Quora for affiliate marketing

I joined Quora back in 2017. And my answers have generated over 100k views.

150k views precisely!

See below:

my Quora stats

I was last active on the platform back in 2020. And till date I still get eyes to my content (2k last month) and some referral visits to my websites and clicks to my affilate links. See my Quora profile here.

However, a common question I get from people is:

“Is Quora actually good for affiliate marketing?”

While I’ve done affiliate marketing on Quora to some degree – many lazy affiliate marketers ask this question and I’m here to clear the air on this. There are several ways to thrive as an affiliate marketer and affiliate marketing with Quora could be one of them. 

Quora is a community of engaged users. It is a question-and-answer site with a large audience. It has over 600 million views every month making it easy to find any target audience. 

One of the major issues associated with affiliate marketing is finding targeted traffic and Quora could be one of the best places to generate this traffic.

In this post, we explore the ways you can use Quora to drive traffic and increase conversions for your affiliate links. You’ll learn how to join engaging conversations, target high-value customers, and build a reputation as a trusted expert in your field.

Let’s get started!

What Is Quora Affiliate Marketing? 

In affiliate marketing, publishers promote a product or service made by another advertiser or retailer using an affiliate link. In affiliate marketing, a product or service is promoted by being shared on a blog, social networking site, podcast, or website. Quora affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of a product or service on the Quora site.

The goal of every affiliate marketer running an affiliate website is to establish himself as an authority in a niche. Quora presents a platform where you can show such expertise. 

Why Quora is a Good Platform for Affiliate Marketing

Quora is a community of highly engaged users, and people spend a lot of time every day in search of answers and to learn new things.  

This traffic in Quora is called search and direct, which is the best form of traffic. People, there are individuals interested in whatever your niche is all about.

Quora records millions of views per month making it easy to access any target audience. 

Many people have tried affiliate marketing in quora and succeeded at it. Some of them were nice enough to share how they got huge money from posting affiliate links on quora. 

After reading this article, you can check out other YouTube videos to be inspired. Quora affiliate marketing can be very easy and profitable if done right.

Note: Although affiliate marketing is legal, certain rules guide affiliate marketing platforms like Quora. You need to be careful when using Quora for affiliate marketing. 

Using direct affiliate links on Quora can cause your account to be banned or suspended because it is against their rules. 

How To Use Quora For Affiliate Marketing

Yes, now you know that Quora is a great platform for affiliate marketing. But the real question now is “How can you use Quora for affiliate marketing?”. It is important to use Quora affiliate marketing the right way, or else you won’t get any relevant results. You’ll probably be wasting your time. 

Here’s how to use Quora affiliate marketing the right way.

1. Create A Strong Quora Profile

To stand out in the ocean of Quora users, you need to put effort into optimizing your profile.  If you want people to trust you and click on your links, you need to first get their attention with a strong profile. 

People love to take advice or get information from experts. The best way to show you are one is through your profile. 

What does your profile say about you?

Your headline and profile text are essential because they demonstrate to the reader your authority to respond to inquiries in your profession. Note that for every answer you provide on Quora, your profile bio appears next to the answer.

Your knowledge, experience, and interests should be well-described in a decent profile and bio. 

So here’s how to do it: 

  • Make your experience clear in your headline. 
  • State your expertise and areas of interest. 
  • You can also add a video introduction to your profile.
  • You can add your affiliate website link.
  • Add publications and collaborations in your field.
  • Add interesting professional stories and achievements.
  • Add your social media profiles and other web pages.

The more questions you answer on Quora, the more traffic you generate to your profile. It will be great if you can lead people to your website from your profile. A good bio and profile should showcase your interest, experience, expertise, and what you help people with. 

Being an affiliate marketer myself, I love talking about sales funnels and reviewing software. A quick look at my profile shows I have experience in these fields and I’ve answered several questions on these niches. 

When someone visits your profile, they get to see your responses, which also reveals your knowledge about your niche. 

