Frase io vs Jasper ai

In this article, I’ll be comparing two of my favorite AI copywriting tools: vs Jasper AI. Having used both tools extensively to carry out research and generate tons of engaging and high-ranking content, my review is solely based on my experience.

I will carefully explain the features of vs Jasper AI, their differences, and point out the better AI writer.

Ready? Below is a quick table comparing the two. vs Jasper AI: Table Comparison and Jasper AI are excellent AI content generator software with multiple breathtaking features designed to meet users’ specific needs. In some areas, these tools have their similarities but they also have their differences.

Features:Frase.ioJasper AI
Starting Price:$14.99/mo$49/mo
AI Technology:In-house TechnologyBased On GPT-3 Model
On-Page Optimization:YesNo (Requires Surfer SEO)
Content Supported:Long Form and Short FormLong Form and Short Form
Supported Languages:2025+
Content Style And Tone:DefaultFlexible
SEO Features:Yes (In-built)Yes (Requires Integration)
Content Brief:YesYes
FAQ Integration:YesNo
Plagiarism Checker:NoYes
Community and Customer Support: Support Ticket Email Support
Third-Party Integration:WordPress, Google Docs Google Console Copyscape, Grammarly, Surfer SEO
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In the vs Jasper AI, table below, I compare these tools and point out their similarities and differences. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into these vs Jasper AI features to gain more insight into how they work and what makes tools unique.

  • AI Technology

A major difference between and Jasper AI is their foundational technology. Jasper AI uses the sophisticated GPT-3 platform by OpenAI as its base. With this technology, it can seamlessly integrate the BAB and AIDA frameworks into its tool for its smooth running.  

On the flip side, uses a proprietary model to execute its copywriting activities.

Winner: Jasper AI

  • Surfer SEO Integration

Jasper AI integrates with Surfer SEO to bring out the best in every written content. Surfer SEO ensures that you have content that ranks high in the search engine. doesn’t integrate with Surfer SEO but uses AI add-on and NLP optimization to strengthen its content optimization abilities.  

Winner: Jasper AI

  • On-page optimization

Frase io is an on-page optimization and content optimization platform that provides a comprehensive suite of AI-driven features that helps you automatically analyze competitors’ website content.

With this you’ll be able to identify SEO opportunities, allowing you to make changes to your content quickly and effectively. It also has built-in recommendations for keywords and phrases in order to increase visibility in search engine results.

Jasper AI lacks this feature.

Winner: Frase io

  • Supported Content Type and Jasper AI can write engaging short and long-form blog posts and ads, which is why they are both considered effective AI copywriting tools is great for creating briefs but it is not so excellent for long-form guided writing. In contrast, Jasper AI can easily create long-form content. The Boss Mode plan in Jasper AI is loaded with various templates ideal for curating mind-blowing content. 

Which tool is best for your content needs? 

If you want to generate briefs based on optimized NLP keywords, go for but if you want to create SEO-optimized long-form content, then Jasper AI is the ideal tool. 

Winner: Jasper AI

  • Supported Languages

Both and Jasper AI break the language barrier by supporting multiple languages. Frase only offers support to only 20 languages while Jasper AI can seamlessly churn out great content in 26 languages. 

Winner: Jasper AI

  • Content Style And Tone focuses on creating outlines and briefs, and also supporting the creative process. On the flip side, Jasper AI is capable of supporting various content tones types and different styles. 

Moreover,  the Frase AI Write feature is not capable of generating free-flowing and usable content needs which is a major Jasper AI strength.  

Winner: Jasper AI

  • Plagiarism Checker

Both and Jasper AI lack an in-built plagiarism checker. However, Jasper AI has Copyscape integrated into its system to carry out this function. Ensuring that your text comes out 100% original is more feasible with Jasper AI than with

Winner: Jasper AI

  • Community and Customer Support 

Customer support is a vital feature of every AI product. You can measure the efficiency of a product by how effectively customer support responds to queries and emergencies.

It’s great to know that and Jasper AI offer efficient customer support. They both lack a live chat feature, but they make up for its absence via tutorials and a help center.

Regarding technical support, is on point as it offers users the option to submit their unique support ticket on its portal in case they have queries. In contrast, Jasper AI has a viable email support system designed to offer prompt support to users’ problems. 

Additionally, and Jasper AI have a viable community on Facebook that’s full of users and team members available to offer help. 

Unlike Jasper, the community is not so solid since it’s still in its growing phase.

Winner: Jasper AI

  • Third-Party Integration integrates with Google Docs, Search Engine Console, and WordPress to make your writing better and more effective.

In contrast, Jasper AI offers third-party integration with tools like Surfer, Grammarly, and Copyscape to ensure your content creation process is well-optimized.

Winner: Choosing the winner here largely depends on the users’ needs. If your focus is optimizing your writing with third-party integration, is the better option. On the flip side, if your focus is AI content writing and ancillary features, Jasper AI is the better option. 

Jasper AI vs Pricing Comparison 

No vs Jasper AI comparison is complete without properly assessing their various pricing plans.

