Looking for the best Jasper AI alternatives to defeat writer’s block and meet your content needs?

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AI writing tools are on the rise. Not only do they give you content ideas but they now generate original, persuasive, and marketing content in minutes.

From emails, ads, frameworks, rewrites, and blog posts, to even startup taglines, these AI-powered tools have been trained to streamline your content generation process and make life easier for you.

We’d all agree that Jarvis AI (now Jasper.AI) is one powerful AI writing tool. That’s what I’ve been using since April 2020. It’s been my lifesaver!

Unfortunately, some writers and marketers do not see it that way. Obviously, it is expensive.

In this post, I’ll show you the best alternatives to Jasper AI you should consider if you’re frustrated or not capable to afford Jasper AI.

Let’s dive in!

Best Jasper AI Alternatives To Consider In 2022

SoftwareBlog ArticlesFree TrialStarting Plan
Shortly AIYes No$79/mo
Copy AINo7-days$49/mo
Copysmith AINo3-day Free$19/mo
WriteSonicNo$0 Free$11.6/mo
Closers CopyNoNo$29.99/mo
Snazzy AINo$0 Free$49/mo
Funnel ScriptsNoNoOnetime $797

Let’s get started reviewing our list of Jasper AI alternatives…

#1. Shortly AI

shortly ai

Shortly AI is the best and only Jasper AI alternative on this that supports long-form blog content.

Shortly AI is your AI writing partner to get past writers’ block and generate short-form and long-form content.

The AI writing tool is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 – one of the biggest neural-network powered language models in the world.

This AI model has been trained to write in almost 500 billion words!

Recently, ShortlyAI was acquired by Jasper AI.

Jasper.ai founder, Dave Rogenmoser initially made the announcement on Jasper.ai’s Facebook community and said they plan to integrate some of ShortlyAI’s powerful functionality into their tool to help you get better long-form content output.

Conversion ai and Shortly ai

For now, ShortlyAI will be left as a standalone product, existing customers will continue their plans at their locked-in price point while pricing for new customers has been raised.

Shortly AI comes with a minimal interface that features a built-in blank text editor, and a small text box on the sidebar and does a great job of helping you write long-form content.

You just go into the text editor, type your desired content instructions and the AI tool writes for you.

Benefits of Using ShortlyAI

If you’re looking to get past writer’s block, then ShortlyAI is a Jasper AI alternative you should consider.

I love the fact that the tool is powered by state-of-the-art AI (openAI’s GPT-3) and it produces original, usable content output (short-form and long-form), you almost don’t need to worry about tweaking.

The tool checks your content to ensure it’s completely original and passes all common plagiarism checkers.

Another thing I love about Shortly AI is the wide range of content types it supports.

Using the tool, I can handle all of my content needs including:

  • Longform SEO blog posts
  • AIDA framework
  • Questions and Answers Template
  • Article Brief
  • Book Titles
  • Feature-Benefit
  • Listicle templates
  • Content Outline
  • Poem
  • Product Description
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Video Description, Ideas, Titles, and Hooks

And more.

Lastly, ShortlyAI has no credit system. This means you can generate content as you like. If ALL these benefits interests you, then you should give Shortly AI a spin.

Shortly AI Pricing

Shortlyai pricing

ShortlyAI offers you a free, limited trial and two pricing plans as a new user:

  • Monthly Plan for $79/month
  • Annual Plan for $65/month (billed annually)

Both plans provide the same features; powerful commands to help you write content and continuous product updates.

The only difference is that the annual plan is 40% cheaper than the monthly plan.

Shortly AI doesn’t use a credit system and you can write as much as you like on any plan.

#2. Copy AI

copy ai

Another awesome Jasper AI alternative is Copy AI.

Copy AI describes its tool as having a legion of copywriters indulging you with content ideas and generating high-converting copy for you.

Powered by the world’s most advanced AI language model, the tool generates various types of copy for you without lifting a finger.

Copy.ai was built in 2020 and currently boasts of having 100,000+ users. Their co-founder recently tweeted that the company has hit the $100k MRR milestone.

It’s a Jasper.ai alternative worth looking into.

