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After getting emails to my inbox from quite a few people asking how they can use ClickFunnels for Dropshipping. While not being a dropshipping guy myself, I wanted to really help out but, in all honesty, dropshipping isn’t my thing. After a long search, I finally met someone who has been crushing dropshipping using ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels does work well for dropshipping and it even converts way higher than the usual method that is being done without funnels. But it might be a bit complicated to some people understanding how to do dropshipping using ClickFunnels.

Khris Steven

That’s why I’m so EXCITED that I brought in someone with great knowledge in dropshipping + funnels and picked his brain without mercy. To show you how it works.

From scratch to top.

I wasn’t disappointed at all, and I hope you are not going to be after reading this case study/interview.

I really hope you get lots of value from this and see the amazing possibilities in using ClickFunnels in your dropshipping business. This interview made me develop an interest in dropshipping though.

Before I start the interview, let me tell you who our guest is and how I discovered him.

How I Found Our Guest…

Steven Goldman - Dropshipping expert

Okay, his name is Steven Goldman. I found him in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, Kevin David’s to be precise.

I don’t really interact much in that particular group, but I had to comment when I saw the massive value Steven Dropped on how he did $50k in 1 week using ClickFunnels for dropshipping.


I said to myself:

I guess I’ve seen who I’ve been searching for!

Then I asked him if he’d be available for an interview. I was very glad he accepted and this happens to be my very first guest on this blog. More reason for me to be excited, right?

So, I started throwing at him some questions. He was generous enough to share everything without holding back.

If you got further questions or maybe I didn’t ask something you’re much interested in Dropshipping with ClickFunnels, you can drop it in the comments or reach out to Steven Goldman himself.

Shall we?

Question #1: First, I do like to know a bit about your Dropshipping background Steven…

Answer: So, I started doing dropshipping after I’ve failed with basically everything else for 2 years. When I started with dropshipping it sounded like the perfect opportunity because I was struggling financially at the time.

And if you know the dropshipping business model. in short “customer places the order and pays first and then you forward the order to the supplier and send it directly to the customer” no need for a large amount of money and you could start with a small budget.

how dropshipping works
Image Source: Magento

But for the next couple of months, I only lost money trying to make this work. I was almost ready to quit.

One night while thinking of ways to make some sales, I thought “how can I beat my competition?” and then it suddenly clicked. Why try to beat my competition if I can AVOID competition?

Everybody was targeting easy English-speaking countries while there was a whole list of other countries that could also be targeted. So, I started selling to other countries with almost no competition and BOOM I started selling more and more.

Over the next year, I became profitable and was able to grow my business to a point where I could do it full-time!

That’s how it all started.

Question #2: That means you had a job before considering doing dropshipping full-time? What was the level you actually felt you’ve become profitable to focus fully on dropshipping?

Answer: Yes, before I did dropshipping full-time I was working in my dad’s restaurant. I change to full-time dropshipping when I thought that with that income, I could provide for myself and cover all my monthly expenses. That was around $4000-5000 a month profit.

Question #3: So, how did come about using ClickFunnels in your dropshipping business?

Answer: I got introduced to it by a friend of mine who did affiliate marketing. I tried it first to see if I could do branding for a single product. It failed, but I got hooked on the ease of ClickFunnels and how you can design the funnels however you want.


You can create any type of funnel you want. So, I didn’t need to open new stores for niche products. I could just create a new funnel for those products and it was WAYY easier to do once I got the hang of using ClickFunnels.

Question #4: Cool! I still see so many Dropshippers doing this without the use of sales funnel software like ClickFunnels, what were key differences and shifts in using ClickFunnels brought to your business?

Answer: Some of the key differences were the changes to my stores.

I could have spent the time to make it look like a Shopify store or maybe a WordPress website, but the amazing thing is that with the funnel system you can decide the journey for your customers.

You can make them see what you want them to see. You can eliminate all “Distractions” from your funnel. Anything that may distract them from buying the product can be erased.

So, with the help of ClickFunnels, I created a funnel where the only options were to buy the product form the Ad or don’t buy it. There were no other products that they could see on the page. Same with my upsells. I could create the whole shopping experience of my customers.

That’s also why the conversion rate was also higher than with my Shopify stores. With Shopify, I had a bunch of add to carts with no purchases. And with ClickFunnels that became a lot less.

Question #5: There are lots of people out there who wish to learn how to use ClickFunnels for dropshipping, from your valuable post in the group you shared how you did 50k in 1week using ClickFunnels. Tell us how to select a winning and profitable product.

Answer: This is something I’ve done in 2 parts.

Part #1: Find the products

Essentially with good marketing, you should be able to sell just about anything, but that might take a long time depending on the product. So, you want to find cheap products that are easy to sell or have been sold a lot already. That means that if you do the marketing right you should be able to get some interest in the product.

Part #2. You NEED to test every product first

Even if they have been proven to sell in the past, if your marketing isn’t good or the product isn’t selling anymore, you’re just wasting money and time. If after testing for 1-2 days the product doesn’t even get any clicks on the ads – I shut it down and move on to the next. Testing is the reason why some dropshippers find winning products and some get stuck without any sales.

Question #6: Where and how do you find these cheap products?

Finding the cheap and profitable products

Answer: I go to AliExpress and Amazon mostly and search for the currently bestselling products. There are also other great ways of finding products, but AliExpress and Amazon have the biggest catalog of them all so it’s much easier.

Question #7: Implementing ClickFunnels with dropshipping – how do you build pages, structure your offers and copies for great conversions?

