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GiveWP is WordPress’s most popular donation and fundraising plugin. As a WordPress user for many years, I have used GiveWP when partnering with NGOs and Charity organizations. 

However, like every other software, GiveWP often releases more advanced features and new versions to improve users’ experiences. 

The latest version is the GiveWP 3.0, which was just recently released. 

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Khris’ Take

The GiveWP 3.0 has new and upgraded features that have made donation form building easier. Also, as a non-profit, you can create and track as many fundraising campaigns as possible. I love the Currency Switching feature because international donors can fully participate in fundraising campaigns.

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According to the creators (Liquid Web), the features in this new version aim to make online giving and fundraising easier. 

For example, you can customize donation forms, view more accurate fundraising reports, and have more suitable payment gateways. 

Are you wondering if getting the GiveWP 3.0 is worth it? Then, you need to keep reading this detailed review about the new features and what they offer. 

What is the GiveWP 3.0?

GiveWP 3.0 is the latest version of the most downloaded and highest-rated WordPress donation plugin. The GiveWP software was founded in 2015 by the parent company Liquid Web and has since released two versions. 

However, as users' needs evolve, the software has to improve its features to meet those needs. 

GiveWP is fully optimized for online donations and charity, making it easy for users to create fundraising campaigns. 

The software is suitable for charity organizations, NGOs, and Nonprofits (NPOs) looking to raise funds for different purposes. 

Let's just say GiveWP 3.0 is a more advanced alternative to GoFundMe. Aside from organizations, individuals can use it to raise funds from the public for different causes.

GiveWP 3.0 Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Gives real-time reports on the fundraising campaigns 
  • Offers a range of features to aid fundraising 
  • Predesigned form templates
  • Excellent customer support
  • Integrates with other 3rd party marketing software
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for first-time users

GiveWP 3.0 Cons

  • Works with only WordPress sites
  • The Free Plan is very limited
  • GiveWP can be pretty expensive

Key Features of the GiveWP 3.0

1. Visual Donation Form Builder

You can now build and edit your donation forms with a block-based visual builder. This feature has drag-and-drop custom fields and new recurring donation features for users who want to make recurring donations. 

There is also a design mode that allows you to select colors and imagery and customize your styles. This makes it easier for donors to understand and navigate your form. 

You can send feedback to the GiveWP team. 

2. Donation Amounts

Part of GiveWP 3.0's easy user interface is the currency indicator, shown above the amounts. 

This is an excellent feature for international donors as they can easily switch default currency. There are currency symbols and separators that automatically change to match the indicated currency. 

The feature allows and supports multiple currencies on your donation form. 

3. Login and Registration

GiveWP 3.0 has made it easier for donors to register and log in. All donors automatically become WordPress users. In cases of recurring donations, they can easily log in without having to enter their details all over again. 

4. Recurring Donations

The GiveWP 3.0 version comes with an enhancement to the Recurring Donation forms. 

In the previous version, the recurring donation option was quite complex for users to navigate. Fortunately, this new version displays the option at the top of the donation form, making it easier for donors to see. 

Donors can easily choose their desired donation frequency and the amount they want. They can choose a one-time payment or a recurring donation monthly or yearly. 

But that's not all; you can customize your billing periods based on your goal. 

For example, if your goal is to raise some money within two months but want donors to make recurring payments, you can customize the billing period to two weeks. 

Donors can choose to pay recurring every two weeks till the goal is met. 

The "Recurring-Only" Donation Form

In addition to the Recurring Donation form is the "recurring-only" form. This form is designed explicitly for recurring donors who want to participate in the cause, primarily long-term funding commitments. 

You can create "recurring-only" forms without the option of a one-time donation. This is an excellent strategy to convert donors to members. 

5. Billing Address

Collecting the donor's billing address became more streamlined in this version. In the previous versions, the only way to collect a donor's billing information was to enable it in the payment gateway settings. 

Even so, the information collected in the gateway was very limited. As an organization, I'm sure you'll want to collect enough billing information from your donors.

Fortunately, the latest GiveWP version has a 'Billing Address' block in the donation form that collects the donor’s billing information, regardless of their payment method. 

I think this is a plus for the 3.0 version because the billing address is automatically stored in the donor's details. It will be used whenever the donor wants to pay, making the process more streamlined. 

6. Payment Gateways

The next feature is an upgrade in the payment gateways. Not all payment gateways work with the form editors. 

For example, some payment gateways are compatible with forms built with the Visual Donation Form Builder but not compatible with those created with the current form editor. 

GiveWP 3.0 offers two tab options on the Payment Gateways settings page. These two tabs contain the payment gateways compatible with each form editor. 

In one tab, you see the payment suitable with the forms built with the new Visual Donation Form Builder feature. In the next tab, you will see the payment gateways compatible with the current form editor. 

