7 FREE Thrivecart Templates & Examples (High-Converting)

Thrivecart Templates Examples

Looking for some of the best Thrivecart templates and examples for inspiration on how to create your own?

Okay, not the best. But good enough to get you started…

In this post, you’ll see 7 Thrivecart checkout pages and examples, plus a link to download them right into your Thrivecart account.

Some of the templates are from Josh and Thrivecart team, while others were built and designed by marketers and business owners like yourself.

Apart from the fact that Thrivecart checkout software is inarguably the best checkout and shopping cart platform for digital entrepreneurs… As a Thrivecart user myself – one tiny feature I still feel crazy about is the share cart feature.

This is a feature that lets users of Thrivecart share or import another cart or page design.

Without this feature, it’ll be impossible for me to have access to these Thrivecart templates you’re about to use as an inspiration in your own business.

You even can import these templates directly into your account using their unique share URL. Tweak and customize the way you want.

Time’s up for the long intro! 🙂

Without further ado let’s look at the best Thrivecart templates.

Best Thrivecart Templates 2021

#1. Coaching/Consultation Thrivecart Template Example

Thrivecart template example1

Our first Thrivecart template is a landing page + a two-step cart checkout process. Perfect for online consulting and coaching launch.

It also comes with a swappable page copy and a headline. All you need to do is customize the entire element to suit your brand.

When it comes to selling online, this particular one-page template serves coaches and consultants seamlessly.

Funnel source: Thrivecart

#2. Simple Digital Product Thrivecart Template

Simple product Thrivecart template

This is a very simple Thrivecart checkout page template for digital product creators. Ideally, this type of page isn’t designed to sell or educate visitors on the product or services.

Meaning, prospects landing on this page are already sold or aware of what they’re buying.

As you can see – with the sticky countdown timer – this template is designed to create the final push for conversion.

To implement this type of checkout page for your business, you must have a front-end sales page or educating content that does the whole selling and conviction.

Funnel source: Betterwebassets

#3. eCommerce Thrivecart Template

Thrivecart template for ecommerce

This is a template for selling a wine necklace.

And no. Not just for coaching, consultation, services, events, and digital products. Thrivecart serves impressively when it comes to digital products.

There is literally no limit to how you can use ThriveCart.

This particular Thrivecart eCommerce template is a one-page sales page funnel.

With a few nice elements:

  • Clear buy button
  • Price anchoring
  • Trust seals and badges
  • Customer reviews/testimonials
  • Product video description
  • Moneyback guarantee

ThriveCart integrates with a massive range of physical product fulfillment services that gives you the ultimate in flexibility for your product fulfillment, plus, an option to charge shipping fees.

This makes it easy for you to sell any type of product via Thrivecart.

Template example source: Kayleehope

#4. Online Coaching/training template

Thrivecart Coaching training template

Yet another Thrivecart coaching template. Pre-filled with copy elements you can customize in minutes using the editor. Including tweakable headlines and sub-headline.

You can use this free headline copy generator to write yours.

This cart template is perfect for selling, collecting payments, and confirming purchases of your coaching or training products and services.

Funnel cart source: Thrivecart

#5. High Converting Micro Cart Design Template

Thrivecart micro cart design template

This is a small focused cart example that has a deliberately narrow field of focus, leading to high conversions and low barriers to entry for your customers.

This Thrivecart example is perfect for selling products that require quick focused checkout without distractions, to increase and skyrocket conversions.

Just like every other Thrivecart example on this page… it also comes with a success or thank you cart page.

Checkout source: Thrivecart

#6. Thrivecart Property Guide Template

Thrivecart Property guide template

No doubt, most property agents haven’t caught on to real estate checkout funnels yet, which means a great opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd.

This straightforward Thrivecart template is suitable for you if you sell real estate or any type of property-related products.

It also works for info products and training. Focused. High converting. With success/thank you page design.

Thrivecart example source: Thrivecart

#7. Thrivecart Political Donation Template

Thrivecart Political donation template

With this type of checkout page, you’ll be able to accept political campaign donations and contributions in minutes. Instead of building out a complicated website or pages with tons of bells and whistles – this minimalistic cart handles it all.

Also comes with a success/thank you page for donors to download receipts.

Funnel source: Thrivecart

Thrivecart gallery is coming soon!

There have been several questions by users regarding getting access to Thrivecart examples and templates.

Well, at the time of compiling this list Josh disclosed that it’s under development.


We have a gallery feature in development with a range of pre-made designs and also community submitted designs.

So, lets keep our fingers crossed till then. If you’ve signed up for Thrivecart, you’ll love it.

Like I said earlier, I’m a big fan of Thrivecart itself because of how simple, flexible, and yet powerful it is.

All the above share funnels can be imported entirely with a few clicks. And once imported, you can use the editor to edit and modify them however you desire.

To download any of these designs, make sure you’re logged into your account first. Or get your own lifetime access to Thrivecart here. Still a one-time fee.


That’s all on this Thrivecart example and template list.

Have any questions? Drop them!

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