Webinar programs for affiliates

The rise in the usage of webinars within the past year alone has been astonishing.

Not to talk about the crazy spike during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google Trends - Webinar

Webinars are an extremely nice sales booster and one awesome marketing strategy that leads to massive conversions.

Even though only about 41% of marketers have actually hosted a webinar, 83% of them found it to be effective.

From these, we can tell that the use of webinar is on the rise.


The same should definitely go for the resources and tools used in building webinars, right?

Therefore, a high chance for affiliates to succeed in promoting webinar affiliate programs.

That’s what we shall be looking at today:

Webinar software affiliate programs to promote to your audience.

Best Webinar Affiliate Software Programs to Promote

Let’s get into some of the best webinar affiliate software programs to promote this year:

#1. WebinarJam

The first webinar platform affiliate program you can promote as an affiliate is WebinarJam.

WebinarJam is one of the most popular webinar tools in the market right now. And currently, the best for online entrepreneurs to create and host their webinars on.

A platform by Genesis Digital.

Genesis Digital partner program which powers the WebinarJam affiliate program provides you with all need resources needed for you to profit as an affiliate.

Quoting from their affiliate application page:

You don’t have to create any fancy products, webinars, or swipe file copy. No sir! Why? We’ve done it all for you. All that is left on our end is just send your audience to our offers.

They also claim to have a low refund rate, short sales cycle, great affiliate support, sales tools, and nice conversion rates.

With Webinarjam, you can earn up to $200 per sale.

#2. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a sister tool for WebinarJam. Another awesome webinar creation software for marketers.

The core difference between both sister platform is that:

WebinarJam is a live webinar platform while EverWebinar is an evergreen or automated webinar tool.

Both affiliate programs are managed on Kartra – another Genesis Digital product – with marketing resources and all pays the same commission rate.

#3. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is an excellent webinar and video conferencing service for hosting meetings and webinars.

It comes with tons of features and works for different browsers, operating systems, and devices. Coming with one of the best user-friendly features you’d find in a webinar software.

ClickMeeting is managed via the CJ affiliate network. From there you’ll have access to a dedicated affiliate manager, your promotional links, and banners for promotion.

You can earn as high as $515 commission per sale.

#4. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is a cloud-based webinar software that lets course creators, organizations, non-profits, and online entrepreneurs run live conferences and stream recorded presentations automatically in real-time.

EasyWebinar has thousands of happy customers and offers its affiliate partners opportunities to promote and earn easily through its affiliate support and resources.

#5. Livestorm

Livestorm is one of the few free webinar software platforms for small business owners.

Pricing starts from $0 which even makes it cooler to recommend to people looking experiment with webinars.

Livestorm.co provides a simple solution for hosting live and automated webinars for online business owners. It provides some of the finest features you can find in any webinar software out there.

Based on the recurring nature of the pricing packages – you earn monthly recurring commissions with Livestorm.

#6. WebinarNinja

Another platform on our list of webinar affiliate programs is WebinarNinja. This is an all-in-one webinar solution specially made for high-end coaches and marketers.

With this webinar solution, users will be able to create different types of webinars.

Ranging from:

  • Live webinars
  • Automated webinars
  • Series (a group of webinars)
  • Hybrid (a combination of live and evergreen)

WebinarNinja highly rewards its affiliates for each converted customer on a monthly basis.

As long as the customer remains a paying user.

They also did a great job by providing affiliate resources like DFY email templates, images, videos, user testimonials, and many more you can use to spice up your promotions.

#7. Demio

Demio webinar affiliate program is yet another easy to promote a webinar software affiliate program for content creators.

Demio is a webinar solution that provides all the necessary tools marketers need to create and host their webinars.

They have fairer pricing plans compared to most of the webinar plans on this list. And being used by lots of reputable brands.

Like ActiveCampaign, AppSumo, Drip, and many more. Gives it an upper hand.

The Demio affiliate program allows you to earn great recurring commissions when you recommend it as a platform to help people host webinars without any technical know-how.

#8. BigMarker

With BigMarker, businesses would be able to create automated webinars, capture prospects’ details, and sell them on their core offer.

BigMarker claims to combine powerful webinar software with robust marketing features to create the world’s first end-to webinar solution.

For teams and large organizations.

When someone you refer via your unique BigMarker affiliate link – makes a purchase – you’ll receive a one-time credit. Which is equal to 50% of their first month’s payment.

#9. GetResponse

One of the cool advantages of promoting GetResponse is that it’s more than just a webinar software.

GetResponse is known to be a very popular email autoresponder. A great one at that. Especially nice for affiliates like yourself. And also serves as funnel software. Plus, an eCommerce solution.

This why many affiliates are having successes recommending GetResponse.

This is one of the best affiliate programs you can promote both as a blogger and YouTuber.

You just choose any of the features found in this software and you’re good to go.

Promoting it as a webinar software is one of many ways to sell GetResponse to your audience.

They also provide all the needed affiliate marketing resources for you to use during your affiliate campaigns.

One of the reasons why you should love the GetResponse affiliate program is that they provide options in which you earn.

As below:

  • GetResponse Affiliate Bounty Program

Choosing this enables you to earn a one-time commission for each verified sale brought. Here you earn $100 for every account referred.

  • GetResponse Recurring Program

Here you make a 33% recurring commission on a monthly basis for each referral.

So, the choice is yours.

#10. GotoWebinar

GotoWebinar and GotoMeeting is one of the oldest webinar platforms in the online marketing space.

As far back as 2004. By LogMeIn.

They claim to have 18million users worldwide.

GotoWebinar houses tons of features to organize and improve your webinar experience. Like robust reporting, polls, seamless integration with tools, and lots more…

To become an affiliate of GotoWebinar, you’ll have to go through the Logmeininc partners page, then from there, you’ll then have to start your application process on Impact.

Their affiliate program is managed via the Impact affiliate network.

What’s Next?

Promoting Webinar Software Affiliate Programs… How Can I Succeed?

The online marketing industry could be a very competitive industry for one to dive in and start making reasonable income as an affiliate.

It does take a lot of experience as a marketer to survive in it.

Does that mean you shouldn’t bother promoting online marketing related products?

If you ask me – I’d say N.O.

For me, I believe anyone can thrive in any market they find themselves.

It all depends on the approach and strategy that’s being employed when coming into an affiliate niche.

You just need to find an angle and a weak spot that hasn’t been filled yet. Yeah, this requires a mix of thinking, research, and creativity to dominate.

But doable.

One of the ways I think you can really beat most of these authority websites promoting and making commissions from webinar affiliate programs is by creating a website focused only on webinars.

Targeting longtails keywords on webinar platforms, how-tos, etc.

You can check Quora for tons of webinar keyword ideas:

AnswerThePublic free keyword research tool will give you unlimited keywords:

Even Google autosuggest and PAA (people also ask) place you don’t neglect:

You can even go as far as covering problem-related queries on a particular webinar platform like this:

Although I’m just scratching the surface of what’s possible when you go hard on publishing contents and also having a site focused on webinars specifically.

If you have an already established site in the marketing space then it’s okay to ignore going after longtails.

Going after the review keywords wouldn’t be a bad idea after all?

On a side note – If you’d like to learn how to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level:

=> Check out this FREE training

That brings us to the end of the list of webinar software affiliate programs.

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