Some payment gateways compatible with the Visual Donation Form Builder are Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net. 

7. Stripe Payment Element

The Stripe Payment gateway is a new addition to the 3.0 version. Hence, it is only compatible with the Visual Donation Form Builder. 

In my opinion, this is an excellent addition because Stripe is a universal payment platform, allowing you to receive international donations. It accepts up to 40+ payment methods. 

You can receive donations via any payment method you activated in your Stripe. 

For example, you can accept funds/donations via ACH, Google Pay, Cash App, etc, as long as they are activated in your Stripe account. 

However, the Stripe Payment Element feature is only accessible if you meet just three requirements:

  • Use the GiveWP 3.0 version
  • Create and edit your donation form using the Visual Donation Form Builder 
  • Have a Stripe account

The Stripe Payment process is more streamlined on the GiveWP 3.0 platform as the credit card checkout process happens on the platform. 

Donors are not redirected to Stripe for payment. This saves more time and energy and improves the user experience. 

8. Add-Ons

Although the add-ons from the preceding versions are compatible with the 3.0, new ones were added. 

These add-ons are mostly premium, meaning you can purchase them individually or as part of the paid GiveWP plan. 

The previous add-ons were updated for compatibility with the latest version. Some of them include: 

  • Currency Switcher
  • Google Analytics 
  • Recurring Donations
  • Fee Recovery
  • Webhooks
  • Zapier
  • PDF Receipts
  • Email Reports 
  • Salesforce

Add-ons that add features to your form are presented in an additional block. 

For example, activating the Recurring Donation or Currency Switcher add-on comes in an additional block in your form. 

But these add-on blocks are only possible for forms built with the Visual Donation Form Builder. 

9. Donation Form Migration

You can migrate your existing forms from the current form editor to the Visual Donation Form Builder. When you migrate them, you can use the new features on them. 

According to the team, the new features and upgrades will replace the older ones. For example, the Visual Donation Form Builder will replace the current form editor over time. 

Some of the older features will be removed entirely. 

Also, because the GiveWP 3.0 was just released, more add-ons and payment gateways will be added. 

However, as of the time of writing this review, no date has been confirmed for releasing the new add-ons and payment gateways.

Other General Features for GiveWP

The features I mentioned in the previous section are the key features added in the GiveWP 3.0 version. That doesn't mean the latest version will not possess some general GiveWP features

There are still some features designed to help build your donation campaign regardless of which GiveWP version you use.

  • Donation Form Templates: The software has already pre-designed templates you can use to create your fundraising campaigns within minutes. However, with the Visual Donation Form Builder, you can customize these templates further by adding your own design to them. 
  • Donor Management: With this feature, you can manage all your donors, send them receipts, view their complete history, etc. Donors can also view their donation history, manage their recurring donations, update their profiles, and even download PDF receipts. 
  • Fundraising Report: GiveWP gives you detailed insights into your funding activities and commitments. This will help you track and measure your campaign's performance. You can filter the reports by date, payment method, or form.

GiveWP 3.0 Pricing

GiveWP was originally a free donation plugin for WordPress. However, as the features advanced, the creators brought in some paid plans with more advanced and helpful features. 

The paid plans also contain premium add-ons compared to the free plan, which has none. You will have to purchase the add-ons individually if you are using the free plan. 

GiveWP 3.0's pricing plans are divided into four categories:

  • The Free Plan: $0
  • The Basic Plan: $149 annually
  • The Plus Plan: $349 annually
  • The PRO Plan: $499 annually

There is also an Agency plan for $599 annually.

GiveWP also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not sure of committing to the platform but still want to experience what it offers, you can try it out for free. 

If, before the 30 days are up you are sure you are not satisfied, you can ask for your money back. 

As someone who has committed to some software platforms and instantly regretted it, I can say a 30-day money-back guarantee is a safer option. 

If you are like me and prefer to test the software before surrendering my money, this refund policy should ease your doubts. 

Best Alternatives to GiveWP 3.0 

Like almost every software, there are alternatives to GiveWP.  Hence, if you are looking for other fundraising solutions, you can try out any of these options based on your specific needs. 

There are various alternatives to GiveWP. But these are the ones that stood out the most.


The most suitable alternative to GiveWP. It is more customizable than GiveWP 3.0.

Paymattic is a strong alternative and competitor to GiveWP. It is suitable for small businesses and online fundraising campaigns. 

Paymattic allows you to run a membership program for your donation campaigns. 

Also, an important feature is that Paymattic has strong mobile responsiveness. You can access it regardless of the device your donors are using. 

Paymattic also allows you to set clear goals and easily collect donations. 

Compared to GiveWP, Paymattic is more affordable, starting at $4.99. However, it doesn't offer a free version like GiveWP. 

