Not every ClickFunnels user is pleased with its inbuilt autoresponder capability. Especially if you’re someone like me who chooses to stick to an external email service to be on the safe side – so my business wouldn’t suffer when there’d be an issue with ClickFunnels’ software.

You’re not alone.

If you’re looking for the best email autoresponder for ClickFunnels that easily integrates with your sales funnels and entire business – I’d definitely go with ActiveCampaign autoresponder because it has everything you need to grow and scale your business without emptying your wallet.

We shall go over a few more of the best email services you can connect to your funnels – then look at how to connect them (at the end) to work properly.

Let’s get started.

7 Best Email Autoresponder for ClickFunnels

Here are my picks for the best autoresponder for ClickFunnels:

The best autoresponder for ClickFunnels makes it easy to integrate your funnels and pages without any hassles, automate follow-ups and send broadcasts all with ease.

An excellent autoresponder solution for online businesses – generally – should serve as a relationship and nurturing tool that’s very easy to use no matter what.

Some of the best features I myself look out for always are – automation, fine tagging, segmentation, analytics/tracking, and forms. Hence, the list below has been carefully tested and selected to suit your needs.

1. ActiveCampaign

The first autoresponder for ClickFunnels on my list is ActiveCampaign. This is the best option for small business owners who utilize sales funnels in growing their business online. I use it myself and I highly recommend it.

This is not just email marketing software. It is also a nice CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for managing different parts of your business and customer sales cycle.

If you’re a small, medium, or large business owner – then this is the best platform to link and use with your ClickFunnels account. As it helps businesses connect, engage, and communicate with their contacts through powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use email automation systems.

It comes with tons of features you need to check out for yourself here.

And the best part is that it takes a few seconds for you to integrate Activecampaign with your ClickFunnels account.

Most ClickFunnels users favor ActiveCampaign as their preferred third-party solution due to its awesome automation features.

For example, below is a question asked in a thread a while ago:

Best autoresponder ClickFunnels question

Check out the responses below:

Over 10 ClickFunnels users can’t be wrong in choosing Activecampaign as their preferred email service for their businesses, right? Clearly, this shows that ActiveCampaign is a deal-breaker for anyone desiring to do exploits with email automation and funnels.

How much does ActiveCampaign cost?

Apart from the cool features of ActiveCampaign, it also has a competitive pricing structure compared to many email services out there.

  • Lite Plan Costs $9 per month for 500 contacts
  • Plus Plan Costs $49/per month
  • Professional Plan Costs$129/month
  • Enterprise Plan (based on customization)

The cool thing about this email marketing service is that they offer a 14-day free trial to test out ActiveCampaign without paying.

Click here to get started with ActiveCampaign free

2. GetResponse

Getresponse email autoresponder

GetResponse is another great autoresponder solution for marketers. It’s pretty easy to learn and use than ActiveCampaign. And comes with more marketing-oriented features.

With GetResponse you’ll be able to:

  • Create a mailing list and send broadcasts
  • Build landing pages
  • Automate emails
  • View analytics and monitor email campaigns
  • Host webinars
  • Create marketing funnels
  • And lots more

GetResponse used to be known mainly as an email marketing service, but it has evolved over the years to become an all-in-one solution. More like a ClickFunnels alternative – but from my experience, it doesn’t match up.

GetResponse is one of the best autoresponders you can connect with your ClickFunnels and link to your marketing funnels. I highly recommend this platform if you’re into affiliate marketing or MLM, or have plans to send sponsored content to your lists.

Besides serving as an awesome email service for ClickFunnels – apparently, GetResponse is the best email autoresponder for affiliates. If you’re an affiliate marketer – do not use ActiveCampaign as your third-party autoresponder solution in ClickFunnels or include such links in your emails. You may get banned if you don’t do things right.

For any other activity besides affiliate promotions, Activecampaign is the best and Getresponse follows suit.

How much is GetResponse?

Currently, there are four plans available and the first plan starts from $15/mo for 500 contacts.

  • Free plan – $0.00
  • The Email Marketing plan – is $19/mo
  • The Marketing Automation plan – starts at $59/mo
  • The Ecommerce plan – $119/mo

Click here to get started with GetRespone free

3. Constant Contact

Constant contact autoresponder

Constant Contact is another email autoresponder that integrates nicely with ClickFunnels, making it easy to add subscribers and send automated email campaigns. With Constant Contact, you can create highly effective email campaigns that engage and convert your audience.