Answer: I can’t tell you the exact layout of my pages, but I try to keep it simple and avoid any unnecessary pictures and text. People try to tell as much about the product as possible and praise it like it’s an item even kings or queens need.

For a low-cost product, you don’t have to do that. I only include the best pictures and the best features & benefits of the products.

And eliminate all distractions so that the only thing that they see on the page is the product that they came for. Everything on the page is designed to let the customer focus on the product and the decision to buy or not to buy.

My offers are simple, most of the time I use the basic method of adding a discount or offering free shipping. Sometimes both and the thing that I sell on is the fact that I create urgency. Let them know that they need to make a decision fast or else they can’t get all the benefits of my offer.

Question #8: What type of Urgency do use on your pages to make people act fast?

Answer: First the price should be low to make it easier for people to impulse buy. Everybody who goes and shops online should be able to miss $10-$15. Then we use certain elements like countdown timers and limited stock count to further make them come to a decision.

Question #9: Traffic happens to be a great challenge in dropshipping – what has been the major source of traffic for you and how do you target the right audience with the right product?

Answer: My biggest source of traffic was and still is Facebook ads. It is easier to understand than the other platforms like Google or YouTube (at least for me).

The targeting or creating the Ad, in general, is something that I see a lot of people struggle with and understandably so. But it doesn’t have to be hard especially for simple products like the ones I sell.

You need to think like this:

Who needs this product or who uses these products or what is this product used for?

Then through Facebook, you can target all kinds of audiences that may need, want, or use the product. For example, I’m selling a Baseball glove. The first thing anyone would think of is target people who like baseball. But depending on the baseball glove itself you could target a lot of other things…

The glove is used by kids, so targeting becomes a little more precise. Instead of baseball target “little league baseball” or “Baseball dads/moms”. It is more about logical thinking and really understanding who wants/needs/use the product because they will be the ones buying others who don’t need/want or even use it won’t.

Question #10: Running Facebook ads and becoming profitable can be tricky for some people, especially newbies – is there a simple hack you’d recommend for this?

Answer: There are 2 things to consider for dropshipping.

  1. Make sure you test the product first with Video Views instead of conversions. It is cheaper reaching more people with Video Views than with a conversions ad. That means that you can get more data with a lower budget and more data is always better.
  2. This depends on the product that they are selling, but always target 1 interest per Adset. This way you can find out which interest is bringing in the most sales. If you target multiple interests in 1 Adset you won’t be able to see where your sales are coming from.

And don’t make the Ad copy too complicated. You can look at some of the most viral Ad videos for products on Facebook. They keep it simple and let the video (they almost always have a video) do the talking.

Question #11: What are your recommended software and resources for dropshipping ClickFunnels?

Answer: You don’t need a lot of different apps and resources when you’re using ClickFunnels. Most of the software is already there.

You just need to make a few accounts for things like payment processors, email responders, Zapier and that is it actually. Software is really basic things like paint, PDF viewer, media players, and Microsoft programs or if you’re using Apple their version of it.

ClickFunnels has a lot of options and resources that you can use which you probably know as a ClickFunnels user and affiliate.

Oh, and I forgot a business email account(s). I actually forgot that you need to get a business email. It helps with keeping things in order.

Question #12: Do have further training that teaches people how to do Dropshipping with ClickFunnels from start to finish?

Answer: Yes, I do actually, I do group coaching for people who want to start dropshipping or already have been dropshipping, but want to scale up to 6 figures.

So, for everyone beginner or expert – I and my team go through everything from setting up the funnels, doing the marketing and product research to scaling up the business and automating everything.

We do everything together with the clients and take them by the hand, so we make sure that they do it right and leave nothing to luck. And in the end, they will be ready to run their business on their own. In other words, we teach them a set of skills. If they forgot something, they can always look it up in the membership area or ask us in the Facebook group which I am planning to open soon!

Okay, so the group coaching consists of us helping clients set up their first funnel(s) and Facebook campaign(s).

Then we have a membership area with lifetime access and we do 4 live coaching group calls a week all covering different aspects of the business.

  • First, marketing, Everything about Facebook ads.
  • Second, Technical call, think about setting up accounts, how to use and navigate different software, funnel building, etc.
  • Third, Product research, how to find products and analyze test results.
  • Fourth, finally, a Q&A call where they can ask anything about dropshipping.

The duration of the coaching is 8 weeks and if they put in the work and implement the strategies, they should be able to get their first sale in the first week.

Question #13: From your experience so far what’s one last advice you would give those wanting to go into dropshipping and few mistakes they should avoid?

Answer: For the ones wanting to go in: Dropshipping is all about Patience and Perseverance. You need to keep working if you want to make it in dropshipping.

Testing is #1, keep testing you will find a winner if you keep doing that.

Number 2 is knowing when to move on if a product doesn’t get any sales or even engagement on the ad. Stop spending money on it!

A lot of people wanting to get started spend a couple of days testing one product to find out if it’s a winner, but they didn’t make a sale and spend like $15-$30 on ads just for that one product. Most that start out probably don’t have a big budget to spend on ads and I know how it is.

That’s why they need to learn how to recognize when to stop and move on to the next product.

The END…

Hope you got great value from this interview. And like I said earlier don’t forget to drop your questions if you have any. You can connect with Steven Goldman personally on Facebook (his profile) or his newly created Facebook group.

Dropshipping group

You can also check out his website at thestevengoldman.com for coaching or more help in Dropshipping with ClickFunnels.

Oh, and do give this post a share using the share buttons below.

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