Group Funnels review

In this Group Funnels review and pricing 2023, we shall take an in-depth look at what this Facebook group lead gen software is capable of helping you accomplish in your online business.

Can it really help in making you more money or is it just one of these over-hyped tools like…

…ClickFunnels? 😊

Oh yeah! I know ClickFunnels is awesome!

But what about Group Funnels?

If you’re a Facebook group owner or admin, you should know it’s time-consuming and energy-draining to approve new members & collect the answers to their welcome questions and all that.

I think that’s the challenge Group Funnels helps you to solve. But it seems there is more to it.

Keep reading…

Before we proceed, here is the table of content for this Group Funnels review & Pricing post:

What Is Group Funnels?

Group Funnels is a software founded by two marketing experts – Matt Staton and Arne Giske which is aimed at helping Facebook group owners generate free leads from their Facebook group and also quickly approve members with ease.

Group Funnels comes in the form of chrome browser extension which you can install and start using.

I’m going to go into more detail on how you can successfully configure and use Group Funnels later down this review.

Group Funnels

However, with the help of Group Funnels chrome extension, it would be easy to building more relationships with your members and delivering value at the same time because you got to collect their emails directly into your favorite email autoresponder sequence…

>> welcome them >> offer them a gift >> nurture them >> deliver more value >> sell your product >> upsell them >> keep building relationships

Sometimes not everyone in your Facebook group will be willing to engage, interact or even buy from what you offer.

But getting them on your list is a secure way to contact them anytime and whenever.

After all your email list is the traffic you OWN for life, and if I’m to say; Facebook isn’t controlled by you. Anything can happen and you might lose access to either your group or your members. ☹

It doesn’t just end there!

How about the stress of manually approving members, then typing each and every one of their emails and responses out in an excel sheet or adding their contact into your email marketing service?

What is Group Funnels Used For?

Isn’t it super-cool for you as a group owner to approve all filtered members, collect their welcome questions & emails all with ONE CLICK?

Every question answered by each new member in the below box would be automatically imported into your sheet.

Facegroup request questions

Well, this is what Group Funnels chrome extension software helps you to do…

Whenever you approve a new member to your group, it saves their info (username, first name, last name, email address) plus their answers to your Group’s screening questions.

Then from there, you can have it pushed into a Google sheet and then use Zapier to hook it up with your autoresponder.

Having said that, here are the problems Group Funnels solves for Facebook group owners:

#1: Automatic Approval of Member Requests

Group Funnels helps in approving group members’ requests in bulk automatically without having to click on the approve button one after the other. All you have to do is by clicking ‘approve all’.

This allows for complete hands-off automation of the process.

#2: Screening Members

With the help of Group Funnels software, you’ll be able to screen those requests to join to make sure they’re a good fit for your group and also prevent unwanted people that don’t fit into your target audience.

There are specified filters you can set so you can approve members with a click.

#3: Building Your Email List

Like I said earlier, it can be so exhaustive to copy and paste each member’s email address into your favorite email autoresponder, all for the sake of “trying to build an email list”.

Does that sound familiar?

When someone submits their email address in your welcome question – then you click the Approve button…

Group Funnels pushes their name and email address to a document (Google sheet), then you use Zapier to hook it up with your current email service.

So basically, every time members get added to your Google Sheet, Zapier will automatically add them to your list any email sequence you have set will fire off, adding every new member into your sales funnel.

To you, this whole process might sound a bit complicated. But it’s simpler than you’re thinking it is. And luckily for you, Arne Giske has done a great job in the onboarding part of Group Funnels.

There are cool tutorials on how to use the software from A-Z. Click here to see some other uses of Group Funnels and how to use it here.

Group Funnels Pricing 2023

Group Funnels pricing comes at a one-time cost of $297 where you only have to pay once and have lifetime access to the chrome extension software. The coolest part is that you can manage an unlimited number of Facebook groups with this software.

There are other interesting things you should know before investing in this tool – which I’m going to disclose to you below:

  • Private User Group

When you get access to this Facebook group lead generation tool, you’ll also be granted access to a secret private Facebook group where you network with hundreds of other group owners, leaders, and influencers.

