Best Squeeze Page Builders

So, you’d like to create a squeeze page for your business, right?

Want to jump a summary? The overall best squeeze page builder is the ClickFunnels builder. While the best free is Hubspot landing page.

Like every other thing in this digital marketing space, there are tons of options to look at. And if you’re not careful you may end up with a bad choice that could cost you dearly.

The question now is:

“What’s the best squeeze page builder right now?”

And the answer is… it depends on what you’re looking for in a squeeze page builder software to accomplish your goal.

Well, worry not.

Because in this post you’ll discover the best squeeze builder software you need to build your lead generation page and give you their BEST features and weaknesses.

You really need to read to the end to see my TOP PICKS. As it fits to your budget and needs.

Let’s dive into the best squeeze page software. Ready!?!

9 Best Squeeze Builder Software For 2023

There are loads of options out there (Wix, Divi, Convertri, WordPress landing pages, Landingi, Wishpond, and other popular builders)…

But we’re focusing on our FAVORITE nine.

#1: ClickFunnels Squeeze Page Builder

Clickfunnels Editor

ClickFunnels is a popular marketing tool-suite that provides an out-of-the-box solution for online marketers and business owners who wish to set up their business from one end.

Being our first option on the best squeeze page builders – ClickFunnels is one of the best sales funnel platforms where you can build your entire online business on.

This is more than a squeeze page creator.

With this drag and drop page tool – you can design/create your sale page, host your membership courses, manage affiliates, collect payments (shopping cart), do webinars, and accomplish a ton of things.

ClickFunnels is the perfect solution – NOT just for building your lead generation page – BUT creating a complete marketing system.

The best part?

It comes with tons of squeeze page templates already designed and optimized for conversions.

You can view and download the squeeze funnel templates from here


  • Stupidly easy to use and customize
  • Free and optimized squeeze page templates
  • More than a lead generation tool (an all-in-one/backend)
  • Has an A/B testing feature to test page variations
  • Integrates with all major email marketing service


  • It’s expensive
  • Limits on the number of pages on the standard plan
  • The A/B testing is pretty basic
  • Fairly steep learning curve


ClickFunnels squeeze page builder starts from $97 per month with a 14day free trial.

#2: Elementor Squeeze Page Builder


Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugin that lets you build your website from top to bottom.

It lets you create unlimited pages on your WordPress self-hosted website for your business with ease.

It doesn’t end only on building websites and creating landing pages – NO – with Elementors’ drag and drop editor, you’ll also be able to build your marketing squeeze pages.

Elementor – being a WordPress-based squeeze page builder, you’ll need to acquire your own custom domain and hosting service, then Install the open-source WordPress platform.

If you wish to have and host your lead generation page on your WordPress domain then this page builder option to consider.


  • Pretty affordable
  • Built on WordPress and you have total control of your page
  • Unlimited squeeze page allowed
  • Good for SEO
  • The only squeeze page builder with free a plan


  • Not easy to learn and use (requires a bit of mastery)
  • You’ll need to install a bunch of plugins for different functionalities
  • Templates & block library are pretty weak
  • Functions just as a basic builder no backend funnel capabilities


Elementor Squeeze page builder starts from a $49 license for 1 WordPress site.

#3: HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot Landing Page Builder Software

HubSpot is known for its world-class CRM, but has in fact many tools that help you run campaigns and grow your business.

One of these tools is the landing page builder.

HubSpot’s landing page builder is easy to use. You can choose from a selection of pre-built templates and use the drag-and-drop editor to design the page exactly how you want it.

Once your page is built, the software will even give you tips on how to optimize your page, like making sure you have a clear H1 and meta description.

All the leads you generate via your landing page will automatically be tracked in the HubSpot CRM, which you can use to personalized experiences for your audience.


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop page builder
  • Powerful A/B testing features
  • HubSpot landing pages are automatically optimized for mobile
  • Great integration with HubSpot’s business tool
  • Free plan with unlimited contacts


  • No custom modules for free
  • Not as large a library of templates as other tools
  • Can get pricey if you’re only looking for landing pages


You can start using HubSpot landing pages for free.

#4: Instapage Squeeze Page Builder

Instapage - best landing page service

If you’re familiar with landing pages – then you should have an idea that Instapage is the best in the world of landing pages.

Instapage is known to be a specialized landing page software for paid per click (PPC) marketers due to its awesome features.

Like collaboration, reporting, etc.

Some key benefits of Instapage are the capability to offer a variety of solutions designed for Google ads, Facebook ads, and retargeting ads.

And one of the cool things is the ability to make your pages automatically align with your campaigns.

This is made possible with the Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) feature.

Obviously as landing page tool – Instapage can as well serve as great as squeeze page tool. This is page builder that houses over 200 customizable templates.


  • Has over 200 templates for different types of landing page
  • Comes with an AMP feature
  • Mobile friendly builder
  • Dynamic Text Replacement for paid marketers
  • Comes with some sophisticated landing page features


  • Instapage is a bit pricey
  • Most of the greater features are only made available on Enterprise plan
  • You can’t perform other back-end tasks (upsells, bumps, automation, etc.)
  • Not suitable for beginners


Instapage starts with $99 per month for the lowest plan.

