ThriveCart Vs SamCart

In this post, we’re going to put ThriveCart vs SamCart to a test.

These two incredible solutions are special checkout and sales funnel tools that are used to create and manage checkout phases or pages for your online business.

They are two of the best checkout applications in the market right now.

Both have clear differences and different costs of operations. These differences will be analyzed extensively to figure out which is overly better. And cheaper for you.

Is it SamCart or is it ThriveCart?

However, It is worth noting that online businesses spend a lot of their time and effort in developing relevant and SEO friendly content, responsive, and user-friendly websites.

Integrating various marketing tools such as page builders, social proof tools, payment gateways, email marketing service, and writing rousing copies.

To achieve this long list, business owners must find the right personnel, software, and system.

Here’s the problem:

They get so busy with all the other aspects that they ignore or forget to develop their checkout page.

Responsible for the failures of many marketing campaigns, the number of potential clients, and revenue lost as a result of poor checkout pages runs into millions of dollars every year.

There is so much emphasis on all the other sales processes but very little about the checkout page.

Which happens to be one of the critical reason why the creators of SamCart and ThriveCart makes it super-easy for you to convert visitors quickly to sales.

But the question now is:

Which is the best for you?

That’s why we had to come up with this ThriveCart vs SamCart guide.

A quick summary of both:

Our Pick

Investing in Thrivecart lifetime deal has been the best decision I've ever made in my business over the past year. They offer one of the cleanest, flexible, bug-free and yet POWERFUL shopping cart experience out there compared to numerous platforms.

Now, lets delve into their details. Overview, pros, cons, and pricing.

What is SamCart?


SamCart is a shopping cart software that lets you create a checkout page that showcases your products and also accepts orders all on that page. Founded in 2014.

Samcart has helped thousands of entrepreneurs sell up to $725 million of their product, services, goods, and services online.

Alongside other amazing features. Samcart offers conversion-optimized checkout templates with one-click upsell, order bump, subscription, and payment plan capabilities for better conversion.

Needless to say, Samcart isn’t without glitches.

However, they still remain one of the best and promising checkout page builders and shopping cart software.

Where Samcart shines is in the sales of digital products like information products, membership sites, and online courses. Although they are equipped for selling physical products too.

They’re not well suited for that.

Recently, Samcart added a more flexible payment option that allows your customers to pay what they want for your product. Definitely, this payment option is best for entrepreneurs selling digital products.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart tool

On the other hand, ThriveCart is one of the best and easiest shopping cart platforms for eCommerce and info product entrepreneurs.

Same as Samcart, ThriveCart is most suitable for selling digital products.

Founded in 2015, a year after Samcart, ThriveCart has moved up the chain to become one of the best shopping cart platforms in the market.

As bad as it hurts, ThriveCart isn’t an all-in-one solution too. And unlike Samcart offering different annual and monthly pricing plans, ThriveCart charges a one-time lifetime payment for their tool.

ThriveCart shopping cart integrates with a good number of tools to boost your conversion rate and sales.

SamCart vs ThriveCart – Features

Needless to say, the deciding and winning part of the software is its features.

Both SamCart and ThriveCart offer amazing features to enhance a better checkout experience for your customers. However, they sure offer a better experience than one another in different areas.

Let’s have a look.

Features of Samcart

#1: One-Click Upsells and Order Bump

SamCart offers one-click upsells that enables you to offer a complementary product for your customers to buy.

Absolutely one of the selling features, you can increase the value of your customers by providing alternative products to select from.

Apart from selling your customer an alternative or complementary product, upsell increases your customer retention and cart value.

Besides, ThriveCart offers a similar feature, bump offers, that enables you to display an additional product to the current product. Best for businesses that sell digital products, as you can use the bump offer to display an add-on to products on the checkout page.

The order bump allows you to offer an upgrade or pro features at a fee plus the original product you’re selling.

Definitely, rather than making a few dollars per customer, you can double your revenue per customer.

Interestingly, SamCart A/B testing lets you run variants of your upsells and see what additional product is best for the upsell.

#2: Flexible Payment Plans

Having your customers pay a certain amount over time (hint: subscription) will increase your customer retention rate and value over time.

Besides the newly added “pay what you want” feature allows your customers to pay whatever amount they want to get the product.

Definitely, the “pay what you want” feature is deemed useful and best for digital products that have less cost of production.

