Did you know that there was an estimated 4.37 billion email users in 2023?

Shocking, right?

What is even more shocking is that it is projected to be 4.6 billion users in 2025.

The above statistics speak to the power of email marketing! And you’ve likely seen the power of email marketing, a cornerstone of digital communication.

By partnering with robust email marketing affiliate programs, you can tap into this lucrative channel.

I’ll walk through some of the best email marketing affiliate programs available this year.

These programs offer attractive commission structures and conversion-friendly tools that support your growth. Plus, they’re praised for reliability and user satisfaction, which can lead to a steadier affiliate income for you.

Top 11 Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

When exploring email marketing affiliate programs, you’ll want to prioritize those that provide you with the best earning potential balanced with reliable support and services.

Here’s a compact list for your convenience:

Email Affiliate ProgramCommission Rate
ActiveCampaignUp to 30% recurring
GetResponse33% recurring or $100
GoHighLevel40% recurring
ConvertKit30% recurring
MailerLite30% recurring
ClickFunnelsUp to 40% recurring
Constant Contact$5 per lead / $105 per sale
Brevo (Sendinblue)$5 per new account/ $100 per sale
HubSpot30% recurring
Kartra40% recurring
AWeberUp to 50% recurring

Kartra and GoHighLevel stand out with their lucrative offer of 40% recurring commissions for direct referrals. And not only that, but you also earn from indirect referrals. You earn 10% with Kartra and 5% with GoHighLevel from every referral from affiliates under you.

ActiveCampaign and Hubspot stand out with robust automation platforms while offering up to 30% recurring commissions.

AWeber, with its straightforward program, appeals to those new to affiliate marketing, offering a steady recurring rate of 30-50%.

GetResponse offers flexibility in its commission structure with affiliates earning either a 33% recurring commission or an upfront payment of $100 per sale.

ConvertKit and MailerLite are superb choices if your audience is made of bloggers and small businesses, focusing on ease of use. They also offer a competitive recurring rate of 30%

For those in your audience building sales funnels, ClickFunnels provides an appealing commission rate of up to 40% recurring. Constant Contact’s program is solid due to widespread brand recognition and offers a payment of $5 per lead and $105 per sale.

Brevo, stepping up from its Sendinblue roots, continues to be an attractive option, with a commission fee of $5 per lead and $100 per sale.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign specializes in streamlining your email marketing efforts with a suite of powerful tools that can enhance customer experience.

Best known for its advanced email automation, segmentation capabilities, and comprehensive reporting, it’s a favorite among businesses aiming to personalize communication and engage subscribers effectively.

By joining their affiliate program, you get access to an exclusive portal where you can track your performance and gather resources to maximize your outreach.

This program is ideal if you value long-term earning potential, as the recurring commission structure allows for continued earnings through the lifecycle of the clients you refer.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned marketer, ActiveCampaign’s program is designed to support your growth aspirations in the dynamic world of email marketing.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate Program URL: ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 20-30%
  • Cookie Duration: Up to 90 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Affiliate Network: In-house

2. GetResponse

GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse is an all-in-one platform offering solutions to create email campaigns, and landing pages, and also automate your marketing efforts.

With features like drag-and-drop email creation and advanced analytics, you can craft emails that speak to your audience while taking the guesswork out of campaign performance.

With GetResponse, not only do you get to flex your marketing muscles with high-quality tools, but their affiliate program also ensures a steady income flow.

GetResponse offers two great affiliate programs; the Affiliate Recurring Program and the Affiliate Bounty Program.

The Affiliate Recurring program offers a continuous commission rate of 33% monthly. While the Affiliate Bounty program pays an upfront commission of $100 per sale.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate Program URL: GetResponse Affiliate Program
  • Commission rate: 33% recurring or $100 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes
  • Payment method: Wire transfer, PayPal, Check and Eurotransfer
  • Affiliate network: In-house

3. GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel Affiliate Program

If you’re delving into the world of digital marketing and seeking to boost your income, GoHighLevel is waiting for you.

It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one platform packed with tools to help businesses and agencies thrive. With GoHighLevel, you can manage marketing campaigns, automate workflows, and even create sales funnels right from a single dashboard.

This affiliate program is a notable opportunity because you’re not just promoting a product, you’re offering a growth toolkit, which makes it a valuable and easy sell.

In addition, you can get paid commission on any affiliates you sign up when they also successfully refer customers.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate Program URL: GoHighLevel Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 40%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes
  • Payment Method: Direct deposit, Paypal, ACH, Debit cards
  • Affiliate Network: In-house

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit is an email service provider designed with creators in mind, offering you a range of tools to grow your audience.