Apart from the fact that you will have lifetime support via this private group, the better part is interacting with top marketers like Maxwell Finn, Rachel Pederson, Dan Henry plus many others who are using this tool in growing their following.

  • Group Funnels Purchase Bonuses

Arne Giske (co-founder of Group Funnels and a Facebook group expert) went further to provide you with some complimentary bonuses which you are definitely going to need in making more money from your group.

Arne Giske

Bonus #1: New member welcome hacks training to increase engagement, email open/click rates. & increase reach & sales.

Bonus #2: Group Growth Engines – step by step training so you can get your first or next 1,000 members rapidly.

Bonus #3 (limited when writing this): Facebook group branding workbook so you can confidently define your brand, name your group, refine your value proposition, and attract targeted members.

Bonus #4: (limited): Media magnetism workshop so you can effortlessly attract endless FREE PR & speaking gig opportunities.

Bonus #5 (limited): FB Live Monetization & Engagement Training – You learn and discover the best engagement & monetization hacks so you can turn lives into money in the bank.

  • Group Funnels Upsells and Order Bumps

There is also a one-time offer/order bump in the Group Funnels order page.

The offer is all about how you can create content that gets engagement, leads and sales for your Facebook profile and group.

It is called the Content Creator Workshop. Arne Giske will show his top content creation hacks and the exact posts that have generated him thousands of dollars so you can replicate that for your own organic Facebook marketing campaigns.

>> Click here to view more Group Funnels info

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Group Funnels Worth It?

In my opinion, Group Funnels is worth it only for online business owners who leverages their Facebook group in driving organic traffic to their products and services. But if you don’t have a Facebook group or not interested in building an email list or automating group requests, then it’s not worth it.

Is Group Funnels Easy To Install, Setup, and Use?

The installation and setup process of Group Funnels is pretty simple that it requires no technical knowledge. All you have to do is to install Group Funnels chrome extension, connect it with your Facebook group, create a Google sheet then connect it to Zapier then to your autoresponder. You also get a tutorial for these processes.

Can I Pay Monthly For Group Funnels?

At the moment GroupFunnels is priced at a ‘pay once’ option of $297 which gives you lifetime access to the software. So, there’s no monthly subscription. You’ll also get future updates of Group Funnels without paying an extra fee.

Can I Make Money With Group Funnels?

Making money from your Facebook group and email lists is dependent on the efforts and strategies you put to it. Group Funnels is just a tool that makes things easier for you and puts you one-step ahead to monetizing your Facebook group.

What Problem Does Group Funnels Solve?

Group Funnels helps Facebook group owners to freely build their email list and automate new member’s requests so they can make more sales in their online business and reduce the workload of manual approval and typing of data.

Can I Only Use Group Funnels For Facebook Groups?

Yes, Group Funnels was created only to be used as a Facebook group software. And it only runs on Desktop computer as a chrome extension. It can’t work on mobile devices.

What Else Do I Need In Order To Use Group Funnels?

You need Zapier, Google sheet, and your email autoresponder so you’ll be able to seamlessly automate your group members’ requests and also building your email list and send your offers to them while going about other aspects of your online business.

Zapier is optional though, but you need it to act as a MIDDLEMAN between Google spreadsheet where all collected data are moved to and your autoresponder which stores your email contact and fires up your sequences.

Without Zapier you cannot move the emails from the Google spreadsheet to your autoresponder.

For the email service solution – I went with GetResponse as the autoresponder I use with my new health supplement Facebook group. And it’s the most affordable and user-friendly email software.

Group Funnels Review – Final Thoughts

Having a tool like GroupFunnels as part of your marketing weapon isn’t a bad idea. This is a must-have tool for every serious Facebook group owner who plans to monetize their Facebook group and save time in the manual process of member’s approval.

Especially if you’re doing a higher volume of approvals on a daily or weekly basis.

I would also add that if you have no commercial intent (either by sending offers to your list or promoting your products within your group) then don’t even bother getting lifetime access to this tool.

That would be a waste of money.

But if you are looking to building REAL Estate in the online world, then this should be part of your marketing stack.

Building your list, growing your Facebook group, and making more money of course! 🙂

Just grab your own Group Funnels extension to save time and collect emails on autopilot.

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