If you want to be successful in business, you’ll need more than just hard work; you’ll need the right CRM and sales platforms to make your business processes smoother and more efficient.

GoHighLevel and Vendasta are two powerhouse solutions reshaping how agencies and businesses operate. Picking one of these platforms is a smart move for better business operations.

You’ll find that both offer unique features tailored to meet the needs of different business models.


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Overall rating: 4.5/5
  • Pricing starts at $89/mo
  • Best for small businesses
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Basic CRM
  • Beginner friendly

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GoHighLevel is praised for its all-in-one tools, covering business management, sales automation, and lead generation. It’s a go-to choice for agencies wanting everything in one place.

Vendasta, on the other hand, is known for being easy to use. It offers a wide range of features, including support for the sale of physical products. This makes it a strong pick for businesses handling digital and tangible goods.

In this guide, I’ll explain the unique features of these platforms and their pros and cons. This will help you make a more informed decision about your business needs.

Overview of GoHighLevel and Vendasta

Free trial14-day free (here)14-day free
PricingStarts at $97 monthlyIt starts at $99 monthly
Target AudienceMarketing agenciesLarge companies
FunctionalityAll-in-one marketing solutionIntegrates various marketing solutions
Task managementAdvancedHighly advanced
InterfaceUser friendlyVisually appealing
Advanced AutomationFocused on advanced workflowsMulti-layered
Analytics and ReportingMore AdvancedAdvanced
Learning CurveSteepSteeper learning curve
Team CollaborationDesigned for agency collaborationSuitable for large companies
GoHighLevel vs. Vendasta table

What is GoHighLevel?


GoHighLevel, often referred to as simply HighLevel, is an all-in-one marketing and automation platform tailored for agencies and marketers.

It enables you to effectively manage customer relationships, marketing campaigns, and sales processes. The platform boasts various features, including CRM capabilities, pipeline management, reputation management, and marketing automation tools.

GoHighLevel makes things easier! Instead of juggling different programs, use it as your one-stop shop for everything you need. This keeps things organized and saves you time and effort.

GoHighLevel Pros

  • All-in-one marketing suite
  • Robust automation tools
  • Extensive third-party integrations
  • Comprehensive CRM
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Detailed analytics and reporting features

GoHighLevel Cons

  • Too pricey for small businesses
  • No free plan
  • Steep learning curve

What is Vendasta?


Vendasta is a comprehensive white-label platform. It is a marketplace filled with various digital tools like website builders, social media management software, email marketing platforms, and more.

Essentially, it allows you to resell these tools to local businesses under your brand. This lets you expand your service offerings without developing the tools yourself.

With Vendasta, you gain access to a wide array of solutions for managing, selling, billing, and fulfilling services at scale.

The platform is a powerful ally for companies that aim to deliver a suite of services under their brand, making it a solid contender in the reselling platform space.

Vendasta Pros

  • Strong white labeling
  • A free plan is available
  • Integration with popular third-party tools
  • Easily customizable dashboard
  • Built-in Communication Tools
  • Scalability

Vendasta Cons

  • Adaptation Time
  • Product Offering Complexity
  • Less advanced platform and interface
  • Steep learning curve

GoHighlevel vs Vendasta: Key Features

From the sophistication of marketing automation to the reliability of CRM systems, each platform provides a distinct set of features designed to empower your marketing and sales efforts.

Marketing Automation Tools

GoHighLevel Email Marketing Templates

You no longer need to struggle with various marketing tools, such as email marketing software, social media schedulers, and separate platforms for text message blasts.

GoHighLevel simplifies this by offering a comprehensive suite of marketing automation tools under one roof. This frees you from manually reaching out each time, saving you significant time and effort.

Also, no more switching between platforms. GoHighLevel lets you design email campaigns, manage social media posts, and track their performance all from a single dashboard. This centralized view makes it a breeze to monitor what’s working and what’s not.

This lets you focus on the bigger picture: crafting compelling content, strategizing effective campaigns, and ultimately growing your business.

Vendasta marketing

Vendasta, on the other hand, provides a more robust platform to manage digital marketing solutions. This includes the distribution and tracking of email campaigns and text message marketing.