The integration with ClickFunnels allows you to add a subscribe form to your funnel pages, making it easy to grow your list.

You can also use Constant Contact’s powerful segmentation and automation features to send targeted emails that get results.

Some other key features include:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Robust Tracking and Reporting
  • Customizable & Optimized Email Templates
  • Pop Up Forms
  • Email Scheduling
  • A/B Testing
  • Social Media Tools
  • E-commerce Selling Options

Constant Contact Pricing

  • Core plan – Starting at $9.99/mo (based on the number of contacts)
  • Plus plan – Starting at $45/mo (based on the number of contacts)

Click here to try Constant Contact for free

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit email tool

Another cool email marketing provider you can integrate with your ClickFunnels sales funnel and landing pages is ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is a powerful autoresponder platform that provides great automation capabilities that allows you to create, send, and automate emails based on your audience’s needs.

This email autoresponder is popular among content creators. Bloggers, YouTubers, Influencers, and Podcasters.

They also launched a free ConvertKit plan a while ago that allows up to 300 subscribers (with drastic limits) and the ability to use their landing page feature.

Some of its key features include:

  • Ability to simple landing pages and forms
  • Automate emails and send broadcast
  • Cool reporting dashboard
  • Visual automation

ConvertKit might be the best option if you do more content production than selling.

For example, a marketing influencer – With ConvertKit email marketing autoresponder, your best content is delivered to the right people at the best time.

ConvertKit provides a simple email marketing autoresponder solution for ClickFunnels users that want more advanced features of an autoresponder without having to use ClickFunnels’ own inbuilt follow-up funnels.

How much is ConvertKit?

Although you get a free plan that allows 300 subscribers and also a paid plan for the same number of subscribers – there is a difference.

On the paid plan of 1,000 subs, you’ll access features like reporting, visual automation funnels, automated sequences, and free migration.

ConvertKit pricing packages start from $15 per month – creator plan.

Click here to get started with ConvertKit!

4. Moosend

Moosend tool

Moosend email marketing software is an affordable autoresponder for ClickFunnels. Another of my favorite on the list. But not as robust as the ones I mentioned above. From my experience so far.

Moosend can be used by any small business owner, blogger, agency, or affiliate marketer who wants to increase their sales and revenue with email marketing.

Since Moosend works seamlessly with ClickFunnels, you can easily use it alongside your ClickFunnel account.

Moosend is best for those who want to quickly start building their email subscriber lists and send regular emails (including automated messages).

You can use it to manage multiple email campaigns and mailing lists. It also has a built-in campaign editor that lets you design and sends newsletters.

Moosend Pricing

Moosend starts with a $0 Free Forever plan for all, to $9 per month, then all the way to the custom/enterprise plan.

Get Moosend here for free here

5. AWeber

AWeber email software

AWeber is one of the most popular and oldest email autoresponders on the market. ClickFunnels is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to create sales funnels and capture leads. When used together, these two tools can help you build a successful online business.

AWeber provides a number of features that make it an ideal autoresponder for use with ClickFunnels. First, it offers a wide range of templates and tools for building professional-looking emails.

Second, it includes built-in support for integrations with popular email providers – and AWeber’s delivery rates are among the best in the industry, meaning that your messages are more likely to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. Combined, these features make AWeber an excellent choice for those looking to use an email autoresponder with ClickFunnels.

But being a user who has been using this email software for close to two years – I would say that it’s an autoresponder and automation capability could be pretty basic depending on what you want.

AWeber is not as sophisticated as that of ActiveCampaign.

Just like most of the autoresponder solutions on this list, AWeber integrates with top marketing and business services in the industry as well.

How much is AWeber?

AWeber is a bit more expensive than its competitors on this list to start. It gives you access to up to 500 subscribers for $19 per month.

Which includes all of the features needed to run your business. This includes segmenting, analytics, sign-up forms, templates, and landing pages.

After that, you’ll be paying $29/month. If you want more than 2,500 subscribers, you’ll be on the $49/month plan.

Click here to try AWeber

6. Keap (Infusionsoft)

Are you looking for a more powerful email autoresponder with an all-in-one CRM solution for your entire sales and marketing needs? Then I think you need to look at the direction of this email autoresponder called Keap. Formerly called Infusionsoft.

It has more advanced sales, marketing, and automation needs. Just as ActiveCampaign does.

