You’re here for a complete Convertri review and everything about this incredible sales funnel and landing page builder, right?

Hang on friend!

Honestly, I think this software isn’t worth the hype it has been getting recently. Is it?

Let’s wait and see…

Having a designated landing page for your products and services has become so critical that every online business owner wishes to have one.

And for the most part it – getting a reliable one isn’t as easy picking up tissue paper from a shopping mall.

In fact, since the landing page happens to be one of the cores and vital elements of an online sales funnel, the page builder of your choice has an effect on your conversion.

Yeah! Read that again…

It’s either: Money-draining or Money-saving.

  • An attractive page
  • Fast page
  • Mobile friendly page
  • Time-saving page
  • Secured page
  • Engaged copy

…are all essential keys to the success of your online business and also hidden features that keep your customers excited.

So, are all these features present inside Convertri?

That was the same question I asked before checking out this overrated sales funnel software a few weeks back. I got you covered on the answer though.

In this Convertri review below are what I shall be walking you through:

Part#1: What is Convertri

Convertri is a sales funnel building software that is specifically used for building landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales funnels in general. It is known as the world’s fastest funnel builder due to the fact that (they said) pages built on Convertri load super-fast than every other page on the internet.

How true?

It was started by Andrew Fletcher who is an online marketer and also a software developer. I haven’t heard much about Andy until recently when I got into the ‘lab’ myself testing out Convertri.

Convertri review sales funnel builder

Even though he isn’t as famous as few other marketers who had built funnel building tools. Talk about Andy Jenkins of Kartra and Russell of ClickFunnels – I see Convertri as a tool with distinctiveness.

One of Convertri’s major aims was to help businesses buildup fast blazing funnels, pages, and marketing systems in no time that will enable users to have an amazing experience.

Part #2: Features of Convertri

#1: Fast lightening pages

This is one of the areas Convertri shines the most. With Convertri’s Accelerated Page Technology (AMP) – pages built with Convertri loads in less than 3 seconds.

How’s that possible?

They take user experience to be a deciding factor for conversion in an online business (which is true). So, the team at Convertri has made this possible by building their CDN from multiple super-fast servers.

Therefore, HTML and JavaScript are minified automatically into the smallest possible space. Before you can be able to do this on a normal site – you have to use a plugin or have an expensive hosting service.

But since Convertri takes care of all your hosting – Images stored remotely and are compressed and autoscaled before transmission.

I guess you know how slow loading pages affect your conversion rate drastically (people would use the back button on their browsers if your pages take longer than 3 seconds to load) – Convertri’s strength rests on this aspect.

This is an aspect where most of the popular website and funnel builders fails to deliver.

#2: Convertri Integrations

Want to use your favorite service with Convertri?


Convertri review - integrations

There are API and HTML integrations for a huge range of software you might want to use in your online business.

You have the option to integrate your email marketing solution, Shopping cart, webinar software, automation tool, payment processor, etc.

#3: Drag and drop builder

As a common feature found among all funnel builders – Convertri also has a great drag-and-drop editor which allows you to easily change texts, move buttons, add media files and other page design elements.

Convertri’s flexible editor is responsible for letting even a newbie build up pages as quickly as possible without any tech, coding and design skills.

Convertri page builder

There are few funnel creation software’s out there that makes it a hell to utilize the drag and drop editor – but Convertri’s isn’t that way.

Just select any element you wish to place on your page, hold down your mouse drag and position anywhere you want. There’s also an undo button, should in case wrong moves are made on the editor.

#4: Lots of templates

There are complete funnel templates and stand-alone pages you get for free inside Convertri. Maybe you’re in need of inspiration or prefer customizing the available ones for your business?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about – because there are dozens of cool pre-built templates available for almost any industry.

They’ve been already optimized for conversions and loads really fast.

#5: Incredible Mobile-specific pages

This is another remarkable feature where Convertri crushes it totally!

With the takeover from desktop to mobile on both internet usage and search traffic – you wouldn’t want your mobile visitors having a bad time on your funnel or landing page.

For sure, when they encounter a poor mobile experience, I guess you know what that means, right?

According to statistics, people who have a bad day on your website with their mobile devices will hardly come back…

  • Meaning losing a potential customer
  • Lack of conversions
  • Lack of sales
  • Lack of money… probably going broke and becoming frustrated


Convertri pages are mobile responsive and the awesome side of it is that you don’t need to sweat on designing a separate mobile version of your pages.

