Best Social Proof Software Tools

How serious are you about exploiting the psychology behind social proofs to your advantage?

A crazy method to MAX conversions.

Are you looking for the best social proof marketing application, plugin or software for your blog, website, landing page, checkout page or overall sales funnel?

Search no more!

This article contains some neatly-picked social proof tools.

No doubt, choosing the right conversion-boosting app for your online business marketing pages can have a significant impact on the success of your campaigns.

Before we delve into these tools – lets quickly discuss social proof as a marketing tool.

Social Proof as a Marketing Tool

Integrating social proof can be an incredible marketing strategy that can do wonders in your online business.

A conversion maximizer.

It is one of the most powerful sources of psychological influence in the world of business.

In fact, in the world!

The thing is:

People are more likely to do what they see others doing, even if they know it could be wrong. As long as they’ve seen and heard from others alike – then no further questions.

Open confession: It works on me all the time. **covers face**

Social proof exerts a strong influence on us all.

This is a term invented by Robert Cialdini in his book – Influence. It was one of his six principles of persuasion.

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment/Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity

According to Wikipedia, it describes a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake a behavior in a given condition.

There are various forms and types of social proofs:

  • Testimonials
  • Influencer endorsements
  • User reviews
  • Ratings
  • # of Product users or subscribers
  • Credentials
  • Social share count
  • Social media followers
  • And a few more…

All of the above social proof tactics work tremendously well, but the sad thing is most of them either require money, time, experience or long-term approach.

And these are resources some of you can’t really afford.

At least not now that you need to launch a fast funnel urgently.

The good news?

Making use of any of the tools I’m about to share can help a lot in reducing stress by 50%. No cold outreach or influencer marketing tang.

They are notification based social proof for websites.

Why Notifications Type Of Social Proof Works?

  • Saves time

This is easy to implement and requires no coding or technical skill. Most of the tools on this list take nothing less than copying and pasting a line of code within a few minutes.

  • Increased conversions

Increases signup and purchase conversions by showing recent orders and active users on your website.

  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Social Proof via notifications also uses the ‘fear of missing out’ by showing other visitors taking action on your website. Hence, they would do.

  • Boosts trust

New users trust more if they see that other people are also buying from you on your website.

  • Reduces friction

It makes people lazy in carrying out research about your product or services. Since people are already signing up and buying – so, they should as well.

Best Social Proof Software Tools & Apps For 2023

Here are the 7 proof tools you can choose and signup to help put more money in your bank account this year.

#1: Use Proof

UseProof Social Proof

The first social proof marketing software on my list is UseProof, also called Proof. This is a software you can easily integrate on your sales page to skyrocket your conversions.

UseProof is trusted by over 3,000+ SaaS, eCommerce, and online businesses like SamCart, Neil Patel, Demio, Foundr and many others.

With Proof, you can set to display people taking real action on your site and what.

Proof comes with some extra amazing features I found really interesting and integrates with dozens of marketing platforms.

Features of Proof

  • Visitor counts

When enabled, it shows the number of current visitors on your page/site

  • Notifications

You also get access to unlimited notifications

  • Visitors Identification

This feature also shows the info of visitors who completed a specific task plus live count.

  • Language Translation

This is a distinctive global feature not found on most social proof tools. It lets you have the ability to simply translate your notifications into any language you desire.

  • Custom Timing and Rules

You can also control when and how long and how fast you want notifications to be displayed on your pages and to which pages on your site.

  • Mobile-Optimized

To cap it all, Proof looks pretty amazing on mobile too. This means you don’t have to bother on trying to design a separate element for both mobile and desktop.

UseProof Pricing

UseProof is priced based on how many visitors your website gets per month. So, you have to check out the pricing table to see which plan is suitable for your business.

It starts with the:

  • Basic Plan of $29/mo for 0-1k monthly visitors
  • Pro plan of 1-10k monthly visits – $79/mo
  • Business plan of 10-50k monthly visits – $129/mo
  • Premium plan of 50-100k monthly visits – $199/mo
  • Platinum plan of 100-300k monthly visits – $299/mo

All come with a risk-free 14day trial. There’s a 17% discount that saves you money if you decide to take the annual route.

==> Click Here To Get UseProof 14days Free!

#2: Provely

Provely social proof

Provely is another nice social proof software on our list of best social proof apps. It’s also easy to use and integrate on sites. It functions similar to UseProof – but not as smart though.

You can use Provely on your eCommerce store, shopping carts, webinar registration pages, or any webpage of your choice. As long as you can add a snippet of code onto each page you want Provely to display – it will work.

This includes WordPress, ClickFunnels, ThriveCart, LeadPages, InstaPage, PayKickstart, and lots more.

Provely is a very close alternative to UseProof, you can also customize your popup notifications and several other stuff you want like Proof.

Features of Provely

  • Smart Notifications (Live, Rotate, and Past Data)

Live: With Provely social proof software – you can display lead or sale notifications to your visitors in real-time on your sites or pages.