Its intuitive interface allows you to easily manage your email lists and design stunning email sequences, making it a favorite among bloggers, vloggers, and digital marketers.

The platform offers powerful features such as customizable sign-up forms, automated email workflows, and in-depth tracking, all of which help you understand and engage with your audience effectively.

With ConvertKit, promoting a service that’s useful and dependable could turn your recommendations into a substantial source of income.

Dive in, start sharing, and you can see the benefits for years to come.

As an affiliate, here’s what you need to know about the ConvertKit Affiliate Program:

  • Affiliate Program URL: ConvertKit Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes, for up to 24 months
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Affiliate Network: LinkMink

5. Mailerlite

Mailerlite Affiliate Program

MailerLite is designed to help businesses create engaging email newsletters, stunning websites, and effective landing pages without having to write a single line of code.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, MailerLite’s intuitive interface and range of features enable you to connect with your audience in a personalized way.

It’s particularly well-suited for bloggers, small to medium-sized businesses, and digital marketers aiming to streamline their email campaigns and boost their online presence.

As a MailerLite affiliate, you can turn your recommendations into revenue.

By joining the program, you’ll not only gain the potential to establish a new stream of income but also partner with a company that’s dedicated to helping you succeed.

Here are the essentials of the MailerLite Affiliate Program:

  • Affiliate Program URL: MailerLite Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Affiliate Network: Powered Partnero

6. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels is more than just an email marketing tool; it’s a comprehensive platform that helps you build sales funnels designed to convert visitors into customers.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of a larger business, ClickFunnels offers a suite of features to streamline your online sales process.

Its drag-and-drop interface, customizable funnel templates, and integrations with various payment gateways and email service providers make it a solid choice for marketers focused on results.

Getting involved with ClickFunnels as an affiliate could be a way for you to tap into a robust system and earn by promoting a service designed to boost online business success.

Here’s what you need to know about the ClickFunnels affiliate program:

  • Affiliate Program URL: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes
  • Payment Method: Tipalti
  • Affiliate Network: In-house

As stated within the Affiliate Agreement, if your combined commissions do not exceed $100 within 120 days, ClickFunnels will not pay your commissions and you will forfeit them to ClickFunnels.

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact Affiliate Program

If you’re exploring the realm of email marketing, Constant Contact is your go-to service. It’s like having a trusty sidekick for your email campaigns; it offers an intuitive interface, a variety of templates, and superb customer support.

Your marketing strategies get a boost with features such as contact management, social media sharing tools, and insightful reporting.

Stay tuned with your audience through Constant Contact and maybe it’s time to monetize that connection by joining their affiliate program. Happy emailing and earning!

For those of you interested in turning recommendations into revenue, their affiliate program is just a click away.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Affiliate Program URL: Constant Contact Affiliate Program
  • Commission rate: $5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial and $105 when your referrals pay for a new account.
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Information on recurring commissions is not provided in the current data available
  • Payment method: Paypal, Direct debit payments
  • Affiliate network: Impact

8. Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo Affiliate Program

Brevo, which you may know by its previous name Sendinblue, has carved out a niche for itself in the competitive world of email marketing.

It’s a robust platform that’s not just about sending emails. Brevo lets you manage email campaigns, automate marketing touches, and even handle SMS messages.

It’s beloved by users for its ease of use and versatility, making it an ideal pick for small to medium-sized businesses looking to grow their audience without needing a tech genius on the team.

Now, if you’re excited about sharing Brevo with your audience, their affiliate program could be a golden ticket.

By sharing Brevo with your visitors, you have the opportunity to make a fixed commission for every new user who signs up, offering a nice incentive for your marketing efforts to pay off.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate Program URL: Become a Brevo Affiliate
  • Commission Rate: $5 per new account, and $100 per new paying account
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Recurring Commissions: No
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Stripe
  • Affiliate Network: Partner Stack

9. Hubspot

Hubspot Affiliate Program

HubSpot offers a suite of software solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service, with its robust CRM at the core.

It’s renowned for its email marketing tools, providing you with everything you need to create engaging campaigns that resonate with your audience.

If your blog or website caters to business professionals or companies looking to enhance their marketing efficiency, then HubSpot’s affiliate program might be the perfect match for you.

By joining the HubSpot affiliate program, you can leverage their reputation and comprehensive toolkit to potentially build a steady income stream.