Although this is a platform popularly compared to large CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc. – it still perfectly integrates with ClickFunnels as an email service.

On the flip side, I wouldn’t recommend Keap if your needs are for sending broadcasts, automation, and a few other basic email tasks. Just go with any of the other autoresponders on this list.

How much does Keap cost?

Keap lowest pricing starts from $79 per month which includes 500 contacts.

Get started with Keap here

How to Connect an Autoresponder with ClickFunnels

There are lots of other email marketing software not mentioned here, that integrates with ClickFunnels. In fact, over up to 95% of all email marketing tools softly connect with ClickFunnels without stress.

The above was the best and a top option for existing users from the ClickFunnels community (yeah, I did my research).

Other nice autoresponders you might want to consider are MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Mailerlite.

MailChimp, in particular, is a free autoresponder for ClickFunnels. It has a free plan that lets you use segmentation and simple autoresponders.

Yeah, this could be a great fit for your business if you just want to use a little bit of automation.

Integrating Your Favorite Autoresponder

The process of linking your chosen email marketing automation software in ClickFunnels is almost the same for all.

Not that rigid if I must say.

Here is how to do that from within your ClickFunnels funnel step:

  • Step #1: From within your page editor, navigate to the Settings dropdown and click “Integrations.”
Integrate autoresponder
  • Step #2: Next to Integration, select the autoresponder integration you wish to use (AWeber shown in the example here)
  • Step #3: Next to Action, select to “Add to List” (or related action)
  • Step #4: Finally, select the List you wish to add contacts to
  • Step #5: Then Save your page

If you want a specific guideline on how to integrate your favorite autoresponder – check out this help doc containing all the ClickFunnels autoresponder list.

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Why Do You Need an Autoresponder for ClickFunnels?

When I joined ClickFunnels over four years ago, my main goal was to use it mainly for affiliate marketing because I never had a product of mine to sell on the platform.

So, I got my hands on a few Business In a Box (BIB) shared sales funnel built by some of the top ClickFunnels affiliates, then I began using them to promote ClickFunnels with some other affiliate offers.

Yeah, that was how I got into using ClickFunnels.

Back then, I had no intention or whatsoever to subscribe for the Etison Suite plan – now called the ClickFunnels Platinum – of $297, because the $97 plan is more than enough to cater all I needed.

Since the later plan does not give me access to the inbuilt ClickFunnels autoresponder and email features, I had to integrate my own favorite email tool.

Now back to you:

You’re in search of a good email marketing service to build your list, automate things, grow relationships with subscribers, and make sales in your business.

Maybe for the same reason, I gave above or for some good reason known best to you:

Maybe you’re just getting started with sales funnels and marketing – then I don’t think there’s a need for you to subscribe to the higher plan of $297.

All you need to run your online business are a few pages, funnels, and features. And no, you don’t need the inbuilt affiliate center, follow-ups funnels, etc.

This pricing table below gives an idea…

ClickFunnels Pricing table

From the pricing features above, you don’t really need much as a beginner. In my opinion.

Also, Absolutely NOT everyone wants their business to be locked or held within a single platform – even though ClickFunnels happens to be an all-one marketing system.

It’s kinda risky. I agree 100%.

And you know, the email contacts you collect from your sales funnel would all be stored inside of your ClickFunnels account.

This is another reason why you might want to integrate a third-party email service into your ClickFunnels. There are more reasons though – but the idea is getting a perfect email marketing software that swiftly integrates with CF.

Final Thoughts on Best Autoresponder for ClickFunnels

So now you might be wondering which autoresponder tool should you choose? Ultimately, choosing the best email autoresponder for ClickFunnels isn’t that difficult at all. At the end of the day, it all comes down to asking yourself a few questions like:

“Which autoresponder software is best for my particular business?”

“Which autoresponder pricing structure is good for the level of my business?”

There are many things to consider when choosing the best autoresponder for ClickFunnels like email marketing automation, ease of use, sales funnels and list size, etc.

The best solution is often a combination of solutions that work together seamlessly with your business needs in mind.

There is no one-size-fits-all-best email service.

The best way to decide which option will work the best is to take advantage of their free trials so you can see how they all work firsthand. However, if you’d rather go with my very own recommendation and that of other ClickFunnels’ users (based on my survey and research) – try ActiveCampaign by clicking the button below.

It combines easy list management, strong email automation capabilities, and an affordable price.

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