ClickFunnels For Dentists

Does ClickFunnels really work for dentists?

That’s what we’re going to be diving into in this “ClickFunnels for dentists” guide.

Stay tuned!

There are other sales funnel software out there, but only a few can serve as an all-in-one platform for you to build your entire dentistry business on.

And yes, ClickFunnels is a full-suite marketing solution dentist like you needs to build your entire business on.

Only a few dentists have so far been using ClickFunnels to skyrocket their income.

I know this because I’ve personally connected with a few marketers who help dentists and orthodontists acquire clients through funnels.

And it was all built using ClickFunnels.

Have you ever dreamt of having an online marketing system that runs on autopilot, generating consistent leads, even while you’re spending time with your loved ones?

No, your physical presence isn’t even needed for you to gain massive leads.

You’re just a few scrolls away to discover how this works. Plus cool dentist funnel template you can plug-and-play into your business today!

That and more is what this ClickFunnels for Dentists guide is all about.

  • Like how to get ClickFunnels for straight 6MONTHS for almost half the price
  • See local business owners like yourself that crush it (steady) using ClickFunnels
  • Strategies used to implement sales funnels as a dentist

But first of all,

What Is A Dentist Sales Funnel & How Does It Work?

Just as the way we’ve discussed the implementation of sales funnel in various industries like – network marketing, real estate, insurance, Information products, and many others. Implementing a sales funnel as a dentist will magically change the way you do business.

Not negatively BUT positively.

Using a sales funnel as a dentist will allow you to reach more potential patients, land more clients, follow up with them, and convert them to a lifetime customer.

Implementing a complete sales funnel system lets you guide your prospects and customers bit-by-bit through your entire sales process so they won’t become lost in the process.

sales funnel explained

I mean no distraction but taking action to buy or book your services.

A sales funnel helps points them straight to the EXACT dental services they need the most, taking them from your lower entry dental offer and ascending them to your highest services.

All this happens when you properly structure your value-ladder. (More on value ladder soon)

Hence, more profits into your pocket.

Not using a sales funnel as a dentist will make you:

  • Lose tons of potential customers and patients by not following up and converting them
  • Invest more money and time on manual, mundane and time-consuming activities
  • You won’t be able to grow and scale faster. No automation system

An ideal sales funnel system (which I will show you soon) has to do with a complete body of marketing tools and strategies that includes:

  • Building converting marketing pages
  • Writing of copies and structuring of your offers
  • Quality traffic acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Automated follow-up processes and
  • Client retainment

These are the elements you need as a dentist to get more leads and make more money in your business without worry about tech or design.

It might sound a bit complicated BUT it is NOT.

Does ClickFunnels Work for Dentists?

The short answer is a bolded, underlined, and an uppercase YES! ClickFunnels work has been working and will work 101% for you as a dentist.

ClickFunnels funnel creator and designer

It doesn’t matter how your dentistry services are being done.

Funnels are super powerful to help grow your dental practices.

You can build funnels for dental implants, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, virtual consultations, dental savings plans, cavity risk assessments and more.

ClickFunnels acts as a website builder, sales funnel builder, and a bunch of other tools as follows:

  • Membership site/course builder
  • Custom domain
  • Email autoresponder and automation platform
  • Webinar funnels (live and automated)
  • Upsells, downsells and order bump features
  • ClickPops and ClickOptins
  • A/B split tests
  • Integration with other tools
  • Affiliate management platform
  • Shopping cart for collecting payments

Not all the above features are needed to market and sell your services as a dentist quite alright. But the majority of the key ones like shopping cart and page/funnel builders are essential.

The point is:

ClickFunnels was created for business owners who desire to explode online for anything they want to sell online.

Especially if you hate coding and designing as I do.

Maybe you don’t know yet – ClickFunnels provides tons of pre-built sales funnel templates and marketing pages (all proven for conversions).

You just need to change and a bit and get rolling.

Let’s say you need a simple lead generation page for your dentistry business – all you just need is to select your goal with sales funnel type, then pick your favorite lead generation templates from the editor itself.

Or just go to to download some super-cool lead generation templates.

Lead funnels
click image to download

After collecting the leads, you can upsell them to other of your offers and or follow-up with them depending on their action inside your funnel.

With the help of ClickFunnels, you will be able to send highly-targeted messages to your clients through email, social, texts, and desktop notifications.

Imagine getting your messages delivered directly to your customers, no matter their location or current action.

Kind of cool if you ask me.

Now let’s go into the deets on how to implement and structure your offers on ClickFunnels.

How to Use ClickFunnels For Dentists

Taking a look at a typical Dentist value ladder to give you inspiration on how your dentist sales funnel should be structured:

dentist value ladder

First, you get your target customers through the door by offering them some sort of a no-brainer offer like a free or heavily discounted teeth cleaning or whitening.

Or something like a free 15 minutes consultation.

This would be a sort of a lead magnet or bribe getting them into your world.

They’ll enter their name, phone number and email address to get this free offer.

Then when the lead successfully schedules a meeting with you for his free teeth cleaning within your funnel, then the next page (thank you page) gives them instructions on how to claim their free offer.

Make sure you add a sense of:

To your pages. Both the squeeze page and thank you page.

Another great strategy is upselling them on a crazily discounted OTO (like 50% off) only if they order now with their free teeth cleaning.

The One Time Offer can be anything on your value ladder. Middle tier offers preferably.


