Welcome to this ultimate guide on using ClickFunnels for photographers.

Are you a professional photographer looking to generate more leads, get more customers, and increase your revenue using sales funnels?

Then this is the best place (on planet earth) to be right now.

Because we’re NOT only going to cover how to use and implement ClickFunnels for your photography business…

…BUT dive deep into the core strategies and tactics on how to use sales funnels in general, and the best way to structure your offers for more money and conversions as a photographer.

Stay tuned.

What you’re about to read and learn in this post also works for videographers alike.

  • You’ll find out how photographers and brick and mortar entrepreneurs like yourself are crushing using ClickFunnels
  • Have access to their converting sales funnel templates
  • The strategies on how to implement them
  • And finally backdoor access on how to get ClickFunnels discount (way cheaper!)

Let’s do it!

What Is Photography Sales Funnel & How Does It Work?

ClickFunnels sales funnel

Have you ever wished that you could consistently bring in clients or customers who are wholly interested in your photography services all on autopilot?

Without you having to spend hours on building a professional-looking website, no coding, no need to learn design, and no complicated marketing skills?

Doesn’t that sound unbelievable?

Or too SEXY to be true?

Well, believe it or not – It’s 101% POSSIBLE. And many entrepreneurs and service providers like yourself have been using the concept of sales funnel to turn their business around.

On a positively massive scale.

Implementing sales funnel in your photography business can make your calendar fully booked for months.

See, it doesn’t matter your photography category or the type of clients you wish to attract.

This is a marketing concept that works for:

  • Wedding/Event photographers
  • Fashion photographer
  • Sport/Action photographers
  • Landscape photographers
  • Travel photographers
  • Wildlife photographers etc.

Sales funnel in your photography venture will enable you to guide your visitors or prospects step-by-step through your entire sales process (without your presence) without any distraction – until they become your client.

It further allows you to follow-up and, keep in touch with them even after they might have left.

Here is a video by Russell Brunson that explains it all:

The idea is for you to have a system that gets the leads via a squeeze page or an application form (more later), then followed by series of marketing pages that do the selling for you.

With a backend system that follows up with them.

Does ClickFunnels Work for Photographers?

Since you came here in search of “ClickFunnels for Photographers”, I guess you already know or at least have an idea what ClickFunnels is capable of.

Is that correct?

Taking a look at my comprehensive ClickFunnels review here – you’ll see the capabilities of this all-in-one marketing tool suite and sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels funnel creator and designer

ClickFunnels for photographers currently has over 100,000 active users (when writing this), produced thousands of millionaires whom are all online business owners.

Including yours truly 😊

No, I’m not a millionaire yet, but we’re getting there. Definitely.

After all, believe it, then you achieve right?

It doesn’t matter the type of business you have or plan to establish – as long as it requires marketing online and getting more customers – then an easy-to-use solution like ClickFunnels for photographers helps to generate leads, follow-up, and make sales.

ClickFunnels will ease lots of pains for you just like it did for me.

I’ve seen, heard, and become a part of the countless success stories ClickFunnels has produced over the years.

Here is one which I saw recently in the official group when writing this piece…

Check it out:

I just realized why ClickFunnels is that life-changing software people refer to

… just a side note, I got into ClickFunnels because I thought it’s gonna help me make money and it was the first place where my Internet marketing journey began so I didn’t have any website or blog experience.

So, I didn’t know what’s on the other side, until recently…

When I was trying to build my own website (well now it’s a funnel)

I choose WordPress with Elementor because everyone talked about how easy it is to use or how many things you can do with it and a whole lot of things that just made me believe that it’s really cool and less expensive in the long run.

So, I decided to get a hostinger hosting ( $97) and Elementor pro ($47) cause the math was simple ( $150 for 3 years of my website)

And it seemed a viable choice and I thought it was a smart one.

Now, I’m not writing this post to brag how good ClickFunnels is and how bad websites are, this one is simply to share one of my recent experience.

Coming back, I thought for some XYZ reason that it’s gonna be super easy to build websites because I know how to design, how to put elements in the right place and how to space or size it properly and a lot of how to’s

But when I set on my desk this Monday to complete my website (the one you’re seeing in the picture).

It literally took me more than 3 hours to get the header section right, because I just wasn’t able to figure out the proper spacing and the proper way to make it look as it is in the design I did on the weekend.

It took me another hour to get the second section right and a few more hours to build the first 5 sections. And I thought, “well, with this pace, I’ll probably be able to complete it on Tuesday”


The real kicker came on Tuesday, the first 5 sections were done, so I thought let’s optimize it for mobile, I opened the mobile version, and realized this entire thing looks so bad that I started doubting my skills and was so frustrated looking at the mountain of work, I simply decided to play warzone and forget about it.

I took a power nap and thought let’s try again. It was around 5 pm, sat on my desk, opened my laptop and went straight to edit my website.

Played low-fi beats, got in a calm, meditative state and was focused. I was ready to do it at all costs.


Spent more than an hour trying to figure out the sizing of the images, and another to add proper spacing. In no time, after getting the page done (almost) it was 1 am and I was still left with mobile optimization.