Rotate: You can display lead or sale notifications that rotate over a selected duration period.

Past Data: With this type of Provely notification, you display past lead or sale that has occurred on your website. This is perfect for small online biz owners or if you don’t make sales regularly.

  • Easy Customization

There are notification popup templates you can choose from inside Provely. And they are all nice-looking.

You can even change lots of things on it. Like the color, fonts, etc.

  • Location-Based Proof

I think this is a powerful one if you target a global audience. It allows you to display your notifications from a certain country or region to narrow your social proof to your audience living in those areas.

  • Display Rules

Also, choose how often you want your notifications to show funnel visitors.

Provely Pricing

Like most online marketing tools – there is a monthly and yearly pricing option for Provely social proof app.

  • Basic goes for $17/mo and $97/yr for 1 domain
  • PRO goes for $27/mo and $147/yr for 5 domains
  • Then the Ultimate plan costs $37/mo and $197/yr for unlimited domains

There is no free trial period for Provely, but they offer a 30day money-back guarantee 100% no questions asked if you change your mind.

==> Click Here To Get Provely

#3: SocialProve


SocialProve is a notification tool for creating social proof psychology and urgency for your website visitors, so they can take action (register, buy, subscribe view, etc.) because others are doing so too.

This software requires just 3 steps of setup and you’re good to go:

Step #1: Copy SocialProve pixel code then paste it to your site/page

Step #2: Edit and customize your SocialProve notifications for your website the way you want

Step #3: Launch your notification to start showing social proof on your site

It is as simple as that!

This is an app that is already connecting with more than 120+ other apps. WordPress, Wix, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, HubSpot, Instapage, Squarespace, PayPal, Stripe are most integrated apps by users on SocialProve.

This should give you the idea that it’s one of the best out there.

Features of Provely

Prove have almost all the features their competitors have. But when it comes to notification types, they differ a bit.

Let’s take a look:

  • Live Activity Notifications

This notification type shows who is signing up on your website. This is a great real-time indication your new visitors see and feel social proof psychology, then they will more likely to sign up.

Not just for signups.

This works for purchases as it creates urgency to buy as well.

  • Live Count Notifications

As the name implies – it shows visitors how many people are viewing your page. This is a great sign of trust which tells someone that they’re not the only one viewing a particular page.

  • Visitor Combo Notifications

This type shows how many people visited a particular page on your site.

  • Activity Combo Notifications

This social proof marketing notification type shows your audience how many people signed up on your site.

Show how many people signed up on your website.

SocialProve Pricing

You get a free 7day free trial period to test this social proof software before you can make up your mind if it’s a good fit or not.

Here are SocialProve pricing packages found on their pricing page:

  • Starter plan: Limited to 25k notifications and costs $29/mo and $359 yearly
  • Standard plan: You get up to 250k notifications and costs $49/mo and $599 yearly
  • Business plan: 2.5 million notifications, $199/mo and $2399 yearly

One advantage SocialProve has over many of its competitors and alternative is the access to use on unlimited websites.

Nice 😊

==> Click Here Get SocialProve 7days Free

#4: WPfomify

WPfomify Social Proof Plugin WordPress

WPfomify is the best and only social proof plugin for WordPress on this list and it comes powerful with some of the greatest features to boost your online business.

A FOMO marketing plugin.

Like most WordPress plugin – WPfomify works out of the box without any need for code intervention. Works with a self-hosted WordPress website.

WPfomify increases conversion rates on your websites by displaying recent interaction, sales and sign-ups and lots more.

WPfomify functions for both eCommerce and non-eCommerce sites for displaying reviews, announcements, contact button or subscriber activity for your mailing list.

Features of WPfomify

Almost all the features you find on other social proof apps can be found on WPfomify WordPress plugin.

Furthermore – there are some other functionalities in this software:

  • For designing – you can customize the way you want your notification popups to look.
  • With WPfomify WordPress social proof marketing software, you can display real-time customer activity data from your
  • You can also connect this tool with your email service and share subscriber activities.
  • The granular targeting lets you take charge of who, when and where sees your social proof notification
  • Provision of UTM fields to add your parameters and track your conversions through Google Analytics
  • Limited Integration at the moment

WPfomify Pricing

There is no free trial available with WPfomify WP plugin but whichever package you choose – there is a 14day money-back guarantee.

Here are the plans:

  • 1 Site License: costs $99/yr for a single site
  • Unlimited Site License: costs $299/yr for unlimited sites
  • Lifetime License: costs $399 onetime fee for unlimited sites

==> Click Here to Learn More About WPfomify

#5 Morevago


Morevago helps you as a business owner to easily showcase your best reviews on your website to become the business’s new customers’ trust by using purchase notifications to create urgency.

Therefore, boosting conversions.

Morevago can likely serve as an alternative to Provely, UseProof. Requires a few minutes to set up in 3 simple steps:

Step #1: Get the pixel from your Morevago account, then copy and paste it on your website.