Before venturing into affiliate marketing on Quora, you need to find a product to promote. This product must be something you believe in because it is easier to sell what you believe in and have trust in. Ever tried selling something you have no trust and believe in, it is difficult to sell.

2. Find Popular Questions in Your Niche

This is literally how I started using Quora years ago when I got started – by finding questions in my industry.

  • Using the search button, type in any topic in your niche. Example, Content Marketing.
  • The next display shows the number of views the topic has. You will also see the following options – Read, Answer, and Most Viewed Writers.

The “Read” option contains popular questions on the niche topic you selected.

The “Answer” option shows you the recently posted questions that need an answer. 

The “Most Viewed Writers” option shows you the most viewed writers on that topic. Now, under any writer’s bio, click on “view answers.” 

Look into the writer’s most viewed answers; sort the questions according to “all-time views” to display the most popular ones.

You can also track relevant topics and when you do, click on the notification button to ensure you stay up to date. 

Since you are an expert and have shared your ideas on your blog, there are high chances that you have answered some of the questions on Quora on your blog. What you can do is find such questions, add valuable answers, and link to your blog content.

3. Provide Valuable and Relevant Answers

While providing answers to questions on Quora, your goal should be to provide value to your reader. Your answers should be relevant to your question. The more valuable your questions are, the more likely people will follow you and visit your blog or website.

While it’s okay to provide answers to already answered questions, ensure you add more details or extra relevant information in your answers. 

You can provide real-life examples. This makes your answers relatable. Endeavor to be original in your response to questions. Always, get your facts correct.

While writing your answers, avoid writing them in huge blocks of letters. Always, paragraph your answers. Paragraphing makes your work easy to read. Use hyperlinked text to your affiliate website rather than just using URLs. 

You can also add visuals to your answers. Images are powerful communication media. They increase comprehension, retention, and recollection. You can also add visual clues to your answers. Visual clues help with decoding text and attracting attention.

Adding images to your answers will increase your upvotes. It is best to find and add only images that are relevant to your answers. However, don’t overuse images to avoid getting your readers bored.

While inputting your answers, beware of the texts that exist before the “more” button. The texts there should induce curiosity in your answers. If those texts are not active or captivating enough, people will scroll past your answers without even reading further.

Other Things to Know About Affiliate Marketing With Quora

Before using Quora for affiliate marketing, there are certain important things you need to know so you don’t make a grievous mistake. 

1. Direct linking to affiliate offers is not allowed

Quora doesn’t allow direct linking to affiliate links (even to some sites) to keep their sites safe from spammers and scammers. 

Note: Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve used affiliate links within my answers on Quora in the past. Many were flagged and just a few weren’t – which I used bit.ly link shortener.

For me, the best way of doing affiliate marketing on Quora is by linking to the affiliate landing page you created to promote a product. By doing it this way, you are safe and Quora won’t frown at you by taking down your offer. 

When I was actively using Quora for affiliate marketing, I linked to my blog post where I talked deeper about the solutions or answers to the questions the reader asked. 

Sometimes, I link to some of my product reviews and comparison posts. In those posts, my affiliate links were there so when the reader visits my blog post, they can easily click on my affiliate links.

2. Answers with affiliate links are considered spam and are deleted

My guess for this is that Quora may have considered that some “affiliate marketers” can be too desperate to get more link clicks. So they may spam every answer section with their links, even though the answer provided is irrelevant to the question. 

To protect their user’s interests, Quora frowns at any answer considered spam, including answers with affiliate links. Posting direct affiliate links can get your account suspended or banned.

3. You can promote your affiliate links indirectly

Direct your readers to a blog or page that has your affiliate promotions. You can write one or two answer paragraphs relevant to a question. Then link to a blog post or landing page that you have created in the answer you wrote.

4. You can also share your content in Quora spaces

Quora spaces are free topic-based groups that anyone can join. Search for relevant spaces that suit your affiliate products. If you dive into any space and just start posting links, you might as well be wasting your time. 

