ClickFunnels For Service Business

Every small, local, and service-based business owner out there, longs for more sales.

Getting customers to buy from you isn’t an easy feat.

You reading this tells me that you own either a service or a local business. And you would love to take advantage of ClickFunnels as a marketing tool to explode your revenue.


You’re well in the right place!

Sit tight and relax because, in this article, I will show you how to use ClickFunnels for your service-based and small business.

You’ll get to understand the core principles and psychologies for funneling the right people into your business and how to make your local business sales funnel to convert.

Plus, a couple of downloadable a DFY free local business and service business funnel template to plug right into your ClickFunnels account.

Let’s get started!

Do You Need a Sales Funnel as a Local Business or Service Provider?

business open sign

Who doesn’t?

First of all, you’re considered as a local business if you provide goods or services to a local population within a specific area.

You can also call this brick and mortar. Locally owned.

One major problem facing brick and mortar business is: NOT having the right marketing infrastructure to scale beyond their current geographical location.

That’s a huge one!

Despite the fact that utilizing online marketing funnels to scale the entire process is a guaranteed way to reach hundreds, thousands, and even millions of targeted customers who are likely to pay for your goods and services…

…majority of small businesses are still left in dark to suffer.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Speed and growth are needed for you to thrive in this ever-changing economy.

Times are hard.

Unfortunately, many enthusiastic business owners engage in opportunities with low, punitive speeds.

An example I got from one of my favorite reads of all time – Millionaire Fastlane:

If you sit outside the hardware store and sell hot dogs from your hot dog cart, you’ve muzzled your speed with no accelerative leverage.

The variables are limited because your reach is confined to a small area.

How many hot dogs could you conceivably sell in a day? Maybe 20? 50? 100?

Is it possible you can go home and rave to your wife: “Honey! I sold 20,000 hot dogs today!”

I bet not!

Did you get the point?

You’ll hardly scale selling within a confined and limited space. The ONLY way to reach a countless number of people WITHOUT opening multiple locations across the country is by leveraging marketing with sales funnels.

What Is a Service/Local Business Funnel & How Does It Work?

The simple definition of a sales funnel:

Is a step-by-step process that moves prospective browsers into buyers.

For a local business owner – this is the process and steps it takes for a complete stranger to go through the various phases (from awareness) to buying your products or services.

Then becoming a repeat customer. A fan.

To understand sales funnels, you first need to recognize how most service-based and local businesses try to market and grow.

It doesn’t really matter what your service-based, brick and mortar or local business is:

It goes on and on and on…

By leveraging sales funnels your business, you can increase your odds of long-term success, constantly having customers knocking at your door, serving them, and building the business of your dreams.

Basically, it starts this way:

  • Unaware/stranger/cold

Your small business begins with the need to build awareness yourself and your offerings.

  • Potential Lead

A prospective lead. Someone in your target market who is NOT yet engaged with you.

  • Prospect/Lead

Now they have expressed interest in your business BUT haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

  • Customer/Client

Now they’ve invested in your business.

  • Fan/repeat customers

A customer who has bought once is more likely to buy again and again. These are your evangelist who tells others about you.

It’s certain: without a solid online sales funnel – it would be impossible to convert leads into sales efficiently…

As traditional websites aren’t designed to guide prospects to convert. Instead, it confuses customers the more with lots of leaks, exits, and confusion on what they’re supposed to do.

Just like this:

Traditional website
Source: ClickFunnels

A sales funnel on the other hand is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Each stage pushes your most qualified prospects into the next and drops those that are not fit.

Until the best-fit converts.

Like this:

typical sales funnel model

Now the next question would be: “How On earth should I structure and build my sales funnel?”

This is where a sales funnel software like ClickFunnels becomes applicable to your service business.

How Does ClickFunnels Work for Service Businesses?

There are lots of tools, software, and platforms out there you can use in building your marketing pages to get leads and make sales online as a small business owner.

But almost all of those tools can’t take care of your entire business system. Both the backend and frontend.

You’d have to glue other marketing solutions together to achieve that.

Luckily, this is exactly what ClickFunnels eliminated – housing everything you’ll ever need to skyrocket service business.

Apart from building converting pages inside of a sales funnel within a matter of short 10-20 minutes.

You also have to cancel or do without your:

  • Website designer
  • Web hosting company
  • Page builder and editor
  • Email marketing software
  • Membership site / online course platform
  • Shopping cart software
  • Upsell, downsell and order bump tool
  • Affiliate center
  • CRM and automation tool

Plus, tons of other tools

Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of small and local businesses (gym owners, realtors, chiropractors, and more) exploiting ClickFunnels to implement and build their entire sales funnel on.

Take a look at the current number of ClickFunnels active monthly users, $ processed and funnels built:

Open image to view the latest stat

The majority of them are local and small business owners like yourself!

And they’ve amassed hundreds and thousands of dollars to millions in sales.

You can watch this brick and mortar testimonial to see for yourself <==

The short summary of it all is that ClickFunnels works for service, local and small business owners in helping you build lead generation and automated funnels that will help you gain leads and convert them to customers.

Faster on automation without paying an extra fee for another marketing system.

Looking at how to build your sales funnel on ClickFunnels…

Build Your Service Business Sales Funnel Using ClickFunnels


Creating your sales process is pretty straightforward on ClickFunnels. Unlike other funnel builders, I’ve encountered in the past.

To start – you need to have an ultimate goal in mind.