Now make sure you call them or have someone from your office call them to know when they’ll be coming around.

Then after each customers’ session, try and upsell to your other dental packages as seen on the value ladder.

It could be:

  • Monthly retainer dental checkup package
  • Discounted family offer
  • Drilling and filling cavities
  • Cosmetics, Major dental procedures, etc.

You get the point?

You can also choose to build a dentist website that fully displays everything about your business – like the one below:

Basically, what makes sense?

The idea of this whole sales funnel for dentists or for any business out there is basically the same concept.

#1: You bring in potential customers through a low-end irresistible offer

#2: You get their contact for follow-ups and future offers

#3: You ascend them through a series of your services via a well-crafted value-ladder

#4: Build more relationships, know their pain points, desires and provide them the best of solutions

How do you make your dentist sales funnel convert?

First of all, in case you’re not aware before now, building your dentist sales funnel that converts on ClickFunnels isn’t that easy.

Right before you start mapping your sales funnel (which is still part of the building process) – you should at least understand what actually makes a sales funnel converts.

Like, understanding the psychology behind it.

The below tweaks should help you understand what I’m talking about:

#1: Curiosity, Urgency, and Scarcity

Adding more curiosity to your page headlines (opt-in pages, webinar registrations pages, lead magnet pages, etc.) will likely lead to more opt-ins.

While urgency and scarcity will make them feel like they’ll be losing behind if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity right now. These alone drives insane conversions.

I don’t really want you to overthink this.

A free tool like Funnel Scripts headline generator will do the magic.

#2: Hook Story Offer

I first learned about this in Russell Brunson’s 30 days coaching program called The One Funnel Away Challenge.

Hook, Story, and Offer is one crazy element that’s capable of making and breaking business owners’ sales funnels.

It’s simply the art of grabbing the attention of your audience (Hook), Sharing your personal journey that resonates with them and piques their interest (Story), then finally introducing your products or services that solve a problem wrapped as a great irresistible OFFER.

An OFFER they can NEVER refuse.

Once you’re able to understand and implement this tactic in your dental services. Nothing can stop you from skyrocketing your income.

But you must be good at copywriting, at least to be able to craft and a compelling action-driven Hook, Story, and Offer.

An important skill we all need as a business owner.

Fortunately for us all, Jim Edwards (copywriting wizard) has a copywriting software that takes care of all my sales funnel copywriting problems. It’s called Funnel Scripts!

Which comes with all marketing scripts (Ads, emails, sales scripts, Hook Story Offer scripts and many more).

You can check out my Funnel Scripts review here to learn more about it or use the link above to access the software.

Dentist Sales Funnel Templates – Built on ClickFunnels

Now is the time for our dentist sales funnel template built on ClickFunnels. with your download link.

The template is a 4-step funnel template. Let’s start from the homepage (website style):

Step #1: Dentist Homepage funnel

Dentist Funnel template

The structure of the homepage is as follows:

  • Menu links to a different part of the website
  • Has a phone number and contact button at the top
  • Followed by information about your dental and orthodontic services
  • Then a section about the doctor in charge with a CTA
  • Then the next section is all about your services
  • Then followed by before and after images of patients teeth
  • Then a large CTA at the bottom for visitors to claim their voucher
  • Finally your footer links, logo and address

Step #2: New Patient Opt-in

This is a page for getting new clients through the door on a very discounted offer which is would be claimed via a voucher.

And of course employing urgency, scarcity and social proof:

The third funnel step is also an opt-in page for a discounted teeth whitening treatment. Then the fourth/final funnel step is a thank you page.

You can download the funnel and customize the way you want below:


How To Get ClickFunnels Discount For Your Dentistry Business? (paying less)

This part is only to Dentists, business owners, or marketers who are yet to get started with ClickFunnels.

Or maybe you’re already a user and would like to get a backdoor huge discount to ClickFunnels. It’s fine. I. GOT. YOU.

ClickFunnels offers two(2) pricing tiers. The $97/mo and $297/mo. Correct?

However, for the $297/mo plan. Called the Platinum plan. You can really pay almost half the price of what you’re meant to pay for a 6months Platinum package.


***shhh silent please!***


This ClickFunnels discount gives you some INSANE bonuses and access to courses, training, and guidance that would help you immensely in your dentist business. Or as a marketer

I just got on this plan myself.

Guess how much I saved? A whopping $785!!!

Normally the Platinum plan would cost me $1782 for 6 months. Now I got it for a way cheaper price. Kind of a no-brainer. Tbh.

Click here to save cost on your ClickFunnels subscription. And enjoy the unlimited funnels features, courses, and training (like I currently do).

Or you can just watch the free Secret MasterClass training first. Pricey right now BUT worth in the long-term.

Final Thoughts on Using ClickFunnels For Dentists

Now that you’re fully aware of how sales funnel works for dentist practitioners – it’s your turn to implement and grow your business through sales funnels.

Just make sure:

And yes, ClickFunnels funnel building platform is totally worth it!

As it provides you with tools and strategies you need to make more money by serving your clients.

While at the same time still building authentic and lasting relationships with them.

And no, it’s not a do or die affair for you to use ClickFunnels. The 14day free trial is up for a spin. Before considering the Secret MasterClass discount.

Just download the dentist funnel templates above and customize it the way you want. Or get your hands on the leadfunnels Russell built by himself.

Download them at

Let me know if you have questions in this ClickFunnels for Dentists guide. I would be happy to answer them.

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