ClickFunnels For Restaurants

Are you a restaurant or catering business owner looking to increase your online presence and drive more customers in – and considering to ClickFunnels?

Yes, ClickFunnels can help restaurants create a customized funnel to capture leads, nurture prospects, and convert them into paying customers.

But how?

With this guide, you’ll learn how to optimize ClickFunnels for your restaurant and get the most out of the platform. I’ve been a user of ClickFunnels since 2019 – and I can confidently tell you that I’ve built businesses that made hundreds and thousands of dollars with ClickFunnels.

It doesn’t matter the type of restaurant you run:

  • Fast food
  • Buffet
  • Food truck
  • Fast-casual
  • Casual Dining
  • Premium Casual
  • Family style
  • Fine dining
  • Drinking bars
  • Pizza chain etc.

In this ClickFunnels for Restaurants guide, you’ll see for yourself and learn how to implement ClickFunnels plus the concept and psychology of sales funnel in your restaurant business.

I will also give you a highly converting restaurant template built on ClickFunnels – so you’d download it immediately into your ClickFunnels account.

Free of charge.

What Is Restaurant Sales Funnel & How Does It Work?

A restaurant sales funnel is a process of converting potential customers into paying customers. It helps restaurants increase their sales by building relationships and creating an effective strategy to turn those interested in the restaurant into paying customers.

ClickFunnels sales funnel

The typical steps in a restaurant sales funnel are as follows:

  • Generate leads: This is generally done through social media campaigns, leveraging local advertising, and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Get contact information: Once potential customers have been generated, the next step is to get their contact information so that they can be reached out to directly.
  • Connect with them: Depending on the customer’s preferences, restaurants connect with them either through email or text messages – introducing themselves, mentioning specials and promotions, or simply staying in touch with them.
  • Create an offer: Restaurants create attractive offers such as discounts or loyalty programs to entice people to visit their establishment.
  • Follow up: When someone visits the restaurant for the first time, follow up with them either via a phone call or email – thanking them for visiting and asking if there’s anything else you can do for them.
  • Retain customers: Keep track of customer preferences and give them incentives (such as loyalty rewards) for repeated visits/purchases so that they keep coming back.

By following these steps, restaurants in the hospitality industry can easily convert potential customers into loyal ones and grow their businesses over time.

Using an online sales funnel in your restaurant business would definitely bring about an increase in customers, sales, and conversions.


This is because a sales funnel allows you to carefully and intentionally build out your restaurant’s business sales process making sure every single customer that comes in contact with your business is being nurtured till the conversion or sales takes place.

Implementing a sales funnel enables you to properly guide visitors step-by-step so they don’t get confused or overwhelmed while in your world.

You take them from the bottom of your value ladder gradually to the top via upsells.

Check out this straight-to-point definition of sales funnel by Russell Brunson himself:

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Does ClickFunnels Work for Restaurants?

ClickFunnels is a great tool for restaurant businesses as it helps them build sales funnels quickly and efficiently. It enables restaurants to create attractive offers and promotional campaigns that can be sent out to potential customers, helping them convert more leads into paying customers.

Some of the features that ClickFunnels offers specifically for restaurants include:

  • Customizable templates: Create pages using pre-made simple templates or design your own from scratch
  • Automated lead capture: Set up automated forms to capture customer contact information so that it can be stored in the database for future communication
  • Automated email follow-up: Inbuilt email tool and automation retain customers and convert leads
  • Upsells and downsells: Let you convert more sales
  • One-time offer campaigns: Create special promotions and discounts that are available only once or for a limited period of time to entice customers.
  • Loyalty rewards program: Keep track of repeat customers and reward them with loyalty points which can then be used on their next visit.
ClickFunnels 2.0 Website

Yes, ClickFunnels works (and has been working) for restaurant owners for years now for creating funnels with ease, and very fast.

So, your case shouldn’t be different.

This is the most popular sales funnel tool in the market right now that gives marketers and online entrepreneurs the tools, strategies, and resources they need to serve their customers and make money all from one convenient spot.

As I mentioned earlier, almost everything you need for your restaurant business is found inside of ClickFunnels.

Talk about:

  • Website hosting solution
  • Website builder with a simple drag-and-drop page editor
  • Complete funnel builder
  • Shopping cart software
  • Email marketing solution
  • Affiliate management platform
  • Membership site
  • Webinar features
  • Upsell, downsell, and order bumps
  • A/B split testing

With all the above marketing-oriented features combined and executed into your restaurant business – I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from making more money serving your customers.

Take for example this nice testimonial I stumbled on when I was writing this.

Here it goes:

I just realized why ClickFunnels is that life-changing software people refer to

… just a side note, I got into ClickFunnels because I thought it’s gonna help me make money and it was the first place where my Internet marketing journey began so I didn’t have any website or blog experience.

So, I didn’t know what’s on the other side, until recently…

When I was trying to build my own website (well now it’s a funnel)

I choose WordPress with Elementor because everyone talked about how easy it is to use or how many things you can do with it and a whole lot of things that just made me believe that it’s really cool and less expensive in the long run.

So, I decided to get a hostinger hosting ( $97) and Elementor pro ($47) cause the math was simple ( $150 for 3 years of my website)

And it seemed a viable choice and I thought it was a smart one.

Now, I’m not writing this post to brag how good ClickFunnels is and how bad websites are, this one is simply to share one of my recent experience.

Coming back, I thought for some XYZ reason that it’s gonna be super easy to build websites because I know how to design, how to put elements in the right place and how to space or size it properly and a lot of how to’s

But when I set on my desk this Monday to complete my website (the one you’re seeing in the picture).

