In this post, we’re going to cover and review everything about Funnel Scripts.

Copywriting software for online business owners and marketers.

Not excluding its free headline generator for quickly creating engaging marketing headline copies.

Throughout this Funnel Scripts review guide – you’ll find out if Funnel Scripts can replace that your copy expert or guru. Perfect or Trash?

But first…

Truth be told, copywriting is so hard!

I can’t deny that. Neither can you. I could remember how long it took me to write my very first email sequence.

That was three (3) years ago.

I spent more than two months trying to come up with something compelling, persuasive, engaging, and at the same time evoking curiosity.

Despite the enormous time spent, I got a ton of mixed feedback back then from my email list.

Besides being such a hard practice – I see copywriting as a boring exercise in itself.

Crafting copies requires lots of practice, mastery, and thinking… Oh, and testing as well 🙂

To be able to write something that sells, you need to touch a reader on an emotional level.

You explore their feelings of happiness, sadness, failure, fears, and beliefs.

On the highest level.

Have you ever given it a thought why most online business owners and marketers find it difficult to make sales?

Even when traffic flows to their sales pages from left and center…

Most times it’s either OFFER or…

Their copy sucks!

Your copies sucks

Does it have to be this way?

A lot of marketers and online business owners have so much neglected copywriting and go blaming the lack of conversions on the mediums, funnel design, or traffic source.

Given that your Ads are well optimized, tracking isn’t bad, funnels are well structured, designs are okay.

And you’re getting flood loads of people:

  • Storming your landing page
  • Registering for your webinar
  • Seeing your mails
  • Reading your sales messages

Still… things aren’t going the way you plan. Crickets. No sales!

How about your copies?

Your copies and marketing scripts are the voice that sends out your marketing messages. If your words aren’t well arranged, striking, and polished – then you’re less likely to make any money from your advertising efforts.

Those little pieces of copies are where the actual money is. No doubt.

If your copies are dry, your business suffers.

Anyways, in this review article, I want to introduce you to a software that eliminates all your excuses for not writing a good copy that pushes visitors to bring out their wallets.


We shall also hear the views from users of the tool and if it’s worth investing in.

Funnel scripts
click logo to see live demo

So, in this Funnel Scripts Review 2021, below are what we shall be looking into about Funnel Scripts:

Part #1: What Is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software you can use in creating and writing engaging copies like email scripts and copy, VSL scripts, sales copy, Ad copy and etc for your business.

With software like Funnel Scripts, it has become a seamless task coming up with powerfully compelling copy that drives your audiences to buy from you.

With ClickFunnels Funnel Scripts, a complete beginner with no copywriting skills can produce a killer copy that converts.

It makes it possible for experienced copywriters to further hone their skills in creating winning copies for any type of marketing campaign in any industry.

Using Funnel Scripts, you do not need to stress your brain and hours on writing that perfect Advertising copy, sales letter, email scripts, webinar scripts, subject lines, and many more…

I’d have to say that FunnelScripts is liable to:

  • Turn you into a lazy copywriter, but will make your messaging standout
  • Warrant you to fire your copywriter
  • Make you spend less time on copywriting (10minutes) and more time on other activities
  • You might be called a copywriting expert, while you’re not actually. haha

But there is something I need to warn you about before we continue:

Nothing replaces your own marketing voice or learning how to write copy yourself. As no one single person, software, or company has THE solution to all copywriting issues.

If Funnel Scripts was the dream solution in and of itself, it would cost over a $100,000.

Well, that’s by the way. Let’s keep going forward to find out other critical parts about this software.

Part #2: Who Owns Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts was birthed out from the idea of inefficient time wastage on copies by marketers, burning amounts of cash, driving traffics to non-converting copies, and hiring expensive copywriters.

ClickFunnels Funnel Scripts software was developed by Jim Edwards (a copywriting wizard) and Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels).

Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards saw that a lot of funnel builders suffered from writing great copies that were supposed to hit their target audience right at where they will be compelled to take action…

…And hiring talented copywriters is pretty damn expensive especially for startups.

So, the Funnel Scripts became the savior.

You can Click Here To Watch Jim and Russell FREE copywriting training!

Part #3: Why Do You Need Funnel Scripts?

If you are among the minority of people who wonders why marketers and online entrepreneurs who sell online might need Funnel Scripts – below are the reason:

#1: Save time, save money & save stress

Writing a good copy isn’t an easy task as we all know.