Besides, SamCart gives you the option of setting a one-time payment for your products.

#3: Trial Offers and Coupons

For those selling digital products, Samcart lets you provide trial offers to your customers. You can offer both free and paid trial offers to your customers.


Plus, Samcart allows you to generate and offer discount coupon codes to encourage the purchase and improve sales.

#4: One Page Checkout and Custom Closers

SamCart offers a one-page checkout to upload products and as well take orders from the page.

This can also be called a one-page funnel feature. It’s massive!

Equipped with custom closers, SamCart provides amazing features to help you close sales effortlessly by adding product photos, benefit bullets, trust-building testimonials, and guarantees.

#5: Affiliate Centre and Dashboard

Definitely, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of increasing sales; and interestingly SamCart is equipped with such.

Samcart’s affiliate center allows you to recruit and manage your affiliate partners with little stress. The affiliate center is equipped with an in-depth dashboard to track and monitor your affiliate partners.

To be precise, SamCart affiliate center reports stats to track and monitor sales coming from your affiliates.

As expected, Samcart provides an in-depth dashboard to track and run custom reports on sales, orders, refunds, profit, conversion rates, page views, and many more.

Plus, the dashboard also provides reports on the A/B testing for upsells and order bumps.

Features of ThriveCart

#1: Intelligent Behavior Rules

ThriveCart offers behavioral rules for automating some parts of your shopping cart.

With the automation rules, ThriveCart automatically reminds visitors of abandoned carts and overdue subscriptions.

Plus, the behavior rules allow you to monitor and modify affiliate commissions based on refund rates and many more.

Besides, ThriveCart automatically notify your customers when payments are due, before cards expire, manage subscriptions, and many more.

#2: Flexible Payment Plans

ThriveCart allows you to offer different payment plans for your customers.

With the flexible payment plan, you can offer split payments (hint: Installment, monthly, and annually), recurring sales, a one-time payment option, and much more.

ThriveCart Recurring Subscription

Upon making payment, ThriveCart automatically sends your customer a payment receipt as a payment proof.

For now, ThriveCart successfully integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and, Google pay, and Apple pay. As expected, you can accept payment via any of the payment gateways above.

#3: Bump offer & Upsells

Rather than just selling a single product to your customer, ThriveCart allows you to sell more with their bump offer.

The bump offer lets your customers add additional products to their order without having to re-input their payment details.

Plus, their One-Click Upsells allows you to provide alternative products to your customers; increasing revenue per customer.

Interestingly, ThriveCart gives you the option to run A/B split testing for your upsells. Absolutely, you can test out variations of your checkout page.

Although ThriveCart provides a default upsell page, you can always get a custom-designed page tailored to your brand.

Apart from the upsells feature, ThriveCart offers downsell features, like coupons, discounts, and payment plan upgrades. ThriveCart gives you the option of generating a coupon code for discounts.

#4: Pre-designed Checkout Templates

To start with, ThriveCart offers checkout templates to choose from and implement.

Great isn’t it?

Not really! ThriveCart offers limited checkout templates to choose from. Although ThriveCart’s homepage is a bit stuffy and not straightforward, their checkout templates are awesome.

Except for the limited checkout templates, there’s nothing else to complain about the templates. Notably, ThriveCart offers four different types of checkout pages.

  • Embeddable checkout
  • Pop-up checkout
  • One-step checkout
  • Two-step checkout

#5: Documentation and Knowledge Base

Quite unexpected, Thrivecart does not have a live chat or phone support to contact them for emergencies and technical problems.

In view of that, ThriveCart provides in-depth documentation and a knowledge base containing solutions to regular problems and issues marketers come across.

ThriveCart Helpdesk and Support Help

Definitely, recovering a failed payment and transaction isn’t going to be easy as there’s a slim chance of making direct contact with ThriveCart’s team.

The contact page allowing you to submit a ticket and ThriveCart Facebook page is the only hope you have.

#6: Advanced Analytics and Report

Quite unexpected, ThriveCart offers an advanced reporting system that goes beyond reporting orders and conversion rates. The report includes suggestions for improvement.

Similar to financial analysts, ThriveCart analytics and report dashboard includes projected Revenue and forecasting.

Moreover, ThriveCart offers an automatic sales tax calculator that provides a calculated tax figure for you at no extra cost.

#7: Affiliate Management System

ThriveCart offers a simple affiliate management system that allows you to recruit and manage affiliate partners.

