This post is all about the complete cost of and it’s pricing features.

One of the best funnel mapping and visualization software. In the market today.

Do you want to plan, design, and build profitable funnels and also deliver data-driven results for your clients?

If yes, you need to map, visualize, and optimize your funnels. Effectively. Funnel mapping is essential for your marketing strategy and helps you to:

  • Create better funnels that convert, faster
  • Analyze how effective your funnels are
  • Track conversion metrics for every phase of your funnel
  • Create a clear map for your marketing strategy
  • Share your funnel concept and flow with your team or clients
  • And many more…

A perfect tool that can help you achieve all of this is

It is an advanced visual, funnel mapping, and an analytics tool to bring your funnels ideas to life and help optimize them with actionable data. The tool was built by marketers, for marketers to help you make data-driven decisions on your funnels

In this post, we’ll be looking at Funnelytics pricing and how much you need to invest in effectively mapping your funnels and deliver data-driven results for your clients or business with this tool.

In summary, here is the rundown of Funnelytics pricing:

  • Funnelytics starter plan: Free forever
  • Fuelytics Marketer plan: $470 per year or $49/mo
  • Funnelytics PRO pricing plan: $790 per year

You can give it a whirl by checking out the free starter plan here.

Let’s dive into package details and their features…

Funnelytics Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Funnelytics Pricing

Funnelytics has three (3) pricing plans for you to get started with mapping and tracking your funnels.

The pricing plans include:

  • Starter Plan
  • Marketer Plan
  • Pro Plan

Let’s take a closer look at these plans. One after the other.

Funnelytics Starter Plan Pricing

This plan is FREE forever and helps you map out your funnels at lightning speed. You get access to a workspace, 3 canvases, and some other basic features.

Here are the features you get access to on the Funnelytics Starter Plan:

  • 1 Workspace
  • 3 Canvases
  • 75+ Marketing Icons
  • 6 Free Templates
  • Share Funnels to Other Accounts
  • Export to PNG
  • Create Free Account
  • And more…

Funnelytics Marketer Plan

On this plan, you are able to map out your funnels, collaborate with your team or clients, and predict the success of your funnels.

You get access to all features on the Starter plan along with the features to plan and forecast your funnels but NOT to track your funnels (PRO Plan only).

This plan goes for $49 per month or $470 per year (billed yearly) and comes with the following features:

  • All in Starter Plan
  • 2 Workspaces
  • Unlimited Canvases
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Forecast Conversions, Revenue, and Profit
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 50+ Premium Templates
  • Upload Custom Icons
  • And Much More…

Plus, you have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee on this plan and you can cancel your subscription plan anytime.

Pro Plan

This is the highest tier plan on Funnelytics and it allows you to map your funnels, collaborates with clients (and team members), track, measure.

And optimize your funnel performance in a visually appealing way.

The Pro plan goes for $790 per year (for up to 120,000 tracked visitors per year) with no monthly basis pricing. That is, you can only pay for this plan for a full year.

Also, the Pro plan is priced on the number of people it will track in your funnels and it would cost more than $790 per year if you want to track more than 120,000 per year.

You get a guarantee for 14 days and can cancel your plan anytime.

Finally, you can buy extra workspaces in both plans (Marketer and Pro) for an additional cost of $9 per month for each workspace.

Funnelytics Pro Lifetime Deal

You can get Funnelytics Pro for a lifetime for only $397 as part of the bonuses when you buy Russell Brunson’s new book, Traffic Secrets.

Read Traffic Secrets review here…

On this Funnelytics Pro deal, you get 100,000 tracked visitors and you can also upgrade to 500,000 visitors for an additional $100.

You also get 50 funnel templates, Funnelytics Template, DotCom Secrets Templates, 10 ClickFunnels Pre-Built Templates, and 70+ Funnel University Funnels.

What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics mapping software

Funnelytics is argued to be the is #1 funnel mapping, tracking, and analytics tool in the world. Right now.

The tool was founded by Mikael Dia in 2018 and they have their headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

It was built by marketers for marketers and provides you with a visual drag-and-drop interface and built-in analytics features to plan, design, map, track, monitor.

And track funnel performance.

When you map and track your funnels, you will gain better insights and understanding of how your target audience and potential customers are navigating through your sales funnels.

And it does not stop there. With these data, you can also make optimal changes and necessary adjustments to your funnels to make them perform and convert better.

Just to be clear, Funnelytics is NOT a sales funnel builder or a worthy competitor to replacement to tools such as ClickFunnels or Kartra replacement.

Instead, you can use it along with these sales funnels builders to build better sales funnels by mapping and tracking your funnels effectively.

If you’re a user of ClickFunnels. then be glad. It works seamlessly.

What is Great About Funnelytics?

Funnelytics come with amazing features to help you track, and analyze how effective your funnel is.

You also get to collaborate with your team and present funnel ideas with a straightforward and visually attractive presentation to new clients who have little or no experience of funnels.

Here is a rundown of some of the most essential features you get to use when you get started with Funnelytics:

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder

This is one of the essential features of Funnelytics and it allows you to drag and drop icons representing each of the different levels into a sales funnel you want to build.

The Funnelytics canvas has mainly icons and pages which you can find using the search bar.

These icons are used to identify the different traffic sources to your funnels and these traffic sources include Facebook, pop-ups, email, guest blog posts, and many more.

  • FREE Forever Plan

Most useful marketing tools only give you a free trial to test out their platform but Funnelytics gives you a Starter plan which is FREE forever plan and allows you to brainstorm funnels.