No matter how skilled you’re in online marketing, you’ll still find it a daunting task to come up with breathtaking copies.

Content creation (copywriting formulas and all sorts) is already a kind of a ‘not too friendly’ experience for all – honestly – I can attest to this also because putting up content on KhrisDigital takes a lot from me.

To be realistic here, it takes a whole lot to actually tap into our audiences’ pains and pleasures to be able to come up with the exact points that resonate with them.

Which causes them to BUY.

It will take you couples of hours to come up with a good copy (and it’s not even guaranteed to convert)

With software like funnel scripts, you get good copies in less than 10 minutes. Saving yourself an enormous time.

#2: Serves an alternative to hiring a copywriter

Guess how much it will cost you to get a competent copywriter?

Especially if you’re just starting out. Hmmm?

100’s, 1000’s, or more?


I made a research about this and discovered that the least you’d find is a $10/hour rate. According to KopywritingKourse, the most common copywriter’s hourly salary is around the $18/hour range, and the average is about $21/hour.

The lowest hourly wage was $10.14/hour, and the highest hourly wage was $60.63/hour.

Neville Medhora (owner of KopywritingKourse) went further to let us know that a lot of these hourly jobs are for interns and junior copywriters.

Are you kidding me, Neville?

In summary, what does this mean? Well, getting an experienced copywriter to help you with all your sales copy marketing needs is pretty expensive.

Funnel Scripts will save you all that money and finish the dirty job for you. At least to some extent by giving you DFY copywriting scripts to paste into your funnels.

Less Stress, Less Money, Less time. Right?

Part #4: What You Get Inside Funnel Scripts

I do not need to go over how to use Funnel Scripts because when you get on board, you’ll be given a detailed instructional training series of videos and a practical onboarding process on how to use Funnel Scripts.

I mean there are video walkthroughs on how to use everything inside Funnel Scripts.

Before I proceed with the features – you can check out this free Funnel Scripts amazing headline generator at

funnel scripts headline generator

Super-easy to use – for generating great headlines.

The way Funnel Scripts works is that – you answer a few quick questions about your business. And the software spits out sales copy that works for you.

There’s no need for you to be super-creative. No need to spend hours in front of your computer.

That powerful!

Here are some categories of scriptwriters inside Funnel Scripts with various types under each:

#1: Sales Copy & Video scripts

Below are the types of scripts under this category:

Amazon/Ecom scripts: This covers sales scripts that can be used for Amazon sellers and eCommerce entrepreneurs. Everything you need in order to produce an engaging copy is right inside here.

All you need to do is enter a few details about your products and customers and let Funnel Scripts complete the rest.

Call to Action Scripts: These are scripts used for creating customized CTAs for your images, texts, and CTA buttons

Lead Capture Scripts: If you suck writing lead capture copies, then this is what you need to make people submit their contact info without thinking twice.

Magic Bullet Scripts: Another script commonly used for a physical product that capitalizes on the Big Payoff.

Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts: This is the perfect script if you’re looking for a write up to convince your customers to write a good testimonial for you.

Order Bump Scripts: If you’ve ever read the Dotcom Secrets book, you’ll realize that adding more complementary products or services to your funnel will make you richer.

Order bump script gives you the perfect words to use when adding an Order Bumps in your funnels.

There many other script formats inside this category – like the: Origin story scripts, OTO offer Done-for-you scripts, OTO Next Thing Scripts, PPT opt-in video scripts, Special offer scripts, Webinar opt-in Scripts, Who What Why How Scripts.

#2: Bullet Scripts

Funnel Scripts Bullet Scripts

These are scripts meant for marketers who want to make their bullet points more compelling and engaging, allowing their target market to know more about their offers.

Below are the types of scripts under this category:

  • Brunson Bullet Scripts
  • Feature, Benefits, Meaning (FBM) Bullet Scripts

#3: Advertising Scripts

The Scripts under the advertising category are responsible for helping you create engaging and high converting Ad copies.

Here are the scripts you will find under this:

Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts: This will help you create curiosity-driven ad copies that compel and inspires your target audience to click on your ads out of curiosity.

  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts

#4: Content Creation

The content creation sales scripts are responsible copies that help you in promoting your content.

Check the scripts below:

  • Free Report scripts
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Idea scripts

#5: Email

This Funnel Scripts writer helps in writing high-converting follow-up emails and promotional emails.

