chief Free version here.

Other (Free) Paraphrasing Software Tools

The 4 (four) online paraphrasing tools above come with price tags. Which plainly means they are more advanced and help you produce better, readable, and professionally written content.

No doubt about that.

While I advise you to pay for a premium paraphrasing tool like The Best Spinner (which is cheaper and better than most on this list) I understand not everyone can afford it.

So, I had to include a few free paraphrasing software on this list.

As a fair warning, these free-to-use options are limited in tons of functionality, and the majority of your results would be mediocre. (I’ve tested this).

Hard to read in most cases. Requires heavy editing and proofreading process. Not advanced. Etc.

Here are free paraphrasing tools:

  • Free Tool #1:
  • Free Tool #2:
  • Free Tool #3:

Why Do You Need a Professional Paraphrasing Tool?

You know, sometimes discovering new methods of writing and sharing basically the same content in a cool way can be very intimidating.

And it takes a lot of struggles if you decide to go the manual route.

Writing and rewriting articles is very time consuming and may take up to 3 hours to write a quality article, perhaps even longer if the article is thousands of words long.

Article writing can be risky if not done properly and if this is the case it could potentially cause more damage than good.

This is why using a professionally-built and designed paraphrasing tool can speed up your task.

So, you can spend more of your time on mostly revenue-generating activities.

You’ll see yourself spending a few minutes instead of hours trying to come up with unique content for your projects. That’s ONLY when you exploit the right tool and system to your advantage.

I recommend you grab a free trial of Spin Rewriter to get started or grab a yearly subscription of my favorite online paraphrasing tool – The Best Spinner for as little as $67/per.

Or go to watch the demo.

Pretty cheap. Advanced. Flexible. Easy to use. Powerful.


These are some of the best paraphrasing tools you can currently get started with right now in your business.

Literally all of the tools mentioned in this article works as a paraphraser or spinner. Their differences are just their functions, level of sophistication, and what you get.

First, start by analyzing your budget, your needs, level of professionalism, and then consider what you desire to achieve with a paraphrasing tool.

Which I’m sure is authenticity, readability, and uniqueness. Right?

And no! Never EVER use free online paraphrasing software. I wouldn’t even recommend a free option to my enemy.

If you can’t afford a premium paraphrasing tool of $67 per year then you were never ready for business in the first place.

Do you have any questions about choosing between these tools? Ask away in the comments!

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