#5: Leadpages Squeeze Page Builder

Leadpages landing page designer and creator

Leadpages, on the other hand, is one of the oldest landing and squeeze page builders in the market. With Leadpages you can easily build good looking opt-in pages for your business.

Just as the name sounds – Leadpages – the goal behind it was to serve as a software for collecting leads.

It has quite a lot of similarities to most of the dedicated landing page creators like Instapage and Unbounce, but the BASIC version.

I wouldn’t really call Leadpages the best in its prime or class, but it’ll definitely serve you as just a lead capture solution.

Nothing more or less.

If you’re in need of some automation capability, DTR, plus a few other mouth-watering stuff then look elsewhere.

But still, I recommend Leadpages for as perfect choice squeeze page option if you’re in a budget. This is one of the cheapest on this list.


  • It’s pretty affordable
  • It an integrated Facebook ad builder
  • Comes with some cool lead generation features (Leadboxes, Leadlinks)
  • Has more than 100 templates


  • Clunky user interface
  • Not that easy to learn and use
  • Limited customization
  • A/B testing not available on the cheap plans


Leadpages price starts at $25 per month.

#6: GetResponse Squeeze Page Builder

GetResponse autoresponder

I call GetResponse the one-stop-shop marketing solution. Although this not specifically a squeeze page software or landers like Instapage, ClickFunnels, and the likes. Nope!

Although I first discovered GetResponse to be a nice email marketing service some years back.

But over years this online marketing tool has evolved to be a choice to marketers who not only wants to send emails BUT build perform other tasks.

GetResponse is just more than an email tool. It is more than a squeeze page builder.

You can run your webinar, build your funnel (auto funnel), integrate other tools, create landing pages, and of course carry out all necessary email marketing campaigns.

All within GetResponse. Not forgetting the eCommerce feature.

Kind of awesome if you ask me.

And the nicer thing about GetResponse is the fact that the pricing is so reasonable compared to other squeeze software on this list.


  • The cheapest squeeze page platform on this list
  • Has tons of other features (webinar, automation, landers, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Most flexible platform
  • Thousands of stock photos available
  • You don’t have to pay extra for an email service


  • GetResponse isn’t known primarily as a page builder
  • The more leads you have, the more pay
  • The drag-and-drop editor isn’t the finest


GetResponse starts from $15 per month plan with a free trial.

#7: Unbounce Squeeze Page Builder

drag and drop landing software - Unbounce

Just like Instapage – Unbounce is another specially made landing page tool that offers a wide variety of features for both paid and non-paid marketers.

Although Unbounce shines more in terms of conversion-driven platform.

It is not just good software for building fine-looking squeezed pages – Unbounce is a pure CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) focused landing page builder.

Maybe you’re not aware before now – this was the first landing page solution. They were the first to lead the way for other builders.

It has almost everything a marketer needs to create a squeeze page, design it to taste, and furthermore optimize it for maximum conversion.


  • Over 100 templates optimized for conversions
  • Dynamic Text Replacement for paid marketers
  • Used as a conversion rate optimization tool
  • AMP-ready mobile pages


  • Higher learning curve
  • Expensive for a start and even costs more for the advanced features
  • Not a tool for a beginner
  • No back-end features like automation, funnels, etc.


Unbounce starts at $79 per month with a free trial.

#8: Kartra Squeeze Page Builder

Kartra tool

Kartra is the last-born page building platform on this list. It was launched around 2018 as an all-inclusive solution for businesses who wish to have all tools within a single end.

Yes! A perfect alternative to ClickFunnels.

Ever since Kartra has emerged to be an ass-kicking marketing platform after so many updates with tons of added features.

Kartra even beats the almighty ClickFunnels as complete marketing tool-suite by offering some cooler marketing-oriented features.

Starting from:

  • Video hosting
  • Help Desk
  • Smart email automation
  • Calendar/Booking app
  • Shopping cart
  • Membership site
  • Landing pages and capture forms
  • And many more…

So yes! You can use Kartra in creating your lead generation or squeeze page. And it even works together with the whole Kartra system.


  • A complete marketing system
  • Have an advanced email marketing feature
  • Support is responsive. Plus, a very engaged Facebook group
  • Tons of templates for any type of pages


  • It is expensive for beginners
  • Took me a while to find my way around it
  • It gets expensive as your business and leads grow


Kartra starts from $99 per month.

#9: GrooveFunnels Builder

GrooveFunnels lifetime

GrooveFunnels is the latest and cheapest squeeze page building software on this list.

Fundamentally, GrooveFunnels is an umbrella platform consisting of a myriad of tools tailor-suited for different marketing functions.

The said tools are GroovesPages, GrooveSell, GrooveMail, and GrooveKart, and many more rolling out gradually.

It is relatively a new page builder in the market with over a dozen marketing tools promised. And only a few of the tools have been released so far. That’s one of the reasons they are giving away a limited free lifetime account to users.