Here are the details of the HubSpot affiliate program:

  • Affiliate Program URL: Hubspot Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Cookie Duration: 180 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes
  • Payment Method: Bank transfer or PayPal
  • Affiliate Network: Impact

10. Kartra

Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra is essentially an all-in-one solution that brings together a variety of marketing tools, making it a breeze to create, launch, and manage online campaigns.

If email marketing is your game, Kartra’s got you set up with customizable templates, automation capabilities, and detailed analytics to track your success.

With tools for building websites, setting up email campaigns, and managing memberships, Kartra doesn’t just help you organize; it helps monetize your content, too.

Joining the Kartra affiliate program could be a savvy move to add a steady revenue stream to your affiliate marketing pursuits, especially given the potential for recurring commissions.

Whether your audience includes budding marketers, small business owners, or seasoned digital strategists, Kartra’s affiliate program presents an opportunity to offer immense value alongside earning potential.

As a Kartra affiliate, here’s what you can expect:

  • Affiliate Program URL: Become A Kartra Affiliate
  • Commission Rate: 40% on direct referrals,10% on indirect referrals
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes
  • Payment Method: Paypal
  • Affiliate Network: Kartra platform

11. Aweber

Aweber Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to get involved with affiliate marketing, particularly in email services, AWeber is a fitting choice.

AWeber specializes in simplifying email marketing for small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. One of its best features includes an easy-to-use autoresponder that makes sending out sequences of emails effortless.

Additionally, AWeber’s drag-and-drop email designer, coupled with a myriad of templates, lets you craft attractive emails without needing to know a lick of code.

When you’re ready to extend AWeber’s service to your audience, here’s what you need to know about their affiliate program:

  • Affiliate Program URL: Join AWeber’s Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: Up to 50% referral commission
  • Cookie Duration: Not specified
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes, gives you continuous earnings as your referrals renew their service
  • Payment Method: Options like check or PayPal
  • Affiliate Network: Direct through AWeber’s program

All Aweber advocates earn 30% commissions on paid accounts referred. Refer 10 or more new paid accounts in the trailing 12-month period to receive 40% commissions. Refer 50 or more new paid accounts in the trailing 12-month period to receive 50% commissions.

How I Picked the Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

When choosing the top email marketing affiliate programs for you, several key factors were taken into account.

Here are the factors:

Commission Structures

Your potential earnings are critical, so commission structures were scrutinized.

I looked for programs offering attractive commissions, be they a high percentage or a substantial fixed amount per sale, and especially those with recurring revenue models.

Product Quality

You deserve not only to make money but to feel confident in what you’re promoting. Therefore, product quality is non-negotiable.

Programs that provide exceptional tools for marketing automation and email campaign management rose to the top. You need products that will genuinely benefit your audience and make them thank you for the recommendation.

Reputation of the Brand

The reputation of the brand is also vital — after all, your association with these services reflects on you.

The ideal affiliate program is run by brands with a proven track record of quality service and affiliate satisfaction. Consideration was given to those known for their integrity and consistent support for their affiliates.

Payout Terms

Finally, practicality matters.

Programs with favorable payout terms, such as low minimum payout amounts and frequent payment cycles, help you access your hard-earned money without unnecessary wait or hassle.

Wrapping Up On The Best Email Providers Affiliate Programs

When exploring the landscape of email marketing affiliate programs, trust is a pivotal factor.

You’ve likely spent considerable time building relationships with your audience, and endorsing a service means putting your reputation on the line.

As you evaluate these programs, consider not only the financial incentives but also the value they bring to your community.

Best Options for Email Marketing Affiliating Programs

After carrying out extensive research, these are the two best options for email marketing programs:

  • Kartra: With a 40% recurring commission, Kartra stands as a robust choice. Beyond earnings, their platform’s credibility can help strengthen your recommendations.
  • GoHighLevel: If you’re after longevity in earnings, GoHighLevel’s affiliate program might appeal to you with up to 40% lifetime commissions. Ensuring consistent income resonates with the idea of creating lasting bonds within your affiliate endeavors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Before you go ahead and choose an email marketing software to refer to your audience, there are some factors to consider.

To make your decision easier, here’s a checklist to consider:

  • Reputation: Does the email marketing service have positive reviews and user satisfaction?
  • Commission Structure: Are the earnings one-time, or do they offer recurring commissions?
  • Support: Will your referrals receive the assistance needed to thrive, thereby reinforcing trust in your recommendations?

Remember, your choice should align with both your ethical standards and your business objectives.

By selecting wisely, you’re not just opting for profitability but also nurturing the relationships that are central to your success in affiliate marketing.

Choose programs that reflect the standards of the community you’ve worked hard to establish.

Happy affiliating!

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