On this plan, you will be able to use the drag and drop builder to map out and create a visual representation of your funnels and also download your funnels.

But as expected, there are some pretty significant limitations on the Starter plan. You can’t set up tracking or analytics which is the valuable part of the tool.

  • Share Funnels

If you need to share a funnel concept you created with Funnelytics with let’s say a client, team member, partner, or potential client.

You ultimately have no worries.

You can share your funnel concepts created within Funnelytics easily.

Once you’re inside the funnel you want to share inside Funnelytics funnels, click the share icon in the top bar.

Once you click the link, it will generate a link for you to share with anyone to preview of your funnel, and also save this funnel to their own Funnelytics account.

They can also use and edit the funnel concept you shared without affecting yours.

Alternatively, you can also save your funnel as a PNG image. If you want to just send a hard copy of a funnel to anyone to preview.

  • Funnelytics Vault

As a user of Funnelytics, you can get lifetime access to funnel templates built by some of the most experienced marketers in the world for only $47.

Funnelytics Vault is a collection of pre-built, battle-tested sales funnel templates from the biggest marketers in the world which includes:

  • Dan Henry (
  • Molly Pittman (Digital Marketer)
  • Sam Ovens (
  • Grant Cardone (The Millionaire Booklet)
  • Russell Brunson (DotCom Secrets Book Funnel)
  • And many more proven sweet funnel

Click this link to start using Funnelytics today!

No matter your business size, niche, or industry, you will find sales funnels templates similar to the one you want to create in the Funnelytics Vault and they keep on adding more sales funnels every month.

And you also get explainer videos for each funnel, teaching you the concepts behind them and it works.

Funnelytics Founder, Mikael Dia describes access to the Funnelytics Vault as “ethically stealing over $35 million of funnel hacks”.

These funnel templates are directly integrated and built right into Funnelytics and to use them, you only have to click a button for your desired funnel template.

It will instantly load into the funnel map.

  • Track User Flow in Funnels

Asides the funnel mapping mode:

Funnelytics also has the Analyze mode which is available only in the PRO plan. This mode allows you to view the traffic and conversion metrics of your funnel.

You get to track the path your customers follow through from your ads and other traffic sources to every phase of your funnel. With this data, you can know exactly where potential customers are leaving the flow and also understand how you can optimize your funnel flow to improve conversions.

To switch to the analyze mode, click on the button at the top page of your funnel, and change the toggle from ‘map’ to ‘analyze’.

  • Track External Traffic Source with UTM Tagging

With UTM tagging, you are able to track traffic from external sources when you combine UTMs with website URLs to create creating unique tracking codes.

UTM means Urchin Traffic Monitor and is a code that creates a unique tracking code when attached to the end of a website URL.

Once a user clicks any link on your site, the activity is captured with UTM, and tags are sent to Funnelytics so you can track the activity.

Once you have their activity tracked in Funnelytics, you can track and analyze them.

Also, you get a tracking spreadsheet inside Funnelytics which you can use to manage the tracking links in your campaigns.

This spreadsheet serves as a guide and some cells are locked so use the password “funnelyticsrocks” to unlock them. To use it, you need to make a copy of the spreadsheet and add it to your Google account.

  • Track User Activity With Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager was built to manage your tags and it serves as a central spot in which you can install tracking analytics scripts.

Funnelytics allows you to track user activity on your site with Google Tag Manager.

To get started tracking user activity with Google Tag Manager, you must install the tool and then, install the Funnelytics script using the following steps:

  • Open your project your Funnelytics account
  • Click Settings
  • Copy the script
  • Open Google Tag Manager
  • Add a new tag
  • You can start tracking actions on your site

When you use Google Tag Manager with your WordPress website, you are able to track user engagement on your pages including:

  • Button clicks
  • Video view percentages
  • Page scroll percentages
  • Pop-ups
  • Events

Track Your Revenue

Funnelytics allows you to track the revenue you generate from each step of your funnel and the overall campaign. This feature is only available on the Funnelytics Pro plan.

To achieve this, go to specific pages of your funnel, set goals, and place a price tag on each of your products. Once a user visits any of such pages, a value tag equal to the price for that product is assigned to the customer.

  • Support

Funnelytics will provide you with support via chat but it is not available 24/7, unfortunately.

Also, it will take a little time to get a response from their customer support team especially if you’re leaving on the opposite side of Toronto which happens to be their headquarters.

They also have detailed explainer videos and blog articles on the Funnelytics website especially on the technical aspects of setting up and using Funnelytics.

Final Thoughts On Funnelytics Price

Now, I guess the BIG question on your mind is:

“Is Funnelytics Pro Worth Getting?”

Funnelytics was built for funnel marketers by funnel marketers to help you get a lot more results, revenue, and conversions from your funnels using their tracking, analytics, and advanced visualization tools.

Here is a rundown of the features you get with access to Funnelytics:

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop funnel builder
  • Collection of pre-built funnel templates
  • Ability to track page and funnel engagements
  • Actionable tracking and analytics information from inside funnel maps
  • UTM tracking (Google Tag Manager)
  • Custom icons
  • Ability to use real-time page screenshots
  • Ability to share funnels in editable format or PNG
  • A FREE forever plan (restricted)
  • And much more…

Plus, they are still going to roll out more features like integration with payment processors and email and many more.

So I highly recommend using Funnelytics to map, track, and analyze everything sales processes and funnels.

Get started with Funnelytics FREE forever plan here (no charges!)

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