Kartra Integrations

Kartra is a top-notch marketing tool that helps various individuals and businesses globally, especially with its capacity to integrate with various other platforms. 

Kartra can integrate with 20+ different platforms in various fields such as advertising, analytics, payments, email service providers, SMS, and other categories. 

In this article, we will carefully access some areas and platforms it integrates seamlessly. 

What is Kartra Integrations?

Integrations primarily deal with bringing together the subsystem of a relevant software with another to create a super and more effective marketing tool. 

Through Kartra integration, you can do more and help users produce more results in less time than it will normally take them to get their results. 

Most users that integrate with third-party systems do so for reasons such as convenience and easy access. Having your Kartra platform integrated with other platforms goes a long way in improving workflow but it’s not in all situations that this move is relevant. 

For example, Kartra being an all-in marketing platform may be able to satisfy the need of a user and may not need to integrate with other available third-party platforms.

List of Kartra Payment Integrations + Costs

While signing up for Kartra, you are required to attach a payment platform via integration. On the flip side, Kartra has an affinity for multiple payment gateways. Integrating with more than one gives you and your customers multiple payment options while transacting business. 

Let’s consider some popular payment gateways Kartra is open to integrating with. 

Kartra Authorize.net Integration


Before integrating with Authorize.net, you are required to register for the Authorize.net CIM service (Customer Information Manager service). 

Integrating with Authorize.net is of great advantage to small businesses because it offers a platform to receive payment via credit cards or electronic checks, for online transactions on desktop or mobile devices.

Costs of Integration

To successfully set up and integrate Authorize.net with your Kartra platform, you will be required to pay a specific fee for the process. 

  • Monthly gateway fee: $25
  • Gateway fee per transaction: 2.9%+ $0.30 

Kartra Braintree Integration

Braintree integration

Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal, offers various services such as being a global transaction platform by integrating with Venmo, digital wallets, and credit and debit cards.

The platform is popular for permitting e-commerce transactions on e-commerce websites and mobile. An additional feature is using developer tools to customize cart checkout procedures.   

To successfully execute the integration process with Kartra, you would require a merchant ID with enabled Public, Private, and Tokenization Keys. 

Costs of Integration 

The integration process is not free either as you are required to pay a specific amount to see the process through. 

  • Standard integration charge: 2.9% + $0.30 (cards and digital wallets) 
  • An additional 1% applicable to United States trade
  • Regular transaction fees for using PayPal on Braintree.

Kartra PayPal Integration


PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways used by most people. The platform is an internationally accepted online money transfer system. 

PayPal is used to transfer money to a third party for service rendered and to loved ones. Other uses include utilizing touch-free payments and using crypto to trade at selected stores. Additionally, users can generate a PayPal QR code online or on the PayPal business app, encouraging quick scan and payment. 

Certified Kartra users must have a Business or Premier PayPal account before integration.

Costs of Integration

To integrate PayPal with Kartra the rates required are largely subject to the region you are situated. Certain regions attract higher rates than others and vice versa. 

Local Rates 

  • Invoicing: 3.49% + fixed fee
  • Checkout: 3.49% + fixed fee
  • Amex Checkout: 3.50%
  • Standard credit and debit card payments: 2.99% + fixed fee

International Rates 

  • Commercial transactions (Amex excluded): 1.50%
  • Amex commercial: No fee

International Rates include local rates and an additional percentage for international trade.

Kartra Stripe Integration


Stripe is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business that offers top-notch payment services for e-commerce businesses, SaaS companies, and marketplaces. Additionally, this platform offers payment processing tools and API for online websites and mobile apps.

Stripe also encourages both credit and debit card payments for e-commerce traders and supports trade in multiple currencies. 

Similar to other payment gateways, the integration process has some qualifications attached such as having an active Stripe account.

Costs of Integration 

  • Stripe integration is billed at 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction.
  • There are no additional monthly fees, and setup is free. 

Kartra Membership Integrations + Costs

Membership integrations are done primarily to help Kartra as a platform integrates with unique membership apps to create membership site portals, deliver content and improve website monetization. 