See the writers below:

#6: Titles

Funnel Scripts Titles and subject lines

The title is a Scriptwriter in Funnel Scripts which takes care of all your title creation or subject lines. It responsible for helping you write:

  • Email Subject Line Scripts
  • Killer Headlines V2.0
  • Short Headline Scripts
  • Profitable Title Scripts

#7: Sales Letters

Sales Letter is the last type of writer under Funnel Scripts that takes care of your sales copies of any kind.

  • Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts
  • Short Sales Letter Script
  • PPT Video Sales Script

There is more to these than what you get inside Funnel Scripts – from access to the training materials, demo video tutorials to help you get started, to the ability to edit your scripts the way you want and update.

What About The Downloadable Wizards?

All the above copywriting script funnels and others can be generated and done online inside your funnel scripts account – but there’s an offline version of scripts that comes in form of downloadable wizards.

The wizard is a downloadable application that runs on your computer which is sort of heavy to be hosted online.

At the moment there 6 downloadable wizards. Let’s run through them:

  • The Perfect Webinar Wizard

The Perfect Webinar is a free webinar course with downloadable scripts showing you how to generate sales and increase your revenue through online ‘perfect’ webinars.

The perfect webinar Wizard is a script template created by Russell Brunson – which has generated over 100 million dollars – for entrepreneurs to sell their products and services through presentations.

  • Easy Survey Wizard

Easy Survey Script Funnel Script

The ultimate goal of a survey funnel is to acquire leads by surveying visitors so you’d be able to segment them properly and present the right offer to them.

The Funnel Scripts Easy Survey Wizard handles all of the copy you need to build your survey funnels; generate survey copies, survey templates, questions, target audience, and lots more.

  • Easy VSL Wizard

VSL is an acronym for “Video Sales Letter”.

A sales letter that includes a video or presentation rather than a load of text.

Since videos have become so magical to increasing sales funnel conversion rates as people are more likely to buy after watching a product’s demo or product descriptions.

VSLs generally establish more trust and builds interests than text-based copies.

This is where the Easy VSL Wizard comes in handy – helping you develop different video sales letter wizard scripts for your offers.

  • Star Story Solution Wizard

Nothing sells more than stories. Powerful stuff.

Telling stories in your marketing is one of the most powerful means teach, influence, inspire, and drive conversions.

Sales story helps you create emotion in your reader to motivate them to buy whatever you sell.

If you’d love to create great sales stories then Funnel Scripts’ Star Story Solution Wizard is your ideal solution.

  • Master Class Wizard

Just as the term “Masterclass” sounds – it is simply a lesson where someone who is an expert at something such as dancing, cooking, fitness, music, or marketing gives advice or lecture to a group of good students.

The ClickFunnels Funnel Scripts Master Class Wizard would help you build the promotional copies for your online Master Class webinar or training.

  • The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard is perfect if you plan on hosting and interviewing other experts.

This Funnel Scripts Wizard makes creating your interview scripts and questions a DFY stuff. You just need to fill in blanks and you’re ready to roll!

Part #5: Funnel Scripts Pricing & Cost

Funnel Scripts used to be a yearly subscription software plan at $497 – But it was recently changed to an UNLIMITED one-time payment of $797 where you will get all the features, blueprints, monthly coaching with Jim Edwards, copywriting masterclass, and other scripts for life.

cost of Funnel scripts


So this is really a good deal for all. Especially for someone who couldn’t afford to pay the yearly cost.

Although, the cost of Funnel Scripts might seem a bit expensive if you’re starting out in the marketing game or short budget – looking at it from the surface of things.

But if you ask me, I think it’s kind of reasonably priced (even if it’s only for inspirational purposes) compared to hiring an expert.

Your lifetime deal of Funnel Scripts also comes with the below bonuses:

Bonus #1: Inception Secrets:

Inception Secrets is a private training Russell Brunson did some time ago with a few selected marketers. Now he’s giving it away as part of Funnel Scripts.

The Inception Secrets training is a psychological strategy that lets you tap into the mind of your buyer to buy anything you sell without it sounding like you’re trying to sell them.

Also, it allows you to position yourself as the go-to person when they think of your niche.

Bonus #2: 5 Fast Shared Funnels

The Funnel Scripts 5 Fast Shared Funnels are a collection of high-performing funnel templates. They are all built with (of course!) ClickFunnels.

You can import/download them with one-click into your ClickFunnels account.