GiveWP's paid version starts from $89 annually. 

But when it comes to risk-free guarantees, GiveWP is a better option. GiveWP offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee. 

On the other hand, Paymattic doesn't offer such a guarantee. Instead, it provides a full refund 14 days after the original purchase. So, if you are unsatisfied within 14 days of your purchase, you can contact the support team and apply for a refund.


Best alternative for setting time-limited campaigns like specific events and holidays.

Both GiveWP and Charitable are popular WordPress fundraising plugins. They offer similar features like recurring donations, one-time donations, customized donation amounts, and a donation management dashboard.

However, unlike GiveWP 3.0, Charitable doesn’t offer the Currency Switching feature. This means it won’t be easy for international donors to make or specify donations in their currency. 

Additionally, Charitable lacks another vital feature — detailed real-time reporting. Although you can monitor donations on your fundraising campaigns, you may not get a complete performance report. 

GiveWP offers more payment gateways than Charitable, so it’s easier for users to receive donations. 

But Charitable is more affordable than GiveWP 3.0. So, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider Charitable. But if this were a comparison article, I would say GiveWP 3.0 is the winner. 

In my opinion, GiveWP 3.0 is a more advanced WordPress donation plugin with better features. 


Best cloud-based donation software

Donorbox is another GiveWP 3.0 alternative with excellent features. It is a cloud-based donation plugin. 

Hence, all your donors' information and essential data are safely secured. 

Donorbox is easy to use and set up. It has well-designed templates for easy donation form building. You can easily customize the donation forms. 

However, it doesn't have a strong customer support system like GiveWP. 

GiveWP listens to their customers and takes feedback seriously. It also has the Visual Donation Form Builder feature that allows you to create visually appealing donation forms, a feature Donorbox lacks. 


The best option for non-profit organizations

Compared to DonorPerfect, GiveWP 3.0 is easier to use and set up. Also, GiveWP has a free version that allows users to experience some essential features for free.  

But DonorPerfect starts at $99. 

GiveWP has more advanced features for organizations. But when it comes to creating strong donor profiles, DonorPerfect is the winner. 

DonorPerfect is best for nonprofits as all its features are targeted toward nonprofits. 


Best for group fundraising. Suitable for teams, groups, and companies.

Givebutter is an excellent donation plugin for group fundraising. It offers a range of excellent and helpful features — from custom donation forms to donate buttons and event pages. 

You can also engage your community of donors with personalized messages and campaign updates. 

The best part about Givebutter is that it is free. GiveWP 3.0 has a free version as well as paid versions.

FAQs About GiveWP 3.0

Is GiveWP free or paid?

GiveWP offers both free and paid options. The basic GiveWP plugin is available for free, providing essential donation features.

What is the best charity plugin for WordPress?

GiveWP is the most popular and downloaded charity/donation plugin for WordPress. It is also the highest rated due to its many features and user experience. 

How do I receive donations on WordPress?

To accept donations on your WordPress site, use the Donation form block. Insert the Donation form block to any page or post on your site by simply editing the post on your dashboard and inserting the block. 

If the post or page does not exist, you can insert the block while creating it using the "+block inserter" button. Then click on the "donations" option. Use the GiveWP plugin for your donation form. 

How can I collect donations online with the free WordPress plugin?

You can use GiveWP as it is the most popular WordPress plugin and has a free plan. However, there are other alternatives like Charitable, WPForms, and PayPal Donations. 

Does GiveWP work with Woocommerce?

GiveWP has a Donation Upsells add-on that works with Woocommerce and GiveWP. You can include GiveWP's donation forms on your Woocommerce cart or checkout. This upsell allows Woocommerce shoppers to donate for fundraising campaigns or give tips after shopping.

Does GiveWP allow recurring donations?

Yes, GiveWP allows recurring donations through its Recurring Donations Add-on. This feature enables organizations to accept subscription donations via their GiveWP donation forms. By utilizing the Recurring Donations Add-on, nonprofits, and other entities can provide donors with the option to make regular, automated contributions, thereby facilitating ongoing support for their causes

Final Thoughts on GiveWP 3.0 Review

The GiveWP 3.0 is an excellent upgrade for the platform. Over the years, GiveWP has evolved from just a regular donation form builder to much more. 

The new and enhanced features are designed to improve users' experience, making it easier to build more engaging and customized forms.

I would have loved to see more form template options, but I'm not disappointed at all. 

My highlight feature is the Recurring Donation form. Since the donor's information and billing address are saved, recurring payments are even easier. 

Although I have tried all the essential features, I am still excited to explore more, especially the incoming add-ons. 

You can try out this software to see if it meets your organization's needs or helps achieve your fundraising goals. 

I will be sure to update this post when more changes are made.

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