Can you really get and use Funnel Scripts for free?

That’s what I’m about to help you answer in this post.

Before I continue let me make it clear that you can’t really get this software completely for free. You only get a little part that can be pretty useful in your sales funnel.

And I will show you how to use this part of Funnels Scripts that’s been made available free of charge.


Funnel Scripts is beginning to become outdated due to advances in AI technology and the emergence of copywriting tools powered by powerful language models. These new tools offer greater flexibility and ease of use, allowing users to create sophisticated content that more effectively engages their audiences. click here.

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software that does a lot of favor for you as an online business owner.

If you ask my opinion on the cost – I think the one-time pricing option was well worth it. But not anymore

As a reminder let’s talk about a few things you can accomplish with this tool before we dive into how I use a portion of Funnel Scripts free of charge.

Funnel Scripts – What Is It?

Funnel scripts

As you might have known before now (pardon me if you don’t) – Funnel Scripts is a software by Jim Edwards who is known to be a copywriting wizard and an OG in marketing. The tool helps marketers and online business owners craft every of their marketing copies.

In no time without worrying about hiring expensive copywriters to write your marketing messages.

It literally takes care of your:

  • Sales letters
  • Emails
  • Ad copies
  • Webinar slides and presentations
  • Marketing headlines
  • VSLs (Video sales letters)

And all other forms of marketing messages you need to drive conversions and make money through your sales funnel.

Russell Brunson (co-founder ClickFunnels) is also a part of the making of this tool. In fact, Funnel Scripts is being marketed by ClickFunnels.

Why Funnel Scripts?

The goal behind Funnels Scripts is to solve all your copywriting problems.

Where you can leverage your writing and scripts to tell compelling stories while convincing your customers to bring out their fat wallets, buy your products and same time solve their pains.

As simple as that.

Being one of the most intimidating and time-consuming things to learn and implement in digital marketing – Copywriting is needed to make sales online.

Your design, content marketing, SEO, funnel building, email marketing, paid adverts, etc. are all essential parts of your marketing campaign, no doubt.

But your marketing copy gives all those parts meaning.

Copywriting is just like the glue that ties it all together to make sense.

But it’s very hard.

However, if you find yourself battling to write emails, ads, sales letters, webinar scripts, etc. – it’s likely that you will be struggling to make money in your business.

This is where Funnel Scripts comes in as the solution.

Using Funnel Scripts will help you produce the very perfect persuasive copy to effectively move prospects through the proper sequence of steps and ultimately convince them to buy.

Let me ask you:

What’s the need if you can’t influence a person’s beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviors with your marketing copy so they’d be able to solve their problem by purchasing your offer?

You can crucify me but you don’t deserve to be in business then haha.

How to Get Funnel Scripts for Free?

Remember what I said earlier?

Jim Edwards was kind enough to offer a part of Funnel Scripts free to use to those who want to put the software to test before accessing the full-suite or those who only need that specific function.

I have used this free feature a couple of times and was super-impressed with the result I got with it. Without even buying Funnel Scripts.

The cool part is:

There is no email opt-in required, no limit, no long sales letter or hidden pitch to sell you on the main software before using this free Funnel Script feature.

It is called the Funnel Script Headline generator.

Sorry to disappoint you if you’ve heard about it or used it. That’s the only available Funnel Script feature you can use the way you like for free without paying a dime.

Funnel Script Headline Generator – What Is It?

Funnel Scripts free Headline generator

Funnel Scripts headline generator is a free tool that helps you create and build your marketing headlines with ease, and not have to worry about how or what to write about or where to start.

From the Headline Script generator page – it says:

Instantly create dozens of attention-grabbing, money-sucking headlines that stop people in their tracks. Use them everywhere.

Like I said earlier – I have used it myself and the copy results I got back were INSANE.

I think every sales page, landing page, squeeze page, and webinar page needs a compelling headline.

No, I don’t think. I’m confidently sure! 😊

Remember, this is where the whole message starts.

One of the main purposes and essence of your marketing headline is to get your prospects to read the first line.