Maybe to:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales
  • Or run an online event (webinar)

As a local or service business your primary aim is lead generation. Getting customers into the door via an application funnel or a squeeze page funnel.

Before we dive into the strategy on how this works lets discuss the other funnel goals.

To Generate sales…

Where this differs from the lead generation goal type is that – the aim here is to collect money from the customer using various funnel types:

  • Type #1 – A two-step “tripwire” or “unboxing” funnel

This is generally for lower-priced products. Where the goal is to get customers to commit so you can cover your ad campaign spend, and then use 1-click upsells in the funnel to generate a profit.

  • Type #2 – A sales letter or a video sales letter funnel

This type of funnel is generally for products that require a little more selling and persuasion. Always requires more explanation because of the high investment.

So, a longer sales letter is required to sell people until they see the value prior to pulling the trigger.

This funnel often uses 1-click upsells, downsells and order bumps to generate additional profit per customer on the backend.

  • Type #3 – A Launch Funnel

This is used when you are looking to launch a new product or service, and you want to build up excitement for the launch.

This funnel, made famous by Jeff Walker called “The Product Launch” funnel. Works really well for selling more expensive products because you have more time to sell people on the perceived value of what you are selling.

Running an online event or webinar…

Webinars come in two forms: Live webinar and automated or evergreen webinar.

Whichever you plan to do. It can be done smoothly on ClickFunnels and there are pre-built webinar funnels that make it all easy.

  • #1 – A live webinar

This is a webinar in real-time. Participants get to interact and ask questions.

Here you integrate a 3rd party software like WebinarJam or Zoom. ClickFunnels will be used in the frontend to customize the whole registration process to increase conversion and sales.

  • #2 – An automated or evergreen webinar

This is completely run on ClickFunnels.

The only difference with the former is that it is a pre-recorded webinar that runs on autopilot. You take the presentation you already created, and use your ClickFunnels webinar funnels to run it on automation.

How to Create and Structure Your Local Business Lead Generation Funnel

Like I said earlier you don’t need to stress the technical aspect of building your service business funnel on ClickFunnels. The whole process is kinda logical and undemanding.

After signing for your free trial – head over to Build A New Funnels to choose your main goal.

ClickFunnels Build 1
Click image to build…

Collect Emails of course!

Or maybe you just want a proven lead generation funnel for your local business – then download them here.


You’ll instantly be set up with all the pages you need for your small business. And start the customization process.

All you need to do is change content, texts, graphics, and color schemes to match what you’re selling. For every lead generation funnel, the concept is simple.

For example – an application funnel it looks like this:

Squeeze page –> Application page –> Thank You page

While a squeeze page funnel for business looks like this:

Squeeze page –> Thank You page

Here is a gym CrossFit lead generation funnel you can download below:


Another is an automobile insurance application funnel:

Download here =>

You can see download funnel template from my ClickFunnels share funnel post.

Moving forward…

Most importantly, don’t forget compelling copywriting on these little pages are a must. Especially the headline part.

Use this free Headline generator tool to produce great copy.

You’ll love it!

That said, where the whole conversion takes place is in the followup sequences. Via texts, calls or emails, or even physical meetings/appointments.

Just as they say:

The Money Is In The Follow-up

Not so many entrepreneurs don’t know this. And that is why they go broke burning money on ads trying to acquire more leads without nurturing the existing ones already in their sales pipeline.

Don’t do that!

One of the secrets being used by large brands and successful marketers which I learned from Dotcom Secrets is leveraging invisible follow-up funnels on the backend of your sales funnel to convert leads to customers.

It’s sad, not all of your leads will convert after filling up their contact details. For one reason or the other.

Some might be in the commute, some in the restroom, some on vacation, or dinner out when they filled up your lead gen form…

…that’s okay.

While some might even change their mind a few minutes after giving you their email or contact details.

It’s your job to follow up with this set of people.

  • Have someone on your team call them (the sooner the better)
  • Follow up email (have this on automation)
  • Text messages (on automation)
  • Facebook Messenger (also on automation)
  • Retarget via Facebook ad (via pixel)

Another advantage for you here is that the first four follow-up types above can be set up easily on ClickFunnels.

Inbuilt automation. Integrate an SMS platform. Integrate Facebook messenger.

For some deep implantation, I can’t recommend this brick and mortar summit enough for you as a local business or a service business that craves for more leads and customers.

Final Thoughts on Using ClickFunnels for Service Business

Imagine the number of leads you’d be generating when all your sales funnel processes are dialed in place?

Here are the things you need to start doing now to accelerate your business growth:

Action Step #1. Understand sales funnel and its processes. And how it can help your local business grow

Action Step #2. Know how ClickFunnels works and how to build a simple lead generation page for your small business. Play around your account with the DFY template.

Action Step #3. Use a follow-up system to close sales and get money into your bank account.

Action Step #5. Learn from the service business experts who have gotten to the exact spot you want to be. Obviously, a faster path success.

Action Step #4. Understand that you need to put more effort into keeping your existing customers more than you seek new ones.

Action Step #6. Master copywriting skills as a business owner. Copy is the most critical element of all forms of marketing.

Action Step #6. Traffic is the life and blood. Always! Get Russell’s Traffic Secrets Book.

And finally, if you’re totally new to ClickFunnels or an existing user looking save more money on the Platinum package. Check out my ClickFunnels discount guide on how to get it at a more affordable cost.

Hope you found value in this ClickFunnels for local, small, and service business guide?

It’s over to you now. Let me know in the comments on how you plan to go about using ClickFunnels into your business.

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