Which AI tool is cheaper? Which AI pricing plan offers the best value for money? Pricing Pricing subscription comes with three pricing plans: solo, basic, and team. You get a 16% discount on your subscription if you pay annually instead of monthly. And that’s not all the good news. 

With just $1, you get access to their 5 days free trial to guide you in making your final decision. 

Frase Solo Plan 

The Solo Plan is billed at $14.99 per month. You can pay $12.66 per month if you pay annually totaling $151.92. 

This plan is ideal for projects that require one article per week. It also comes with other features such as 1 user seat, writing and optimizing 4 articles per month, and the ability to generate 4,000 AI words per month.

Frase Basic Plan 

The Basic Plan costs $44.99 per month. You can pay $38.99 per month when paying annually totaling $459.

This plan is perfect for organizations with a feasible content plan and SEO goals. Its features include 1 user seat, you can write and optimize 30 articles per month.

Frase Team Plan 

The Basic Plan costs $114.99 per month. You can pay $97.75 per month when paying annually totaling $1,173. If you want a plan perfect for teams that require more flexibility and collaboration, this plan is just right. 

Features such as 3 user seats, the ability to write and optimize unlimited articles per month, and can generate 4,000 AI words per month are the perks of this plan. 

Apart from the listed subscription plans, you can decide to purchase additional features and SEO add-ons at $35/month individually.

Jasper AI Pricing

The Jasper AI pricing plan is centered around two major plans: the Boss Mode plan and the Business plan. You get a 17% discount when you opt for the annual payment plan instead of the monthly one.

Boss Mode Plan

With this plan, you can create engaging articles, stories, ad copies, blog posts, and more. The cheapest monthly subscription costs $59 for up to 50,000 words. 

If you exhaust the word limit, you can purchase a bonus pack worth $40 for 30,000 words.

Business Plan

The business plan has a limitless reading of the number of words you can write. This plan operates with a custom pricing structure where you can customize it to align with your needs. Large organizations and companies favor this plan.

Overview of vs Jasper AI

What is

Frase AI software is a popular AI-powered tool relevant to curating engaging SEO content quickly and seamlessly. You can get your content optimized within five minutes which helps to reduce writing stress and save valuable time. 

The time and effort you will spend on research are reduced because is capable of surfing the internet to curate valuable content briefs via SERP research in seconds.

A major challenge most writers and blog post owners face is creating unique content from that of their competitors. resolves this issue by comparing your content with competitors and making suggestions on suitable keywords to boost your SEO ranking.

You get constant reminders of ranking opportunities that are available for you to boost your content. Additionally, you get hints of when and if your content is dropping from its rank. These updates help you to make the necessary adjustments so you can remain on top.

After testing a ton of Jasper AI alternatives, I discovered that is ideal for users who are into various marketing practices involving SEO optimization for high Google SERP rankings. is suitable for: 

  • Bloggers 
  • Freelance Writers 
  • SEO Professionals 
  • Affiliate Marketers  
  • Content Marketers 
  • Content Editors Pros and Cons Pros

  • Full-fledged SEO optimization tool
  • Create content outlines
  • Helps with content research
  • In-depth content analytics for SEO ranking
  • SEO competitor research
  • Paraphrasing and rewriting
  • Inbuilt document with AI writer Cons

  • Not the best AI writer
  • Limited to SEO and bloggers
  • No live chat support
  • No free trial for now

What is Jasper AI?

#1 Copywriting Tool for Faster Writing

If you want 100% original AI content, Jasper AI is your destination. Jasper AI is one of the best AI writing assistant software. My experience using Jasper AI to create content for my blogs has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Read my Jasper AI review I wrote after using it to write a million words in 8 months! You are sure to get SEO-friendly content that’s 100% original. 

The speed and accuracy with which Jasper AI delivers content are amazing. You get to choose from a variety of templates. The AI tool can write product descriptions, stories, social media posts, ad copies, whitepapers,  blog posts, long-form content, and sales copy.

With the Jasper art feature, you don’t have to spend time searching for suitable stock photos. This feature creates original and engaging copyrighted pictures.

Japer AI is ideal for many audiences:

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Business Owners
  • Website Owners
  • Screenwriters
  • Email Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Content Writers
  • SEO Writers
  • Novelists
  • YouTubers

Jasper AI Pros and Cons

Jasper AI Pros

  • AI recipes for quick content
  • 50+ copywriting templates
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • Copyscape and Grammarly integration
  • Long-form AI writer
  • Share with team members
  • Best for both direct response marketers and bloggers

Jasper AI Cons

  • Not an SEO optimization tool
  • Expensive

Key Features of vs Jasper AI 

Key Features of 

Let’s take a closer look at some of’s unique features that make it valuable. 

Content Templates has a variety of content or brief templates designed to give you a well-detailed structure for your blog post. 

Here’s the list of content templates Frase provides: 

  • Content Brief Template
  • Best Post Template 
  • Listicle Template 
  • Alternatives Template 
  • How To Template
  • Beginners Guide Template 
  • What’s Template 
  • Service Page Template 
  • Pillar Page Template 
  • Content Refresh Template 
  • Comparison Template 
  • Product Review Template  

These templates are well-designed to meet all your writing and research-related needs. 