The purpose of the first line is to further get them to read the second line, and so on. in other words, if your first line (the Headline) doesn’t enthrall your visitors, all is virtually lost.

It’s heartbreaking but that’s the fact.

Looking at The Amazing Headline Generator in Action

Making use of the Funnel Scripts headline generator requires no technical knowledge or any complicated process.

funnel scripts headline generator

All you need to do is:

  • Fill out the form as it applies to your business
  • Click The “Build” Button
  • Use the headline results on your sales funnel and pages

Let’s go practical:

See how it works below. Also, note the ones I used and see the finished version at the end.

  • Niche audience (singular)

This is where you enter who you’re targeting with your product or services

Example: “My target audience is a / an ____.”
(Ex: beginner investor, ebook author, home seller, home buyer, etc.)

I used: Consultants

  • Your #1 main keyword topic

Example: “My main topic is ____.”
(Ex: stock investing, ebook marketing, for sale by owner, home buying, etc.)

I used: High ticket course

  • Your #2 main keyword topic

Example: “My other main topic is ____.”
(Ex: pick winning stocks, ebook writing, FSBO, house hunting, etc.)

I used: High ticket coaching

  • What is the #1 BIG Result they want? (Starts with VERB)

Example: “My audience really wants to _____.” (VERB)
(Ex: pick more money-making stocks; publish your own outrageously profitable ebook; get your home sold for top dollar; buy your own dream home; etc.)

I used: Make more money with your expertise

  • What is the #2 BIG Result they want? (Starts with VERB)

Example: “My audience really wants to _____.” (VERB)
(Ex: earn a double-digit return on your stock investments; create passive income from amazon royalty checks; find a qualified buyer in your timeframe; get a monthly payment you can feel good about; etc.)

I used: Earn multiple six figures within 6 months

  • What is the Pain they want to avoid in this area?

Example: “My audience really wants to avoid ______.” (VERB ending in “ing”)
(Ex: losing money on stocks, trying to write it all yourself, paying a Realtor commission, spending weeks in a car looking at houses, etc.)

I used: Worrying about losing your jobs and slashed pay

  • What is a Roadblock they see as holding them back from their goal?

Example: Completes statement “Even if ______”
(Ex: you have never invested in stocks before now, you think you can’t write, you have no marketing or sales experience, you have less-than-perfect credit, etc.)

I used: Limiting beliefs of not being able to impact others

  • In what timeframe can you deliver results?

Example: “You’ll see results in _____.”
(Ex: 30 days; 15 minutes or less; one week; etc.)

I used: In three months

Once you’re done filling in your details here, then you click the build button to produce your headline.

Check out what I got by filling in the details I used above:

Headline Generator - FunnelScripts free

Please Note: The above-generated headline script is just a rough entry. I didn’t fill it up to be perfect. I just want to show you the possibility of what you can accomplish using this software.

And as you can see, there are more 113 results left to display. Which means more headline ideas for your offers.

When you the “Click Here To Get All The Results” button you’ll be asked to enter your name and email to get them.


What is a better alternative to Funnel Scripts?

OpenAI’s copywriting tools is an excellent alternative to Funnel Scripts for those looking for advanced AI capabilities and features. This suite of tools allows users to quickly generate blog posts with your preferred tone of voice/brand voice, making it easy to optimize content for maximum impact without having to manually tweak copy.

How much does it cost the get the complete paid Funnel Scripts tool?

Funnel Scripts costs $797 for a one time and lifetime access to this tool. Plus you get other bonuses and benefits that come with having a Funnel Scripts account.

Is there a Demo available, so I can test drive the software before paying?

As of when writing this there are no Funnel scripts demo I was able to find anywhere. However, you can see the software in action in this free copywriting training done by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson.

Webinar registration

Is there a trial available?

No there is no such thing as a free trial or monthly payment option for Funnel scripts. You can only use the headline generator as you wish. Plus the 30-day money-back guarantee makes it a no-brainer. You can decide to get a refund if you change your mind.

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