You can also create your own Quota space, but ensure you have meaningful and useful content. If you don’t have meaningful content, the moderators can reprimand you thinking you want to spam the community. 

5. You can also promote products on Quora by asking questions

One funny tactic is that you can also ask questions related to your products or industry, but make sure to frame them in a way that is genuinely curious and seeks to generate a useful discussion. Avoid self-promotion and steer clear of questions that are overly commercial in nature.

You can ask questions about specific features of your affiliate product and how they benefit the user. This can help to generate interest about that offer and educate potential customers about what it can do.

Top Quora Alternatives for Affiliate Marketing

1. Quora Vs. Reddit 

Reddit, like Quora, is a good platform for affiliate marketing. It however has the same rules as Quora which includes no direct linking. Failure to adhere results in a ban.

Unlike Quora which is a question-and-answer website, Reddit is a news aggregator and a discussion forum. It gathers over 1 billion visitors per month. 

Reddit consists of tiny internet communities called subreddits. You can follow subreddits that interest you if you join the platform. This will cause recent posts from this subreddit to show up on your homepage.

Each subreddit contains users who share information and ask questions about a certain subject.

Reddit frowns upon self-promotion on its site. You cannot place your direct affiliate link, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot execute your affiliate marketing on its platform. Reddit, just like Quora, needs your creativity in achieving this plan. 

To accomplish affiliate marketing on Reddit, you can set up a landing page that directs traffic from Reddit to your blog article.

There are incredible landing page builders that can help you achieve that. 

Your blog article will contain the affiliate links. You can also use paid advertisements to direct paid traffic from Reddit. 

In Reddit, you may spend less time on purchased traffic than on organic traffic, but it will cost you money. Although free, organic traffic requires work and patience.

2. Instagram

Instagram affiliate marketing is lucrative work. Instagram affiliate marketers get paid when their followers purchase the products or services they have recommended.

One of the key things that make Instagram a good platform for affiliate marketing is its content. Instagram thrives on images, videos, and Livestream. This allows people to view, and even have a 360-degree view before purchasing.

To become an affiliate marketer on Instagram, you need a “Creator Account.” Instagram Creator account gives you access to tools that will help you grow your affiliate business.

The next thing is to discover brands that will pay you a commission for each sale you make. The objective of Instagram affiliate marketing is to establish yourself as an influencer in the eyes of your audience. 

Then and only will you have a chance to steer them in the direction of your affiliate links.

Unlike Quora, you can add your affiliate links to your bio. Although, you may only add one link to your bio. There’s a way to go around it, you can build landing pages using linktree or Tap Bio. These pages can contain more than one affiliate link, then add the link to your landing page on your bio.

Instagram will keep evolving to become more creator-friendly, which is good news for affiliate marketers. 

Note: You CANNOT include affiliate links to Instagram comment sections. So don’t even think about it.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is regarded as the world’s largest professional network. It has almost 740 million members. Using LinkedIn for affiliate marketing involves making connections, and leveraging those connections to push your products and services. 

LinkedIn provides several ways for affiliate marketers to incorporate their links. You can publish a blog post on the LinkedIn platform. 

You can also sign up for a company page and use it to send branded posts or you can create a members-only group and speak directly to your target audience. LinkedIn also allows you to use direct messaging to reach out to your connections.

Affiliate marketing on LinkedIn requires you to build an audience. This starts with creating a page; it can be a personal or company page. 

After building your profile, the next thing is to give people a reason to follow you. You can do this through quality content and regular posting. LinkedIn requires you to use an eye-catching format. 

Writing blogs on LinkedIn’s integrated blogging platform is the simplest way to advertise affiliate goods there.

This provides you the chance to include the proper disclaimer along with links to the good, course, or service you’re endorsing in your post.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t mandate you to own a blog to do affiliate marketing. Sharing affiliate links is perfectly within the bounds of Pinterest’s policies.