Comparing to the number of hours I’ve wasted (or spent learning something) I just decided to give up.  Cause I can’t imagine spending more than 10 hours to get a well-designed page with mobile optimization still to be done.

It’s just insane how time-consuming it was.

So I just dropped the website plan in general and woke up this morning with an intention to make it a funnel (the one you’re seeing)

It took me exactly 1hrs and 48 mins (yes I timed it) to complete this entire page with proper mobile optimization.

And just to be honest, I’m writing this post right after completing it.

I think Russell Brunson did create software that not only is changing people’s lives but also something that’s figure-out-able in a really short time.

Now I know why everyone thanks ClickFunnels

A side note: Yes! I don’t know how to build websites and probably that’s the reason why I’m even writing this post.

I am not skilled in websites, cause c’mon I just thought it would be same as ClickFunnels and just went straight into it cause I saw ads that made it look easy and was overconfident (somehow) but let’s be real guys

For people who are just getting started, it’s way easier to figure out ClickFunnels then a website cause I just discovered it today.

I hope y’all are safe and using your time wisely



That was a testimony posted inside the ClickFunnels group during the time I was writing this.

As you can see, it’s evident that ClickFunnels for photographers makes it super-easy for any entrepreneur (or photography expert) to build their own marketing funnels in a short amount of time without needing to rely on a team of techies and geniuses.

Everything is pre-developed, pre-built, and automatically pieced together so you can set things up all by yourself.

How to Use ClickFunnels As A Photographer?

I’m assuming you already have your own ClickFunnels account – if you don’t, just get the free 14 days trial here, then proceed with creating your first photography funnel.

Select funnel type cf

The first step is picking the type of funnel you want to use in your business. Professional services.

As an entrepreneur, you essentially have 3 (three) goals in mind when creating a sales funnel. It’s either you want to:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales
  • Run an online event (like a webinar)

In the case of a photographer – our main goal here is to generate leads and convert them to deals. A deal that’ll land us a photography contract.

And make us money.

You know this is a service-based business – so getting prospects into the gate would be our major priority.

Maybe unless you have a photography course to sell (which still requires getting leads), events, or even photos/photography prints.

Are you getting the point?

Obviously ClickFunnels works for Photographers. It helps them to swiftly build their marketing pages and funnels for showcasing their expertise, bringing in leads, and converting them to customers.

To further prove to you that ClickFunnels works for your type of services. Click on the image below so you’d discover by yourself how small business owners (LIKE YOU) are using simple online sales funnels to till their businesses with their DREAM customers:

brick and mortar funnels
>>> Get Your Dream Customers <<<

How do you get leads for your photography business?

Now, there are basically two ways you can generate leads and bring people who are likely to work with you into your world.

Using the basic email and name (squeeze page funnel) or via an application form (application funnel).

Let’s go over them:

#1: Acquiring leads via a Squeeze page

Here the goal is to capture your prospects’ email address, build your list and sell them your services on the backend via email sequences.

Or do it the ideal way:

Taking them to the next phase of your funnel for them to book your service and work with you.

You create a lead magnet (something like a bribe), offer it to them to capture their contact. Russell made some great templates you can download at leadfunnels.com.

Lead funnels
>>> Download Leadfunnels here! <<<

You can give your visitors freebies they’re going to find super-valuable and can’t wait but to submit their email to get it.

Let’s see some great examples.

Lead magnet ideas for photographers

Generally, when it comes to lead magnets, I found out that interesting and valuable stuff that saves you time and energy such as a checklist, a swipe file, eBook, video, tips, tutorials, infographics, etc. Works marvelously.

Something that can provide a lot of value but can also be consumed fast at the same time by your target customers.

Here are cool lead generation ideas for your photography business:

  • X advanced professional tips (or checklist) on how to look more photogenic (ebook)
  • X Secrets on how to pose for pictures like a pro
  • Hacks (or Secrets) to choosing your best style/clothes for amazing pics
  • Style Helpful Guide. How to dress to KILL for a shoot
  • Guide for best kinds of colors to wear for a portrait photoshoot
  • Best time of day for outdoor photoshoots or [insert type of shoot]
  • Top locations for outdoor photoshoots in [target area]
  • The best & appropriate cosmetics for your [photo type] photoshoot
  • X things I wish I knew before getting my professional pics taken
  • Free video reveals – how to take better pictures of your [Wife, Kids, etc.]

You know, you just have to be creative in crafting your lead magnet and make sure you get an enticing headline to make people see it as a no-brainer.

You can use this free headline generator in building an amazing headline for your photography squeeze page. I use it all the time.


Once they enter their email to get their freebie ==> the next page will be all about booking an appointment with you.

That’s just the basic funnel.

For a complicated photography funnel:

After the opt-in (which is the first step of your value ladder)…

==> the next page takes them to your next offer which can be a huge discount on a photoshoot (this would be a sales page of course)

==> then the next might be an upsell to bulkier offer or something like a family photoshoot etc. (depending on your existing services)

==> Optionally, you can further add any of your high-end services as the next upsell.