Common Kartra membership integration includes apps such as aMember, Digital Access Pass, Kajabi, OptimizePress, S2Member, and Wishlist. 

aMember Kartra Membership Integration


aMember is designed to effectively manage membership while selling digital products or downloads. Apart from offering multiple payment systems, it offers top-notch protection for your files and content and offers proper tracking techniques for recurring commissions. 

Using the feature of this platform is more flexible than it seems as it encourages proper subscription supervision, delivery of digital content, CMS utilization, and blog integration.

Costs of Integration 

A lifetime deal for aMember pro license costs $149.36. 

  • This plan includes a discount of $30.95.
  • Six months of ticket support.
  • Developmental upgrades. 
  • Installation.
  • Web-based administration.
  • Technical support is a standard inclusion.

Kartra Digital Access Pass Membership integration

Digital Access Pass

Digital Access Pass is an interactive learning management system and membership administration system WordPress plugin. 

DAP Features Include:

  • Building and gamifying courses
  • Adding WordPress content
  • Generating quizzes
  • Generally managing student activities and progress.  

For the integration to be successful, you would require a plugin downloaded from Kartra.

Costs of Integration 

DPA offers three major pricing plans 

  • Basic: Billed at $14.99 per month
  • Platinum: Billed at $29.99 per month 
  • Elite: Billed at $49.99 per month

With the annual plan, you get about a 2-3 month discount on each subscription.

Kajabi Membership integration


If you are looking for a legitimate platform that helps you monetize your income, Kajabi is your go-to guy. 

Kajabi’s membership program platform is designed with everything you need to create a thriving program. Integrating Kartra with Kajabi automatically activates features such as payment gateways, a product and website builder, and sales funnels.

The product generator features allow the platform to create a comprehensive blueprint of your total membership area which makes publishing and creating content for your professional membership site seamless.

New Kajabi requires a Secret Key, an API key, and a Kajabi offer ID to successfully integrate with Kartra. 

Costs of Integration 

Kajabi pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic: Billed at $149 per month
  • Growth: Billed at $199 per month
  • Pro: Billed at $399 per month

Annual billing delivers 20% savings.

OptimizePress Kartra Integration


OptimizePress is a unique set of WordPress programs that’s relevant to building, and automating online sales promotion and selling procedures. Additionally features like enhancing your web sales funnel building and selling capabilities are included in its ability. 

OptimizePress 2.0 requires a URL, an  API key, and a member ID for successful integration with Kartra.

Costs of Integration 

An essential subscription to OptimizePress costs $99 annually. 

S2Member Membership Kartra Integration


S2Member offers both free and paid WordPress membership plugins. Kartra users seamlessly customize their welcome pages, membership options, and registration fields upon integration. 

The integration is quite simple but you are required to follow some vital steps such as first obtaining an API Key and membership ID. Following this, you are to integrate it via the URL to the WordPress installation.

Costs of Integration 

The S2Member WordPress plugin has a free plan but with limited benefits, especially regarding payment gateway integration and checkout membership levels. 

Other payments include;

  • S2Member ProPro: $89 (single-site license) 
  • $189 (unlimited-site pro license) 

The pro plan offers lifetime access to various new versions.

WishList Member Kartra Integration

WishList Member

WishList is a WordPress membership plugin that helps to reduce the hassle of creating websites. Online courses, selling digital goods, or launching monthly memberships are part of the few things WishList brings to the table. 

This platform serves as a great addition to your present business systems because it integrates with Kartra’s existing CRM software and payment gateways.

Costs of Integration 

You are billed annually based on the number of user sites.

  • 1 Site: $149
  • 5 Sites: $299
  • 20 Sites: $399

Kartra Email Integrations + Costs

Automating content drips and email broadcasts is of great advantage to most businesses. Email-broadcast has succeeded in making most business-related tasks seamless as you can reach more people in a relatively short time and scale faster than usual. 

Kartra is embedded with inbuilt email capabilities but also has its limitations. These restrictions have resulted in the need to integrate with other email gateways. 

Elastic Email Kartra Integration

Elastic Email

Elastic Email offers users a multi-product platform at an affordable rate, which is also trustworthy e-mail marketing automation. 

This platform adds that it guarantees the creation of custom emails with the potential of producing high results regarding sales. 