  • Free lifetime account
  • It is a complete funnel building software
  • It has a membership site feature
  • Cart system and affiliate center built-in
  • Comes with an e-commerce platform
  • Inbuilt email service and automation tool


  • Still in its growth phase (not fully developed)

Best Squeeze Builder – Honorable Mentions

Below are some other alternative squeeze page softwares which are worth mentioning:

Thrive Architect happens to be one of the tools under Thrive Themes range of tools. This is a visual page editor and page builder for WordPress.

A considerable alternative to Elementor for designing your squeeze pages.

Pretty easy to use. You can have access to it as standalone software or get it at a more discounted rate with other Thrive membership WordPress plugins.

Convertri is also a sales funnel tool – though not as popular as ClickFunnels and Kartra. You can as well use this software for creating your marketing squeeze page.

This builder is known as the world’s fastest page builder. Meaning pages built with Convertri are super-fast. Which is quite true.

It starts at about $59/mo.

Do You Even Need A Squeeze Page?

The truth is:

There is no business on planet earth that doesn’t need more customers. We all do.

If you’re a business owner who constantly advertises online, then you should know how essential it is to keep your sales funnel hot and running at all times.

With leads and customers of course.

Whether you need a squeeze page or NOT isn’t supposed to be the question here. But it should be:

“How BAD do you need more (qualified) leads flowing into your business?”

Clearly, you should know that lead nurturing is one of the most critical marketing strategies that’ll either make you more money or make you broke.

Let me explain…

Lead nurturing is the process of following up with acquired prospects, developing relationships with them until they finally buy from you.

This is not an easy process.

As you’ll have to take these leads through each step of your sales funnel process or sales journey providing answers to their questions and giving them value at the same time.

This is when they’ll feel more connected and “at home” with you.

When your prospects feel more connected to you – it’ll be effortless for them to buying from you.

This is why it doesn’t make total sense for you to send prospects directly to your offer, landing or sales page.

Especially if you’re getting your traffic via an outbound marketing medium like Facebook ads.

Collect the lead first ==> nurture and build relationships ==> make the sale!

This is where squeeze page building software comes into play. The whole idea behind a squeeze page funnel is to collect leads in form of email opt-ins in exchange for a freebie.

What Is the Difference Between A Squeeze Page and Landing Page?

You might be wondering what actually makes a page a landing page or a squeeze page. As most of the time, I see people using both interchangeably.

Well, the difference between both is just the GOAL behind them.

A squeeze page is a specific type of landing page that collects email and nothing more. Just as you know, squeeze pages are designed to serve this single function and contain only a few elements that aim at making your visitor submit their contact.

The elements include:

The above elements must all work together in triggering the user to claim whatever you’re giving as a bribe.

Taking a look at squeeze page examples:

  • Affiliate marketing squeeze page example

Check out the below affiliate marketing squeeze page. Straight to point and has no scroll.

Get paid with George Wickens funnel

As you can see, It’s either the visitor enters an email to get the “Secrets” or exits. (You can get this template from this page)

  • Marketing Secrets Blackbook page

This exact page is one of Russell Brunson’s high converting squeeze pages.

Marketing Secrets Blackbook squeeze

It’s obvious that anyone (targeted audience) who lands on this page would be tempted to get his hands on the Marketing Secrets Blackbook for FREE.

No brainer, right?

That’s basically the way a squeeze should look. There are millions of examples all over the web and the goals are the same. Just find one for you niche and reverse engineer.

Taking a look at some landing page examples:

A landing page can be a sales page with product information, pricing page, webinar registration page, product feature page, comparison page, etc.

And of course, a squeeze page.

For example:

All of the links to the individual page building software on this list lead to their landing pages. Make sure to check them out.

You’ll notice that a more general landing page includes multiple sections, rows, columns, different contents, multiple buttons with CTA (call-to-action), Images, and all that.

Alright, end of the prologue.

Final Thoughts

“So, what’s the best squeeze page builder in 2023?”

Again, it depends on your business!

I’m a big fan of the options here – and at Khrisdigital and my other businesses, I’ve used most of the software on this list and I’m still a paying customer for a few of them.

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m actively using ClickFunnels as my squeeze page builder. Also, for landing pages and for hosting my membership site.

That’s me!

So, depending on your business, there may be a better squeeze page builder for you to consider

But in order to help your decision and selection process even easier – I have categorized my favorite squeeze page building software based on certain situations:

  • The cheapest squeeze page builder –  GetResponse and GrooveFunnels
  • The best squeeze page builder for WordPressElementor
  • Best squeeze page software with advanced page building featuresUnbounce
  • Best with all-in-one tools (funnels, automation, etc.)Kartra
  • The best for team membersHubspot and Instapage
  • The best with converting templates and easy to useClickFunnels

And that’s all.

I hope that this comparison helped you find the best lead generation page creator for promoting your business and growing your fans at the same time?

Did I forget something on the list? Let me know in the comments.

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