Vendasta allows you to design and distribute email campaigns directly, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. It also allows you to track the performance of your campaigns to gain valuable insights into their effectiveness.

This simplifies the process and allows you to track the performance of your text message marketing efforts.

Vendasta’s strength lies in delivering a broad spectrum of digital marketing services.


Marketing Automation Tools Winner: GoHighLevel

CRM and Sales Pipeline Management

Regarding CRM and pipeline management, GoHighLevel delivers a comprehensive setup to track and nurture leads throughout your sales funnel.

The platform also tracks the progress of ongoing sales opportunities, monitors key metrics like win rates and close rates, and identifies areas for improvement.

Vendasta offers a CRM system emphasizing a cohesive approach to managing customer interactions and sales opportunities.

Use this platform to store and manage client information in a central location and track all client interactions, including emails, phone calls, and notes, providing a comprehensive record of your communication history.

The key difference is that GoHighLevel offers a complete internal system. This is ideal if you prefer an all-in-one solution and don’t mind switching to its built-in tools.

Meanwhile, Vendasta is better suited if you already have preferred CRM or marketing tools and want to manage them centrally.


CRM and Sales Pipeline Management Winner: GoHighlevel

Digital Marketing and SEO Capabilities

GoHighLevel provides various digital marketing tools that support building and optimizing online marketing campaigns.

Although it does not specialize in SEO, it includes basic website optimization features. GoHighLevel ensures that your marketing campaigns are well-monitored and analyzed for effectiveness. It does this using targeted ads and campaign analytics.

Vendasta shines in its SEO and digital marketing offerings, with comprehensive features to boost your online presence.

It focuses on helping you achieve higher search rankings and better online visibility using tools like an integrated marketing suite and extensive analytics.

Its advanced SEO tools, insights, and reports also outshines its competitors.


Digital Marketing and SEO Capabilities Winner: Vendasta

Reputation and Social Media Management

Social media

GoHighLevel’s platform includes functionalities for reputation management and social media monitoring. It helps you manage your brand’s online image with tools that facilitate engagement across various social platforms.

Vendasta helps you manage your online reputation and maintain an active social media presence. It provides end-to-end solutions for tracking public perception and engaging with your audience.

Its features include online reputation analytics, review prompts, and multi-channel management.


Reputation and Social Media Management Winner: Vendasta

Ease of Use and User Interface

When selecting the right marketing platform, the ease with which you navigate the interface and the support you receive during onboarding is critical.

Both GoHighLevel and Vendasta offer unique user interfaces designed with agency management in mind, but they differ in usability and initial support.

Interface Usability

GoHighLevel has a user-friendly interface that is often praised for its simplicity and ease of agency management. The platform provides a drag-and-drop interface, making customizing workflows and marketing funnels straightforward.

On the other hand, Vendasta’s platform is initially more challenging to navigate, especially if you’re new to marketing platforms. However, it offers comprehensive tools that become highly efficient once mastered.

Onboarding and Support

Regarding onboarding, GoHighLevel tends to have a simpler setup process that facilitates a quicker start. If you need assistance during this phase, GoHighLevel’s customer support is readily available to help you maximize the platform’s benefits.

Vendasta offers detailed onboarding support, but it will take more effort on your part to fully leverage the platform’s extensive features. The customer support from Vendasta is also known for its excellence, aiming to guide you through any complexities you encounter.


Ease of Use and User Interface Winner: GoHighLevel

Customization and Integrations

Customizing Your Online Store on GoHighLevel

Both platforms offer robust customization and integration options. These features are pivotal for tailoring the system to your brand’s needs and ensuring seamless connections with other software tools you utilize.

Custom Branding Options

With GoHighLevel, you can white-label your services.

This means you apply your branding to the platform, custom landing pages, and sales funnels. Take advantage of templates or use the funnel builder to create custom solutions that are uniquely yours.

While GoHighLevel offers some customization within its platform, it primarily focuses on utilizing its built-in tools. It integrates with a select few external services and is restrictive for businesses with preferred software solutions.

Vendasta, on the other hand, specializes in white-label solutions tailored for reselling third-party software.