Benefits of Using Copy AI

I found Copy AI intuitive to use. Although you can’t write long-form blog posts with it.

The tool was built on the world’s most advanced AI language model to help you write better copy.

Copy AI comes with 40+ tools to create various copy types including:

  • Digital Ad Copy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Linkedin Ads)
  • eCommerce Copy (Product descriptions, Product benefits, and Microscopy)
  • Social Media Content (Captions, Topics, and Instagram posts)
  • Blog Content (Titles, Outlines, Blog intros, and more)
  • Website Copy (Hero text, Sub-headers, and Meta descriptions)
  • Sales Copy (Before-After-Bridge (BAB), Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) and more)

If you want to learn how to use Copy.ai, they have an active Facebook community for you.

Copy AI Pricing

copy ai pricing

Copy.ai comes with two pricing plans:

  • Solo Plan for $49/month
  • Multiple Seats at a custom price

Before paying for Copy AI, you get 7 days of free access with 100 runs per day (no credit card required).

The Solo plan offers you unlimited runs to use all of Copy.ai’s tools and new features.

While the Multiple Seat plan is great for larger teams and gets a collaboration feature.

You can also pay yearly and get an annual discount to save costs.

#3. Copysmith AI

Copysmith ai

Copysmith AI is another alternative to Jasper AI which offers an AI-powered platform to generate copy for your business.

The company was founded in October 2020 and uses GPT-3 to generate blog posts, social media posts, ads, product descriptions, and more.

CopySmith has recently generated investment funding for growth to become the go-to AI tool for creative content generation.

And they are working towards a future where the frustration of generating content is non-existent and writers’ block becomes a thing of the past.

Benefits of Using Copysmith

CopySmith will help you save time in generating content.

No more worries about writers’ block or having blank page syndrome. You can generate content including ads, emails, blog posts ideas, product descriptions, and more with zero experience.

I love that this tool writes your content word-by-word to make sure your output is plagiarism-free.

Another thing you’ll love about CopySmith is the ability to generate, organize, save, edit, import, and export your copy. This makes team collaboration easy to achieve.

CopySmith provides 30+ copy templates for a range of use cases.

And I found these templates helpful in simplifying my content marketing efforts.

You can use these templates to generate content for a range of use cases including:

  • Amazon Product Description
  • Ads (Facebook Ad, Google Ads Instagram Ad, and more)
  • Blogs and SEO content
  • AIDA Framework
  • FAQ Ideas
  • Listicle
  • Pain-Benefit Solution
  • YouTube Video Description
  • Branding

And much more.

This AI writing is a worthy alternative to Jasper AI and leverages the power of AI to generate persuasive copy.

Copysmith AI Pricing

copysmith pricing

Copysmith AI comes with three pricing plans to help you generate copies and save time:

  • Starter Plan for $19/month
  • Professional Plan for $59/month
  • Enterprise Plan for $499/month

The starter plan offers 50 credits along with 20 plagiarism checks every month. Each credit generates 5 – 20 content results.

On the Professional and Enterprise plan, you get unlimited credits to generate copy as well as advanced features like integration and team collaboration

Copysmith AI provides a 3-day free trial to take the tool for a spin (no credit card required). And there’s a 15% discount when you pay yearly.

#4. WriteSonic


WriteSonic – a free Jasper Ai alternative – is an AI-powered writing tool that has been trained to generate better copy for your brand.

The tool is available in over 18 languages and helps you write high-performing marketing ideas, ads, landing page copy, product descriptions, and more.

WriteSonic was also built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology and has been featured in media publications such as Entrepreneur, Tech Radar, and VentureBeat.

Benefits of Using WriteSonic

I love that WriteSonic comes bundled with a range of tools to generate content.

If you need a Jasper.ai alternative to generate content in other languages, this is one of your best bets.

WriteSonic has a 4.9 rating on TrustPilot and thousands of entrepreneurs use the tool to meet their content needs.

And guess what? WriteSonic is FREE to use.

The tool has a free plan that lets you test ALL of its features before paying a dime.