Despite offering a simple affiliate management system. ThriveCart isn’t lacking in good features like reporting, affiliate ID tracking, user management, and many more.

To unlock more functionalities, ThriveCart integrates well with a lot of software and tools in the E-commerce industry.

Similarities Between SamCart Vs ThriveCart

#1: Checkout Templates

Both SamCart and ThriveCart offer checkout templates for building high converting checkout pages for your products.

Plus, they both offer checkout pop-ups displaying checkout pages as pop-ups above the site.

In addition, both SamCart and ThriveCart provide a custom field checkout feature that allows you to add a custom field to your checkout form and make it more tailored to your brand and business.

#2: Upsells and Bump Order

Upsells and bump orders are revenue increasing tools. Interestingly, both SamCart and ThriveCart offer one-click upsells and bump orders.

Plus, they both allow you to generate coupon codes and give discounts to your customers.

#3: Affiliate Centre

Here’s a big win for both SamCart and ThriveCart.

They both have a built-in affiliate management system that allows you to recruit and manage affiliate managers for your business.

Definitely, their affiliate center is equipped with a dashboard to track and monitor your affiliate marketing campaigns.

#4: A/B Testing

Quite amazing that the two shopping cart and checkout software allow you to test variations of your checkout page.

s, you can test the variation of your upsells and bump order. While for ThriveCart, you can test out variations of your checkout page.

#5: Link Click Tracking

Link tracker allows you to track the number of clicks obtained from each link you have. Definitely, you can monitor your marketing campaign using the link tracker.

Both SamCart and ThriveCart offer the link tracker feature. Although the link tracker feature is present on all plans on ThriveCart, it is absent on the basic plan and only present on premium plans of SamCart.

#6: Custom Domain Functionality

A noticeable similarity is the custom domain functionality Samcart and ThriveCart offer.

Interestingly, SamCart offers the custom domain functionality on all their plans including the least plan. Sadly, ThriveCart offers their custom domain functionality on their Pro add-on.

ThriveCart vs SamCart – Differences

#1: Pricing Plan

SamCart charges monthly fees while ThriveCart currently charges a one-time fee at sign-up.

Initially, the fee charged is higher for ThriveCart when compared to SamCart because of the high one-time fee ThriveCart charges. In the long term ThriveCart ends up being the cheaper option.

SamCart is suitable for those businesses looking for a budget effective platform while ThriveCart is suitable for long term users looking for bargains.

#2: Tax Collection

Thrive Cart has incorporated sales tax collection onto its platform whereas SamCart relies on third-party platforms to integrate the sales tax collection.

Which costs an extra fee.

Moreover, ThriveCart offers an automatic sales tax calculation that automatically provides your actual tax figure without having to do the calculations yourself.

#3: Scarcity Countdown Timer

SamCart does not make use of the Scarcity Countdown Timer (unless you choose to decide to integrate a third-party tool for that).

Whereas ThriveCart offers the service. ThriveCart allows you to persuade your customers using a countdown timer.

#4: Apple Pay Support

Here’s a part where ThriveCart really thrives well.

ThriveCart is the first shopping cart to integrate Apple Pay to their payment options. However, SamCart is lacking in this feature.

#5: Free Trials

Quite unusual to have this as a difference in Saas tools.

As bad as it hurts, ThriveCart does not offer free trials for new customers – pay at once before using the tool. However, SamCart offers a 14-days free trial for all their pricing plans.

How ThriveCart compensates for the lack of free trials is their 30-day money-back guarantee.

ThriveCart promises to help new customers make the best use of their tool and also increase their revenue with a vouch to refund them if they are not satisfied.

#6: Dedicated Account Manager

The dedicated account manager is a feature enjoyed only on the highest plan – Enterprise plan in SamCart.

Having a dedicated account manager makes it easier to have all your technical problems done for you by your manager.

However, ThriveCart does not offer a dedicated account manager.

ThriveCart does offer something close to that on a temporary basis, by having a member of their teamwork with you for a month to set things.

#7: Integration

Another difference between these two applications lies in integration.

Businesses make use of a wide range of systems that you have to consider when choosing a checkout application.

The app you choose has to smoothly integrate these systems into your services such as autoresponder and payment processors. Knowing the differences between the integrations of ThriveCart and SamCart will help you know which one best suits your needs.

