ClickFunnels Funnel Flix Review

Have you been wondering what the NEW ClickFunnels FunnelFlix program, collection, or membership is all about?

(Just call it what you want!)

The only way to find out everything about this HUGE collection of Russell Brunson’s training and courses is if you’re active in the CF community.

My guess is… You’re not 😉

The crazy part is that most paid users of ClickFunnels aren’t aware of FunnelFlix – despite that’s one of the ways to access FunnelFlix for free (more on this later).

Anyways, this post contains everything you need to know about Russell Brunson FunnelFlix:

Plus, some other Frequently Asked Questions about FunnelFlix and ClickFunnels.

Let’s get started!

Part #1: What Is ClickFunnels FunnelFlix?

FunnelFlix is an EPIC collection of courses and training modules for all things funnels, marketing systems, sales, copywriting, business strategy, mindset, and peak performance so you can get the best in life and business.

You can call Funnel Flix the “Netflix” of online marketing and business.

Russell Brunson has loaded pretty much all of his best training materials for you. You having access to the ClickFunnels FunnelFlix is like having a ton of the TOP internet marketing and personal development coaches right in your living room.

Part #2: How Come FunnelFlix?

The FunnelFlix came as a part of the new development Russell Brunson made during ClickFunnels’ 5th birthday celebration.

ClickFunnels 5th birthday

That was when the ClickFunnels Platinum was birthed (and Etison Suite gone), and Actionetics also sunsetted.

For clarity here is the summary of the complete changes Russell Brunson announced:

  • Focus Into The Core Software

This means they would be shutting down other things like Backpack & Actionetics. They will be replaced by partnerships/acquisitions with category leaders in those areas.

Then ClickFunnels will focus fully on being the best sales funnel platform in the world instead of trying to be a master of all.

  • Support Upgrade

Russell Brunson also announced that he will be introducing a new AI aspect to handle the most commonly asked questions (serving as the first support layer).

The second layer will be the community expert program, while the third will be that of the official ClickFunnels support representatives.

  • ClickFunnels Platinum & FunnelFlix

Since they are focusing on being the best and #1 sales funnel building platform – Russell Brunson went further to acquire rights to tons of marketing courses for its users.

They replaced the old Etison Suite plan with the Platinum package, but the same price of $297 per month.

So, the new Platinum plan contains more of the FunnelFlix stuff (more on this later), daily virtual Hack-A-Thon, then the Actionetics plan being replaced as Follow-up funnels.

Part #3: What’s Inside FunnelFlix?

Here are all the courses that are currently available inside FunnelFlix:

#1: Daily Virtual HackAThon (FHAT) Event

Each event includes live recorded training that will have you rolling up your sleeves for over-the-shoulder instruction.  The goal is for you to create your mass movement of raving fans, build your crucial Epiphany Bridge story, and deliver your message to your audience.

The entire thrust of this intensive is to get you up and running FAST so you can present your product, service, or offer on webinars, Facebook Live, or from the stage…

…and sell like crazy!

#2: Tony Robbins Private Collection

There’s a reason Tony Robbins was the Keynote for the past 2 years at Funnel Hacking Live. A personal friend and coach to Russell Brunson, Tony is the world’s #1 Life and Business Strategist.

He’s the one person that CEOs, world-class athletes, performers, and world leaders look to for that performance edge. For over 4 decades, he’s touched and transformed the lives of over 50 million people.

His teachings and seminars will leave an indelible mark and empower you to perform at peak levels.

This is a recommended one If you’re looking for excellence in your life…in business, relationships, building wealth, focus, health, energy…do yourself a big favor and experience this exclusive training.

#3: One Funnel Away Challenge

You might be familiar with the One Funnel Away 30 days training.  This contains the recordings and not the live sessions. You can read more about OFA here.

#4: Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a summit where Russell Brunson asked his top-earning affiliates:

If you HAD to feed your family with nothing but your Affiliate Commissions and you only had 100 Days to turn this hobby into your FULL-TIME CAREER, what would you do each day for the next 100 days until you were full time?

Affiliate Bootcamp is a course filled with the strategies shared by these experts.

#5: AdSkills

Are you ready to step up your ad agency game, land brag-worthy clients, and become the hunted rather than the hunter, then this training has your name written all over it.

This is training by Justin Brooke on various paid ad platforms.