You’ll have to create these pages without forgetting the core elements that make up a converting funnel. More on this pretty soon.

But by the way…

If you’re completely new to funnel building then I think going through the OFA challenge will arm you with the right strategies and tactics needed to build your (first) winning photography sales funnel.

#2: Acquiring leads via Application Funnel

The application funnel is just like a long-form application lead magnet.

Here, your visitor would be required to submit his name, email, phone number, and other detailed information you need to personally call or contact him.

A personal touch is required more for this approach.

In fact, personal touches are required for every service-based business. Photography inclusive.

All you need for this is a 2-step application funnel. The first step is where you collect the contact details, then, the second step is where the user fills in more relevant information specific to what they actually need.

Application Funnel
Mapped application funnel by Funnelytics

Within the process – they’ll have to schedule an appointment from your calendar ==> followed by you following up with them.

Does this make sense?

Another cool feature you need inside of ClickFunnels I have to mention is the Follow-up funnels.

What Is Follow-up Funnels?

This is a special tool inside of ClickFunnels that allows you to create simple-but-powerful Follow-up Funnels that NOT just lets you create, schedule, and deliver your emails to your clients.


It lets you speak directly to your individual customers based on who they are, the details they submitted on your form, and actions they took within your funnels.

With this feature, you’ll have the idea of what type of calls, messages, and emails to send them.

Make Your Photography Funnels Convert!

Just building out your photography funnel on ClickFunnels doesn’t end there. There are some essentials that actually make a funnel to convert.

Apart from the traffic aspect which is the life-blood.

You’ll also need to understand the psychology behind a million-dollar generating funnel.

The below tweaks should help you understand what I’m talking about:

#1: Curiosity, Urgency, and Scarcity

Adding more curiosity to your squeeze and application page headlines will likely lead to more opt-ins and lead generation.

While urgency and scarcity will make them feel like they’ll be losing behind if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity right now. These alone drives insane conversions.

That’s why this free tool should come in handy.

#2: Hook Story Offer

I first learned about this in Russell Brunson’s 30 days coaching program.

Hook, Story, and Offer is one crazy element that’s capable of making and breaking business owners sales funnels.

It’s simply the art of grabbing the attention of your audience (Hook), Sharing your personal journey that resonates with them, and piques their interest (Story), then finally introducing your products or services that solve a problem wrapped as a great irresistible OFFER.

An OFFER they can NEVER refuse.

Once you’re able to understand and implement this tactic in your dental services. Nothing can stop you from skyrocketing your income.

But you must be exceptionally good at copywriting, at least, to be able to craft and a compelling action-driven Hook, Story, and Offer.

You definitely need a copy skill so you’d be able to write professional emails, ad copies, sales page scripts, etc. for your business.

Guess what?

There’s good news.

You don’t really need to be a great copywriter or possess super-powers for writing copies that drive to sales.

You know why?

Okay, there’s a copywriting software called Funnel Scripts you can use in producing ass-kicking marketing messages and copies for any type of business.

All you just need to do is input some details about your business and offers– then it’ll help you generate scripts ready to be copy and pasted to your pages.

Click here to see funnel scripts in action!

How To Get ClickFunnels Discount? (paying less)

This part is only to Photographers, business owners, or marketers who are yet to get started with ClickFunnels.

Or maybe you’re already a user and would like to get a backdoor discount to ClickFunnels. It’s fine. I. GOT. U.

ClickFunnels offers two(2) pricing tiers. The $97/mo and $297/mo. Right?

However, for the $297/mo, which is the Platinum plan. You can actually pay almost half the price of what you’re meant to pay for a 6months Platinum package.


***shhh silent please!***


This ClickFunnels discount gives you some INSANE bonuses and access to courses and training would help you immensely in your photography business. Or as a marketer

I just got on this plan myself.

Guess how much I saved? A whopping $785!!!

Normally the Platinum plan would cost me $1782 for 6 months. Now I got it for a way cheaper price. Kind of a no-brainer. Tbh.

Click here to save cost on your ClickFunnels subscription. And enjoy the unlimited funnels features, courses, and training (like I currently do).

Or you can just watch the free Secret MasterClass training first. Pricey right now BUT worth in the long-term.

Final Thoughts on ClickFunnels for Photographers

Thousands of talented and professional photographers are struggling to get massive leads in their photography business.

Are you one of them?

If yes, I understand It’s not your fault.

It’s obvious that the level of competition in this industry can be on the high side – as it looks like everyone with a good camera can now be called a professional photographer. #Bummer

Too bad we can’t even differentiate the ‘babies’ from the ‘fathers’, right?

Fortunately, there’s a way for you stand-out and send these babies home to their nannies.

The answer is using and implementing sales funnel into your business to get high-quality leads and clients from the internet without swimming in the red pool of offline photographers.

Not just a website that distracts visitors – but using an all-in-one platform like ClickFunnels that helps eliminates all your excuses for not growing beyond your current state.

You can take the free 14-day trial for a spin to the powerfulness of sales funnel in your photography business.

Have any questions?

Drop them below!

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