Do not just consider the integration you need for the now, keep in mind the ones you plan to use in the future before making the jump.

Let’s check them out:

SamCart Integrations

SamCart offers a lot of integration options, they include:

  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • InfusionSoft
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • Instant Contact
  • HubSpot
  • OntraPort
  • Digital Access Pass
  • MailChimp
  • PayPal
  • Wishlist Member
  • Kajabi
  • Zapier automation integration
  • MemberMouse (membership site tool)
  • Stripe
  • Maropost
  • OptimizePress

ThriveCart Integrations

  • InfusionSoft
  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • ConverKit
  • Digital Access Pass
  • GetResponse
  • HubSpot
  • Any autoresponders (using HTML)
  • Kunaki
  • LeadPages
  • Wishlist Member
  • MemberMouse (membership site tool)
  • ConvertKit
  • Stripe
  • GooglePay
  • OptimizePress
  • PayPal
  • iPhone/ApplePay
  • Zapier integration

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SamCart Pricing Plan

To start with, SamCart offers four flexible pricing plans to choose from alongside their 14-days free trials and an optional free demo.

The four pricing plans are: Launch, Grow, Scale, and Enterprise plan.

samcart price
  • Launch plan

This is the least of the plans, costs $49 per month supporting 1-admin level user, unlimited pages, templates, custom domains, unlimited products, drag and drop template builder, full email customization, and many more.

However noticeable missings in the launch’s plan are custom checkout fields, Pre-Purchase Add-on, post-purchase upsells, multiple payment options, and reporting (most important).

  • The Grow plan

Costs $99 per month bringing to table all features of the launch plan alongside a 3-admin level user permission,

Custom checkout fields, pre-purchase add-on, post-purchase upsells, multiple payment options, reporting, customer management, and many more.

As expected, the Grow plan has some conspicuous missing too. Customer self-cancellation, cart abandonment, built-in A/B testing, affiliate center, subscription saver, CRM integrations, and custom integrations.

  • Scale plan

At $199 per month, Scale pricing plan offers all the features in the Grow’s plan together with 10-admin-user permission, cart abandonment, built-in AB testing, affiliate center, subscription saver, CRM integrations.

And custom integrations.

While for more custom solutions for business, SamCart offers the Enterprise plan (most expensive plan).

This costs $399 per month offering all the features in the Scale pricing plan plus a dedicated account manager, subscription migration support, product roadmap prioritization, custom reporting and export, launch review, and multiple sub-accounts.

You can start your SamCart free trial here…

ThriveCart Pricing Plan

ThriveCart does not offer a recurring pricing plan as SamCart does. What ThriveCart charges a one-time payment for lifetime access to use the platform.

ThriveCart lifetime price
click image to enlarge deal

However, they offer an add-on together with the standard account which could be considered as a pricing plan too. The two Thrivecart pricing plans are the ThriveCart standard and ThriveCart Pro.

  • The ThriveCart standard plan

This costs a one-time fee of $495 for a lifetime offering nearly all the features on ThriveCart apart from affiliate center, subscription saver, automatic sales tax calculation, intelligent business projections.

And a few more plans that are added to the Pro plan.

  • ThriveCart Pro plan

While the PRO costs an additional $195 making the total price $690 offering all the features in the standard plan plus the affiliate center, subscription saver, intelligent business projections, automatic sales tax calculation, JV contracts, advanced user management, client usage rights, and the custom domain functionality.

Access ThriveCart for a lifetime here…

Final Thoughts on SamCart vs ThriveCart

You’ll agree with me that this has been a tough head-to-head comparison of SamCart and ThriveCart.

Obviously. They’re one of the best checkout applications in the market, no other option comes close when it comes to a dedicated shopping cart.

After carefully considering multiple factors such as cost of platforms, tax collection, countdown times, Apple Pay support, funnels, user-friendly interface, tech support, integrations, payment options, and models, autoresponder and automation, community and templates.

We have come to the conclusion that ThriveCart is the better option.

Our Pick

Investing in Thrivecart lifetime deal has been the best decision I've ever made in my business over the past year. They offer one of the cleanest, flexible, bug-free and yet POWERFUL shopping cart experience out there compared to numerous platforms.

Don’t get me wrong.

ThriveCart and SamCart are both winners in their competitive field of checkout functionality. But in a versus tie, there can be only one winner and that winner is ThriveCart.

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