Utilizing this platform activates lead generation and the population of available email lists. 

Costs of Integration

Email Marketing Pricing 

  • Unlimited: Billed at $15 per month (Over 5,000 contacts)
  • Unlimited Pro: Billed at  $50 per month (Over 10,000 contacts)

Email API Pricing

  • API: $0.10 per 1,000 emails + $0.50 per day
  • API Pro: $0.15 per 1,000 emails + $1.00 per day

MailGun Kartra Integration


MailGun is one of the most popular email service providers designed to build and deliver emails in large volumes. A stan Email API ensures deliverability with email verification as a standard feature.

MailGun also offers effective marketing strategies with the capacity to turn your business around in addition to standard email verification.

Costs of Integration 

  • Foundation: Billed from $35 per month (50,000 emails)
  • Growth: Billed from $80 per month (100,000 emails)
  • Scale: Billed from $90 per month (100,000 emails)
  • Flex Pay-As-You-Go free trial (3 months/5,000 emails)

Bigger organizations are at liberty to negotiate for e-mail delivery automation at scale.

PostMark Kartra Integration


If you want a platform that guarantees timely email delivery, PostMark is your go-to guy. PostMark can properly vet all its customers and determine which one is a spammer and which one is legit.

The platform has a track record of a higher-than-average delivery rate. 

 PostMark offers features like:

  • Analytics.
  • Email APIs for different programming languages.
  • Inbound emails.
  • A rebound customization builder.
  • Secure SMTP service.
  • Message streams to help you manage different email streams.

Costs of Integration 

PostMark charges its customers for the volume of email integration required. 

For example: 

  • 5,000 emails: Billed at $10 per month
  • 30,000 emails: Billed at $50 per month.
  • 1,000,000 emails: Billed at $1,200 per month

Higher-volume rates are available on request.

SendGrid Kartra Integration


SendGrid is a tool popularly known for its effectiveness in the automation of customer communication, marketing emails, and managing transactional emails. 

Integrating SendGrid API with Kartra is achieved without much hassle which in turn enables successful email marketing campaigns in bulk. 

This email app offers features such as 

  • API integration
  • SMTP
  • Webhooks
  • Dynamic templates
  • Template editor
  • Template testing
  • Support (ticket and chat)
  • Deliverability testing and analytics.

Costs of Integration 

  • Essentials 40k: $14.95 per month (Over 40,000 emails)  
  • Essentials 100k: $29.95 per month (Over 100,000 emails)

Custom pricing is permitted for larger volumes. SendGrid offers a free option of 100 e-mails/day forever.

Kartra SMS Integrations + Costs

SMS integration is another amazing strategy that Kartra employs to reach a vast range of people and increase sales. 

SMS integration is very effective when it comes to marketing because you can send personalized messages which can compel customers to take action. Since SMS has direct contact with customers via their mobile phones, the results are almost immediate. 

Integrating with unique SMS platforms serves as a major plus to your sequence, for sending reminders minutes or hours to an event.

Vonage Developer (formerly Nexmo)

Vonage Developer

The Vonage Developer platform is built in a unique way that allows users to send bulk SMS to various recipients globally. The platform can integrate with Kartra through an API key.

Here are some factors that make these tools interesting and API dependable.

  • Low latency.
  • Customers can receive an SMS on their local numbers.
  • Fast sending and high rate of delivery.
  • Pay as you Use option for SMS.
  • Automatic redaction for increased SMS privacy protection.

By integrating this software with Kartra, you instantly activate webhooks which allow you to send SMS to E.164 formatted telephone numbers.

Here are some notable features this software brings to the table:

  • Unique sender identification.
  • Delivery receipts. 
  • Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) access.

You are required to enter an API and Secret Key from your Nexmo account to enable a successful integration with Kartra. 

Cost of Integration 

Nexmo’s pay-as-you-use strategy beats down the costs of messaging services. 

  • API verification: €0.0500 per successful verification
  • Messages API: over €0.0050 per message
  • In-app messages: over €0.0007 per message
  • SMS API over €0.0062 per message



Plivo is a unique software that offers both voice and SMS API functions with more than 190 countries within its grasp.