The sales funnels are:

  • Product sales funnel
  • Webinar funnel
  • Opt-in funnel
  • Invisible funnel
  • Book Funnel (free+shipping funnel)

Bonus #3. Funnel Blueprints

Funnel Blueprints is a PDF file that shows all of the funnel types (with the funnel sketches) showing places you can input/use each of the scripts provided in Funnel Scripts.

For example, take a look at this Product Sales Funnel Blueprint below:

product funnel blueprint

As you can see – you’re being provided with the exact script type to use in every step of your funnel. No more guesswork, right?

All you just have to do is click on the script and you’ll be taken to your Funnel Scripts to build the script.

It doesn’t just end with funnels.

Here is another for Blueprint in case you have ads to run:

Facebook ad funnel blueprint
  • You get the Facebook ad scripts
  • Curiosity ad scripts
  • PPC ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close scripts

Bonus #4. Live Monthly Coaching Call With Jim Edwards

Each month, Jim Edwards does live training sessions where he teaches users of Funnel Scripts on how to become a better copywriter.

It could be demos on how to write and perfect a specific type of using Funnel Scripts, using on your sales funnels and overall funnel building.

You also get access to the content replays if you couldn’t catch up.

Bonus #5. Copywriting Secrets Masterclass

Do not confuse the Copywriting Secrets book with the Copywriting Secrets Masterclass which comes as part of your Funnel Scripts subscription.

The Masterclass is a training course on writing and structuring the perfect copy for your business. It comes in 6 separate modules.

Part #6: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts copywriting software comes at a one-time cost of $797, plus other bonuses and that accompanies your Funnel Scripts purchase.

Is Funnel Scripts worth it?

In my humble opinion, Funnel Scripts is well worth it! Saving you hours of brainstorming copy ideas or paying HUGE sum of money to copywriters is something you should consider.

And there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with Funnel Scripts.

What type of business do Funnel Scripts work for?

Well, just the way a sales funnel is needed by every online entrepreneur so is a copywriting tool like Funnel Scripts needed, as far as your product or service solves a particular problem for a target audience.

Even in the weirdest industry.

Industries such as:

  • Coaching and consultancy
  • Agency
  • Freelancer
  • Affiliate marketing
  • B2B
  • eCommerce
  • Lawyer
  • Real estate
  • Gym and fitness
  • Info product creator… and other niches

You need enchanting copies all over your landing pages, email copies, webinar slide texts, video scripts, sales letters, and so on.

Is Funnel Scripts included in ClickFunnels?

While Funnel Scripts is being marketed and sold by ClickFunnels – it’s a separate software on its own. It is not and does not come together with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is monthly subscription software. Funnel Scripts is a lifetime deal platform.

However, when you opt-in to the ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets package, you get access to Funnel Scripts as part of your subscription.

What is Funnel Builder Secrets?

Funnel Builder Secrets is an exclusive ClickFunnels pricing package that comes with 6 to 12 months of ClickFunnels funnel software, access to the Funnel Scripts app, great marketing courses, and many more.

You can view the Funnel Builder Secrets plans here.

Is there a free trial available for Funnel Scripts?

There is no free version or free trial of Funnel scripts available – you can see the preview of this software by going through the webinar link right on this page.

How about a discount or coupon for Funnel Scripts?

There is no Funnel Script discount or coupon available anywhere at the moment.

And as matter of fact, you’ll get 30 days money-back guarantee should in case you buy access to it and you’re not satisfied with what you get.

How do I get Funnel Scripts for free?

Sorry to say, but there is no way you can get Funnel Scripts for free. One way to test the power of Funnel Scripts is to use the free headline generator which is amazing on its own.

Is there a Funnel Scripts Webinar?

Yes, there’s a webinar for Funnel Scripts. This is just like an introductory training to Funnel Scripts where you will be shown the ins and outs of this tool and also the latest updates that were made not long ago.

You’ll see the live demo which will enable you to understand how Funnel Scripts work before putting your hard-earned money in line. Click the video below to watch for free:

Webinar registration
Click play to watch

How do I buy Funnel Scripts whenever I’m ready?

Let’s say you do not want to go through the webinar link above  – then you can go straight to the checkout page to buy Funnel scripts directly. Use this buy Funnel Scripts link to access the page.

Can I download Funnel Scripts software?

Sorry, you can’t. As Funnel Scripts software works as an online-based software. However, you can download the copy scripts generated right into your PC.