It lets you connect your preferred CRM system, marketing automation platforms, email marketing services, and more. This flexibility provides a high degree of customization based on your existing software ecosystem and specific needs.

Vendasta also offers an open API, allowing developers to create custom integrations with virtually any software solution. This opens doors for extensive customization possibilities tailored to your unique business processes.

Third-Party Software Integration

Regarding integrations, GoHighLevel and Vendasta connect to various third-party applications via API, bolstering their functionality.

Both platforms enable service delivery enhancement through integrations, prompting a more efficient business operation and better client management. The choice should be aligned with your specific branding and integration needs.


Customization and Integrations Winner: Vendasta

Pricing and Plans

GoHighLevel Pricing

GoHighLevel’s pricing plans begin with a Starter plan at $97 per month, which provides essential features suitable for smaller agencies. They also offer an Unlimited planfor $297 per month—which includes additional capabilities designed to cater to more complex needs.

Vendasta, on the other hand, offers a more tiered pricing approach.

Their plans start at $99 per month and are structured to cater to businesses of different sizes and needs. Vendasta offers tiered features at various price points that suit your business as it grows.

Vendasta pricing

Both platforms offer new users a 14-day free trial. This trial allows users to test the suite of features available before committing to a subscription.


Pricing Winner: Tie

Target Audience and Market Fit

When choosing between GoHighLevel and Vendasta, it’s essential to understand which platform aligns best with the needs of your business or agency.

Ideal Clients for GoHighLevel

If your agency prioritizes CRM functionality and funnel building, GoHighLevel is the perfect fit. This platform is especially suited for marketing agencies seeking to elevate their client service game through robust campaign management solutions.

Additionally, agencies requiring white-labeling capabilities to integrate the platform under their branding seamlessly will find this solution ideal.

Resellers seeking to expand their service offerings with features like funnel building and social media management also leverage this platform to enhance their value proposition.

Finally, businesses seeking a comprehensive solution to streamline their marketing efforts and minimize reliance on multiple tools will find this all-in-one platform valuable.

Ideal Clients for Vendasta

Vendasta, on the other hand, offers a strong proposition for agencies and resellers that focus on offering a reselling platform for digital products to small and medium businesses.

If you’re looking for an extensive marketplace with various products to resell under your brand, your business will greatly benefit from Vendasta.

Businesses seeking partnership growth opportunities with a platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for their client’s digital needs will also enjoy this platform.

Customer Success and Client Management

Your success hinges on how effectively you manage client relationships and retain customers.

Client Retention Strategies

To solidify customer loyalty, GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive Client Relationship Management (CRM) system where you track each lead’s progression through an integrated pipeline feature, marking them as won or lost.

Vendasta, on the other hand, extends its capabilities to a vast array of resalable products, emphasizing support and agency management. They offer AI-powered recommendations for client success and opportunities for upselling within the platform.

Project and Appointment Management

Appointment Scheduling with GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel tailors its approach to individual clients.

A comprehensive client dashboard within GoHighLevel offers real-time transparency. Clients actively monitor progress, access updates, and gain peace of mind knowing their project is on the right track.

Additionally, a built-in calendar simplifies appointment scheduling. Both parties effortlessly schedule, reschedule, or manage appointments, minimizing the risk of missed meetings or miscommunication.

Vendasta offers a robust system designed to handle numerous projects efficiently.

This ensures that even complex undertakings are meticulously organized and delivered within deadlines. Vendasta prioritizes seamless integration with various tools, allowing businesses to leverage the best-in-class appointment scheduling software.

This fosters a centralized system for managing appointments and maintaining clear communication.


Customer Success and Client Management Winner: GoHighLevel

Final Thoughts

When deciding between HighLevel and Vendasta, consider your business’s specific needs.

HighLevel shines in its CRM, white-label, and automation features, which streamline workflows. Its month-to-month subscription offers greater flexibility without long-term commitments.

This is preferable if you’re a small business owner looking for a robust CRM or if you’re an agency looking to white-label your platform.

Vendasta, on the other hand, is well-suited for agencies looking to expand their revenue stream by selling physical products. Vendasta is invaluable for maintaining a positive online presence and is crucial for branding and client trust.

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