#6: Funnel U

Funnel University is one university where you won’t be spending $50,000 on tuition. But one single training of ClickFunnels monthly ‘video classroom’ WILL deliver $50,000 in marketing education.

Russell invites you to enter his ‘secret laboratory’ where he and his team slip on their white coats and dissect, analyze, and compile the BEST of the BEST when it comes to funnel strategy, offers, split tests, special ClickFunnels code, maximizing sales, blueprints, scripts, and cheat sheets.

#7: 10X Secrets

10X Secrets Masterclass is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll work your tail off during this training. Russell Brunson is going to show you exactly how to create an irresistible offer, close like a pro, and make record sales from your live presentation.

As a bonus, you get 16 of his most successful webinars to swipe and deploy for your business.

#8: Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets is called The Mother of All Traffic training.

If you’ve been looking to master cold traffic, you just struck gold. This high-level traffic mastery program has no equal. This is a course first created by John Reese. Russell also bought the complete rights.

#9: Jay Abraham: The Anthology

Let Jay help you find the hidden assets and profits in your business. Jay’s a true master when it comes to strategy, innovation, marketing, performance, and management. So, when Jay has something to say or teach, listen.

#10: The Warrior’s Way Doctrine (Director’s Cut)

Struggling with your relationships, money, health, or finding joy in life?

Garrett J. White guides you through the 4 pillars (The Foundation, The Code, The Stack, and The Core) to help you let go of the scarcity, beliefs, and behavior that’s holding you back from having abundance in body, being, and business.

#11: 30 Days

You suddenly lose EVERYTHING in your business. You lose all your money, your list, products, your name, and your reputation. EVERYTHING. All you have left is a ClickFunnels account, Internet Access, a roof over your head, food in the fridge, and 30 days to make money.

What would you do from Day 1 to Day 30 to Save yourself?

That’s what the ClickFunnels 30 days summit is all about. You will learn from ClickFunnels 2comma award winners on how they will make it in 30days.

#12: 10X: A ClickFunnels Story

During 2018 Grant Cardone’s 10X conference, Russell Brunson set the world record for selling $3.2 Million in products in just 90 minutes from the stage.

This year, they take you behind the scenes of 10X 2019 in front of 35,000 people…

…and one of the most thrilling and gut-wrenching live sales presentations ever attempted. The goal? To sell $12 Million dollars in product. 9 months of prep went into this watershed moment.

Witness the thrills, the excitement, the setbacks, and disappointments. What will happen? Can Team ClickFunnels and Russell pull it off?

#13: Funnel Builder Secrets

ClickFunnels has over 100,000 members and has processed over $2.6 Billion in processed sales.

How is this possible?

Well, it all starts with Funnel Building Secrets, the step by step approach to creating and building a wildly successful funnel. Go from Zero to Launch in no time flat. Building your funnel has never been easier.

Note: This is one of the courses found when you buy the Funnel Builder Secrets plan, so you’re only getting the recorded FBS training.

#14: Operation Underground Railroad

Do you want to make a difference? You can. Sex trafficking is a $150 Billion industry, one of the fastest-growing criminal activities.

Over 30 million people are victims of this heinous crime. 2 Million are children. Watch this eye-opening documentary on a daring mission to save a group of children from the clutches of sex slavery.

#15: Funnel Hacker TV

Funnel Hackers do things differently. Because as entrepreneurs, we HAVE to do things smarter. We don’t rely on outside capital to build our business.

Take an in-depth look at how these whip-smart entrepreneurs in all different industries built their businesses from scratch. We are Funnel Hackers… and these are our stories.

#16: Funnel Hackathon

This 3 day live recorded training will have you rolling up your sleeves for over-the-shoulder instruction with Russell himself to create your mass movement of raving fans and deliver your message to your audience.

#16: Unlock The Secrets (Collective Plan Only)

This training was designed for serious funnel hackers like you who will stop at nothing to reach their financial and lifestyle goals.

Explore the highest performing funnels and take your company from Good to Great. Get all the tools, strategies, and swipe files for every type of funnel.

#17: Agora Copywriting (Collective Plan Only)

Want to learn sales copywriting from the highest-paid copywriters on the planet? It’s why Agora Publishing does over $1 Billion in sales every year selling financial newsletters.

If you’re looking to create a ‘million-dollar copy’ for your business, this is your go-to course.

#18: Agora Media Buying (Collective Plan Only)

The reigning king of financial newsletter publishing is sharing their secrets on how to do media buys. Unlock the secrets of the masters for high converting ads, campaigns, reporting, research, execution, and scaling.