Oh yes, you don’t.

Because with the click of a button – Convertri will automatically convert your pages into a mobile version. Even if you don’t like what they provide, you can tweak it further the way you want.

#6: Popup and Sticky headers

Convertri popup and sticky bars

Do you want more attention to your offers or increase the chances of having more conversions on your pages?

Then utilizing the power of Popup and Sticky bar which shows to your visitors based on certain conditions, will do the dirty job.

Popup and Sticky header feature aren’t common features among most landing page builder and funnel building tools. One of the tools I know that has this small but mighty option is Unbounce.

#7: Dynamic Text Replacement

You can find this exact feature on Instapage and Unbounce. One of the most useful features for PPC marketers.

Dynamic Text Replacement lets you adjust your page copy based on keywords in ads or change your landing page copy based on the URL parameter.

In a nutshell, this underrated function lets visitors from search ads get served a landing page that matches their search queries.

Imagine having never to lose visitors due to generic copies? That’s what DTR in Convertri does for you.

Everything is being tailored based on searchers’ phrases – boosting conversions and helping you make more money.

#8: Sub-Accounts

This is an advanced feature (only available in the Convertri Agency plan) that enables you to assign integrations to clients or partners.

The Convertri Sub-Account lets you to easily offer your funnel building service to clients either as a corporate organization or a freelancer.

All you have to do is create and design pages within the sub-account and send access across to your clients to edit or publish the page.

#9: Convertri Page Import/recreation

Are you planning to migrate all your existing built pages from other landing page builders like:

…to Convertri?

Then, the Convertri page import feature will definitely help you recreate everything without having to go through the pain of redesigning or building from scratch.

Maybe you’ve considered changing your current landing page or funnel software – but due to the fact that your businesses have been built around that tool, you’re finding it difficult to migrate…

Okay, the case has been settled!

With a tool like Convertri, you can easily move your whole funnels from another software into it within minutes.

#10: Integrated Shopping cart

What are the cool kinds of stuff you look out for when choosing a shopping cart software?

  • One-click upsells?
  • Order bump sells?
  • Sharp design etc.
shopping cart feature

Convertri’s integrated shopping cart gives you all the things you need to collect payment and make sales. One of the things I look out for when going for funnel software is the shopping cart capability.

While many page builders allow you to integrate a cart solution without making provision for an inbuilt option – Convertri gives you both options.

Just use theirs (which I think is great) or get something like ThriveCart.

#11: Free SSL

You also get an SSL for free as a Convertri user, either on your Convertri free domain ( or your own custom domain.

#12: Convertri WordPress plugin

Like most of the online marketing tools I’ve seen – You can use Convertri on your WordPress site and publish any of your pages built on Convertri.

Installing the Convertri plugin on your WordPress site allows you to display your Convertri pages in your blog. This is how you get started:

  • In the Dashboard, click Account, then click on WordPress Plugin.
  • Click Download. You’ll be prompted to download a file called ‘’. Choose to save it to a location easy to remember, like your desktop.
  • Open a new tab, navigate to your WordPress site’s login page, and login using your username and password. The URL should be
  • In the left-hand menu, click Plugins, then Add New.
  • Click Upload Plugin. Click Choose File, and select the ‘’ file you downloaded earlier. Click Install Now.

Part #3: Convertri Pricing

Convertri has three pricing options – the first called the Standard plan costs $59/mo, the Pro plan costing $59/mo, and finally the Agency plan at $199/mo. There’s also a $0.01 14day trial period where you see Convertri in action before paying.

There’s a Convertri discount that applies when you decide to opt-in for the yearly plan.

If you choose to pay for a whole year ahead of time – you will get the plans at $53, $58, and $166 per month. If you also choose to prepay for 2 years – you shall even get more discounts from Convertri.