With its Two-factor Authentication (2FA) and One-Time Passwords (OTP) primarily for security, Plivo offers effective communication structures with seamless integration with the Kartra platform.

Plivo features include components such as:

  • Text marketing.
  • Text and Voice Notifications.
  • one-time passwords and two-factor authentication guarantee security.
  • Access to the CONTACTO contact center for customer service.

The integration with Kartra requires an account authorization token and ID.  

Costs of Integration

  • SMS API Sending: Billed at $0.0050 per sms. Receiving: Billed at $0.00 per sms.
  • Voice API Calling: Billed at $0.10 per min. Receiving: Billed at  $0.0055 per min
  • Renting a phone number: local numbers are Billed at $0.80 per month. Toll-free numbers: Billed at $1 per month, Shortcodes: Billed at  $500 per month.



Twilio is a popular platform that offers SMS delivery via Message API or Conversation API. The platform encourages transnational conventions via other instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, and Google Business messages.

The SMS features allow users to send various kinds of messages like alerts, notifications, marketing, and verifications.

For a successful integration with Kartra, you would require a Twilio account SID and authorization token.

Costs of Integration 

The cost is billed on a pay-as-you-go structure and includes shortcodes and local and toll-free numbers.

  • Text Messages: Sending is billed at $0.0079. Receiving is billed at $0.0075. 
  • Picture Messages: Sending is billed at  $0.0020. Receiving is billed at  $0.0020.

The price is subject to change based on the message segments and character limits.

Kartra Hub Integrations 

Hub integrations deal primarily with tools that help to establish an effective workflow by creating a network of different on-premise or cloud-based platforms and apps. It consolidates systems and databases into low-latency, shared data storage.

Let’s take a look at Zapper with the capacity to integrate with a limitless number of apps.

Zapier Kartra Integration


Zapier being a third-party platform can seamlessly integrate other platforms by automatically navigating and linking web apps. 

The solution Zapier brings to the table is bridging the gap Kartra cannot bridge. Since Kartra is limited regarding the number of apps you can integrate with, Zapier is there to take off the limits. 

Through “Zaps,” Zapier can automatically connect various apps and reduce the stress of doing it manually or employing someone else to do it. 

Costs of Integration

The cost of Zapier automation is free for up to 100 tasks per month.

Here are paying pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: $19.99 per month.
  • Professional Plan: $49 per month 
  • Team Plan: $299 per month 
  • Company Plan: $599 per month 

Calendar Integrations

Here is a way to seamlessly book appointments, simplify agendas, and automatically update schedules from a part. Real-time booking management helps develop your brand on mobile devices in various time zones. 

Google Calendar can seamlessly integrate with Kartra to aid quick access to client history and session recurrence reminders.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can help businesses simplify the process of booking events and proper scheduling for both individuals and businesses. 

You have access to customizable templates that allows you to receive or send real-time notifications and updates about meetings and events. 

Here are some core features:

  • Rescheduling management.
  • Availability management.
  • Unlimited hosts and coaches. 
  • Setting session duration.
  • Blocking unavailable dates.
  • Meeting cancellation.
  • Customizing session duration.

Costs of Integration

Google Calendar has a free version attached to your Google account and a paid version for more sophisticated functions such as business schedules. 

Business Starter for Google Workspace: $6 per user per month.

How to Use Kartra Integrations to Boost Your Business Workflows 

The listed tools available for Kartra to integrate with go a long way in empowering your business and giving it the required boost. 

Multiple payment gateways have a way of increasing sales and reducing decrease cart abandonment since customers are always left with various options regarding purchases. 

Sending emails is easily automated via integrating with other email platforms resulting in effective e-mail broadcasts and campaigns with Kartra e-mail gateways.

You can plan and schedule work-related activities with the Google Calebder integration designed to add grease to your workflow.

What are Kartra webhooks?

Kartra webhooks allow users to send automated notifications when certain events occur. With webhooks, you can easily create custom alerts and triggers that reflect the actions of your customers or website visitors.

This technology offers organizations a wide range of integration options, letting you customize your notifications exactly how you’d like.

Notifications sent through Kartra webhooks are incredibly easy to set up and maintain – simply define what needs to be monitored, determine which notifications will be sent out, and sit back and wait for the alerts.

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