It literally took me more than 3 hours to get the header section right, because I just wasn’t able to figure out the proper spacing and the proper way to make it look as it is in the design I did on the weekend.

It took me another hour to get the second section right and a few more hours to build the first 5 sections. And I thought, “well, with this pace, I’ll probably be able to complete it on Tuesday”


The real kicker came on Tuesday, the first 5 sections were done, so I thought let’s optimize it for mobile, I opened the mobile version, and realized this entire thing looks so bad that I started doubting my skills and was so frustrated looking at the mountain of work, I simply decided to play warzone and forget about it.

I took a power nap and thought let’s try again. It was around 5 pm, sat on my desk, opened my laptop and went straight to edit my website.

Played low-fi beats, got in a calm, meditative state and was focused. I was ready to do it at all costs.


Spent more than an hour trying to figure out the sizing of the images, and another to add proper spacing. In no time, after getting the page done (almost) it was 1 am and I was still left with mobile optimization.

Comparing to the number of hours I’ve wasted (or spent learning something) I just decided to give up.  Cause I can’t imagine spending more than 10 hours to get a well-designed page with mobile optimization still to be done.

It’s just insane how time-consuming it was.

So I just dropped the website plan in general and woke up this morning with an intention to make it a funnel (the one you’re seeing)

It took me exactly 1hrs and 48 mins (yes I timed it) to complete this entire page with proper mobile optimization.

And just to be honest, I’m writing this post right after completing it.

I think Russell Brunson did create software that not only is changing people’s lives but also something that’s figure-out-able in a really short time.

Now I know why everyone thanks ClickFunnels

A side note: Yes! I don’t know how to build websites and probably that’s the reason why I’m even writing this post.

I am not skilled in websites, cause c’mon I just thought it would be same as ClickFunnels and just went straight into it cause I saw ads that made it look easy and was overconfident (somehow) but let’s be real guys

For people who are just getting started, it’s way easier to figure out ClickFunnels then a website cause I just discovered it today.

I hope y’all are safe and using your time wisely


– Sashanka

There are literally hundreds of testimonials I’ve personally seen myself, all within the ClickFunnels community and other places on how easy and great ClickFunnels is for businesses like yours.

How to Use ClickFunnels For Restaurant

I guess it is obviously clear to you now that ClickFunnels is the ideal funnel building solution you need to drive consistent leads and customers to your restaurant.

But the problem has always been how to implement the whole process on autopilot, right?

You’ll need the skill to:

  • Build the right funnels
  • Write your marketing copies to engage prospects
  • Structure your hook, story, and offer
  • Craft your offers (adding upsells, and downsells)
  • Acquire traffic and convert the traffic to sales

Getting all of the above elements right in your restaurant funnel will set your business up entirely on another level.

If you’ve gone through the Funnel Challenge, then I think 50% of the problem is settled.

Because in this intensive 30-day coaching specially designed for business owners like yourself will help train you to become better with funnels and how to properly implement them in your business.

Strategies for using ClickFunnels For Restaurants

Generating leads with your restaurant marketing funnel shouldn’t be a complicated process at all.

The funnel process is simple and can come in a different forms.

We’re Using Lead Magnet Method Here

Get a lead funnel or a squeeze page designed to capture users’ phone numbers and emails with an enticing offer for them.

The offer could be something like free food, meal coupon, dessert, etc. And also make sure that there are elements of the:

  • Scarcity
  • Urgency
  • Curiosity

Which incites action. You can download and see samples of highly converting squeeze pages at

After the customer might have entered their details, the next page goes to a reservation page with pictures of nice foods and some of your amazing offers that presell them upon making a reservation.

Include all of your restaurant’s menus so people would check what type of food you sell.

Make sense?

This page would contain a series of Call-To-Actions (CTAs) for them to make a reservation.

A typical example of this would be the restaurant marketing funnel template I’m going to share with you soon. Free.

So, here is the idea…

Create a lead magnet. ==> Collect emails in exchange to give:

  • Free dessert
  • Free drink
  • Discounts OR
  • Buy 1 get 1 offer

You got their contact now. The next page is where you let them book a reservation. This is where you make real money.

The trick is getting them to the door, first of all, then upselling them on other things.

About the funnel

Since ClickFunnels provides you with tons of sales funnel types for any type of industry (including restaurants) you can customize the way you want, plus providing you with pre-built funnel templates and steps…

…I don’t think you really need to worry when building your own restaurant funnels.

It’s super-easy to customize, still.

All you just need is the basic understanding and components of a sales funnel.

If building your first restaurant sales funnel is the problem, then you don’t have to worry as I will give a nice funnel template specially made for restaurant businesses.

But first, make sure you get your free ClickFunnels trial by clicking here. The funnel gets added to your account automatically.

Restaurant Sales Funnel Template – Built on ClickFunnels

Our restaurant funnel template comes as a booking/reservation page with some food menus:

restaurant funnel template

When a customer clicks on any of the “Make a Reservation” buttons – they’ll get a pop-up for them to place an order, followed by a thank you page:

Funnel download link:

Nothing too complex.

The Funnel Cookbook is something I think you’ll handy too if you want to build your own from scratch.

Final Thoughts on Sales Funnels for Restaurants

Sales funnels can be an incredibly useful platform for restaurants and caterers looking to maximize their growth potential in the hospitality industry. When built correctly and implemented steadily, sales funnels can help drive more customers and increase revenue over time. However, it could be difficult to implement for non-techy people.

The good news is – ClickFunnels is one of the most popular funnel-building platforms out there and provides a great way to manage every aspect of your restaurant’s customer journey.

Now that you understand how sales funnels work, give it a try today, and see if it can help your business reach its full potential.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how to use ClickFunnels for restaurants. Drop your questions if you got any below.

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