Convertri Pricing Plan Differentiation

Let’s take a look at the individual pricing and plan options in Convertri and see what features you get in each:

#1: Convertri Standard plan

  • 25,000 impressions/mo
  • 50 funnels
  • 500 pages
  • A/B split testing
  • SSL
  • Custom domains
  • 45+ beautiful templates

#2: Convertri Pro plan (Most preferred plan)

  • 100,000 impressions/mo
  • 250 funnels
  • 200 fast pages
  • A/B split testing
  • SSL
  • Custom domains
  • 200+ beautiful templates
  • Team members
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Page Importer

#3: Convertri Agency plan

  • 400,000 impressions/mo
  • 1000 funnels
  • 10000 fast pages
  • A/B split testing
  • SSL
  • Custom domains
  • 200+ beautiful templates
  • Team members
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Page Importer
  • 25 Sub-Account

Is There a Convertri Lifetime Deal Discount?

At the moment there is no Convertri lifetime deal discount option available. You only get a discount when you decide to buy into the yearly pricing package. You can contact Convertri for this during your trial period.

==> Check out Convertri Full plan structure here

Part #4: Convertri Alternatives and Competitors

There are quite a lot of Convertri alternatives out here in this industry (talking about a dozen)- but I’ve taken my time to the only filter in the ones that are closely competitive.

Here we go:

#1: Convertri vs ClickFunnels

For sure! ClickFunnels is an all-in-one funnel builder that houses lots of functionalities (more than Convertri’s). But it also lacks a few.

One of the major differences is that it has an inbuilt membership site, an automation tool, and an affiliate management platform.

The sophisticated webinar funnel within ClickFunnels also makes it an enchanting tool for online businesses who want to sell their courses or any type of digital products

Convertri shines in the area of speed, mobile experience, DTR, Page importer, and Sub-account features (which CF lacks). I have got a detailed post of ClickFunnels vs Convertri here.

#2: Convertri vs Kartra

Just like ClickFunnels – Kartra is also an all-in-one marketing tool for marketers.

But when it comes to comparing Convertri to Kartra, from my personal experience I would say that Convertri is nowhere to be matched against Kartra.


Kartra is even superior to ClickFunnels and Convertri combined!

Kartra houses virtually all the things you need to build your marketing pages, follow-up with customers, retain and entertain them. I did an in-depth  Kartra review here which tells everything you desire to know.

But I can only give it to Convertri by the way when it comes to pricing and page loading speed.

#3: Convertri vs Unbounce

Unbounce is a complete landing page builder for all, small, medium and large businesses.

The main difference between Convertri and Unbounce is that – Convertri is a funnel builder while Unbounce can’t serve as a funnel builder but has some cool features worth looking at.

Like the Global Blocks and 2FA authentication, more Integrations and no impression count.

Unbounce also has the Page import, Dynamic Text Replacement, Sub-Accounts, and few similar options. Where Convertri BEATS Unbounce in when it comes to building funnels and its also cheaper.

#4: Convertri vs Instapage

Instapage has similar features like Unbounce, except the Instablock and collaboration tool within, making it outstanding among other builders on the internet.

It’s expensive and I think you can do almost everything it does with Convertri. But it plays really well if you operate on a large scale.

Part #5: Convertri Review – Conclusion

All in all – I rate Convertri highly – you get considerable bang for your buck with this product. No doubt!

Even though they claim to provide the fastest funnels (which is true)… They have served thousands of businesses who have been enjoying their services.

The ease of use and the ability to create upsells, OTOs, bump offers in a very short while at the same time speedy, was something that really picked my interest.

It may not be the best option for building a complicated funnel that houses everything – there other best sales funnel software you can choose from if you want something more complex.

But you should consider Convertri if you’re a small business owner  (on a budget) or someone who’s new online.

It takes less than one minute to start your free 14-days trial and start building out pages fast.

And don’t forget that you’re also provided with lots of tutorials and support to aid your journey.

Pros and Cons of Convertri

Convertri represents one of the more cost-effective ways to host your funnels and landing pages for your online business.

It’s also one of the more interesting products of its kind – in that it loads fasts, automatic mobile pages, page importer and all, under one roof.

Having said all that – here is my summary review of the Pros and Cons of using Convertri overall:

Pros of Convertri

  • Incredibly fast loading pages
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Perfect for digital products
  • Import pages with 2 minutes
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Can be used to also build a website
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Ability to share pages and funnels with other users
  • 100% uptime
  • Free SSL

Cons of Convertri

  • Limit in traffic, funnels, and pages
  • No inbuilt member area and an affiliate platform
  • Not an ideal option for large enterprise
  • Not the best funnel builder out there

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