Step #2: Get and upload your reviews. Then customize to your taste.

Step #3: Finish and enable your social proof on your site and let your customers’ reviews do the selling for you!

Features of Morevago

  • Unlimited visitors on all plans unlike some other social proof tools
  • Easy to customize and make look the way you desire
  • Integrates with over a dozen tools

Morevago Pricing

Morevago starts with 14day free before committing to the below plans:

  • Starter plan: costs $14.99/mo for 1 domain with Morevago logo
  • Plus plan: costs $19.99/mo for 1 domain without Moregavo logo
  • Premium plan: costs $24.99/mo for 5 domains
  • Agency plan: costs $197/mo for unlimited domains

==> Click Here to Try Morevago 14day Free

#6: ProveSource

ProveSource Social Proof

ProveSource is a stand-out social proof tool that works great and integrates with any platform – website builders, landing pages, carts, stores, and many others.

Like 100+ integrations.

This app comes fully-loaded with tons of reasonable features suited for eCommerce stores, SaaS platforms, marketing agencies, travel companies, and content publishers.

A 4.8 star rated software on Capterra.

From my research so far, they’re installed on 18,000 websites worldwide, been mentioned by Shopify as one of the best social proof apps.

Provesrc is one of the few platforms providing LIVE chat support for all of its clients.

Features of ProveSource

  • Shows real-time activities

ProveSource shows 100% authentic and verified conversions, activities, and purchases. Plus, recent customer activities of recent conversions that boost credibility, reputation and trust.

  • Set Rules

You can set the Timing Rules to control the social proof notifications display time, speed, delay and much more.

The same goes for the Display Rules for deciding how and when to display the prove on your site.

Some other features include:

  • Auto tracking captures conversions from a custom web form automatically.
  • Easy customization for setting notification icon, title color, text, link and more
  • ProveSource is already a mobile-optimized solution
  • WooCommerce and Shopify native
  • It supports multi-language

Pricing of ProveSource

So far so good, this is the only social proof app you can get for free. ProveSource has a free plan, enabling you to test it before committing some funds.

  • Free plan gives access to 1k/mo monthly visitors, 1 active notification and removable ProveSrc branding.
  • Starter plan for $19/mo comes with 10k/mo visitors, unlimited notifications and removable branding.
  • Growth plan for $49/mo with 50k/mo unique visitors, custom branding.

If you want a higher traffic limit you can check ProveSource complete pricing package here.

==> Click Here to Get Start with ProveSource


#7: FOMO

Fomo Social Proof Marketing Platform

From the name alone, you need not be told what FOMO (‘fear of missing out’) as a software represents. Or do you?

According to The Oxford dictionary:

FOMO is an anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

FOMO definition

Wikipedia puts it as:

A pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.

And as we’ve talked about social proof as marketing in the first section of this post – FOMO is a technique that can be deployed using a social proof tool.

That’s enough of the whining now…

FOMO as a tool is a social proof and conversion marketing tool that has been in existence for quite a long time now. I would say one of the first out of all the tools on this list.

FOMO boasts to help honest entrepreneurs show off customer interactions (purchases, opt-ins, even pageviews) with one line of code.

And it seems true.

As its core vision isn’t to fake social proof notifications, but to give honest entrepreneurs the credibility they deserve.

No wonder they made crystal clear on their homepage that:


FOMO Features

FOMO comes with some pretty amazing features like:

  • Page rules for controlling what your page visitors see and when.
  • Integrates with almost 90 applications
  • You can translate up to 25 languages in FOMO
  • Lets you customize your social proof popup message and design (color, icon, shape, etc.)
  • A/B tests measuring variations of social proof notifications

FOMO Pricing

FOMO starts with a free 14days trial to check out the tool before you pay for the package suiting your business needs:

  • Starter plan ($19/mo) – gives you 25k notification/mo on unlimited sites
  • Essential plan ($39/mo) – gives you 50k notification/mo on unlimited sites
  • Plus plan ($79/mo) – for 250k notification/mo on unlimited sites
  • Advanced plan ($199/mo) – 3million notification/mo on unlimited sites

You can also save money on all packages 30% off when billed annually.

==> Click Here To Try FOMO

Wrapping Up

Choosing a social proof notification software app for your sales funnels and websites can seem like a confusing task.

We’ve covered 7 awesomely best popular tools for showing social proofs on pages in this roundup, but there are many more.

While it can be kind of tempting to simply go with software with the cheapest pricing options, I would say that’s not always the best way when making a choice.

There’s a lot to be said of a great app and not just it’s affordability alone.

So, I’m NOT going to go ahead to praise one or two, then ditch the other. No!

It’s all up to you to decide which is best for your needs.

Because virtually all the social proof tools covered in this list will provide competitive and comparable features.

Although I’ve heard quite a lot of good things about Useproof. In my mind I think it’s the best social proof software app right now in the market. Followed by ProveSource.

I could be wrong though.

However, do let me know which of them you’re signing up to in the comments below.

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