What is Funnel Scripts refund policy?

Just as every other product within the ClickFunnels ecosystem – Funnel Scripts comes with a 30 Days Back Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of Funnels Scripts – you can ask for a full refund.

No questions asked.

Would there be a Funnel Scripts Black Friday this year?

No Black Friday deal, discount, offer, or coupon for Funnel Scripts copywriting software that I’ve seen so far.

Part #7: Funnel Scripts Review – Testimonials & Views

Sometimes it makes more sense NOT to hear only from one user or individual of a product or services, as that’s not enough proof, right?

Here are views and testimonials from marketers who use Funnel Scripts in their business as well:

Funnel scripts testimonial review

Another cool testimonial from a user says that:

The key to Funnel Scripts is actually using everything it comes with, like the copywriting masterclass, joining Jim Edwards FB group, watching Funnel Hacking Fridays or replays, all the training videos that are in Funnel Scripts, and now Copywriting secrets have been released to go with it.

I dare say that people that are actually already well versed in the art of copywriting would find it to be an amazing tool to make their lives simpler. The script Wizards are absolutely amazing!

Jim knows what he is doing and talking about, the guy has not made millions for no reason at all. He developed funnel scripts initially only for his own use. If you’re not using the paid version, and you need good copy it’s totally worth it.

Even though there have been lots of arguments on whether Funnel Scripts should or shouldn’t replace human copywriter – The chief creator of Funnel Scripts (Jim) addressed this issue in one of his comments regarding this.


Funnel Scripts is intended to help anyone (including copywriters) get the first draft of their sales copy done FAST so they have something to work with and edit.

But most especially it’s intended to help people who haven’t done much copywriting (or any) get that first draft done super fast so they have SOMETHING to work with based on PROVEN templates and formulas.

If you’re just using the free headline generator, you’ve seen about .001% of what Funnel Scripts can do.

As someone with multiple multi-million dollar sales letters under my belt, I can tell you that I use, mix, match, edit, hack and repurpose Funnel Scripts along with my own swipe files and sales copy ability to churn out what I need now.

Side note: I’m not here to teach copywriters the finer points of copywriting…. never claimed to, never will. That’s not my purpose in life. I know for a fact I’ve pissed a few copywriters off with Funnel Scripts and my new book.

Their attitude is “how dare you” do that, it’s not real or pure copy. You don’t write copy for others. etc.

My purpose is to help non-salespeople get what they need to sell. I also know for a fact that we’ve helped THOUSANDS of people get a toehold with their funnels because they needed copy, emails, ads and more to just plain get started.

So if you’re wondering if Funnel Scripts will make you a professional copywriter, it won’t. But it will help you get some damn good copy done that you can use, tweak and improve faster than any other method you could use. – Jim Edwards

Funnel Scripts Review – Final Thoughts

Funnel Scripts software is the ideal tool you need to make you’re your sales pages, email copy, webinar presentations, VSLs, and ads convert. And not just convert…

…but your online marketing copies will separate you from your competitors.

A good copy helps you build a solid relationship, trust, and credibility with your audience to make them bring out their wallet.

A good copy spears into their body, mind, soul, and spirit and triggers them to see the need to ease their pains with your product.

Maybe you’re the type who loves giving money to copywriters or not interested in more sales, then Funnel Scripts isn’t for you. We can both agree it is NOt for everyone though.

You can check out these Funnel Scripts alternatives, if you’re looking for something better like an AI copywriting tool.

If you’re serious in taking your marketing and sales funnel copy to the next level using Funnel Scripts click the link below to GET started now or watch the webinar here.

Pros & Cons of Funnel Scripts

Pros of Funnel Scripts

  • No need to be a geek. Easy to use
  • It makes it easy for you to write your copies and being yourself.
  • Makes copywriting less cost-effective and faster
  • If there are scripts you don’t see available there, you can make a request for it
  • Tons of training available (on how to use) in Funnel Scripts plus monthly coaching
  • The ability to generate multiple scripts from a single input
  • Free headline generator available

Cons of Funnel Scripts

  • With Funnel Scripts you might sound like a lot of the rest of the market in your copy rather than being unique, but here’s the thing; when you narrow in on what you want to use it for, it can be really effective and make your voice stand out.
  • Could be expensive for a small business owner (but, being a one-time investment isn’t a bad investment either)
  • A bit of steep learning curve

5/5 (2 Reviews)


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