In case you’re wondering, here are the content types you can generate with WriteSonic:

  • Website Copy (Landing Pages, SEO Meta Descriptions, and more)
  • Digital Ads Copy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more)
  • Article/Blog Copy (Article Summary, Blog Ideas, and more)
  • eCommerce Copy (Product Descriptions and Sales Emails)
  • Copywriting Formulas (Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA)
  • Other Tools (Startup Ideas, Press Releases, and more)

WriteSonic Pricing

writesonic pricing

WriteSonic lets you use the AI writing tool for free and pay as you grow with three pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan for $11.60/month
  • Professional Plan for $39.60/month
  • Business Plan for $199.60/month

The free trial is limited and gets you only 10 credits to generate content daily.

You’ll have to switch to any of the paid plans to maximize the power of WriteSonic.

The starter plan offers 75 credits to generate all types of content.

While the Professional and Business plan offers unlimited credits making it a good fit for businesses that need content at scale.

As a WriteSonic user, you may cancel your plan anytime and there’s a tiny annual discount when you pay yearly.

#5. Closers Copy

Closers Copy

Closers Copy is an AI-powered tool that promises to write great advertising copy for you, even if you have zero experience.

The tool is powered by GPT-3 technology to streamline your writing process. It features an AI editor, drag-and-drop capabilities, and a template library to generate copy for your business.

Benefits of Using Closers Copy

As a beginner, you’ll find Closers Copy easy to use even with little copy experience.

It’s a Jasper AI alternative that helps you write ad copy using one of the latest AI and machine learning language models (GPT-3 technology).

The tool comes with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop copy editor which I found useful in drafting my content.

And they also provided a ton of highly converting, specially-handpicked copy templates to get started with.

You get various copy templates for:

  • Sales letters
  • Ads
  • Emails

And more.

And in case you need ideas and inspiration, there’s a database of 18,000+ ad copy samples you can rely on.

One thing that sets Closers Copy apart from Jasper.ai is its bunch of add-on tools.

These tools help you enhance your writing process and they include:

Thesaurus lookup, power words lookup, copy analysis, team collaboration, emotion analysis, keyword analysis, spam analysis, and more.

Closers Copy Pricing

Closers copy pricing

Closers Copy comes with three pricing tiers for you to get started generating content:

  • Starter Plan for $29.99/month
  • Professional Plan for $49.99/month
  • Unlimited Plan for $79.99/month

All plans get you access to the AI editor, copy builder, templates library, and other necessary features.

The Starter plan only lets you write up to 50,000 characters monthly. It’s a good fit for writers with little content needs.

The Professional plan offers you 200,000 characters monthly and you get unlimited characters on the Unlimited plan.

#6. Snazzy AI

Snazzy ai

Snazzy AI claims to be the easiest and simplest way to create unlimited content for your brand.

From ads to landing page copy, the tool is built on GPT-3 AI technology to help you create content.

In May 2021, Snazzy AI was acquired by landing page creator, Unbounce.

Unbounce acquired Snazzy AI with an intent to help users of their landing page tool generate copy and create optimized marketing campaigns way faster.

Right now, you can use Snazzy AI to quickly generate high-quality content for over 90 use cases including ad headlines, landing page copy, emails, product descriptions, and more.

Snazzy AI has grown to over 30,000 users after its official launch in February 2021 and it’s an awesome (free) Jasper AI alternative to consider.

Benefits of Using Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI is a Jasper.ai alternative you can depend on if you struggle to create content for your brand.

This particular AI writing tool helps you generate human, scalable content ideas in minutes.

Snazzy AI provides you with an AI content generator along with a range of content templates. I found the templates useful and a great starting point.

You can generate various content types with Snazzy AI including:

  • Google Ads
  • Taglines
  • Landing Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Emails

Snazzy AI has a free forever plan (Starter plan).

So if you don’t have the budget to maintain a Jasper AI plan, this AI writing tool is a free alternative.

Snazzy AI is suited for marketing agencies, content teams, e-commerce business owners, and startups. In addition, Snazzy AI gets you access to a browser extension to rewrite your content.

Snazzy AI Pricing

snazzy ai pricing

Snazzy AI comes with two pricing plans to scale your content needs with their AI tool.

They have a Starter Plan which is free and allows you generate every content type (up to 5 times daily).

It’s a great starting point if you want to test out the tool.