Customer Service offers a support ticket feature that allows you to lodge complaints directly on their portal and get the required response within 24 hours.

Additionally, users get access to their well-rounded Facebook community. This community comprises individual users and teams who have a wealth of experience with the tool. 

You can ask questions and learn more about via this community.

Integrations is well integrated with tools such as Google Search Console, Google docs add-on, and WordPress plug-in to ease the work of every writer and optimize content.

The AI writing tool has an API that makes it possible for users to integrate into any relevant application of their choice. However, the API is not a free feature. You have to pay to have access to its capabilities.

Free Generator Tools has a list of tools designed to boost your content production. They bring the solution to writer’s block or lack of fresh ideas. 

Here’s the complete list of free tools offered by Frase: 

  • AI Content Generator 
  • Introduction Generator 
  • Outline Generator 
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Paragraph Rewriter 
  • Blog Title Generator 
  • Description Generator 
  • People Also Ask 
  • Product Description 
  • Slogan Generator 
  • Summary Generator 
  • Value Proposition 
  • Sentence Writer 

You can try all these tools for free and use them to make your work better. 

Content Optimization

With this feature, you can seamlessly create high-quality and high-ranking SEO content. You can optimize your existing content for specific keywords to give it the boost it requires.

The AI writing software helps you to compare your content with the top 20 ranked Google results and also makes suggested edits.

Question Research

Creating engaging and insightful FAQs for your articles is easy with this feature. is capable of carefully analyzing search engines to generate a list of relevant questions for your content. 

This feature gives you insight into the source of these questions and monthly search volume.

AI-Generated Content Briefs

If you want auto-generated briefs within seconds, is the tool for you. These briefs are embedded with vital details such as headings, keyword count, and relevant subsections.

Answer Engine

The answer engine feature is an AI-based chatbot designed to generate an intelligent knowledge base and answer users’ questions from your website. It’s designed to offer 24/7 support to your audience’s needs. 

Key Features of Jasper AI 

Content Generation

The amount of words Jasper AI can generate on any topic depends on your subscription plan. Give a few hints such as titles, headings, or a few sentences, and then the AI writing software will have a field day creating 100% original content.

Jasper AI helps you easily generate different content such as product descriptions, stories, long-form content, ad copy, white paper, blog posts, and sales copy.

Document Editor

You can edit your already written content with a Google Doc-like interface on Jasper’s website to make the text better and more engaging. This feature allows you to manipulate text in different ways such as making it bold, adding headings, or inserting pictures and links on-site.

Sentence Rewriter

With Jasper’s rephrase feature, you get insightful options on different ways you can make a point or write a sentence and still retain the original idea.

Other features designed to make your text better include the “fix grammar” and “explain it to a 5th grader.”

Plagiarism Checker

Jasper AI integrates with a capable plagiarism checker called Copyscape. This tool does a wonderful job of analyzing every text to ascertain its originality and flags plagiarized content. 

Keep in mind that Copyscape is not a complementary feature but requests payment to have access to its functionalities. 

Grammarly Integration

Grammatical errors water down the quality of every content. With Jasper AI’s partnership with Grammarly, this problem is practically solved. Grammarly spots areas where there are grammatical errors and makes suggestions on how to correct them.

Jasper Templates

You don’t have to waste much time thinking of the best ways to write the most engaging content or rise above the plague called writer’s block. Jasper offers 50 proven templates to help you simplify the writing process. 

Here are a few examples of these templates: 

  • Text Summarizer.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Blog Posts.
  • Google Ads.
  • Photo Captions.
  • Cold Emails.
  • AIDA Framework.
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework.
  • Creative Story.
  • Feature to Benefit.

Jasper Recipes

Jasper Recipes sums up a predetermined set of workflows that helps to create a perfect copy as its final product. All you need to do is to input keywords or hints and Jasper turns it into an article or blog. This feature helps to create engaging content in a split second.

You can create your unique recipe and share it with the community.

Content Lookback

This feature gives your content a unique outlook because the AI can write a sentence or paragraph with previous sentences and ideas. This feature gives your content a nice rhythm which makes it a good read. 

What you get with the content lookback feature is a well-written text with no repeated ideas and a proper flow in its communication.

SEO Keywords

The keyword input tool ensures you have the right keywords within your content which automatically boost your ranking on the search engine. You can insert up to three keywords, and the AI will ensure that it uses these keywords while writing the content. 

Voice Commands

This feature allows you to simply talk to the AI and instruct it on what to do.  For example, you can tell it to write on the pros and cons of technology and it will get right to it. vs Jasper AI: Which Is The Best? and Jasper AI are great AI writing tools with great use cases for different users. Jasper AI is the best option for AI copywriting while is best for SEO writing and on-page optimization. 

When it comes to creating content, Jasper AI is the undisputable champion.

Jasper AI generates 100% better content than Users get access to over 50+ copywriting templates and use prompts similar to ChatGPT. 

Although has cheaper pricing plans, Jasper AI beats it in terms of content quality and available templates. edges Jasper AI when it comes to content optimization. With Jasper AI, you can still get access to this feature but that requires paying for Surfer SEO. 

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