#19: Outsource Force (John Reese)

There’s going to come a time in your business where you’ll need to hire virtual assistants and outside help. It’s the ONLY way you’ll be able to grow, scale, and expand.

Learn how to invest in talented people the right way and get your business running like a top.

#20: Product Secrets

Got an idea for a product that you KNOW will transform lives? Here’s how you make your dream a reality, where you go from idea to done…

…whether it’s a product, program, coaching offer, or service. This course will help you create it in just weeks (not months or years).

And discover how to presell your course before you even start building it!

#21: Money Mindset (John Reese)

Having challenges making money? Growing it? Keeping it? Want more of it? Get on track now. Get laser-focused on your objectives so you can start results faster than you imagined.

More Funnel Flix Courses Coming Soon…

  • #22: High Ticket Secrets
  • #23: OfferMind (Steve Larsen)
  • #24: Funnel Hacking LIVE Documentary
  • #25: Course Secrets
  • #26: Funnel Agency Secrets
  • #27: YouTube Traffic Secrets

Part #4: FunnelFlix Price & Cost

As you might have known, there are 2 levels of ClickFunnels monthly pricing subscription.

Having broken down almost everything in my ClickFunnels pricing article here. We are going to be looking at only the FunnelFlix courses available on both plans:

  • ClickFunnels Basic (at $97 per month)
  • ClickFunnels Platinum (at $297 per month)
  • Discount Platinum plan: This is backdoor access (not displayed publicly), where you can get a heavy discount for 6months of ClickFunnels platinum package. At $997!

It’s called the Secret Masterclass plan.

It literally gives you access to everything found inside Funnel Flix, plus some other cool courses included.

FunnelFlix Courses for Basic Plan:

– 30 Days

– Affiliate Bootcamp

– Money Mindset

– AdSkill

– Funnel Builder Secrets

– Tony Robins Private Collection

– Funnelhacker TV

– Brick and Mortar

– Products Secrets

Brick and Mortar

For the Platinum plan:

This comes with more features like the Backpack, Follow-up funnels, and unlimited visitors, funnels and all FunnelFlix courses:

– All courses found in the Basic plan

– 10X Secrets

– One Funnel Away Challenge

– Funnel Hackathon

– Funnel U

– Agora Financial Media Buying

– Traffic Secrets

– Outsource Force

– The Warriors Way Doctrine

– Jay Abraham: The Anthology

Part #5: Frequently Asked Questions

What is FunnelFlix?

In summary, ClickFunnels FunnelFlix is a collection of courses by some of the most brilliant minds in marketing and personal development – all in one spot. To help you with growing your business.

How do I get access to all the training in FunnelFlix?

Login in to your ClickFunnels account, then click on the ClickFunnels logo in the upper left of your menu bar. FunnelFlix will appear on your dashboard.

The Secret Masterclass discount package is also available for existing ClickFunnels users.

You can watch the free training to learn more before upgrading.

What is ClickFunnels Platinum?

ClickFunnels Platinum is the higher monthly plan of $297 that contains all of the FunnelFlix collections plus all other features of ClickFunnels.

What are Virtual Hackathons?

These are daily live streams where you learn step-by-step how to build all the different types of funnels. There will be a coach to lead you through each step, start to finish, so you can get your funnel created. This is one of the cool features you get in the Platinum package.

What is the funnel hacker forum?

This is a brand-new forum exclusively for all ClickFunnels users, where you can make topic posts, ask questions, and learn about topics like funnel building, copy, traffic, sales products technical stuff, etc.

Conclusion – FunnelFlix Review

Even though I haven’t gone through the entire courses inside FunnelFlix – in my opinion, this is the BIGGEST ‘thing’ I’ve seen in the marketing space!

Funnel Flix is pretty much “Netflix for entrepreneurs”, and FunnelHackers who love to learn.

Just like Netflix, you can consume all sorts of content in ONE easy-to-manage spot!

Except instead of movies, Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team have put together this massive collection of courses and training to help us all make more out of life, impact, and serve.

The only DISADVANTAGE is that you have to be a user of ClickFunnels before going through any of the courses. It’s a one-way login process from your CF dashboard.

Also, there are limits to the number of courses you get on the $97 plan.

If you aren’t yet a subscribed user of ClickFunnels – click the button below to check out for a free 14days.

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