The Growth Plan for $49/month ($300/year) offers you access to unlimited credits to generate content along with profile switching, and same-day support.

Snazzy AI offers a 49% annual discount, reducing the Growth plan to $25/monthly ($300/year).

And you can cancel your plan anytime you wish to.

#7. Funnel Scripts

Funnel scripts

Funnel Scripts is an automated tool that writes all your scripts, sales letters, ads, emails, and webinar slides in minutes.

Funnel Scripts is entirely different from the rest copywriting tools on this list – not AI-powered.

The tool was developed by the duo of Jim Edwards (copywriting expert) and Russell Brunson (sales funnels expert and CEO of ClickFunnels).

Funnel Scripts is quite easy to use. You don’t have to become a world-class copywriter nor have to hire a world-class copywriter to generate copy for your funnels.

If you need copy written for your sales and marketing funnels, Funnel Scripts is awesome.

Benefits of Using Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts makes it easy for you to generate sales copy for your business.

To use Funnel Scripts, you’ll have to answer some questions about your business and leave it to do the magic.

I found the tool impressive with plenty of scripts available to generate copy for various use cases.

Some of the scripts you’ll get include:

  • Sales Copy & Video scripts (Amazon/Ecom scripts, Lead Capture Scripts, Magic Bullet Scripts, Order Bump Scripts, and more)
  • Bullet Scripts (Brunson Bullet Scripts, Feature, Benefits, Meaning (FBM) Bullet Scripts)
  • Advertising Scripts (Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts, Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts, Stealth Close Scripts)
  • Content Creation (Free Report scripts, Seinfeld Email Topic Idea scripts)
  • Email (Auto Email Follow-up Scripts, Faster Teaser, and Tweet Scripts, Promote Your Webinar Scripts, Webinar Follow up Scripts)
  • Titles (Email Subject Line Scripts, Killer Headlines V2.0, Short Headline Scripts, Profitable Title Scripts)
  • Sales Letters (Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts, Short Sales Letter Script, PPT Video Sales Script)

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts goes for a one-time payment of $797 and this gives you lifetime access to the tool, monthly coaching with Jim Edwards, and more.

Some of the bonuses you get along with the tool include:

  • Inception Secrets
  • Funnel Blueprints
  • 5 Fast Shared Funnels
  • Live Monthly Coaching Call With Jim Edwards
  • Copywriting Secrets Masterclass

Why Should You Consider a Jasper AI Alternatives?

Jasper AI is a tool built around an AI assistant called Jasper to write better copy for you.

Jarvis on Desk

Jasper is amazing when it comes to writing ads, emails, website copy, long-form, blog content, and more for various industries.

But the tool has some flaws which you might have probably discovered.

The 400-character and 20,000-word limit on the Starter plan is a challenge. Jasper gives you a limit to how long you can create content on its lower plan.

This means you can’t generate entire blog posts on the lower-tier plan. Disappointing!

You get access to the unlimited long-form blog writer on the expensive plan. Could be a turnoff for a new blogger looking to write SEO posts.

Also, I found out on the longer form editor that the output was somehow inaccurate, random, or identical to what was inputted at times. Unless you’re subscribed on the Boss Mode plan.

The Boss Mode is awesome and looks back up to 3k characters instead of 600 – Which costs more still.

So frustrating.

Then, it’s time to look for the best Jasper.ai alternatives.

Final Words – Which is the Best?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Jasper AI, there are many options you can jump on and test their free trial.

And as you can see in this list, the perfect choice for you depends on your specific content needs and budget.

If you want a powerful Jasper AI alternative that’s powered by state-of-the-art AI (openAI’s GPT-3) and produces a wide range of original content output for you, then ShortlyAI is one I would recommend.

Shortly AI is the ONLY available and ‘worth-it AI copywriting tool that’s suitable and capable to replace Jasper.

You can craft your long-form blog posts and SEO-friendly content on Shortly – just as on Jasper AI.

Get Started With Shortly AI Free Here.

Besides, the long-form writer, I believe every other software on this list can serve 100% with other of your marketing copies.

Which Jasper.ai alternative will you be considering?

Let me know in the comments.

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