To advertise your affiliate links, you can either lead traffic to another location (such as a blog, email opt-in page, or YouTube channel) or share affiliate links directly on Pinterest. Even a combination would be acceptable.

Pinterest is a good platform for affiliate marketing considering that the majority of its Pinners noted they discovered new products or brands on the platform. 

Pinterest doesn’t want you to shorten your URL links. It needs you to be transparent about your affiliate links. Also, know that you must only use one Pinterest account; the creation of multiple accounts for affiliate marketing is not permissible. 

One helpful affiliate marketing tip on Pinterest is to endeavor you create multiple pins for each piece of content. Optimize the pins and show intentionality in everything you do. 

As an affiliate marketer on Pinterest, you get paid through the affiliate network or program, not Pinterest. In other words, Pinterest doesn’t pay you when you generate sales.

Related read: Is Pinterest good for affiliate marketing?

5. Squarespace

Squarespace affiliate marketing enables participating websites to make money off of transactions that their links to Squarespace generate. This works with you publishing the unique links and banners Squarespace gives you on your website.

Then, they keep track and pay you a commission when one of the customers you sent their way makes a purchase.

Squarespace only accepts websites relevant to its products. These websites must not contain offensive materials. The best part is that there are no fees associated with Squarespace. Participation is free. 

On Squarespace, you can also set up an affiliate program for your business with just a few clicks. Note that Squarespace is not designed for e-commerce features. 

You can attach your affiliate links on Squarespace using blog posts, product pages, and banner ads. However, there are some restrictions on how you can use them.

Squarespace being a platform that easily integrates with other platforms and services makes it easy for you to set up tracking and payment for your affiliates.

6. Self-hosted WordPress

Almost everyone will be interested in making a little extra cash if you own a website. This is hands-off my favorite method. It is the way I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 5years now – blogging and banking.

The general belief is that to start earning from your website, you need to place advertisements using a program like Google AdSense or start selling your products.

However, affiliate marketing exists even on your self-hosted website. You can promote other people’s products and services on your website. You can create reviews on such products and services or post their direct links.

Now, whenever a user clicks one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you receive compensation. This compensation comes in the form of a fixed charge per order or as a percentage of the sale.

If your blog is hosted for free on WordPress, you can’t use it for affiliate marketing. But, you can use a self-hosted blog for affiliate marketing. 

FAQ on Quora for Affiliate Marketing

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing in Quora?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Quora. But not directly. It is against Quora’s policy rules to directly post affiliate links. So the best way to do it is to follow the indirect way. I listed the steps in the article. If you follow it, you are good to go. 

However, ensure that you are consistent. It would take some time to build trust on the platform. Instead of focusing on your affiliate links, the trick is to focus on providing high-quality answers that actually solve the questions asked. 

The more you provide valuable answers, the more people will likely check out your bio, click the link to your website, and click your affiliate links. 

Can I Use Affiliate Links in Quora?

Quora doesn’t allow the use of affiliate links. It could lead to your account being suspended or banned.

Does Quora Pay Affiliate Marketers?

No, Quora doesn’t pay affiliate marketers. Since Quora doesn’t directly accept affiliate links, they don’t pay affiliate marketers. 

However, Quora does pay its creators. This means that you can monetize your Quora account. To do that, you need to enable Quora spaces, a feature that allows you to get paid for getting ad clicks and views on your original content. 

You create a Quora space with your account and publish content on it. The more views (and ad clicks) you get, the more money you make. 

What are Quora’s Policies on Affiliate Marketing? Do They Ban Them?

Quora doesn’t allow direct linking or attaching affiliate links to answers. Failure to adhere to this could lead to suspension or ban. To use your affiliate link, direct your readers to a page or blog with the link.

Final Thoughts

Quora is a great platform to showcase your knowledge. As your followers increase, your reach increases making it to accomplish success in affiliate marketing on Quora.

Affiliate marketing on Quora is a great platform to promote your affiliate marketing products. There are thousands of individuals on that platform who are interested in your niche. You just need to show them you are relevant. 

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